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by Frati, Franco and Dell’Albani, Ilaria and Passalacqua, Giovanni and Bonini, Sergio and Rossi, Oliviero and Senna, Gianenrico and Incorvaia, Cristoforo and Albano, Monica and Allegretti, Lucrezia and Altomonte, Giorgia and Antico, Andrea and Arena, Antonio and Ariano, Renato and Arigliano, Pasquale and Arrigoni, Paola and Arsieni, Augusto and Aruanno, Arianna and Bernardis, Paola and Berra, Adriano and Billeri, Lucia and Boccafogli, Arrigo and Borghesan, Franco and Borgonovo, Linda and Borrelli, Paolo and Braga, Marina and Bresciani, Megan and Bruno, Guglielmo and Bruno, Massimo and Bruzzese, Domenico and Buonomo, Alessandro and Cadario, Gianni and Candi, Paolo and Cantone, Renato and Capretti, Stefania and Carabelli, Anna and Caramazza, Rino and Carbonara, Annamaria and Carosso, Aurelia and Caruso, Cristiano and Caruso, Riccardo and Casino, Giuseppe and Casotto, Stefano and Castellano, Francesco and Castiglioni, Gloria and Cecchi, Lidia and Chiarini, Francesca and Bianchi, Fulvia Chieco and Cinquepalmi, Giuseppe and Cinquini, Massimo and Cocchi, Silvia and Colangelo, Caterina and Colombo, Giselda and Cortellini, Gabriele and Crescioli, Stefano and Crimi, Nunzio and Cucinelli, Francesco and Curcio, Antonio and Cutajar, Marina and D’amato, Gennaro and De Palma, Rafaele and Del Pozzo, Giuseppe and Torre, Fabrizio Della and Donne, Pantalea Delle and Di Claudio, Fabio and Di Leo, Elisabetta and Di Lorenzo, Gabriele and Di Marco, Giuseppe and Di Rocco Cesinaro, Paola and Distaso, Maria and Ditta, Vito and Emiliani, Francesca and Ermini, Giuseppe and Facchetti, Susanna and Farsi, Alessandro and Favero, Elisabetta and Folletti, Ilenia and Franchini, Maurizio and Gammeri, Enrico and Gangemi, Sebastiano and Gani, Federica and Gargano, Domenico and Giannoccaro, Francesco and Giro, Giuseppina and Gracefa, Dario and Greco, Giacomo and Guarnieri, Gabriella and Ingrassia, Antonino and Intravaia, Rossella and Iorno, Loredana and Piana, Simona La and Rosa, Luigi La and Laddaga, Rocco and Lamanna, Carlo and Landi, Massimo and Leonetti, Luigi and Barone, Stefania Leto and Liccardi, Gennaro and Lodi-Rizzini, Fabio and Losappio, Laura and Lucivero, Giacomo and ... and Adult SURF Study Grp and Adult SURF Study Group
Medical Science Monitor, ISSN 1234-1010, 11/2014, Volume 20, pp. 2151 - 2156
Journal Article
Endocrine Connections, ISSN 2049-3614, 11/2017, Volume 6, Issue 8, pp. 943 - 951
Objective: The aim of this observational study was to clarify the link between vitamin D status and metabolic syndrome (MetS) in people with visceral obesity.... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Bonomi, Marco and Vezzoli, Valeria and Krausz, Csilla and Guizzardi, Fabiana and Vezzani, Silvia and Simoni, Manuela and Bassi, Ivan and Duminuco, Paolo and Di Iorgi, Natascia and Giavoli, Claudia and Pizzocaro, Alessandro and Russo, Gianni and Moro, Mirella and Fatti, Letizia and Ferlin, Alberto and Mazzanti, Laura and Zatelli, Maria Chiara and Cannavò, Salvo and Isidori, Andrea M and Pincelli, Angela Ida and Prodam, Flavia and Mancini, Antonio and Limone, Paolo and Tanda, Maria Laura and Gaudino, Rossella and Salerno, Mariacarolina and Francesca, Pregnolato and Maghnie, Mohamad and Maggi, Mario and Persani, Luca and Aimaretti, G and Altobell, M and Ambrosio, M.R and Andrioli, M and Angelett, G and Arecco, F and Arnald, G and Arosio, M and Balsamo, A and Baldassarr, M and Bartalena, L and Bazzon, N and Beccari, L and Beck-Peccoz, P and Bellastella, G and Bellizz, M and Benedicent, F and Bernasconi, S and Bizzarri, C and Bona, G and Bonadonna, S and Borrett, G and Boschetti, M and Brunani, A and Brunelli, V and Buz, F and Cacciatore, C and Cangiano, B and Cappa, M and Casalone, R and Cassio, A and Cavarzere, P and Cherubini, V and Ciampani, T and Cicognan, D and Cignarell, A and Cisternin, M and Colombo, P and Corbetta, S and Corciul, N and Corona, G and Cozzi, R and Crivellaro, C and Dalle Mule, I and Danesi, L and Eli, A.V.D and Degli Uberti, E and De Leo, S and Della Valle, E and De Marchi, M and Di Iorgi, N and Di Mambr, A and Fabbri, A and Foresta, C and Forti, G and Franceschi, A.R and Garolla, A and Ghezzi, M and Giacomozzi, C and Giusti, M and Grosso, E and Guabello, G and Guarneri, M.P and Grugni, G and Lanfranco, F and Lania, A and Lanzi, R and Larizza, L and Lenzi, A and Loche, S and ... and Italian Network on Central Hypogonadism
European Journal of Endocrinology, ISSN 0804-4643, 01/2018, Volume 178, Issue 1, pp. 23 - 32
Journal Article
Endocrine Pathology, ISSN 1046-3976, 12/2016, Volume 27, Issue 4, pp. 338 - 345
Thyroid implants in the soft tissue of the neck are very rare findings of traumatic, iatrogenic, or neoplastic origins. We describe the clinico-pathological... 
Journal Article
by Ostuzzi, Giovanni and Mazzi, Maria Angela and Terlizzi, Samira and Bertolini, Federico and Aguglia, Andrea and Bartoli, Francesco and Bortolaso, Paola and Callegari, Camilla and Caroleo, Mariarita and Carrà, Giuseppe and Corbo, Mariangela and D'Agostino, Armando and Gastaldon, Chiara and Lucii, Claudio and Magliocco, Fabio and Martinotti, Giovanni and Nosé, Michela and Ostinelli, Edoardo Giuseppe and Papola, Davide and Piccinelli, Marco Piero and Piccoli, Alberto and Purgato, Marianna and Tabacchi, Tommaso and Turrini, Giulia and Ruggeri, Mirella and Barbui, Corrado and De Fazio, Pasquale and Raffaele, Gaetano and Chirico, Margherita and Cavallotti, Simone and Bolognesi, Simone and Debolini, Sara and Pierantozzi, Elisa and Fargnoli, Francesco and Del Zanna, Maria and Giannini, Alessandra and Luccarelli, Livia and De Capua, Alberto and Annese, Pasqua Maria and Cerretini, Massimiliano and Tozzi, Fior-Ella and Magnani, Nadia and Cardamone, Giuseppe and Bardicchia, Francesco and Facchi, Edvige and Soscia, Federica and Zotos, Spyridon and Biancosino, Bruno and Zonta, Filippo and Pompei, Francesco and Zizolfi, Daniele and Poloni, Nicola and Ielmini, Marta and Caselli, Ivano and Giana, Edoardo and Buzzi, Aldo and Diurni, Marcello and Milano, Anna and Sani, Emanuele and Calzolari, Roberta and Piccinelli, Marco and Cazzamalli, Sara and Alberini, Gabrio and Piantanida, Silvia and Costantini, Chiara and Paronelli, Chiara and Di Caro, Angela and Moretti, Valentina and Gozzi, Mauro and D'Ippolito, Chiara and Barbanti, Silva Veronica and Alessandro, Papalini and Campese, Ornella and Fiori, Federica and Lorusso, Marco and Di Capro, Lucia and Viceconte, Daniela and Mancini, Valerio and Suraniti, Francesco and Signorelli, Maria Salvina and Rossi, Eugenio and Lupoli, Pasqualino and Menchetti, Marco and Terzi, Laura and Boso, Marianna and Risaro, Paolo and De Paoli, Giuseppe and Catania, Cristina and Tarricone, Ilaria and Caretto, Valentina and Storbini, Viviana and Emiliani, Roberta and Balzarro, Beatrice and Nava, Roberto and Bono, Adele and Provenzi, Milena and Brambilla, Giulia and Aspesi, Flora and Tremolada, Martina and Castagna, Gloria and ... and STAR Network Investigators and the STAR Network Investigators
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 08/2018, Volume 13, Issue 8, p. e0201371
Journal Article
Neuroimmunomodulation, ISSN 1021-7401, 02/2010, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp. 221 - 221
Journal Article
Neuroimmunomodulation, ISSN 1021-7401, 02/2010, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp. 222 - 222
Journal Article
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