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by Berndt, Sonja I and Gustafsson, Stefan and Mägi, Reedik and Ganna, Anea and Wheeler, Eleanor and Feitosa, Mary F and Justice, Anne E and Monda, Keri L and Croteau-Chonka, Damien C and Day, Felix R and Esko, Tõnu and Fall, Tove and Ferreira, Teresa and Gentilini, Davide and Jackson, Anne U and Luan, Jian'an and Randall, Joshua C and Vedantam, Sailaja and Willer, Cristen J and Winkler, Thomas W and Wood, Anew R and Workalemahu, Tsegaselassie and Hu, Yi-Juan and Lee, Sang Hong and Liang, Liming and Lin, Dan-Yu and Min, Josine L and Neale, Benjamin M and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Yang, Jian and Albrecht, Eva and Amin, Najaf and Bragg-Gresham, Jennifer L and Cadby, Gemma and den Heijer, Martin and Eklund, Niina and Fischer, Krista and Goel, Anuj and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Huffman, Jennifer E and Jarick, Ivonne and Johansson, Asa and Johnson, Toby and Kanoni, Stavroula and Kleber, Marcus E and König, Inke R and Kristiansson, Kati and Kutalik, Zoltán and Lamina, Claudia and Lecoeur, Cecile and Li, Guo and Mangino, Massimo and McArdle, Wendy L and Medina-Gomez, Carolina and Müller-Nurasyid, Martina and Ngwa, Julius S and Nolte, Ilja M and Paternoster, Lavinia and Pechlivanis, Sonali and Perola, Markus and Peters, Marjolein J and Preuss, Michael and Rose, Lynda M and Shi, Jianxin and Shungin, Dmitry and Smith, Albert Vernon and Strawbridge, Rona J and Surakka, Ida and Teumer, Alexander and Trip, Mieke D and Tyrer, Jonathan and van Vliet-Ostaptchouk, Jana V and Vandenput, Liesbeth and Waite, Lindsay L and Zhao, Jing Hua and Absher, Devin and Asselbergs, Folkert W and Atalay, Mustafa and Attwood, Antony P and Balmforth, Anthony J and Basart, Hanneke and Beilby, John and Bonnycastle, Lori L and Brambilla, Paolo and Bruinenberg, Marcel and Campbell, Harry and Chasman, Daniel I and Chines, Peter S and Collins, Francis S and Connell, John M and Cookson, William O and de Faire, Ulf and de Vegt, Femmie and dei, Mariano and Dimitriou, Maria and Edkins, Sarah and Estrada, Karol and Evans, David M and Farrall, Martin and Ferrario, Marco M and ... and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, Department of Physiology and Institutionen för medicin, avdelningen för invärtesmedicin och klinisk nutrition and Sahlgrenska Academy and Centre for Bone and Arthritis Research and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institute of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition and Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi, sektionen för fysiologi
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2013, Volume 45, Issue 5, pp. 501 - 512
Journal Article
by Scott, Robert A and Lagou, Vasiliki and Welch, Ryan P and Wheeler, Eleanor and Montasser, May E and Luan, Jian'an and Mägi, Reedik and Strawbridge, Rona J and Rehnberg, Emil and Gustafsson, Stefan and Kanoni, Stavroula and Rasmussen-Torvik, Laura J and Yengo, Loïc and Lecoeur, Cecile and Shungin, Dmitry and Sanna, Serena and Sidore, Carlo and Johnson, Paul C. D and Jukema, J. Wouter and Johnson, Toby and Mahajan, Anubha and Verweij, Niek and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Shah, Sonia and Smith, Albert V and Sennblad, Bengt and Gieger, Christian and Salo, Perttu and Perola, Markus and Timpson, Nicholas J and Evans, David M and Pourcain, Beate St and Wu, Ying and Anews, Jeanette S and Hui, Jennie and Bielak, Lawrence F and Zhao, Wei and Horikoshi, Momoko and Navarro, Pau and Isaacs, Aaron and O'Connell, Jeffrey R and Stirrups, Kathleen and Vitart, Veronique and Hayward, Caroline and Esko, Tõnu and Mihailov, Evelin and Fraser, Ross M and Fall, Tove and Voight, Benjamin F and Raychaudhuri, Soumya and Chen, Han and Lindgren, Cecilia M and Morris, Anew P and Rayner, Nigel W and Robertson, Neil and Rybin, Denis and Liu, Ching-Ti and Beckmann, Jacques S and Willems, Sara M and Chines, Peter S and Jackson, Anne U and Kang, Hyun Min and Stringham, Heather M and Song, Kijoung and Tanaka, Toshiko and Peden, John F and Goel, Anuj and Hicks, Anew A and An, Ping and Müller-Nurasyid, Martina and Franco-Cereceda, Anders and Folkersen, Lasse and Marullo, Letizia and Jansen, Hanneke and Oldehinkel, Albertine J and Bruinenberg, Marcel and Pankow, James S and North, Kari E and Forouhi, Nita G and Loos, Ruth J. F and Edkins, Sarah and Varga, Tibor V and Hallmans, Göran and Oksa, Heikki and Antonella, Mulas and Nagaraja, Ramaiah and Trompet, Stella and Ford, Ian and Bakker, Stephan J. L and Kong, Augustine and Kumari, Meena and Gigante, Bruna and Herder, Christian and Munroe, Patricia B and Caulfield, Mark and Antti, Jula and Mangino, Massimo and Small, Kerrin and Miljkovic, Iva and ... and DIAbet Genetics Replication and DIAbetes Genetics Replication and Meta-analysis (DIAGRAM) Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2012, Volume 44, Issue 9, pp. 991 - +
Journal Article
BMJ, ISSN 0959-8138, 2008, Volume 337, Issue 7677, pp. 1030 - 1034
Journal Article