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by Wijeysundera, Duminda N and Pearse, Rupert M and Shulman, Mark A and Abbott, Tom E F and Torres, Elizabeth and Ambosta, Althea and Croal, Bernard L and Granton, John T and Thorpe, Kevin E and Grocott, Michael P W and Farrington, Catherine and Myles, Paul S and Cuthbertson, Brian H and Wallace, Sophie and Thompson, Bruce and Ellis, Mathew and Borg, Brigette and Kerridge, Ross K and Douglas, Jeanene and Brannan, John and Pretto, Jeff and Godsall, Guy and Beauchamp, Nicola and Allen, Sandra and Kennedy, Ann and Wright, Ewan and Malherbe, Johan and Ismail, Hilmy and Riedel, Bernhard and Melville, Andrew and Sivakumar, Harry and Murmane, Andrew and Kenchington, Kay and Kirabiyik, Yesim and Gurunathan, Usha and Stonell, Chris and Brunello, Kate and Steele, Katherine and Tronstad, Oystein and Masel, Philip and Dent, Annette and Smith, Emma and Bodger, Alanna and Abolfathi, Miriam and Sivalingam, Pal and Hall, Adrian and Painter, Thomas W and Macklin, Simon and Elliott, Adrian and Carrera, Anna Maria and Terblanche, Nico CS and Pitt, Simon and Samuel, Joanne and Wilde, Chris and Leslie, Kate and MacCormick, Andrew and Bramley, David and Southcott, Anne Marie and Grant, John and Taylor, Hugh and Bates, Samantha and Towns, Miriam and Tippett, Anna and Marshall, Fiona and Mazer, C David and Kunasingam, Janarthanee and Yagnik, Anmol and Crescini, Charmagne and Yagnik, Sanjay and McCartney, Colin JL and Somascanthan, Priya and Choi, Stephen and Flores, Kathrina and Au, Shelly and Beattie, W Scott and Karkouti, Keyvan and Clarke, Hance A and Jerath, Angela and McCluskey, Stuart A and Wasowicz, Marcin and Day, Lauren and Pazmino-Canizares, Janneth and Oh, Paul and Belliard, Rene and Lee, Leanna and Dobson, Karen and Chan, Vincent and Brull, Richard and Ami, Noam and Stanbrook, Matthew and Hagen, Katherine and Campbell, Douglas and Short, Timothy and Van Der Westhuizen, Joreline and Higgie, Kushlin and Lindsay, Helen and Jang, Ryan and Wong, Chris and McAllister, Davina and Ali, Marlynn and ... and METS study investigators and METS Study Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 06/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10140, pp. 2631 - 2640
Journal Article
by Hewson, R and Pearse, R.M and Beattie, Scott and Fleisher, Lee A and Holt, Peter and Moreno, Rui and Januszewska, Marta and Myles, Paul and Wouters, Patrick and Futier, Emmanuel and Geddoa, Emad and Abbas, Muntadhar and Bouwman, Arthur and Short, Tim and Biccard, Bruce and Douglas, Jeanene and Kerridge, Ross and Jain, Megha and Stewart, Marcelle and Clyde, Antony and Haisjackl, Markus and Holaubek, Caroline and Schneider, Elisabeth and Bauer, Marlene and Mayrhofer, Thomas and Schindler, Elke and Trampitsch, Ernst and Duenser, Martin and Hoelzenbein, Thomas and Jaeger, Tarkan and Steindl, Johannes and Kahn, David and Prégardien, Caroline and De Kegel, Dirk and De Jongh, Karen and Deblaere, Isabel and Neckebroek, Martine and Van de Velde, Marc and Dylst, Dimitri and Batista, Hugo Dias and Amendola, Cristina Prata and Cardoso, Gutemberg and Almeida, William and Neto, Calim Neder and Tardelli, Maria Angela and Machado, Marcio and Azevedo, Caroline and Applewhaite, Christopher and Carr, Adrienne and Duttchen, Kaylene and Houston, Kendra and McCormick, Thomas Jared and Mikhayel, Jennifer and Siddiqui, Faisal and Zbitnew, Geoff and Montasser, Osama and Baghirzada, Leyla and Dai, Si Yuan and Pazmino-Canizares, Janneth and Yang, Yang and Zhong, Yi and Luo, Dihuan and Sun, Haiyun and Wang, Zhipeng and Du, Xindan and Luo, Hong and Wang, Zhen and Zhang, Yan and Chen, Yijun and Liang, Guojin and Guo, Fengying and Lin, Hong and Liu, Yang and Lv, Meng and Sun, Yongtao and Bao, Qi and Lei, Min and Shen, Conyu and Zhou, Dachun and He, Changlin and Cheng, Baoli and He, Jie and Li, Caixia and Wu, Shuijing and Zhao, Bing and Lu, Xianfu and Ling, Yunzhi and Zhou, Jialong and Dai, Hanying and Hou, Benchao and Lin, Jiamei and Liu, Weicheng and Min, Jia and Shi, Xiaoyun and Zhang, Xuekang and Zhu, Xiaoping and Bai, Yun and Geng, Wujun and Han, Kunyuan and He, Xin and ... and for the International Surgical Outcomes Study (ISOS) group and Intl Surgical Outcomes Study ISOS and International Surgical Outcomes Study (ISOS) group and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Advanced Photon Source (APS) and Region Östergötland and Sinnescentrum and Anestesi- och intensivvårdskliniken US
British journal of anaesthesia : BJA, ISSN 0007-0912, 01/2018, Volume 120, Issue 1, pp. 146 - 155
Journal Article
by Stephens, Tim and Martin, Graham and Kahan, Brennan C and Thomson, Ann and Rivett, Kate and Wells, Duncan and Richardson, Gerry and Kerry, Sally and Bion, Julian and Pearse, Rupert M and Pearse, Rupert and Peden, Carol and Kahan, Brennan and Ackland, Gareth and Grocott, Mike and Holt, Peter and Robert, Glenn and Ukoumunne, Obioha and Waring, Justin and Everingham, Kirsty and Phull, Mandeep and Lilford, Richard and Kocman, David and Asaria, Miqdad and Tarrant, Carolyn and Yang, Fan and Bothma, Pieter and Conway, Daniel and Stapleton, Clare and Edwards, Mark and Minto, Gary and Saunders, David and Owen, Tom and Waldmann, Carl and Hayden, Paul and Gillies, Michael and Tighe, Sean and Murray, David and Lobo, Dileep and Kirk-Bayley, Justin and Howell, Simon and Gordon, Anthony and Anderson, Iain and Lourtie, Jose and Drake, Sharon and Murray, Dave and Watson, Nick and Szakmany, Tamas and Sutcliffe, Robert and Girling, Alan and Forbes, Gordon and Faiz, Omar and Blunt, Mark and Singh, Surjait and Steel, Alistair and Wong, Kate and Cabreros, Leilani and Obideyi, Ayodele and Blenk, Karl and Broad, Dan and Brodbeck, Andreas and Dumpala, Rajesh and Engel, Arnth and Ganepola, Ranjit and Garg, Sudha and Gay, Mike and Karlikowsk, Michael and Lams, Edward and Millican, Dean and Misane, Inga and Mull, Ajaya and Naik, Veena and Pushpa, Nathan and Nutt, Chris and Sagadai, Saravanna and Stuart, Hazel and Noble, Paul and Van De Velde, Niko and Hudson, Liam and Benlloch, Raoul and Singh, Satish and Verma, Karan and Laba, Damian and Carmichael, Jack and Richardson, Peter and Wilson, Graham and Lewis, Ricky and Surendran, Karthik and El-Damatty, Essam and Gurung, Sarada and Raulusaite, Ilona and Gerstina, Nabua and Kuldip, Rai and Murray, Therese and Vivek, Chitre and Lal, Roshan and Downey, Sarah and Velchuru, Vamsi and Aryal, Kamal and Guruswamy, Raman and ... and Enhanced Peri-Operative Care for High-risk patients (EPOCH) trial group and Enhanced Perioperative Care High
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 06/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10187, pp. 2213 - 2221
Journal Article
British journal of anaesthesia : BJA, ISSN 0007-0912, 11/2016, Volume 117, Issue 5, pp. 601 - 609
Background: As global initiatives increase patient access to surgical treatments, there remains a need to understand the adverse effects of surgery and define... 
surgical procedures | critical care/utilisation | cohort studies | postoperative care/methods | operative/mortality | postoperative care/statistics and numerical data | surgery | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Anesthesiology | Science & Technology
Journal Article