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International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, ISSN 0538-8066, 05/2019, Volume 51, Issue 5, pp. 311 - 320
The kinetics of nucleophilic fullerene cyclopropanation by halomethyl ketones with a diterpene fragment has been studied by the Bingel method, and the... 
rosin | kinetic elucidation | methyl maleopimarate | fullerene | Bingel [2 + 1]‐cycloaddition | Cyclopropane compounds
Journal Article
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, ISSN 0960-894X, 10/2019, Volume 29, Issue 20, p. 126645
Dengue virus (DENV) is one of the most geographically distributed pathogenic flaviviruses transmitted by mosquitoes sps In this study, the structure-antiviral... 
Glycyrrhizic acid | Derivatives | Dengue virus | Antiviral activity | CHEMISTRY, MEDICINAL | NATURAL-PRODUCTS | DRUGS | CHEMISTRY, ORGANIC
Journal Article
International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, ISSN 0538-8066, 05/2019, Volume 51, Issue 5, pp. 311 - 320
The kinetics of nucleophilic fullerene cyclopropanation by halomethyl ketones with a diterpene fragment has been studied by the Bingel method, and the... 
rosin | kinetic elucidation | methyl maleopimarate | Bingel [2 + 1]-cycloaddition | fullerene | SOLAR-CELLS | Bingel [2+1]-cycloaddition | CHEMISTRY, PHYSICAL | DERIVATIVES
Journal Article
Letters in Organic Chemistry, ISSN 1570-1786, 10/2017, Volume 14, Issue 8, pp. 575 - 584
Background: Synthesis of lipophilic mitochondria-targeted antioxidants is a topical problem of modern biochemistry. The so-called "radical sponges" effect is a... 
Amino acids | Methyl maleopimarate | The Bingel reaction | The Arndt-Eistert reaction | [2+1]-cycloaddition | Methanofullerenes | the Arndt-Eistert reaction | COVALENT FULLERENE CHEMISTRY | the Bingel reaction | amino acids | MITOCHONDRIA | CHEMISTRY, ORGANIC | methanofullerenes | C-60 | methyl maleopimarate
Journal Article
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, ISSN 0009-3122, 2/2015, Volume 51, Issue 2, pp. 162 - 165
The reaction of 1,4-dioxanyl peroxyl radical with 5-amino-6-methyluracil gave the following major products:... 
Chemistry | oxidation products | Pharmacy | 1,4-dioxane | 5-amino-6-methyluracil | Organic Chemistry | peroxyl radical | PULSE-RADIOLYSIS | AERATED AQUEOUS-SOLUTIONS | PRODUCT | URACIL DERIVATIVES | CHEMISTRY, ORGANIC | Oxidation-reduction reaction | Dioxane
Journal Article
2008, Germanistische Bibliothek, ISBN 3825354091, Volume Bd. 30
by Mathieson, Iain and Alpaslan-Roodenberg, Songül and Posth, Cosimo and Szécsényi-Nagy, Anna and Rohland, Nadin and Mallick, Swapan and Olalde, Iñigo and Broomandkhoshbacht, Nasreen and Candilio, Francesca and Cheronet, Olivia and Fernandes, Daniel and Ferry, Matthew and Gamarra, Beatriz and Fortes, Gloria González and Haak, Wolfgang and Harney, Eadaoin and Jones, Eppie and Keating, Denise and Krause-Kyora, Ben and Kucukkalipci, Isil and Michel, Megan and Mittnik, Alissa and Nägele, Kathrin and Novak, Mario and Oppenheimer, Jonas and Patterson, Nick and Pfrengle, Saskia and Sirak, Kendra and Stewardson, Kristin and Vai, Stefania and Alexandrov, Stefan and Alt, Kurt W and Andreescu, Radian and Antonović, Dragana and Ash, Abigail and Atanassova, Nadezhda and Bacvarov, Krum and Gusztáv, Mende Balázs and Bocherens, Hervé and Bolus, Michael and Boroneanţ, Adina and Boyadzhiev, Yavor and Budnik, Alicja and Burmaz, Josip and Chohadzhiev, Stefan and Conard, Nicholas J and Cottiaux, Richard and Čuka, Maja and Cupillard, Christophe and Drucker, Dorotheé G and Elenski, Nedko and Francken, Michael and Galabova, Borislava and Ganetsovski, Georgi and Gély, Bernard and Hajdu, Tamás and Handzhyiska, Veneta and Harvati, Katerina and Higham, Thomas and Iliev, Stanislav and Janković, Ivor and Karavanić, Ivor and Kennett, Douglas J and Komšo, Darko and Kozak, Alexandra and Labuda, Damian and Lari, Martina and Lazar, Catalin and Leppek, Maleen and Leshtakov, Krassimir and Vetro, Domenico Lo and Los, Dženi and Lozanov, Ivaylo and Malina, Maria and Martini, Fabio and McSweeney, Kath and Meller, Harald and Mentušić, Marko and Mirea, Pavel and Moiseyev, Vyacheslav and Petrova, Vanya and Douglas Price, T and Simalcsik, Angela and Sineo, Luca and Šlaus, Mario and Slavchev, Vladimir and Stanev, Petar and Starović, Andrej and Szeniczey, Tamás and Talamo, Sahra and Teschler-Nicola, Maria and Thevenet, Corinne and Valchev, Ivan and Valentin, Frédérique and Vasilyev, Sergey and Veljanovska, Fanica and Venelinova, Svetlana and Veselovskaya, Elizaveta and Viola, Bence and Virag, Cristian and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 03/2018, Volume 555, Issue 7695, pp. 197 - 203
Farming was first introduced to Europe in the mid-seventh millennium bc, and was associated with migrants from Anatolia who settled in the southeast before... 
MIGRATION | COLLAGEN EXTRACTION | EARLY FARMERS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | SEQUENCE | ANCIENT DNA | CONTAMINATION | INTERVAL ESTIMATION | ADMIXTURE | HUNTER-GATHERERS | SUGGEST | History | Hunting | Farmers | Mesolithic | Hunter-gatherers | Genomes | Population genetics | Neolithic | Datasets | Migrants | Collagen | DNA methylation | Population | Agriculture | Genetic testing | Bioinformatics | Deoxyribonucleic acid--DNA
Journal Article
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, ISSN 0022-0221, 04/2011, Volume 42, Issue 3, pp. 372 - 389
Many domestic and foreign observers have claimed that Russians have a unique constellation of personality traits that mirrors their distinctive historical and... 
Big Five | Personality | Cross-cultural comparison | Russian national character: NEO PI-R | Personality ratings | Russian soul | STEREOTYPE | PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL | RELIGION | NATIONAL CHARACTER | 5-FACTOR MODEL | CULTURES | National characteristics | Evaluation | Russians | Analysis | Ethnicity | Federations | Personality traits | Uniqueness | Neo Personality Inventory | Attitudes | Five factor model | Fiction
Journal Article
by Busse, William W and Bleecker, Eugene R and Bleecker, Eugene and FitzGerald, J Mark and Ferguson, Gary T and Ferguson, Gary and Barker, Peter and Sproule, Stephanie and Olsson, Richard F and Martin, James and Martin, Ubaldo J and Goldman, Mitchell and Yañez, Anahí and Fernández, Marcelo and Tolcachier, Alberto and Belloni, Juan and Taborda, Jorge and De Salvo, Maria and Maspero, Jorge and Victorio, Carlos and Navarta, Miguel Chirino and Grilli, Monica and Rodríguez, Pablo and Otaola, María and Cambursano, Víctor and Malamud, Patricia and Stok, Ana and Arce, German and Roza, Osiris and Scherbovsky, Fernando and Elias, Pedro and Saez, Maria Salazan and Peters, Matthew and Phillips, Martin and Upham, John and Gibson, Peter and Thien, Francis and Douglass, Jo and Thomas, Paul and Bardin, Philip and Sajkov, Dimitar and Hew, Mark and Langton, David and Pez, Andreia and Fritscher, Carlos and Hetzel, Jorge and Mattos, Waldo and Stelmach, Rafael and Antila, Martti and Fernandes, Ana Luisa and Metev, Hristo and Ivanov, Yavor and Bogdanova, Aneliya and Markova, Ana Dancheva and Peneva, Marinka and Veselinova, Rumyana and Petkova, Tatyana and Petrova, Vanushka and Petrova, Galina and Shopova, Elena and Ivanova, Yuliya and Yotsova, Rumyana and Kirkova, Ginka and Dachev, Svetoslav and Sotirova, Kostadinka and Stoyanova, Mariyana and Yakov, Oleg and Ilieva-Fartunova, Vanya and Lemiere, Catherine and Laviolette, Michel and Yang, William and Pek, Bonavuth and Killorn, William Patrick and Poirier, Claude and Chouinard, Guy and Melenka, Lyle and Leigh, Richard and Nair, Parameswaran and Dorscheid, Delbert and Pavie, Juana and Rosenblut, Andres and Cartagena, Claudia and Quilodran, Carlos and Muñoz, Silvia and Malkusova, Ivana and Veverka, Josef and Holub, Stanislav and Mares, Jaroslav and Kozel, Radovan and Kopecka, Daniela and Zindr, Vladimir and Cerva, Pavel and Chanez, Pascal and Bourdin, Arnaud and Devouassoux, Gilles and Taille, Camille and De Blay, Frédéric and Goupil, Francois and Leroyer, Christophe and Gourcerol, Delphine and ... and BORA Study Investigators and BORA study investigators
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, ISSN 2213-2600, 01/2019, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp. 46 - 59
Benralizumab is an interleukin-5 receptor α-directed cytolytic monoclonal antibody that has been shown to safely reduce exacerbations and improve lung function... 
BIOMARKERS | ANTIBODY | RECEPTOR | SIROCCO | RESPIRATORY SYSTEM | CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE | Drug therapy | Research | Asthma | Life Sciences | Human health and pathology | Pulmonology and respiratory tract
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Fauchier, Laurent and Greenlaw, Nicola and Ferrari, Roberto and Ford, Ian and Fox, Kim M and Tardif, Jean-Claude and Tendera, Michal and Steg, Ph. Gabriel and Sokn, Fernando José and Reid, Christopher and Lang, Irene and Van den Branden, Frank and César, Luis Machado and Mattos, Marco Antonio and Nazar Luqman, Hj and Goudev, Assen and Dorian, Paul and Hu, Dayi and Widimsky, Petr and Hassager, Christian and Danchin, Nicolas and Kääb, Stefan and Vardas, Panos and Sulaiman, Kadhim J and Al Mahmeed, Wael and Al Suwaidi, Jassim and Al Rashdan, Ibrahim and Abdulkader, Fuad and Merkely, Béla and Kaul, Upendra and Daly, Kieran and Tavazzi, Luigi and Ferrari, Roberto and Jang, Yangsoo and Erglis, Andrejs and Laucevičius, Aleksandras and Jamaluddin, Ahmad Nizar and Gamba, Marco Alcocer and Tulevski, Igor I and Stępińska, Janina and Morais, Joao and Macarie, Cezar and Oganov, Rafael and Shalnova, Svetlana and Al-Zaibag, Muayed and Hou, Mak Koon and Kamensky, Gabriel and Fras, Zlatko and Kanič, Vojko and Naidoo, Datshana Prakesh and Zamorano, José Luis and Rickli, Hans and Jaussi, Andres and Sriratanasathavorn, Charn and Kalra, Paul and Lutai, Mykhailo and Oleksandr, Oleksandr and Nguyen, Lan Viet and Henry, Ronald and Ahuad Guerrero, A and Basara, M and Belcastro, F and Bertarini, J.A and Cazenave, C and Dreycopp, H and Egido, J and Estrella, J and Garofalo, D and Giordano, J and Lagioia, H and Lago, N and La Greca, R and Lema, L and Lopez Cabanillas, N and Luquez, H and Miller, C and Prada, E and Rodenas, P and Schena, R.G and Suarez, G and Tomatti, A and Colquhoun, D.M and Conradie, A and Cox, S and Cross, D and Fathi, R and Fitzgerald, B and Hamilton-Craig, I and Holt, G and Jayasinghe, S.R and Mai, N and Moolman, J and Motyer, R.A and Phillips, K and Rafter, A and Rahman, A and Rainbird, A and Scalia, G and Taylor, A and West, P and ... and CLARIFY Investigators
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 2015, Volume 10, Issue 4, p. e0125164
Journal Article