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by Scholten, Olaf and van den Berg, Aiaan and Las Cumbres Observatory Grp and ATCA Australia Telescope and LIGO Sci Collaboration & Virgo and KU Collaboration and GROUND and RIMAS RATIR and AGILE Team and ASKAP Australian SKA Pathfinder and IPN Collaboration and LOFAR Collaboration and Salt Grp and VINROUGE Collaboration and Nordic Optical Telescope and MAXI Team and Fermi GBM and Fermi Large Area Telescope and J-GEM and IceCube Collaboration and BOOTES Collaboration and Pi Sky Collaboration and Pan-STARRS and LWA Long Wavelength Array and SKA South Africa MeerKAT and CALET Collaboration and AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride and HAWC Collaboration and GROWTH JAGWAR CALTECH and ATLAS and ePESSTO and DFN Desert Fireball Network and Insight-Hxmt Collaboration and Texas Tech Univ and MASTER Collaboration and TZAC Consortium and Dark Energy Camera GW-EM and GRAWITA GRAvitational Wave and INTERGRAL and Toros Transient Robotic Observat and Chandra Team McGill Univ and H E S S Collaboration and Swift Collaboration and Pierre Auger Collaboration and OzGrav DWF Deeper Wider Faster and IKI-GW Follow-up Collaboration and Euro VLBI Team and High Time Resolution Universe and ANTARES Collaboration and DLT40 Collaboration and ALMA Collaboration and The 1M2H Team and MWA Murchison Widefield Array and The Insight-HXMT Collaboration and The MAXI Team and The Swift Collaboration and The Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration and GROND and TOROS: Transient Robotic Observatory of the South Collaboration and Texas Tech University and OzGrav, DWF (Deeper, Wider, Faster program), AST3, and CAASTRO Collaborations and MWA: Murchison Widefield Array and GROWTH, JAGWAR, Caltech-NRAO, TTU-NRAO, and NuSTAR Collaborations and INTEGRAL and RIMAS and RATIR and Pi of the Sky Collaboration and The Chandra Team at McGill University and LWA: Long Wavelength Array and The DLT40 Collaboration and DFN: Desert Fireball Network and LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration and ASKAP: Australian SKA Pathfinder and AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager Team and The BOOTES Collaboration and The Pierre Auger Collaboration and ATCA: Australia Telescope Compact Array and SALT Group and H.E.S.S. Collaboration and The Dark Energy Camera GW-EM Collaboration and the DES Collaboration and High Time Resolution Universe Survey and Las Cumbres Observatory Group and GRAWITA: GRAvitational Wave Inaf TeAm and The VINROUGE Collaboration and The CALET Collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States) and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory-National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and Fysikum and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Institutionen för astronomi and Stockholms universitet and Oskar Klein-centrum för kosmopartikelfysik (OKC)
Astrophysical Journal Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 10/2017, Volume 848, Issue 2, p. L12
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, ISSN 0278-0062, 11/2006, Volume 25, Issue 11, pp. 1410 - 1416
Journal Article
NeuroImage, ISSN 1053-8119, 11/2018, Volume 182, pp. 1 - 2
Diffusion has a central place, though most reviews address it in the broader context of hardware (Jones et al.), phantoms (Fieremans and Lee), validation... 
NEUROSCIENCES | NEUROIMAGING | RADIOLOGY, NUCLEAR MEDICINE & MEDICAL IMAGING | Neuroimaging - methods | Brain - diagnostic imaging | Brain - anatomy & histology | Humans | Neuroimaging | Spinal cord
Journal Article
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, ISSN 0740-3194, 02/2009, Volume 61, Issue 2, pp. 249 - 254
Journal Article
by Stein, J.L and Medland, S.E and Arias Vasquez, A and Hibar, D.P and Senstad, R.E and Winkler, A.M and Toro, R and Appel, K and Bartecek, R and Bergmann, O and Bernard, M and Brown, A.A and Cannon, D.M and Chakravarty, M.M and Christoforou, A and Domin, M and Grimm, O and Hollinshead, M and Holmes, A.J and Homuth, G and Hottenga, J.J and Langan, C and Lopez, L.M and Hansell, N.K and Hwang, K.S and Kim, S and Laje, G and Lee, P.H and Liu, X and Loth, E and Lourdusamy, A and Mattingsdal, M and Mohnke, S and Maniega, S.M and Nho, K and Nugent, A.C and O'Brien, C and Papmeyer, M and Putz, B and Ramasamy, A and Rasmussen, J and Rijpkema, M.J.P and Risacher, S.L and Roddey, J.C and Rose, E.J and Ryten, M and Shen, L and Sprooten, E and Strengman, E and Teumer, A and Trabzuni, D and Turner, J and Eijk, K. van and Erp, T.G. van and Tol, M.J. van and Wittfeld, K and Wolf, C. de and Woudstra, S and Aleman, A and Alhusaini, S and Almasy, L and Binder, E.B and Brohawn, D.G and Cantor, R.M and Carless, M.A and Corvin, A and Czisch, M and Curran, J.E and Davies, G and Almeida, M.A. de and Delanty, N and Depondt, C and Duggirala, R and Dyer, T.D and Erk, S and Fagerness, J and Fox, P.T and Freimer, N.B and Gill, M and Goring, H.H and Hagler, D.J and Hoehn, D and Holsboer, F and Hoogman, M and Hosten, N and Jahanshad, N and Johnson, M.P and Kasperaviciute, D and Kent Jr., J.W and Kochunov, P and Lancaster, J.L and Lawrie, S.M and Liewald, D.C and Mandl, R.C.W and Matarin, M and Mattheisen, M and Meisenzahl, E and Melle, I and Moses, E.K and Muhleisen, T.W and ... and Cohorts Heart Aging Res Genomic Ep and EPIGEN Consortium and ADNI and Saguenay Youth Study Grp SYS and IMAGEN Consortium and Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics M and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative and Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology Consortium and Saguenay Youth Study Group and Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis Consortium and the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) and Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) Consortium and Saguenay Youth Study Group (SYS) and for the Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) Consortium
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2012, Volume 44, Issue 5, pp. 552 - 561
Journal Article