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Zoonoses and public health, ISSN 1863-2378, 2018, Volume 65, Issue 1, pp. 43 - 50
Journal Article
Viruses, ISSN 1999-4915, 2018, Volume 10, Issue 3, p. 102
...iruses Article Detection and Characterization of Homologues of Human Hepatitis Viruses and Pegiviruses in Rodents and Bats in Vietnam Dung Van Nguyen 1,* ID... 
Bats | Hepatitis viruses | Vietnam | Pegiviruses | Rodents | Homologues | FAMILY HEPEVIRIDAE | GLOBAL BURDEN | pegiviruses | NONPRIMATE HEPACIVIRUS | homologues | SUSCEPTIBILITY | MEKONG DELTA | RATS | HORSES | rodents | bats | TRANSMISSION | INFECTIOUS-DISEASES | VIROLOGY | hepatitis viruses | C VIRUS | Life Sciences | Microbiology and Parasitology | Immunology | Bacteriology | Virology
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 1533-4406, 2017, Volume 376, Issue 24, pp. 2329 - 2340
Journal Article
Zoonoses and public health, ISSN 1863-2378, 2018, Volume 65, Issue 1, pp. 30 - 42
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 1533-4406, 2004, Volume 350, Issue 12, pp. 1179 - 1188
Journal Article
by Hankey, Graeme J and Hackett, Maree L and Almeida, Osvaldo P and Flicker, Leon and Mead, Gillian E and Dennis, Martin S and Etherton-Beer, Christopher and Ford, Andrew H and Billot, Laurent and Jan, Stephen and Lung, Thomas and Murray, Veronica and Lundström, Erik and Anderson, Craig S and Herbert, Robert and Carter, Gregory and Donnan, Geoffrey A and Nguyen, Huy-Thang and Gommans, John and Yi, Qilong and Li, Qiang and Bompoint, Severine and Barrett, Sarah and Claxton, Anne and O'Dea, Julia and Tang, Michelle and Williams, Clare and Peterson, Shenae and Drummond, Christie and Hong, Uyen-Ha and Le, Linh-Thi My and Ngo, Tram-Thi Bich and Mai, Yen-Bao and Han, Huyen-Thanh and Truong, Nhu-Quynh and Nguyen, Huong-Thi and Ngo, Hai-Thanh and Nguyen, -Thi Binh and Ha, Oanh-Thi Kieu and Nguyen, Trang-Le Huyen and Lindley, Richard I and New, Peter and Lee, Andrew and Tran, Thanh-Trung and Le, Loan-Tran Truc Mai and Kieu, Thuy-Le Vu and Nguyen, Sang-Van and Nguyen, Thuy-Anh Diem and Dang, Tam-Nhat and Phan, Hanh-Thi Truc and Vo, Loan-Thi Ngoc and Nguyen, Mai-Hue and Dang, Hanh-Cao and Tran, Hong-Thi and Dam, Linh-Thi Cam and Ngo, Trinh-Thi Kim and Pham, Thai-Nguyen Thanh and Pham, Binh-Nguyen and Dao, Nha-Thi Thanh and Nguyen, Huong-Thi Bich and Le, Linh-Thi Cam and Do, Chi-Minh and Huynh, Huy-Quoc and Tran, Giau-Thi Kim and Le, Oanh-Thi and Tran, Ly-Thi Khanh and Duong, Chinh-Dinh and Kieu, Duong-Van and Le, Na and Nguyen, Hoa-Ngoc and Le, Binh-Van and Nguyen, Long-Thanh and Nguyen, Long-Van and Dinh, Tuan-Quoc and Vo, Tan-Van and Bui, Tram-Ngoc and Hoang, Uyen-Thi To and Nguyen, Hien-Thi Bich and Nguyen, Ha-Thi Thu and Lam, Nga-Thuy and Le, Khanh-Kim and Trinh, Phuong-Thanh and Huynh, Hop-Quang and Nguyen, Thao-Thi Thu and Lu, Huyen-Ngoc and Pham, Tham-Hong and Nguyen, Sam-Hoanh and Le, Ninh-Hong and Nguyen, Giang-Truong and Doan, Bich-Thi and Pham, Sung-Phuoc and Luong, Duong-Huu and Mai, Ha-Van and Tran, Thuc-Van and Do, Phuong-Thi and Le, Hoai-Thi and Nguyen, Chi-Van and Nguyen, Phuong-Doan and Mai, Ton-Duy and Dao, Phuong-Viet and ... and AFFINITY Trial Collaboration
Lancet neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 08/2020, Volume 19, Issue 8, pp. 651 - 660
Trials of fluoxetine for recovery after stroke report conflicting results. The Assessment oF FluoxetINe In sTroke recoverY (AFFINITY) trial aimed to show if... 
Neuroimaging | Stroke | Fluoxetine | Epilepsy | Clinical trials | Systematic review | Patients | Convulsions & seizures | Fractures | Antidepressants | Affinity | Seizures | Pharmaceuticals
Journal Article
by Oude Munnink, Bas B and Phan, M.V.T and Hoek, L and Kellam, Paul and Cotten, M and Kiet, B.T and Baker, Stephen and Berto, A and Boni, M.F and Bryant, J.E and Phu, B.D and Campbell, J.I and Carrique-Mas, J and Hung, D.M and Huong, D.T and Oanh, D.T and Day, J.N and Van Tan, D and van Doorn, H.R and Han, D.A and Farrar, J.J and Trang, H.T.T and Nghia, H.D.T and Long, H.B and Van Duong, H and Thu, H.T.K and Cuong, L.C and Hung, L.M and Phuong, L.T and Phuc, L.T and Luat, L.X and Thu Ha, L.T and Van Chuong, L and Loan, M.T.P and Nadjm, B and Bao, N.T and Hoa, N.T and Tue, N.T and Tu, N.C and Thuan, N.D and Dong, N and Chuyen, N.K and An, N.N and Vinh, N.N and Hung, N.Q and Dung, N.T and Minh, N.T and Binh, N.T and Tham, N.T.H and Tien, N.T.H and Chuc, N.T.K and Ngoc, N.T.L and Ha, N.T.L and Lien, N.T.N and Diep, N.T.N and Nhung, N.T and Chau, N.T.S and Chi, N.T.Y and Trinh, N.T and Van, N.T and Van Cuong, N and Van Hung, N and Kinh, Nguyen and Hoang, N.V.M and Van My, N and Van Thang, N and Van Thanh, N and Van Vinh Chau, Nguyen and Van Xang, N and My, P.H and Anh, P.H and Khoa, P.T.M and Tam, P.T.T and Van Lao, P and Van Minh, P and Van Be Bay, P and My, P.V.T and Rabaa, Maia A and Rahman, M and Thompson, C and Thwaites, G and Ngan, T.T.D and Nhu, T.D.H and Chau, T.H.M and Toan, T.K and Phuc, T.M and Hong, T.T.K and Dung, T.T.N and Thanh, T.T.T and Minh, T.T.T and Nguyen, T.T and Hien, T.T and Tri, T.Q and Hien, V.B and Tai, V.N and Cuong, V.Q and Phat, V.V and Huong, V.U.T.L and Hang, V.T.T and Wertheim, Heiman and ... and VIZIONS Consortium
Genome announcements (Washington, DC), ISSN 2169-8287, 12/2016, Volume 4, Issue 6
textabstractTo document the viral zoonotic risks in Vietnam, fecal samples were systematically collected from a number of mammals in southern Vietnam and... 
Journal Article
by Oude Munnink, Bas B and Phan, My V.T and Kellam, Paul and Cotten, Matthew and Kiet, Bach Tuan and Baker, Stephen and Berto, Alessandra and Boni, Maciej F and Bryant, Juliet E and Phu, Bui Duc and Campbell, James I and Carrique-Mas, Juan and Hung, Dang Manh and Huong, Dang Thao and Oanh, Dang Tram and Day, Jeremy N and Van Tan, Dinh and van Doorn, H. Rogier and Han, Duong An and Farrar, Jeremy J and Thu Trang, Hau Thi and Trung Nghia, Ho Dang and Long, Hoang Bao and Van Duong, Hoang and Thu, Huynh Thi Kim and Cuong, Lam Chi and Hung, Le Manh and Phuong, Le Thanh and Phuc, Le Thi and Luat, Le Xuan and Thu Ha, Luu Thi and Van Chuong, Ly and Loan, Mai Thi Phuoc and Nadjm, Behzad and Bao, Ngo Thanh and Hoa, Ngo Thi and Tue, Ngo Tri and Tu, Nguyen Canh and Thuan, Nguyen Dac and Dong, Nguyen and Chuyen, Nguyen Khac and An, Nguyen Ngoc and Vinh, Nguyen Ngoc and Hung, Nguyen Quoc and Dung, Nguyen Thanh and Minh, Nguyen Thanh and Binh, Nguyen Thi and Tham, Nguyen Thi Hong and Tien, Nguyen Thi Hong and Chuc, Nguyen Thi Kim and Le Ngoc, Nguyen Thi and Ha, Nguyen Thi Lien and Lien, Nguyen Thi Nam and Diep, Nguyen Thi Ngoc and Nhung, Nguyen Thi and Chau, Nguyen Thi Song and Chi, Nguyen Thi Yen and Trinh, Nguyen Thieu and Van, Nguyen Thu and Van Cuong, Nguyen and Van Hung, Nguyen and Van Kinh, Nguyen and Hoang, Nguyen Van Minh and Van My, Nguyen and Van Thang, Nguyen and Chau, Nguyen Van Vinh and Van Xang, Nguyen and My, Pham Ha and Anh, Pham Hong and Khoa, Pham Thi Minh and Tam, Pham Thi Thanh and Van Lao, Pham and Van Minh, Pham and Bay, Phan Van Be and Rabaa, Maia A and Rahman, Motiur and Thompson, Corinne and Thwaites, Guy and Ngan, Ta Thi Dieu and Nhu, Tran Do Hoang and Chau, Tran Hoang Minh and Toan, Tran Khanh and Phuc, Tran My and Hong, Tran Thi Kim and Dung, Tran Thi Ngoc and Thanh, Tran Thi Thanh and Minh, Tran Thi Thuy and Nguyen, Tran Thua and Hien, Tran Tinh and Tri, Trinh Quang and Hien, Vo Be and Tai, Vo Nhut and Cuong, Vo Quoc and Phat, Voong Vinh and Huong, Vu Thi Lan and Hang, Vu Thi Ty and Wertheim, Heiman and Bogaardt, Carlijn and Chase-Topping, Margo and Ivens, Al and ... and VIZIONS Consortium and the VIZIONS Consortium
Genome Announcements, ISSN 2169-8287, 2016, Volume 4, Issue 2
A large measles virus outbreak occurred across Vietnam in 2014. We identified and obtained complete measles virus genomes in stool samples collected from two... 
Immunization | Surveillance | Measles | Diarrhea | Viruses | Infections | Genomes | Viral infections
Journal Article
BMJ : British Medical Journal, ISSN 1756-1833, 2013, Volume 346, Issue may30 2, pp. f3039 - f3039
Journal Article
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 2012, Volume 7, Issue 5, p. e37825