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bladder-cancer (6) 6
disease-free survival (6) 6
double-blind (6) 6
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medical colleges (6) 6
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taxoids - administration & dosage (6) 6
urinary bladder neoplasms - drug therapy (6) 6
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neoplasm metastasis (5) 5
phase-ii (5) 5
prednisone - administration & dosage (5) 5
proportional hazards models (5) 5
prostatic neoplasms, castration-resistant - drug therapy (5) 5
therapy (5) 5
transitional-cell carcinoma (5) 5
urologic neoplasms - drug therapy (5) 5
usage (5) 5
abiraterone acetate (4) 4
abridged index medicus (4) 4
analysis (4) 4
antimitotic agents (4) 4
antineoplastic agents (4) 4
antineoplastic agents - administration & dosage (4) 4
biomarkers, tumor - blood (4) 4
carcinoma, transitional cell - drug therapy (4) 4
iii trial (4) 4
kaplan-meier estimate (4) 4
men (4) 4
mitoxantrone plus prednisone (4) 4
mutation (4) 4
open-label (4) 4
phase-iii trial (4) 4
placebo (4) 4
prostatic neoplasms - drug therapy (4) 4
solid tumors (4) 4
survival analysis (4) 4
androgens (3) 3
antibodies, monoclonal - administration & dosage (3) 3
antineoplastic agents - adverse effects (3) 3
antineoplastic combined chemotherapy protocols - adverse effects (3) 3
bacillus-calmette-guerin (3) 3
biomarkers (3) 3
carboplatin (3) 3
carcinoma - drug therapy (3) 3
clinical activity (3) 3
clinical-trials (3) 3
corticosteroids (3) 3
double-blind method (3) 3
doxorubicin (3) 3
drug administration schedule (3) 3
enzalutamide (3) 3
genetic aspects (3) 3
immunology (3) 3
ligands (3) 3
lung cancer (3) 3
medical research (3) 3
medicine, general & internal (3) 3
methods (3) 3
methotrexate (3) 3
orchiectomy (3) 3
paclitaxel (3) 3
pembrolizumab (3) 3
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Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2016, Volume 389, Issue 10064, pp. 67 - 76
Journal Article
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2016, Volume 387, Issue 10031, pp. 1909 - 1920
Journal Article
by Petrylak, Daniel and Petrylak, Daniel P and de Wit, Ronald and Chi, Kim Nguyen and Chi, Kim N and Drakaki, Alexandra and Sternberg, Cora N and Nishiyama, Hiroyuki and Castellano, Daniel and Hussain, Syed and Fléchon, Aude and Bamias, Aristotelis and Yu, Evan Y and van der Heijden, Michiel S and Matsubara, Nobuaki and Alekseev, Boris and Necchi, Andrea and Géczi, Lajos and Ou, Yen-Chuan and Coskun, Hasan Senol and Su, Yu-Li and Su, Wen-Pin and Hegemann, Miriam and Percent, Ivor and Percent, Ivor J and Lee, Yun-Gyoo and Lee, Hyo Jin and Lee, Jae-Lyun and Tucci, Marcello and Semenov, Andrey and Laestadius, Fredrik and Peer, Avivit and Tortora, Giampaolo and Safina, Sufia Z and Safina, Sufia and del Muro, Xavier Garcia and Rodriguez-Vida, Alejo and Cicin, Irfan and Harputluoglu, Hakan and Widau, Ryan C and Liepa, Astra M and Walgren, Richard A and Hamid, Oday and Zimmermann, Annamaria H and Bell-McGuinn, Katherine M and Powles, Thomas and Wong, Suet-Lai Shirley and Tan, Thean Hsiang and Hovey, Elizabeth Jane and Clay, Timothy Dudley and Ng, Siobhan Su Wan and Rutten, Annemie and Machiels, Jean-Pascal and Dumez, Herlinde and Cheng, Susanna Yee-Shan and Ferrario, Cristiano and Sengeloev, Lisa and Jensen, Niels Viggo and Thibault, Constance and Laguerre, Brigitte and Joly, Florence and Flechon, Aude and Culine, Stéphane and Becht, Catherine and Niegisch, Günter and Stöckle, Michael and Grimm, Marc-Oliver and Gakis, Georgios and Schultze-Seemann, Wolfgang and Kalofonos, Haralambos and Mavroudis, Dimitrios and Papandreou, Christos and Karavasilis, Vasilis and Révész, Janos and Geczi, Lajos and Rosenbaum, Eli and Leibowitz-Amit, Raya and Kejzman, Daniel and Sarid, David and Scagliotti, Giorgio Vittorio and Bracarda, Sergio and Massari, Francesco and Osawa, Takahiro and Miyajima, Naoto and Shinohara, Nobuo and Fukuta, Fumimasa and Ohyama, Chikara and Obara, Wataru and Yamashita, Shinichi and Tomita, Yoshihiko and Kawai, Koji and Fukasawa, Satoshi and Oyama, Masafumi and Yonese, Junji and Nagata, Masayoshi and Uemura, Motohide and Nishimura, Kazuo and Kawakita, Mutsushi and Tsunemori, Hiroyuki and Hashine, Katsuyoshi and ... and RANGE Study Investigators and RANGE study investigators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 11/2017, Volume 390, Issue 10109, pp. 2266 - 2277
Few treatments with a distinct mechanism of action are available for patients with platinum-refractory advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma. We assessed... 
BLADDER-CANCER | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | 2ND-LINE THERAPY | TRANSITIONAL-CELL-CARCINOMA | CISPLATIN | DOXORUBICIN | METHOTREXATE | VINBLASTINE | OPEN-LABEL | COMBINATION | ENDOTHELIAL GROWTH-FACTOR | Carcinoma, Transitional Cell - mortality | Prognosis | Humans | Middle Aged | Male | Neoplasm Invasiveness - pathology | Urinary Bladder Neoplasms - pathology | Adult | Female | Urinary Bladder Neoplasms - mortality | Double-Blind Method | Risk Assessment | Docetaxel | Kaplan-Meier Estimate | Proportional Hazards Models | Treatment Outcome | Urinary Bladder Neoplasms - drug therapy | Disease-Free Survival | Taxoids - administration & dosage | Carcinoma, Transitional Cell - pathology | Antibodies, Monoclonal - administration & dosage | Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols - therapeutic use | Internationality | Neoadjuvant Therapy - methods | Carcinoma, Transitional Cell - drug therapy | Survival Analysis | Aged | Neoplasm Staging | Antimitotic agents | Care and treatment | Carcinoma | Analysis | Clinical trials | Product development | Metastasis | Antineoplastic agents | Cancer | Cytotoxicity | Oncology | Patients | Cancer therapies | Metastases | Angiogenesis | Chemotherapy | Platinum | Medical prognosis | Ligands | Clinical medicine | Urothelial carcinoma | Vascular endothelial growth factor | Apoptosis
Journal Article
Lancet Oncology, The, ISSN 1470-2045, 2015, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp. 417 - 425
Journal Article
by Ager, Casey and Reilley, Matthew and Nicholas, Courtney and Bartkowiak, Todd and Jaiswal, Ashvin and Curran, Michael and Albershardt, Tina C and Bajaj, Anshika and Archer, Jacob F and Reeves, Rebecca S and Ngo, Lisa Y and Berglund, Peter and ter Meulen, Jan and Denis, Caroline and Ghadially, Hormas and Arnoux, Thomas and Chanuc, Fabien and Fuseri, Nicolas and Wilkinson, Robert W and Wagtmann, Nicolai and Morel, Yannis and Andre, Pascale and Atkins, Michael B and Carlino, Matteo S and Ribas, Antoni and Thompson, John A and Choueiri, Toni K and Hodi, F. Stephen and Hwu, Wen-Jen and McDermott, David F and Atkinson, Victoria and Cebon, Jonathan S and Fitzharris, Bernie and Jameson, Michael B and McNeil, Catriona and Hill, Andrew G and Mangin, Eric and Ahamadi, Malidi and van Vugt, Marianne and van Zutphen, Mariëlle and Ibrahim, Nageatte and Long, Georgina V and Gartrell, Robyn and Blake, Zoe and Simoes, Ines and Fu, Yichun and Saito, Takuro and Qian, Yingzhi and Lu, Yan and Saenger, Yvonne M and Budhu, Sadna and De Henau, Olivier and Zappasodi, Roberta and Schlunegger, Kyle and Freimark, Bruce and Hutchins, Jeff and Barker, Christopher A and Wolchok, Jedd D and Merghoub, Taha and Burova, Elena and Allbritton, Omaira and Hong, Peter and Dai, Jie and Pei, Jerry and Liu, Matt and Kantrowitz, Joel and Lai, Venus and Poueymirou, William and MacDonald, Douglas and Ioffe, Ella and Mohrs, Markus and Olson, William and Thurston, Gavin and Capasso, Cristian and Frascaro, Federica and Carpi, Sara and Tähtinen, Siri and Feola, Sara and Fusciello, Manlio and Peltonen, Karita and Martins, Beatriz and Sjöberg, Madeleine and Pesonen, Sari and Ranki, Tuuli and Kyruk, Lukasz and Ylösmäki, Erkko and Cerullo, Vincenzo and Cerignoli, Fabio and Xi, Biao and Guenther, Garret and Yu, Naichen and Muir, Lincoln and Zhao, Leyna and Abassi, Yama and Cervera-Carrascón, Víctor and Siurala, Mikko and Santos, João and Havunen, Riikka and Parviainen, Suvi and Hemminki, Akseli and ...
Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, ISSN 2051-1426, 11/2016, Volume 4, Issue S1
Journal Article
Lancet Oncology, The, ISSN 1470-2045, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 8, pp. 760 - 768
Journal Article
by Althammer, Sonja and Steele, Keith and Rebelatto, Marlon and Tan, Tze Heng and Wiestler, Tobias and Schmidt, Guenter and Higgs, Brandon and Li, Xia and Shi, Li and Jin, Xiaoping and Antal, Joyce and Gupta, Ashok and Ranade, Koustubh and Binning, Gerd and Bellmunt, Joaquim and de Wit, Ronald and Vaughn, David J and Fradet, Yves and Lee, Jae Lyun and Fong, Lawrence and Vogelzang, Nicholas J and Climent, Miguel A and Petrylak, Daniel P and Choueiri, Toni K and Necchi, Andrea and Gerritsen, Winald and Gurney, Howard and Quinn, David I and Culine, Stéphane and Sternberg, Cora N and Mai, Yabing and Puhlmann, Markus and Perini, Rodolfo F and Bajorin, Dean F and Sharma, Padmanee and Callahan, Margaret K and Calvo, Emiliano and Kim, Joseph W and de Braud, Filipo and Ott, Patrick A and Bono, Petri and Pillai, Rathi N and Morse, Michael and Le, Dung T and Taylor, Matthew and Spilliopoulou, Pavlina and Bendell, Johanna and Jaeger, Dirk and Chan, Emily and Antonia, Scott J and Ascierto, Paolo A and Hennicken, Delphine and Tschaika, Marina and Azrilevich, Alex and Rosenberg, Jonathan and Levy, Ofer and Chan, Christopher and Cojocaru, Gady and Liang, Spencer and Ophir, Eran and Ganguly, Sudipto and Toporik, Amir and Kotturi, Maya and Kfir, Tal Fridman and Murter, Benjamin M and Logronio, Kathryn and Dassa, Liat and Leung, Ling and Greenwald, Shirley and Azulay, Meir and Kumar, Sandeep and Alteber, Zoya and Pan, Xiaoyu and Machlenkin, Arthur and Benita, Yair and Drake, Andrew W and Chajut, Ayelet and Salomon, Ran and Vankin, Ilan and Safyon, Einav and Hunter, John and Levine, Zurit and White, Mark and Leidner, Rom and Kang, Hyunseok and Haddad, Robert and Segal, Neil H and Wirth, Lori J and Ferris, Robert L and Hodi, F. Stephen and Sanborn, Rachel E and Gajewski, Thomas F and Sharfman, William and McDonald, Dan and Srivastava, Shivani and Gu, Xuemin and Phillips, Penny and Passey, Chaitali and Seiwert, Tanguy and Habtetsion, Tsadik and ...
Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, ISSN 2051-1426, 12/2016, Volume 4, Issue S2
Journal Article