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by Rodrigues, Rodolpho Credo and Hasui, Érica and Assis, Julia Camara and Pena, João Carlos Castro and Muylaert, Renata L and Tonetti, Vinicius Rodrigues and Martello, Felipe and Regolin, André Luis and Costa, Thiago Vernaschi Vieira da and Pichorim, Mauro and Carrano, Eduardo and Lopes, Leonardo Esteves and Vasconcelos, Marcelo Ferreira and Fontana, Carla Suertegaray and Roos, Andrei Langeloh and Gonçalves, Fernando and Banks‐Leite, Cristina and Cavarzere, Vagner and Efe, Marcio Amorim and Alves, Maria Alice S and Uezu, Alexandre and Metzger, Jean Paul and Antas, Paulo and Ferraz, Katia Maria Paschoaletto Micchi and Calsavara, Larissa Corsini and Bispo, Arthur Angelo and Araujo, Helder F. P and Duca, Charles and Piratelli, Augusto João and Naka, Luciano N and Dias, Rafael Antunes and Gatto, Cassiano A. F. R and Vallejos, Marcelo Alejandro Villegas and Menezes, Gregório dos Reis and Bugoni, Leandro and Rajão, Henrique and Zocche, Jairo José and Willrich, Guilherme and Silva, Elsimar Silveira da and Manica, Lilian Tonelli and Guaraldo, André and Althmann, Giulyana and Serafini, Patricia Pereira and Francisco, Mercival Roberto and Lugarini, Camile and Machado, Caio Graco and Marques‐Santos, Fernando and Bobato, Rafaela and Souza, Elivan Arantes and Donatelli, Reginaldo José and Ferreira, Carolina Demetrio and Morante‐Filho, José Carlos and Paes‐Macarrão, Natalia Dantas and Macarrão, Arthur and Lima, Marcos Robalinho and Jacoboski, Lucilene Inês and Candia‐Gallardo, Carlos and Alegre, Vanesa Bejarano and Jahn, Alex E and Barbosa, Karlla Vanessa and Cestari, Cesar and Silva, José Nilton da and Silveira, Natalia Stefanini Da and Crestani, Ana Cristina Vara and Petronetto, Adeliane Peterle and Bovo, Alex Augusto Abreu and Viana, Anderson Durão and Araujo, Andrea Cardoso and Santos, Andressa Hartuiq dos and Amaral, Andreza Clarinda Araújo do and Ferreira, Ariane and Vieira‐Filho, Arnaldo Honorato and Ribeiro, Bianca Costa and Missagia, Caio C. C and Bosenbecker, Camila and Medolago, Cesar Augusto Bronzato and Espínola, Cid Rodrigo Rodriguez and Faxina, Claudenice and Nunes, Cristiane Estrela Campodonio and Prates, Cristine and Luz, Daniela Tomasio Apolinario da and Moreno, Daniele Janina and Mariz, Daniele and Faria, Deborah and Meyer, Douglas and Doná, Eder Afonso and Alexandrino, Eduardo Roberto and Fischer, Erich and Girardi, Fabiane and Giese, Felipe Borba and Shibuya, Felipe Leonardo Santos and Faria, Fernando Azevedo and Farias, Fernando Bittencourt and Favaro, Fernando and Freitas, Fernando José Ferneda and Chaves, Flávia G and Las‐Casas, Flor Maria Guedes and Rosa, Gabriel L. M and Torre, Gabriel Massaccesi De La and Bochio, Gabriela Menezes and ...
Ecology, ISSN 0012-9658, 06/2019, Volume 100, Issue 6, pp. e02647 - n/a
Scientists have long been trying to understand why the Neotropical region holds the highest diversity of birds on Earth. Recently, there has been increased... 
functional diversity | rapid evolution | phylogenetic diversity | body size | individual variation | tropical forest | phenotypic plasticity | interspecific variation | ECOLOGY | Datasets | Species diversity | Forests | Body mass | Morphology | Phenotypic variations | Birds | Body length | Molting | Biodiversity | Species | Anthropogenic factors
Journal Article
by Pons-Estel, Bernardo A and Bonfa, Eloisa and Soriano, Enrique R and Cardiel, Mario H and Izcovich, Ariel and Popoff, Federico and Criniti, Juan M and Vásquez, Gloria and Massardo, Loreto and Duarte, Margarita and Barile-Fabris, Leonor A and García, Mercedes A and Amigo, Mary-Carmen and Espada, Graciela and Catoggio, Luis J and Sato, Emilia Inoue and Levy, Roger A and Acevedo Vásquez, Eduardo M and Chacón-Díaz, Rosa and Galarza-Maldonado, Claudio M and Iglesias Gamarra, Antonio J and Molina, José Fernando and Neira, Oscar and Silva, Clóvis A and Vargas Peña, Andrea and Gómez-Puerta, José A and Scolnik, Marina and Pons-Estel, Guillermo J and Ugolini-Lopes, Michelle R and Savio, Verónica and Drenkard, Cristina and Alvarellos, Alejandro J and Ugarte-Gil, Manuel F and Babini, Alejandra and Cavalcanti, André and Cardoso Linhares, Fernanda Athayde and Haye Salinas, Maria Jezabel and Fuentes-Silva, Yurilis J and Montandon de Oliveira e Silva, Ana Carolina and Eraso Garnica, Ruth M and Herrera Uribe, Sebastián and Gómez-Martín, Diana and Robaina Sevrini, Ricardo and Quintana, Rosana M and Gordon, Sergio and Fragoso-Loyo, Hilda and Rosario, Violeta and Saurit, Verónica and Appenzeller, Simone and dos Reis Neto, Edgard Torres and Cieza, Jorge and González Naranjo, Luis A and González Bello, Yelitza C and Collado, María Victoria and Sarano, Judith and Retamozo, Soledad and Sattler, María E and Gamboa-Cárdenas, Rocio V and Cairoli, Ernesto and Conti, Silvana M and Amezcua-Guerra, Luis M and Silveira, Luis H and Borba, Eduardo F and Pera, Mariana A and Alba Moreyra, Paula B and Arturi, Valeria and Berbotto, Guillermo A and Gerling, Cristian and Gobbi, Carla A and Gervasoni, Viviana L and Scherbarth, Hugo R and Brenol, João C Tavares and Cavalcanti, Fernando and Costallat, Lilian T Lavras and Da Silva, Nilzio A and Monticielo, Odirlei A and Seguro, Luciana Parente Costa and Xavier, Ricardo M and Llanos, Carolina and Montúfar Guardado, Rubén A and Garcia de la Torre, Ignacio and Pineda, Carlos and Portela Hernández, Margarita and Danza, Alvaro and Guibert-Toledano, Marlene and Reyes, Gil Llerena and Acosta Colman, Maria Isabel and Aquino, Alicia M and Mora-Trujillo, Claudia S and Muñoz-Louis, Roberto and García Valladares, Ignacio and Orozco, María Celeste and Burgos, Paula I and Betancur, Graciela V and Alarcón, Graciela S and Grp Latino Amer Estudio Lupus and Pan-Amer League Assoc Rheumatology and Grupo Latino Americano de Estudio del Lupus (GLADEL) and Pan-American League of Associations of Rheumatology (PANLAR)
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, ISSN 0003-4967, 11/2018, Volume 77, Issue 11, pp. 1549 - 1557
Journal Article
by Szécsényi-Nagy, Anna and Roth, Christina and Brandt, Guido and Rihuete-Herrada, Cristina and Tejedor-Rodríguez, Cristina and Held, Petra and García-Martínez-De-Lagrán, Íñigo and Arcusa Magallón, Héctor and Zesch, Stephanie and Knipper, Corina and Bánffy, Eszter and Friederich, Susanne and Meller, Harald and Bueno Ramírez, Primitiva and Barroso Bermejo, Rosa and De Balbín Behrmann, Rodrigo and Herrero-Corral, Ana M and Flores Fernández, Raúl and Alonso Fernández, Carmen and Jiménez Echevarria, Javier and Rindlisbacher, Laura and Oliart, Camila and Fregeiro, María-Inés and Soriano, Ignacio and Vicente, Oriol and Micó, Rafael and Lull, Vicente and Soler Díaz, Jorge and López Padilla, Juan Antonio and Roca De Togores Muñoz, Consuelo and Hernández Pérez, Mauro S and Jover Maestre, Francisco Javier and Lomba Maurandi, Joaquín and Avilés Fernández, Azucena and Lillios, Katina T and Silva, Ana Maria and Magalhães Ramalho, Miguel and Oosterbeek, Luiz Miguel and Cunha, Claudia and Waterman, Anna J and Roig Buxó, Jordi and Martínez, Andrés and Ponce Martínez, Juana and Hunt Ortiz, Mark and Mejías-García, Juan Carlos and Pecero Espín, Juan Carlos and Cruz-Auñón Briones, Rosario and Tomé, Tiago and Carmona Ballestero, Eduardo and Cardoso, João Luís and Araújo, Ana Cristina and Liesau Von Lettow-Vorbeck, Corina and Blasco Bosqued, Concepción and Ríos Mendoza, Patricia and Pujante, Ana and Royo-Guillén, José I and Esquembre Beviá, Marco Aurelio and Dos Santos Goncalves, Victor Manuel and Parreira, Rui and Morán Hernández, Elena and Méndez Izquierdo, Elena and Vega Y Miguel, Jorge and Menduiña García, Roberto and Martínez Calvo, Victoria and López Jiménez, Oscar and Krause, Johannes and Pichler, Sandra L and Garrido-Pena, Rafael and Kunst, Michael and Risch, Roberto and Rojo-Guerra, Manuel A and Haak, Wolfgang and Alt, Kurt W
Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 12/2017, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp. 15644 - 15
Journal Article
by Fauset, Sophie and Johnson, Michelle O and Gloor, Manuel and Baker, Timothy R and Monteagudo M, Abel and Brienen, Roel J.W and Feldpausch, Ted R and Lopez-Gonzalez, Gabriela and Malhi, Yadvinder and ter Steege, Hans and Pitman, Nigel C.A and Baraloto, Christopher and Engel, Julien and Pétronelli, Pascal and Andrade, Ana and Camargo, José Luís C and Laurance, Susan G.W and Laurance, William F and Chave, Jerôme and Allie, Elodie and Vargas, Percy Núñez and Terborgh, John W and Ruokolainen, Kalle and Silveira, Marcos and Aymard C, Gerardo A and Arroyo, Luzmila and Bonal, Damien and Ramirez-Angulo, Hirma and Araujo-Murakami, Alejandro and Neill, David and Hérault, Bruno and Dourdain, Aurélie and Torres-Lezama, Armando and Marimon, Beatriz S and Salomão, Rafael P and Comiskey, James A and Réjou-Méchain, Maxime and Toledo, Marisol and Licona, Juan Carlos and Alarcón, Alfredo and Prieto, Adriana and Rudas, Agustín and van der Meer, Peter J and Killeen, Timothy J and Marimon Junior, Ben-Hur and Poorter, Lourens and Boot, Rene G.A and Stergios, Basil and Torre, Emilio Vilanova and Costa, Flávia R.C and Levis, Carolina and Schietti, Juliana and Souza, Priscila and Groot, Nikée and Arets, Eric and Moscoso, Victor Chama and Castro, Wendeson and Coronado, Euridice N. Honorio and Peña-Claros, Marielos and Stahl, Clement and Barroso, Jorcely and Talbot, Joey and Vieira, Ima Célia Guimarães and van der Heijden, Geertje and Thomas, Raquel and Vos, Vincent A and Almeida, Everton C and Davila, Esteban Álvarez and Aragão, Luiz E.O.C and Erwin, Terry L and Morandi, Paulo S and de Oliveira, Edmar Almeida and Valadão, Marco B.X and Zagt, Roderick J and van der Hout, Peter and Loayza, Patricia Alvarez and Pipoly, John J and Wang, Ophelia and Alexiades, Miguel and Cerón, Carlos E and Huamantupa-Chuquimaco, Isau and Di Fiore, Anthony and Peacock, Julie and Camacho, Nadir C. Pallqui and Umetsu, Ricardo K and de Camargo, Plínio Barbosa and Burnham, Robyn J and Herrera, Rafael and Quesada, Carlos A and Stropp, Juliana and Vieira, Simone A and Steininger, Marc and Rodríguez, Carlos Reynel and Restrepo, Zorayda and Muelbert, Adriane Esquivel and Lewis, Simon L and Pickavance, Georgia C and Phillips, Oliver L
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 6857 - 9
...-Lezama23, Beatriz S. Marimon25, Rafael P. Salomao26, James A. Comiskey27, Maxime Rjou-Mchain16, Marisol Toledo28,29, Juan Carlos Licona28, Alfredo Alarcn28, Adriana... 
rain-forest | biomass | allometry | economics spectrum | productivity | tropical forests | mortality | experimental drought | trees | species composition | MORTALITY | RESPONSES | DIAMETER | SPECIES COMPOSITION | BIOMASS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | RAIN-FOREST | PRODUCTIVITY | DYNAMICS | EXPERIMENTAL DROUGHT | ALLOMETRY | Life Sciences
Journal Article
Biological conservation, ISSN 0006-3207, 2016, Volume 194, pp. 113 - 120
Riparian zones are among the most threatened natural ecosystems, being greatly affected by land use changes across the world. Working in a savanna landscape in... 
Native vegetation loss | Odonata | TITAN | Threshold | BIODIVERSITY | CONFIGURATION | THRESHOLDS | FRAGMENTATION | POTENTIAL IMPACTS | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | BRAZILIAN FOREST ACT | CONSERVATION | LAND-USE | ECOLOGY | BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION | EXTINCTION | Biological diversity conservation | Analysis | Habitat destruction | Landscapes | Thresholds | Communities | Vegetation | Brazil | Risk | Nonlinearity | Indicators
Journal Article
Biological Conservation, ISSN 0006-3207, 02/2014, Volume 170, pp. 130 - 136
•We compare ecological niche modeling and the α-hull technique.•We demonstrate the accuracy of ecological niche models to estimate range size.•Ecological niche... 
IUCN categories | Disjunct distribution | α-Hull | Habitat suitability models | Extent of occurrence | Conservation planning | INFORMATION | PREDICTION | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | THREATS | DISTRIBUTION MODELS | PRIORITIES | PLANTS | ECOLOGY | BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION | alpha-Hull | EXTINCTION | Niche (Ecology) | Analysis | Wildlife conservation | Algorithms | Ecological niches | Conservation | Strategy | Topology | Estimates | Maximum entropy | Unions
Journal Article
Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, ISSN 1475-7516, 06/2017, Volume 2017, Issue 6, pp. 26 - 26
Journal Article
Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, ISSN 1475-7516, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 6, pp. 1 - 27
We report a multi-resolution search for anisotropies in the arrival directions of cosmic rays detected at the Pierre Auger Observatory with local zenith angles... 
Journal Article
Intensive care medicine, ISSN 1432-1238, 2019, Volume 45, Issue 12, pp. 1703 - 1717
Journal Article