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prognosis (16) 16
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mars (15) 15
mechanical engineering (15) 15
medicine (15) 15
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rats (15) 15
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enzymology (14) 14
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patients (14) 14
physiology (14) 14
smoking (14) 14
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technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation againstclimate change (14) 14
treatment outcome (14) 14
vinegar (14) 14
wine (14) 14
young adult (14) 14
beer (13) 13
disease (13) 13
genetics & heredity (13) 13
metallurgy (13) 13
mutation or genetic engineering (13) 13
pregnancy (13) 13
sciences of the universe (13) 13
spirits (13) 13
follow-up studies (12) 12
gastric bypass (12) 12
genes (12) 12
genetic aspects (12) 12
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obstetrics & gynecology (12) 12
prevalence (12) 12
science (12) 12
stem cells (12) 12
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aerospace engineering (11) 11
body mass index (11) 11
case-control studies (11) 11
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (11) 11
earth sciences (11) 11
engineering and technology (11) 11
gastrointestinal surgery (11) 11
hypertension (11) 11
internal medicine (11) 11
maskinteknik (11) 11
medicine, research & experimental (11) 11
metabolism (11) 11
methylation (11) 11
mortality (11) 11
neurosciences (11) 11
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