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female (9) 9
middle aged (8) 8
molecular targeted therapy (8) 8
tumors (8) 8
aged (7) 7
genetic aspects (7) 7
adenocarcinoma (6) 6
carcinoma, non-small-cell lung - genetics (6) 6
chemotherapy (6) 6
lung neoplasms - pathology (6) 6
male (6) 6
survival (6) 6
adult (5) 5
biomarkers (5) 5
circulating tumor dna (5) 5
classification (5) 5
deoxyribonucleic acid--dna (5) 5
drug resistance (5) 5
genetics (5) 5
kras mutations (5) 5
life sciences (5) 5
lung-cancer (5) 5
studies (5) 5
analysis (4) 4
antineoplastic agents - therapeutic use (4) 4
carcinoma, non-small-cell lung - pathology (4) 4
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community composition (4) 4
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ecology (4) 4
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lung neoplasms - diagnosis (4) 4
molecular biology (4) 4
non-small-cell lung cancer (4) 4
patients (4) 4
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prognosis (4) 4
respiratory system (4) 4
retrospective studies (4) 4
surgery (4) 4
trial (4) 4
adenocarcinoma - genetics (3) 3
aged, 80 and over (3) 3
alk (3) 3
antineoplastic combined chemotherapy protocols - therapeutic use (3) 3
biochemistry, molecular biology (3) 3
biodiversity (3) 3
biology and life sciences (3) 3
cancer therapies (3) 3
carcinoma, non-small-cell lung - drug therapy (3) 3
care and treatment (3) 3
cetuximab (3) 3
climate-change (3) 3
dna (3) 3
dna, neoplasm - genetics (3) 3
environmental changes (3) 3
functional diversity (3) 3
gefitinib (3) 3
gene mutations (3) 3
genomics (3) 3
high-throughput nucleotide sequencing (3) 3
internet (3) 3
k-ras mutations (3) 3
kras (3) 3
lung cancer, non-small cell (3) 3
lung neoplasms - drug therapy (3) 3
medicine (3) 3
metastatic colorectal-cancer (3) 3
mutations (3) 3
nivolumab (3) 3
north-sea (3) 3
pancreatic cancer (3) 3
patterns (3) 3
plasma (3) 3
pyridines - therapeutic use (3) 3
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safety (3) 3
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tyrosine kinase inhibitors (3) 3
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algorithms (2) 2
alleles (2) 2
anasplasic lymphoma (2) 2
anatomopathology (2) 2
anthropogenic factors (2) 2
anti-pd-1 (2) 2
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by Blackhall, F and Peters, S and Kerr, K. M and O'Byrne, K and Hager, H and Sejda, A and Soltermann, A and Dooms, C and Felip, E and Marchetti, A and Speel, E.-J. M and Price, N and Savic, S and de Jong, J and Martorell, M and Thunnissen, E and Bubendorf, L and Dafni, O and Rosell, R and Stahel, R. A and Nygaard, A. D and Spindler, K and Andersen, R and Pallisgaard, N and Jakobsen, A and O'Leary, K and Shia, A and Haley, V and Cavicchioli, F and Comino, A and Vanella, P and Wischnewsky, M and Crook, T and Nigro, C. L and Schmid, P and Janne, P. A and Shepherd, F. A and Domerg, C and Le Teuff, G and Kratzke, R and Hainaut, P and Pignon, J and Soria, J and Tsao, M and Dawson, S and Tsui, D and Murtaza, M and Biggs, H and Chin, S and Gale, D and Forshew, T and Wallis, M and Rosenfeld, N and Caldas, C and Iwamoto, T and Pusztai, L and Matsuoka, J and Callari, M and Kelly, C. M and Qi, Y and Motoki, T and Taira, N and Santarpia, L and Doihara, H and Gianni, L and Bianchini, G and Martinelli, E and Troiani, T and Morgillo, F and D'Aiuto, E and Ciuffrida, L and Costantini, S and Vecchione, L and De Vriendt, V and Tejpar, S and Ciardiello, F and Terme, M and Pernot, S and Marcheteau, E and Colussi, O and Sandoval, F and Benhamouda, N and Tartour, E and Taieb, J and Chasalow, S. D and Wolchok, J. D and Reck, M and Maier, S and Shahabi, V and Cuzick, J and Sestak, I and Ferree, S and Cowens, J. W and Dowsett, M and Kloecker, G and Taylor, C and Vinayek, N and Taylor, D and Pircher, A and Untergasser, G and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
by Clarke, S and Tan, C and Read, J and Phan, V and Peat, J. K and Beale, P and Gornadha, Y and Elaidi, R. T and Scotte, F and Vano, Y and Pecuchet, N and Gachet, J and Medioni, J and Fabre, E and Oudard, S and Freyer, G and Jovenin, N and Yazbek, G and Villanueva, C. B and Hussain, A and Bethune, A and Rotarski, M and Simon, H and Boulanger, V and Hummerlsberger, M and Gladkov, O. A and Bondarenko, I. M and Elsaesser, R and Buchner, A and Bias, P and Seligmann, J. F and Young, A and Heath, G and Cairns, D and Anthoney, A and Hall, G and Seymour, M and Swinson, D and Santini, D and Guida, F. M and Schiavon, G and Venditti, O and Frezza, A. M and Imperatori, M and Spoto, C and Berti, P and Vincenzi, B and Tonini, G and Del Mastro, L and Levaggi, A and Poggio, F and Giraudi, S and Bighin, C and D'Alonzo, A and Lambertini, M and Pronzato, P and Bruzzi, P and He, M and Huang, S and Yu, L and Shi, G and Deng, J and Zhang, X and Wang, X and Chen, J and Nong, X and Shen, P and Aarts, M. J and Grutters, J. P and Peters, F. P and Mandigers, C. M and Dercksen, M. W and Stouthard, J. M and Nortier, J. W and van Laarhoven, H. W and van Warmerdam, L. J and Tjan-Heijnen, V. C and Falandry, C and Krakowski, I and Cure, H and Carola, E and Soubeyran, P and Guerin, O and Aapro, M. S and Gascon, P and Ludwig, H and Bokemeyer, C and Boccadoro, M and Turner, M and Muenzberg, M and Denhaerynck, K and Abraham, I and Macdonald, K and Lotz, J and Tesch, H and Verpoort, K and Rosati, M. S and Salesi, N and Barker, H and Agrawal, S and ... and on behalf of BSMO/BHS and Lotuz Investigators
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 07/2017, Volume 28, Issue 7, pp. 1597 - 1604
Background: Pulmonary sarcomatoid carcinoma (SC) is a rare disease with poor prognosis and with strong inter-and intratumor heterogeneity. However, molecular... 
lung cancer | classification | sarcomatoid | mutagenesis | mutational signature | MUTATIONAL PROCESSES | LUNG | SIGNATURES | IDH1 | GENOME | HETEROGENEITY | ONCOLOGY | COPY-NUMBER | GROWTH | OUTCOMES | MET
Journal Article
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 09/2014, Volume 25, Issue suppl_4, pp. iv450 - iv451
Abstract Aim: We aimed to study the dynamics of plasmatic EGFR mutations by qualitative (Q-PCR) and quantitative (droplet PCR) methods in EGFR-mutated lung... 
Journal Article
Journal of Clinical Oncology, ISSN 0732-183X, 03/2015, Volume 33, Issue 9, pp. 992 - +
Journal Article
Journal Article
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 10/2018, Volume 29, Issue suppl_8
Journal Article
BULLETIN DU CANCER, ISSN 0007-4551, 11/2016, Volume 103, pp. S138 - S143
T-cell-directed strategies represent currently a major advance in the treatment of advanced non-small- cell lung cancer, regarding their efficacy and... 
SAFETY | ONO-4538 | Non-small-cell lung cancer | ANTIBODY | BMS-936558 | PEMBROLIZUMAB | THERAPY | ONCOLOGY | Immunotherapy | PD-L1 | ANTI-PD-1 | PATIENTS PTS | NIVOLUMAB | PD-1 | IPILIMUMAB
Journal Article
BULLETIN DU CANCER, ISSN 0007-4551, 11/2016, Volume 103, Issue 1, pp. S138 - S143
T-cell-directed strategies represent currently a major advance in the treatment of advanced non small-cell lung cancer, regarding their efficacy and tolerance.... 
NSCLC | ONCOLOGY | SAFETY | Immunotherapy | ONO-4538 | Non-small-cell lung cancer | PD-L1 | ANTIBODY | ANTI-PD-1 | BMS-936558 | NIVOLUMAB | PD-1
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 07/2016, Volume 11, Issue 7, p. e0159094
Journal Article
by Pujade-Lauraine, Eric and Ledermann, Jonathan and Ledermann, Jonathan A and Selle, Frédéric and Gebski, Val and Penson, Richard and Penson, Richard T and Oza, Amit M and Oza, Amit and Korach, Jacob and Huzarski, Tomasz and Poveda, Andrés and Pignata, Sandro and Friedlander, Michael and Colombo, Nicoletta and Harter, Philipp and Fujiwara, Keiichi and Ray-Coquard, Isabelle and Banerjee, Susana and Liu, Joyce and Lowe, Elizabeth S and Bloomfield, Ralph and Pautier, Patricia and Byrski, Tomasz and Scambia, Giovanni and Nicoletto, Maria and Nussey, Fiona and Clamp, Andrew and Poveda Velasco, Andrés and Rodrigues, Manuel and Lotz, Jean-Pierre and Provencher, Diane and Prat Aparicio, Aleix and Vidal Boixader, Laura and Scott, Clare and Tamura, Kenji and Yunokawa, Mayu and Lisyanskaya, Alla and Medioni, Jacques and Pécuchet, Nicolas and Dubot, Coraline and de la Motte Rouge, Thibault and Kaminsky, Marie-Christine and Weber, Béatrice and Lortholary, Alain and Parkinson, Christine and Williams, Sarah and Cosin, Jonathan and Hoffman, James and Plante, Marie and Covens, Allan and Sonke, Gabe and Joly, Florence and Floquet, Anne and Hirte, Holger and Amit, Amnon and Park-Simon, Tjoung-Won and Matsumoto, Koji and Tjulandin, Sergei and Kim, Jae Hoon and Kim, Byoung-Gie and Kim, Jae Weon and Gladieff, Laurence and Sabbatini, Roberto and O'Malley, David and Timmins, Patrick and Kredentser, Daniel and Laínez Milagro, Nuria and Barretina Ginesta, Maria Pilar and Tibau Martorell, Ariadna and Gómez de Liaño Lista, Alfonso and Ojeda González, Belén and Mileshkin, Linda and Mandai, Masaki and Boere, Ingrid and Ottevanger, Petronella and Nam, Joo-Hyun and Filho, Elias and Hamizi, Salima and Cognetti, Francesco and Warshal, David and Dickson-Michelson, Elizabeth and Kamelle, Scott and McKenzie, Nathalie and Rodriguez, Gustavo and Armstrong, Deborah and Chalas, Eva and Celano, Paul and Behbakht, Kian and Davidson, Susan and Welch, Stephen and Helpman, Limor and Fishman, Ami and Bruchim, Ilan and Sikorska, Magdalena and Słowińska, Anna and Rogowski, Wojciech and Bidziński, Mariusz and Śpiewankiewicz, Beata and Casado Herraez, Antonio and ... and SOLO2-ENGOT-Ov21 Investigators and SOLO2/ENGOT-Ov21 investigators
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 09/2017, Volume 18, Issue 9, pp. 1274 - 1284
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 09/2014, Volume 25, Issue suppl_4, pp. iv97 - iv98
Abstract Aim: Preoperative size of breast tumors is a crucial parameter for guiding modality of surgery and neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC). Mammography (MG)... 
Journal Article