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by Gröbner, Susanne N and Worst, Barbara C and Weischenfeldt, Joachim and Buchhalter, Ivo and Kleinheinz, Kortine and Rudneva, Vasilisa A and Johann, Pascal D and Balasubramanian, Gnana Prakash and Segura-Wang, Maia and Brabetz, Sebastian and Bender, Sebastian and Hutter, Barbara and Sturm, Dominik and Pfaff, Elke and Hübschmann, Daniel and Zipprich, Gideon and Heinold, Michael and Eils, Jürgen and Lawerenz, Christian and Erkek, Serap and Lambo, Sander and Waszak, Sebastian and Blattmann, Claudia and Borkhardt, Arndt and Kuhlen, Michaela and Eggert, Angelika and Fulda, Simone and Gessler, Manfred and Wegert, Jenny and Kappler, Roland and Baumhoer, Daniel and Burdach, Stefan and Kirschner-Schwabe, Renate and Kontny, Udo and Kulozik, Andreas E and Lohmann, Dietmar and Hettmer, Simone and Eckert, Cornelia and Bielack, Stefan and Nathrath, Michaela and Niemeyer, Charlotte and Richter, Günther H and Schulte, Johannes and Siebert, Reiner and Westermann, Frank and Molenaar, Jan J and Vassal, Gilles and Witt, Hendrik and Burkhardt, Birgit and Kratz, Christian P and Witt, Olaf and van Tilburg, Cornelis M and Kramm, Christof M and Fleischhack, Gudrun and Dirksen, Uta and Rutkowski, Stefan and Frühwald, Michael and von Hoff, Katja and Wolf, Stephan and Klingebiel, Thomas and Koscielniak, Ewa and Landgraf, Pablo and Koster, Jan and Resnick, Adam C and Zhang, Jinghui and Liu, Yanling and Zhou, Xin and Waanders, Angela J and Zwijnenburg, Danny A and Raman, Pichai and Brors, Benedikt and Weber, Ursula D and Northcott, Paul A and Pajtler, Kristian W and Kool, Marcel and Piro, Rosario M and Korbel, Jan O and Schlesner, Matthias and Eils, Roland and Jones, David T. W and Lichter, Peter and Chavez, Lukas and Zapatka, Marc and Pfister, Stefan M and ICGC PedBrain-Seq Project ICGC and ICGC MMML-Seq Project and ICGC PedBrain-Seq Project
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2018, Volume 555, Issue 7696, pp. 321 - 327
Journal Article
by Northcott, Paul A and Lee, Catherine and Zichner, Thomas and Stütz, Adrian M and Erkek, Serap and Kawauchi, Daisuke and Shih, David J. H and Hovestadt, Volker and Zapatka, Marc and Sturm, Dominik and Jones, David T. W and Kool, Marcel and Remke, Marc and Cavalli, Florence M. G and Zuyderduyn, Scott and Bader, Gary D and VandenBerg, Scott and Esparza, Lourdes Adriana and Ryzhova, Marina and Wang, Wei and Wittmann, Andrea and Stark, Sebastian and Sieber, Laura and Seker-Cin, Huriye and Linke, Linda and Kratochwil, Fabian and Jäger, Natalie and Buchhalter, Ivo and Imbusch, Charles D and Zipprich, Gideon and Raeder, Benjamin and Schmidt, Sabine and Diessl, Nicolle and Wolf, Stephan and Wiemann, Stefan and Brors, Benedikt and Lawerenz, Chris and Eils, Jürgen and Warnatz, Hans-Jörg and Risch, Thomas and Yaspo, Marie-Laure and Weber, Ursula D and Bartholomae, Cynthia C and von Kalle, Christof and Turányi, Eszter and Hauser, Peter and Sanden, Emma and Darabi, Anna and Siesjö, Peter and Sterba, Jaroslav and Zitterbart, Karel and Sumerauer, David and van Sluis, Peter and Versteeg, Rogier and Volckmann, Richard and Koster, Jan and Schuhmann, Martin U and Ebinger, Martin and Grimes, H. Leighton and Robinson, Giles W and Gajjar, Amar and Mynarek, Martin and von Hoff, Katja and Rutkowski, Stefan and Pietsch, Torsten and Scheurlen, Wolfram and Felsberg, Jörg and Reifenberger, Guido and Kulozik, Andreas E and von Deimling, Andreas and Witt, Olaf and Eils, Roland and Gilbertson, Richard J and Korshunov, Andrey and Taylor, Michael D and Lichter, Peter and Korbel, Jan O and Wechsler-Reya, Robert J and Pfister, Stefan M
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2014, Volume 511, Issue 7510, pp. 428 - 434
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Thompson, Eric M and Hielscher, Thomas and Bouffet, Eric and Remke, Marc and Luu, Betty and Gururangan, Sridharan and McLendon, Roger E and Bigner, Darell D and Lipp, Eric S and Perreault, Sebastien and Cho, Yoon-Jae and Grant, Gerald and Kim, Seung-Ki and Lee, Ji Yeoun and Rao, Amulya A Nageswara and Giannini, Caterina and Li, Kay Ka Wai and Ng, Ho-Keung and Yao, Yu and Kumabe, Toshihiro and Tominaga, Teiji and Grajkowska, Wieslawa A and Perek-Polnik, Marta and Low, David C Y and Seow, Wan Tew and Chang, Kenneth T E and Mora, Jaume and Pollack, Ian F and Hamilton, Ronald L and Leary, Sarah and Moore, Andrew S and Ingram, Wendy J and Hallahan, Andrew R and Jouvet, Anne and Fèvre-Montange, Michelle and Vasiljevic, Alexandre and Faure-Conter, Cecile and Shofuda, Tomoko and Kagawa, Naoki and Hashimoto, Naoya and Jabado, Nada and Weil, Alexander G and Gayden, Tenzin and Wataya, Takafumi and Shalaby, Tarek and Grotzer, Michael and Zitterbart, Karel and Sterba, Jaroslav and Kren, Leos and Hortobágyi, Tibor and Klekner, Almos and László, Bognár and Pócza, Tímea and Hauser, Peter and Schüller, Ulrich and Jung, Shin and Jang, Woo-Youl and French, Pim J and Kros, Johan M and van Veelen, Marie-Lise C and Massimi, Luca and Leonard, Jeffrey R and Rubin, Joshua B and Vibhakar, Rajeev and Chambless, Lola B and Cooper, Michael K and Thompson, Reid C and Faria, Claudia C and Carvalho, Alice and Nunes, Sofia and Pimentel, José and Fan, Xing and Muraszko, Karin M and López-Aguilar, Enrique and Lyden, David and Garzia, Livia and Shih, David J H and Kijima, Noriyuki and Schneider, Christian and Adamski, Jennifer and Northcott, Paul A and Kool, Marcel and Jones, David T W and Chan, Jennifer A and Nikolic, Ana and Garre, Maria Luisa and Van Meir, Erwin G and Osuka, Satoru and Olson, Jeffrey J and Jahangiri, Arman and Castro, Brandyn A and Gupta, Nalin and Weiss, William A and Moxon-Emre, Iska and Mabbott, Donald J and Lassaletta, Alvaro and Hawkins, Cynthia E and Tabori, Uri and Drake, James and Kulkarni, Abhaya and ...
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 2016, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp. 484 - 495
Journal Article
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 2017, Volume 18, Issue 5, pp. 682 - 694
Journal Article
by Sturm, Dominik and Orr, Brent A and Toprak, Umut H and Hovestadt, Volker and Jones, David T.W and Capper, David and Sill, Martin and Buchhalter, Ivo and Northcott, Paul A and Leis, Irina and Ryzhova, Marina and Koelsche, Christian and Pfaff, Elke and Allen, Sariah J and Balasubramanian, Gnanaprakash and Worst, Barbara C and Pajtler, Kristian W and Brabetz, Sebastian and Johann, Pascal D and Sahm, Felix and Reimand, Jüri and Mackay, Alan and Carvalho, Diana M and Remke, Marc and Phillips, Joanna J and Perry, Arie and Cowdrey, Cynthia and Drissi, Rachid and Fouladi, Maryam and Giangaspero, Felice and Łastowska, Maria and Grajkowska, Wiesława and Scheurlen, Wolfram and Pietsch, Torsten and Hagel, Christian and Gojo, Johannes and Lötsch, Daniela and Berger, Walter and Slavc, Irene and Haberler, Christine and Jouvet, Anne and Holm, Stefan and Hofer, Silvia and Prinz, Marco and Keohane, Catherine and Fried, Iris and Mawrin, Christian and Scheie, David and Mobley, Bret C and Schniederjan, Matthew J and Santi, Mariarita and Buccoliero, Anna M and Dahiya, Sonika and Kramm, Christof M and von Bueren, André O and von Hoff, Katja and Rutkowski, Stefan and Herold-Mende, Christel and Frühwald, Michael C and Milde, Till and Hasselblatt, Martin and Wesseling, Pieter and Rößler, Jochen and Schüller, Ulrich and Ebinger, Martin and Schittenhelm, Jens and Frank, Stephan and Grobholz, Rainer and Vajtai, Istvan and Hans, Volkmar and Schneppenheim, Reinhard and Zitterbart, Karel and Collins, V. Peter and Aronica, Eleonora and Varlet, Pascale and Puget, Stephanie and Dufour, Christelle and Grill, Jacques and Figarella-Branger, Dominique and Wolter, Marietta and Schuhmann, Martin U and Shalaby, Tarek and Grotzer, Michael and van Meter, Timothy and Monoranu, Camelia-Maria and Felsberg, Jörg and Reifenberger, Guido and Snuderl, Matija and Forrester, Lynn Ann and Koster, Jan and Versteeg, Rogier and Volckmann, Richard and van Sluis, Peter and Wolf, Stephan and Mikkelsen, Tom and Gajjar, Amar and Aldape, Kenneth and Moore, Andrew S and Taylor, Michael D and Jones, Chris and ...
Cell (Cambridge), ISSN 0092-8674, 2016, Volume 164, Issue 5, pp. 1060 - 1072
Journal Article
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 12, pp. 1200 - 1207
Journal Article
by Jones, David T. W and Jäger, Natalie and Kool, Marcel and Zichner, Thomas and Hutter, Barbara and Sultan, Marc and Cho, Yoon-Jae and Pugh, Trevor J and Hovestadt, Volker and Stütz, Adrian M and Rausch, Tobias and Warnatz, Hans-Jörg and Ryzhova, Marina and Bender, Sebastian and Sturm, Dominik and Pleier, Sabrina and Cin, Huriye and Pfaff, Elke and Sieber, Laura and Wittmann, Andrea and Remke, Marc and Witt, Hendrik and Hutter, Sonja and Tzaridis, Theophilos and Weischenfeldt, Joachim and Raeder, Benjamin and Avci, Meryem and Amstislavskiy, Vyacheslav and Zapatka, Marc and Weber, Ursula D and Wang, Qi and Lasitschka, Bärbel and Bartholomae, Cynthia C and Schmidt, Manfred and von Kalle, Christof and Ast, Volker and Lawerenz, Chris and Eils, Jürgen and Kabbe, Rolf and Benes, Vladimir and van Sluis, Peter and Koster, Jan and Volckmann, Richard and Shih, David and Betts, Matthew J and Russell, Robert B and Coco, Simona and Paolo Tonini, Gian and Schüller, Ulrich and Hans, Volkmar and Graf, Norbert and Kim, Yoo-Jin and Monoranu, Camelia and Roggendorf, Wolfgang and Unterberg, Andreas and Herold-Mende, Christel and Milde, Till and Kulozik, Andreas E and von Deimling, Andreas and Witt, Olaf and Maass, Eberhard and Rössler, Jochen and Ebinger, Martin and Schuhmann, Martin U and Frühwald, Michael C and Hasselblatt, Martin and Jabado, Nada and Rutkowski, Stefan and von Bueren, André O and Williamson, Dan and Clifford, Steven C and McCabe, Martin G and Peter Collins, V and Wolf, Stephan and Wiemann, Stefan and Lehrach, Hans and Brors, Benedikt and Scheurlen, Wolfram and Felsberg, Jörg and Reifenberger, Guido and Northcott, Paul A and Taylor, Michael D and Meyerson, Matthew and Pomeroy, Scott L and Yaspo, Marie-Laure and Korbel, Jan O and Korshunov, Andrey and Eils, Roland and Pfister, Stefan M and Lichter, Peter
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2012, Volume 488, Issue 7409, pp. 100 - 105
Medulloblastoma is an aggressively growing tumour, arising in the cerebellum or medulla/brain stem. It is the most common malignant brain tumour in children,... 
ACTIVATION | PATHWAY | LANDSCAPE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | GENES | TETRAPLOID TUMOR-CELLS | TBR1 | MUTATIONS | SUBGROUPS | CANCER | Chromatin - metabolism | Cerebellar Neoplasms - diagnosis | Genomics | Humans | Hedgehog Proteins - metabolism | Wnt Proteins - metabolism | Histone Demethylases - genetics | Aging - genetics | Medulloblastoma - pathology | Cerebellar Neoplasms - pathology | Patched Receptors | Cerebellar Neoplasms - classification | Medulloblastoma - genetics | Neoplasm Proteins - genetics | Nuclear Proteins - genetics | Child | DNA Helicases - genetics | Amino Acid Sequence | Polyploidy | Signal Transduction | Chromosomes, Human - genetics | Medulloblastoma - diagnosis | Mutation Rate | Cerebellar Neoplasms - genetics | Transcription Factors - genetics | DNA-Binding Proteins - genetics | Mutation - genetics | T-Box Domain Proteins - genetics | Genome, Human - genetics | beta Catenin - genetics | DEAD-box RNA Helicases - genetics | Phosphoprotein Phosphatases - genetics | Sequence Analysis, RNA | Cell Transformation, Neoplastic | Oncogene Proteins, Fusion - genetics | High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing | Methylation | Medulloblastoma - classification | Patched-1 Receptor | Receptors, Cell Surface - genetics | Medulloblastoma | Physiological aspects | Development and progression | Genetic aspects | Research | Metastasis | Cancer
Journal Article