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by Clowse, Megan E. B and Wallace, Daniel J and Furie, Richard A and Petri, Michelle A and Pike, Marilyn C and Leszczyński, Piotr and Neuwelt, C. Michael and Hobbs, Kathryn and Keiserman, Mauro and Duca, Liliana and Kalunian, Kenneth C and Galateanu, Catrinel and Bongardt, Sabine and Stach, Christian and Beaudot, Carolyn and Kilgallen, Brian and Gordon, Caroline and Batalov, A and Bojinca, M and Djerassi, R and Duca, L and Horak, P and Kolarov, Z and Milasiene, R and Monova, D and Otsa, K and Pileckyte, M and Popova, T and Radulescu, F and Rashkov, R and Rednic, S and Repin, M and Stoilov, R and Tegzova, D and Vezikova, N and Vitek, P and Zainea, C and East, Far and Baek, H and Chen, Y and Chiu, Y and Cho, C and Chou, C and Choe, J and Huang, C and Kang, Y and Kang, S and Lai, N and Lee, S and Park, W and Shim, S and Suh, C and Yoo, W and Armengol, H. Avila and Zapata, F. Avila and Santiago, M. Barreto and Cavalcanti, F and Chahade, W and Costallat, L and Keiserman, M and Alcala, J. Orozco and Remus, C. Ramos and Roimicher, L and Abu‐Shakra, M and Agarwal, V and Agmon‐Levin, N and Kadel, J and Levy, Y and Mevorach, D and Paran, D and Reitblat, T and Rosner, I and Shobha, V and Sthoeger, Z and Zisman, D and Ayesu, K and Berney, S and Box, J and Busch, H and Buyon, J and Carter, J and Chi, J and Clowse, M and Collins, R and Dao, K and Diab, I and Dikranian, A and El‐Shahawy, M and Gaylis, N and Grossman, J and Halpert, E and Huff, J and Jarjour, W and Kao, A and Katz, R and Kennedy, A and Khan, M and Kivitz, A and Kohen, M and Lawrence‐Ford, T and ... and EMBODY Investigator Grp and EMBODY Investigator Group
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 02/2017, Volume 69, Issue 2, pp. 362 - 375
Journal Article
by Sobanski, Vincent and Giovannelli, Jonathan and Allanore, Yannick and Riemekasten, Gabriela and Airò, Paolo and Vettori, Serena and Cozzi, Franco and Distler, Oliver and Matucci‐Cerinic, Marco and Denton, Christopher and Launay, David and Hachulla, Eric and Guiducci, Serena and Walker, Ulrich and Lapadula, Giovanni and Iannone, Florenzo and Becvar, Radim and Sierakowsky, Stanislaw and Cutolo, Maurizio and Sulli, Alberto and Valentini, Gabriele and Cuomo, Giovanna and Siegert, Elise and Rednic, Simona and Nicoara, Ileana and Kahan, André and Vlachoyiannopoulos, P and Montecucco, C and Caporali, Roberto and Carreira, Patricia E and Novak, Srdan and Czirják, László and Varju, Cecilia and Chizzolini, Carlo and Kucharz, Eugene J and Kotulska, Anna and Kopec‐Medrek, Magdalena and Widuchowska, Malgorzata and Rozman, Blaz and Mallia, Carmel and Coleiro, Bernard and Gabrielli, Armando and Farge, Dominique and Wu, Chen and Marjanovic, Zora and Faivre, Helene and Hij, Darin and Dhamadi, Roza and Hesselstrand, Roger and Wollheim, Frank and Wuttge, Dirk M and Andréasson, Kristofer and Martinovic, Duska and Balbir‐Gurman, Alexandra and Braun‐Moscovici, Yolanda and Trotta, F and Lo Monaco, Andrea and Hunzelmann, Nicolas and Pellerito, Raffaele and Maria Bambara, Lisa and Caramaschi, Paola and Black, Carol and Damjanov, Nemanja and Henes, Jörg and Santamaria, Vera Ortiz and Heitmann, Stefan and Krasowska, Dorota and Seidel, Matthias and Burkhardt, Harald and Himsel, Andrea and Salvador, Maria J and Da Silva, José Antonio Pereira and Stamenkovic, Bojana and Stankovic, Aleksandra and Tikly, Mohammed and Ananieva, Lidia P and Denisov, Lev N and Müller‐Ladner, Ulf and Frerix, Marc and Tarner, Ingo and Scorza, Raffaella and Engelhart, Merete and Strauss, Gitte and Nielsen, Henrik and Damgaard, Kirsten and Mendoza, Antonio Zea and Puente, Carlos and Sifuentes Giraldo, WA and Midtvedt, Øyvind and Reiseter, Silje and Valesini, Guido and Riccieri, Valeria and Ionescu, Ruxandra Maria and Opris, Daniela and Groseanu, Laura and Cornateanu, Roxana Sfrent and Ionitescu, Razvan and Gherghe, Ana Maria and Soare, Alina and Gorga, Marilena and ... and EUSTAR Collaborators and the EUSTAR Collaborators
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 09/2019, Volume 71, Issue 9, pp. 1553 - 1570
Journal Article
Journal Article
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, ISSN 0003-4967, 10/2016, Volume 75, Issue 10, pp. 1743 - 1748
ObjectivesImprovement of skin fibrosis is part of the natural course of diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (dcSSc). Recognising those patients most likely to... 
Journal Article
by Avouac, J and Walker, U and Tyndall, A and Kahan, A and Matucci-Cerinic, M and Allanore, Y and Miniati, I and Müller, A and Iannone, F and Distler, O and Becvar, R and Sierakowsky, S and Kowal-Bielecka, O and Coelho, P.C and Cabane, J and Cutolo, M and Shoenfeld, Y and Valentini, G and Rovensky, J and Riemekasten, G and Vlachoyiannopoulos, P.G and Caporali, R and Jiri, S and Inanc, M and Zimmermann Gorska, I and Carreira, P and Novak, S and Czirjak, L and Oliveira Ramos, F and Jeno, M and Chizzolini, C and Kucharz, E.J and Richter, J and Cozzi, F and Rozman, B and Mallia, C.M and Gabrielli, A and Farge, D and Kiener, H and Schoffel, D and Airo, P and Wollheim, F and Martinovic, D and Trotta, F and Jablonska, S and Reich, K and Bombardieri, S and Siakka, P and Pellerito, R and Bambara, L.M and Morovic-Vergles, J and Denton, C and Hinrichs, R and Hoogen, F.H.J. van den and Damjanov, N and Kotter, I and Ortiz, V and Heitmann, S and Krasowska, D and Seidel, M and Hasler, P and Laar, J.M. van and Kaltwasser, J.P and Foeldvari, I and Juan Mas, A and Bajocchi, G and Wislowska, M and Pereira Da Silva, J.A and Jacobsen, S and Worm, M.H.J.B and Graniger, W and Kuhn, A and Stankovic, A and Cossutta, R and Majdan, M and Damjanovska Rajcevska, L and Tikly, M and Nasonov, E.L and Steinbrink, K and Herrick, A and Muller-Ladner, U and Dinc, A and Scorza, R and Sondergaard, K and Indiveri, F and Nielsen, H and Szekanecz, Z and Silver, R.M and Antivalle, M and Espinosa, I.B and Garcia de la Pena Lefebvre, P and Midtvedt, O and Launay, D. de and Valesini, F and Tuvik, P and Vonk, M.C and Eustar and EUSTAR
The Journal of Rheumatology, ISSN 0315-162X, 2010, Volume 37, Issue 7, pp. 1488 - 1501
Journal Article
APPLIED ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY, ISSN 0268-2605, 07/2008, Volume 22, Issue 7, pp. 389 - 396
Eight R2Sn(IV)-D-aldonate complexes [(R = Me, Bu; D-aldonate = D-galactonate(2-) (Galn), D-Gluconate(2-) (Glun), D-Gulonate(2-) (Guln), D-Ribonate(2-) (Ribn)],... 
Journal Article
by Guillevin, L and Hunsche, E and Denton, CP and Krieg, T and Schwierin, B and Rosenberg, D and Matucci-Cerinic, M and Raffier, B and Hirschi, M and Trautinger, F and Schmidt, P and Stetter, M and Hundstorfer, M and Reinhart, V and Monshi, B and Pirkhammer, D and Richter, L and Hamberger, N and Metz, S and Feldmann, R and Semmelweis, K and Lackner, K and Tomi, N and Kolle, H and Hafner, F and Brodmann, M and Kuen-Spiegel, M and Minmair, G and Heil, PM and Broil, H and Holzer, G and Illmer, X and Rintelen, B and Sautner, J and Takacs, M and Thun, M and Zemanova, I and Soukup, T and Smrzova, A and Bohmova, J and Prochazkova, L and Nemec, P and Fojtik, Z and Suchy, D and Becvar, R and Olsen, AB and Sondergaard, KH and Jarvi, RL and Vidqvist, KL and Madaule, S and Beneton, N and Maillard, H and Charlanne, H and Brocard, FG and Hachulla, E and Hatron, PY and Jourdain, N and Lambert, M and Launay, D and Morell, S and Woijtasik, G and Skowron, F and Zenone, T and Dadban, A and Lok, C and Ferrandiz, D and Bertrand, NM and Moiton, MP and Taieb, A and Balquiere, S and Belin, E and Droitcourt, C and Julien, S and Prey, S and Boulon, C and Constans, J and Doutre, MS and Kostrzwewa, E and Richez, C and Greco, M and Misery, L and Sassolas, B and Collet, E and Berthier, S and Leguy-Seguin, V and Imbert, B and Carpentier, P and Blaise, S and Couraud, A and Doeffel-Hantz, V and Spars, A and Bezanahary, H and Boussely, N and Dumonteil, S and Fauchais, AL and Goudran, G and Loustaud-Ratti, V and Manea, P and Vidal, E and Coppere, B and ... and DUO Registry Grp
CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RHEUMATOLOGY, ISSN 0392-856X, 03/2013, Volume 31, Issue 2, pp. S71 - S80
Objective. Digital ulcers (DUs) are frequent manifestations of systemic scleroderma (SSc). This study assessed functional limitations due to DUs among patients... 
ULCERS | systemic | self-report | scleroderma | SCLEROSIS | skin ulcer | PREVALENCE | RHEUMATOLOGY | burden of illness | REPRODUCIBILITY | absenteeism | IMPACT | PAIN | activities of daily living | DISEASE | DISABILITY
Journal Article