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by Rozman, Jan and Rathkolb, Birgit and Oestereicher, Manuela A and Schütt, Christine and Ravindranath, Aakash Chavan and Leuchtenberger, Stefanie and Sharma, Sapna and Kistler, Martin and Willershäuser, Monja and Brommage, Robert and Meehan, Terrence F and Mason, Jeremy and Haselimashhadi, Hamed and Aguilar-Pimentel, Antonio and Becker, Lore and Treise, Irina and Moreth, Kristin and Garrett, Lillian and Hölter, Sabine M and Zimprich, Annemarie and Marschall, Susan and Amarie, Oana V and Calzada-Wack, Julia and Neff, Frauke and Brachthäuser, Laura and Lengger, Christoph and Stoeger, Claudia and Zapf, Lilly and Cho, Yi-Li and Da Silva-Buttkus, Patricia and Kraiger, Markus J and Mayer-Kuckuk, Philipp and Gampe, Karen Kristine and Wu, Moya and Conte, Nathalie and Warren, Jonathan and Chen, Chao-Kung and Tudose, Ilinca and Relac, Mike and Matthews, Peter and Cater, Heather L and Natukunda, Helen P and Cleak, James and Teboul, Lydia M and Clementson-Mobbs, Sharon and Szoke-Kovacs, Zsombor and Walling, Alison P and Johnson, Sara J and Codner, Gemma F and Fiegel, Tanja and Ring, Natalie and Westerberg, Henrik and Greenaway, Simon and Sneddon, Duncan and Morgan, Hugh and Loeffler, Jorik and Stewart, Michelle E and Ramirez-Solis, Ramiro and Bradley, Allan and Skarnes, William C and Steel, Karen P and Maguire, Simon A and Dench, Joshua and Lafont, David and Vancollie, Valerie E and Pearson, Selina A and Gates, Amy S and Sanderson, Mark and Shannon, Carl and Anthony, Lauren F. E and Sumowski, Maksymilian T and McLaren, Robbie S. B and Doe, Brendan and Wardle-Jones, Hannah and Griffiths, Mark N. D and Galli, Antonella and Swiatkowska, Agnieszka and Isherwood, Christopher M and Speak, Anneliese O and Cambridge, Emma L and Wilson, Heather M and Caetano, Susana S and Maguire, Anna Karin B and Adams, David J and Bottomley, Joanna and Ryder, Ed and Gleeson, Diane and Pouilly, Laurent and Rousseau, Stephane and Auburtin, Aurélie and Reilly, Patrick and Ayadi, Abdel and Selloum, Mohammed and Wood, Joshua A and Clary, Dave and Havel, Peter and Tolentino, Todd and Tolentino, Heather and Schuchbauer, Mike and Pedroia, Sheryl and ... and IMPC Consortium
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2018, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 288 - 16
Journal Article
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