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SAE technical paper series, Volume 2004-01-0470.
Biological living organisms, and particularly human beings, are complex functioning systems. These exist due to metabolic based functions and produce energy... 
Energy consumption | Recycling | Human Factors
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2001-01-3755.
Since the end of the 20th century it has apparently been shown that global expansion and human activity has threatened the ecological safety margin of our... 
Life cycle analysis | Fasteners | Recycling | Emissions
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2003-01-2822.
The automotive industry and mobile transport cause serious environmental problems as they are the main consumers of natural resources, energy as well as... 
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2002-01-2245.
Improving the quality, reliability, durability and environmental safety of production is important strategic goal for any producer and contributes greatly into... 
Life cycle analysis | Manufacturing | Sustainable development
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2003-01-0208.
Usually, the main considerations for a car customer are price, comfort, safety, economy, practicality, aesthetics and design. The dynamics of these factors... 
Bumpers, fasciae and grilles | Life cycle analysis | Elastomers | Exterior trim and molding | Instrument panels | Recycling | Plastics | Body structures
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2007-01-1607.
To carry out a full and detailed analysis of total life cycle (TLC) for cars is very difficult and time-consuming. It is extremely complicated to organize... 
Life cycle analysis
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2000-01-1492.
Car features several peculiarities distinguishing it from other commodities on consumer's market. At first, a car is anintegral component of local environment... 
Life cycle analysis | Design Engineering and Styling | Product development | Materials identification
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2001-01-0696.
Dismantling and utilization of end-of-life vehicles (ELV) greatly influences the total ecological parameters of the vehicle in terms of its complex impact on... 
2019, 1, ISBN 981480004X, 296
.... The book presents the authors’ many years of experience gained in ME composites and through creation of device models based on their studies. It describes low-frequency ME devices, such as current and position sensors and energy harvesters, and microwave ME devices, such as antennas, attenuators, filters, gyrators, and phase shifters. 
Composites | Composite materials-Magnetic properties | Composite materials-Electric properties | Composite materials | Electromagnetism
2011, Northwestern world classics, ISBN 0810127725, xxviii, 546
Automatic documentation and mathematical linguistics, ISSN 0005-1055, 5/2019, Volume 53, Issue 3, pp. 143 - 159
The authors propose to systematize the font frameworks of the ''H'' sign types of different fonts on the base of the RHA information language, which has been developed for different types of objects... 
geographical maps | RHA code of the frame of sign type | R -class of the frames of sign type | fonts-synonyms | Information Storage and Retrieval | multi-color images | font-clone | font sign | letter frame | alphabetical ordering of font codes | entropy–anentropic diagram | letter frame entropy | Computer Science | allograph | letter frame anentropy | FontWindow | geological maps | RHA -system of the frames of sign types | Coding | Codes | Fonts
Journal Article
by Adam, J and Aglieri Rinella, G and Agocs, A. G and Agostinelli, A and Ahmed, I and Ahn, S. U and Ahn, S. A and Aimo, I and Ajaz, M and Alexandre, D and Alkin, A and Alme, J and Alt, T and Altini, V and Altinpinar, S and Altsybeev, I and Alves Garcia Prado, C and Anguelov, V and Anielski, J and Antinori, F and Antonioli, P and Appelshäuser, H and Arbor, N and Arsene, I. C and Arslandok, M and Augustinus, A and Averbeck, R and Awes, T. C and Bailhache, R and Bairathi, V and Bán, J and Barbera, R and Barile, F and Barret, V and Basile, M and Bastid, N and Batyunya, B and Baumann, C and Beck, H and Behera, N. K and Belikov, I and Bellwied, R and Belmont-Moreno, E and Berenyi, D and Bergognon, A. A. E and Bhasin, A and Bhati, A. K and Bianchi, L and Bielčík, J and Bielčíková, J and Blau, D and Blume, C and Bock, F and Bogolyubsky, M and Boldizsár, L and Book, J and Borel, H and Bossú, F and Braun-Munzinger, P and Bregant, M and Broker, T. A and Browning, T. A and Broz, M and Bruno, G. E and Budnikov, D and Buesching, H and Caffarri, D and Cai, X and Caliva, A and Canoa Roman, V and Carena, W and Carminati, F and Catanescu, V and Cavicchioli, C and Ceballos Sanchez, C and Cerello, P and Chang, B and Cherney, M and Chibante Barroso, V and Chinellato, D. D and Chojnacki, M and Christakoglou, P and Christiansen, P and Chujo, T and Cicalo, C and Cifarelli, L and Colamaria, F and Collu, A and Colocci, M and Conesa del Valle, Z and Connors, M. E and Contreras, J. G and Corrales Morales, Y and Cosentino, M. R and Costa, F and Cuautle, E and Dainese, A and Dang, R and Danu, A and Das, K and ... and The ALICE collaboration and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 02/2014, Volume 2014, Issue 2, pp. 1 - 26
Journal Article
by Pisters, Ron and Lane, Deirdre A and Nieuwlaat, Robby and De Vos, Cees B and Crijns, Harry J. G. M and Lip, Gregory Y. H and Andresen, Dieter and Camm, A. John and Davies, Wynn and Capucci, Alessandro and Le´vy, Samuel and Olsson, Bertil and Aliot, Etienne and Breithardt, Gu¨nter and Cobbe, Stuart and Le Heuzey, Jean-Yves and Santini, Massimo and Vardas, Panos and Manini, Malika and Bramley, Claire and Laforest, Vale´rie and Taylor, Charles and Del Gaiso, Susan and Huber, Kurt and De Backer, Guy and Sirakova, Vera and Cerbak, Roman and Thayssen, Per and Lehto, Seppo and Blanc, Jean-Jacques and Delahaye, Franc¸ois and Kobulia, Bondo and Zeymer, Uwe and Cokkinos, Dennis and Karlocai, Kristof and Graham, Ian and Shelley, Emer and Behar, Shlomo and Maggioni, Aldo and Gonc¸alves, Lino and Grabauskiene, Virginija and Asmussen, Inger and Deckers, Jaap and Stepinska, Janina and Mareev, Vyacheslav and Vasiljevic, Zorana and Riecansky, Igor and Kenda, Miran F and Alonso, Angeles and Lopez-Sendon, Jose´ Luis and Rosengren, Annika and Buser, Peter and Okay, Tugrul and Sychov, Oleg and Fox, Kevin and Schofield, Peter and Simoons, Maarten and Wood, David and Battler, Alex and Boersma, Eric and Fox, Kim and Komajda, Michel and McGregor, Keith and Mulder, Barbara and Priori, Sylvia and Ryde´n, Lars and Vahanian, Alec and Wijns, William and Sanofi-Aventis, Sanofi-Aventis and Grigoryan, S.V and Apetyan, I and Aroyan, S and Azarapetyan, L and Anvari, Anahit and Gottsauner-Wolf, Michael and Pfaffenberger, Stefan and Aydinkoc, Kadriye and Kalla, Karim and Penka, Martina and Drexel, Heinz and Langer, Peter and Pierard, Luc A and Legrand, Victor and Blommaert, Dominique and Schroeder, E and Mancini, Isabelle and Geelen, P and Brugada, P and De Zutter, Marc and Vrints, Christiaan and Vercammen, Marc and Morissens, Marielle and Borisov, Boyanov and Petrov, Valentin Asenov and Marinova, Maria and Assen, Alexandrova and Goudev, Rachev and Peychev, Yavor and Stoyanovsky, Vassil and Stoynev, Evgeni and ...
Chest, ISSN 0012-3692, 11/2010, Volume 138, Issue 5, pp. 1093 - 1100
Journal Article
Nature climate change, ISSN 1758-6798, 11/2014, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp. 67 - 70
Journal Article
Nature climate change, ISSN 1758-678X, 06/2020, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp. 555 - 560
Journal Article
Scientific reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 03/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 3261 - 3261
... at temperatures of superfluid helium as self-organization phenomena in ultracold dusty plasma Roman e. Boltnev 1,2,3, Mikhail M. Vasiliev1,3, Evgenii A. Kononov1,3 and oleg F... 
Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology | Nanoparticles | Plasma | Helium | Filaments
Journal Article
Science translational medicine, ISSN 1946-6242, 08/2017, Volume 9, Issue 402, p. eaaf7779
Journal Article
by Kehoe, Laura and Reis, Tiago and Virah-Sawmy, Malika and Balmford, Andrew and Kuemmerle, Tobias and Knohl, Alexander and Antonelli, Alexandre and Balmford, Andrew and Hochkirch, Axel and Vira, Bhaskar and Massa, Bruno and Peres, Carlos A and Ammer, Christian and Goerg, Christoph and Schneider, Christoph and Curtis, David and de la Pena, Eduardo and Tello, Enric and Sperfeld, Erik and Corbera, Esteve and Morelli, Federico and Valladares, Fernando and Peterson, Garry and Hide, Geoff and Mace, Georgina and Kallis, Giorgos and Olsson, Gunilla Almered and Brumelis, Guntis and Alexanderson, Helena and Haberl, Helmut and Nuissl, Henning and Kreft, Holger and Ghazoul, Jaboury and Piotrowski, Jan A and Macdiarmid, Jennie and Newig, Jens and Fischer, Joern and Altringham, John and Gledhill, John and Nielsen, Jonas O and Mueller, Joerg and Palmeirim, Jorge and Barlow, Jos and Alonso, Juan C and Presa Asencio, Juan Jose and Steinberger, Julia K and Jones, Julia Patricia Gordon and Cabral, Juliano Sarmento and Dengler, Juergen and Stibral, Karel and Erb, Karlheinz and Rothhaupt, Karl-Otto and Wiegand, Kerstin and Cassar, Louis F and Lens, Luc and Rosalino, Luis Miguel and Wassen, M. J and Stenseke, Marie and Fischer-Kowalski, Marina and Diaz, Mario and Rounsevell, Mark and van Kleunen, Mark and Junginger, Martin and Kaltenpoth, Martin and Zobel, Martin and Weigend, Maximilian and Partel, Meelis and Schilthuizen, Menno and Bastos Araujo, Miguel and Haklay, Muki and Eisenhauer, Nico and Selva, Nuria and Mertz, Ole and Meyfroidt, Patrick and Borges, Paulo A. V and Kovar, Pavel and Smith, Pete and Verburg, Peter and Pysek, Petr and Seppelt, Ralf and Valentini, Riccardo and Whittaker, Robert J and Henrique Faria, Sergio and Ulgiati, Sergio and Loetters, Stefan and Bjorck, Svante and Larson, Sven Ake and Tscharntke, Teja and Domingos, Tiago and Krueger, Tobias and Kuemmerle, Tobias and Pascual, Unai and Olsson, Urban and Kati, Vassiliki and Winiwarter, Verena and Reyes-Garcia, Victoria and Vajda, Vivi and Sutherland, William J and de Waroux, Yann le Polain and Buckley, Yvonne and ... and 604 signatories
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 04/2019, Volume 364, Issue 6438, pp. 341 - 341
Journal Article