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by Miguel, R. Núñez and Sanders, J and Furmaniak, J and Smith, B. Rees and Li, C and Menconi, F and Osman, R and Concepcion, E and David, C and Tomer, Y and Braun, D and Schweizer, U and Nicola, J.P and Masini-Repiso, A.M and Chaker, L and Wolters, F and Bos, D and Dehghan, A and Korevaar, T.I and Korevaar, T.I and Hofman, A and Franco, O and Vernooij, M and Ikram, M and Peeters, R and Peeters, R and Kurmann, A.A and Serra, M and Hawkins, F and Rankin, S and Mori, M and Astapova, I and Ullas, S and LIn, S and Bilodeau, M and Rossant, J and Jean, J.C and Ikonomou, L and Deterding, R and Shannon, J and Zorn, A and Kotton, D.N and Hollenberg, A and Hollenberg, A and Paz-Filho, G.J and Kaminski, J and Miasaki, F.Y and de Carvalho, G.A and Rovet, J.F and McLelland, V and Wheeler, S and McAndrews, M and Landa, I and Ibrahimpasic, T and Boucai, L and Sinha, R and Knauf, J.A and Shah, R.H and Dogan, S and Ricarte-Filho, J.C and Schultz, N and Berger, M and Sander, C and Ghossein, R.A and Taylor, B.S and Ganly, I and Fagin, J.A and Vietor, N.O and Burman, K and Burman, K and Burman, K and Cooper, D and Hennessey, J and Burch, H and Shi, Y and Zou, M and Baitei, E and Al-Rijjala, R and Parhar, R and Al-Mohanna, F and Kimura, S and Pritchard, C and BinEssa, H and Alzahrani, A and Assiri, A and Meyer, B and Yoon, J and Kwon, H and Kwon, H and Kwon, H and Kim, E and Moon, H and Kwak, J and Bassett, J.H and Nordstrom, K and Butterfield, N.C and Boyde, A and Vennstrom, B and Williams, G.R and Hönes, S and ...
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Journal Article
by Levis, C and Costa, F.R.C and Bongers, F and Peña-Claros, M and Clement, C.R and Junqueira, A.B and Neves, E.G and Tamanaha, E.K and Figueiredo, F.O.G and Salomão, R.P and Castilho, C.V and Magnusson, W.E and Phillips, O.L and Guevara, J.E and Sabatier, D and Molino, J.F and Cárdenas López, D and Mendoza, A.M and Pitman, N.C.A and Duque, A and Nuñez-Vargas, P and Zartman, C.E and Vasquez, R and Anade, A and Camargo, J.L and Feldpausch, T.R and Laurance, S.G.W and Laurance, W.F and Killeen, T.J and Mendonça Nascimento, H.E and Montero, J.C and Mostacedo, B and Amaral, I.L and Guimarães Vieira, I.C and Brienen, R and Castellanos, H and Terborgh, J and De Jesus Veiga Carim, M and Da Silva Guimarães, J.R and De Souza Coelho, L and de Almeida Matos, F.D and Wittmann, F and Mogollón, H.F and Damasco, G and Dávila, N and García-Villacorta, R and Coronado, E.N.H and de Anade LimaFilho, D and Schietti, J and Souza, P and Targhetta, N and Comiskey, J.A and Marimon, B.S and Marimon Jr., B.-H and Neill, D and Alonso, A and Arroyo, L and Carvalho, F.A and De Souza, F.C and Dallmeier, F and Pansonato, M.P and Duivenvoorden, J.F and Fine, P.V.A and Stevenson, P.R and Araujo-Murakami, A and Aymard C., G.A and Baraloto, C and do Amaral, D.D and Engel, J and Henkel, T.W and Maas, P and Petronelli, P and Cardenas Revilla, J.D and Stropp, J and Daly, D and Gribel, R and Ríos Paredes, M and Da Silveira, M and Thomas-Caesar, R and Baker, T.R and da Silva, N.F and Ferreira, L.V and Peres, C.A and Silman, M.R and Cerón, C and Valverde, F.C and Di Fiore, A and Jiménez, E.M and Peñuela Mora, M.C and Toledo, M and Barbosa, E.M and de Matos Bonates, L.C and Arboleda, N.C and de Sousa Farias, E and Fuentes, A and Guillaumet, J.-L and Møller Jørgensen, P and Malhi, Y and de Anade Miranda, I.P and Phillips, J.F and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 03/2017, Volume 355, Issue 6328, pp. 925 - 931
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6210, pp. 706 - 707
Journal Article
Pesquisa Veterinaria Brasileira, ISSN 0100-736X, 03/2017, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp. 295 - 299
The cardiovascular parameters of canine bitches were assessed during the estrous cycle. A total of eleven mongrel female dogs were enrolled in a longitudinal... 
Cardiovascular system | Pregnancy | Bitches | Estrous cycle | Cardiac parameters | Dog | Reproductive cycle | bitches | cardiovascular system | pregnancy | reproductive cycle | VETERINARY SCIENCES | estrous cycle | dog | BAROREFLEX | cadelas | ciclo reprodutivo | ciclo estral | sistema cardiovascular | gestação | cão | Parâmetros cardíacos
Journal Article
by Gomes, V.H.F and IJff, S.D and Raes, N and Amaral, I.L and Salomão, R.P and De Souza Coelho, L and De Almeida Matos, F.D and Castilho, C.V and De Anade Lima Filho, D and Cárdenas López, D and Guevara, J.E and Magnusson, W.E and Phillips, O.L and Wittmann, F and De Jesus Veiga Carim, M and Pires Martins, M and Irume, M.V and Sabatier, D and Molino, J.-F and Bánki, O.S and Da Silva Guimarães, J.R and Pitman, N.C.A and Fernandez Piedade, M.T and Monteagudo Mendoza, A and Luize, B.G and Venticinque, E.M and Moraes De Leão Novo, E.M and Núñez Vargas, P and Freire Silva, T.S and Manzatto, A.G and Terborgh, J and Farias Costa Reis, N and Montero, J.C and Casula, K.R and Marimon, B.S and Marimon, B.-H and Honorio Coronado, E.N and Feldpausch, T.R and Duque, A and Zartman, C.E and Castaño Arboleda, N and Killeen, T.J and Mostacedo, B and Vasquez, R and Schöngart, J and Assis, R.L and Medeiros, M.B and Simon, M.F and Anade, A and Laurance, W.F and Camargo, J.L and Demarchi, L.O and Laurance, S.G.W and De Sousa Farias, E and Mendonça Nascimento, H.E and Cardenas Revilla, J.D and Quaresma, A and Costa, F.R.C and Guimarães Vieira, I.C and Ladvocat Cintra, B.B and Castellanos, H and Brienen, R and Stevenson, P.R and Feitosa, Y and Duivenvoorden, J.F and Aymard C., G.A and Mogollón, H.F and Targhetta, N and Comiskey, J.A and Vicentini, A and Lopes, A and Damasco, G and Dávila, N and García-Villacorta, R and Levis, C and Schietti, J and Souza, P and Emilio, T and Alonso, A and Neill, D and Dallmeier, F and Valle Ferreira, L and Araujo-Murakami, A and Praia, D and do Amaral, D.D and Carvalho, F.A and Coelho De Souza, F and Feeley, K and Arroyo, L and Pansonato, M.P and Gribel, R and Villa, B and Licona, J.C and Fine, P.V.A and Cerón, C and Baraloto, C and Jimenez, E.M and Stropp, J and Engel, J and Silveira, M and ...
Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 01/2018, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. 1003 - 12
Journal Article
Ceramics International, ISSN 0272-8842, 09/2018, Volume 44, Issue 13, p. 16062
In this work, multilayered bismuth titanate ceramic tapes engineered by combining aqueous tape casting and laminating process were produced. The structural and... 
Powders | Electrical conductivity | Sintering | Founding | Ceramics | Dielectrics | Ceramic materials
Journal Article
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2017, Volume 551, Issue 7679, pp. 187 - 191
Journal Article
Food Research International, ISSN 0963-9969, 12/2019, Volume 126, p. 108729
Serra da Estrela cheese is a high-value Portuguese Protected Designation of Origin cheese, produced with raw ewe milk. Thus, information regarding its... 
Serra da Estrela cheese | UPLC-DAD-MS/MS | Origin assessment | Amino acids profiles | Chemometrics
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2013, Volume 342, Issue 6156, pp. 325 - 325
Journal Article
Food and Bioprocess Technology, ISSN 1935-5130, 07/2017, Volume 10, Issue 7, pp. 1310 - 1323
Table olives are prone to the appearance of sensory defects that decrease their quality and in some cases result in olives unsuitable for consumption. The... 
Multivariate linear regression models | Simulated annealing algorithm | Sensory defects intensity | Electronic tongue | Table olives | SENSORY ANALYSIS | OILS | RECOGNITION | QUANTIFICATION | FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | CLASSIFICATION | ADULTERATION | IDENTIFICATION | ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITY | PROFILE | Tableolives | NOSE | Sensorydefects intensity | Saturated fatty acids | Annealing | Models
Journal Article
Biological Conservation, ISSN 0006-3207, 2009, Volume 142, Issue 8, pp. 1777 - 1786
Journal Article