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by van Schaik, Ivo N and Mielke, Orell and Sabet, Arman and George, Koshy and Roberts, Leslie and Carne, Ross and Blum, Stefan and Henderson, Robert and Van Damme, Philip and Demeestere, Jelle and Larue, Sandrine and Pinard D'Amour, Catherine-Andree and Bril, Vera and Breiner, Ari and Kunc, Pavel and Valis, Martin and Sussova, Jana and Kalous, Tomas and Talab, Radomir and Bednar, Michal and Toomsoo, Toomas and Rubanovits, Inna and Gross-Paju, Katrin and Sorro, Ulvi and Saarela, Mika and Auranen, Mari and Pouget, Jean and Attarian, Shahram and Le Masson, Gwendal and Wielanek-Bachelet, Anne-Cécile and Desnuelle, Claude and Delmont, Emilien and Clavelou, Pierre and Aufauvre, Dominique and Schmidt, Jens and Zschuentssch, Jana and Sommer, Claudia and Kramer, Daniela and Hoffmann, Olaf and Goerlitz, Carsten and Haas, Judith and Chatzopoulos, Marko and Yoon, Min-Suk and Gold, Ralf and Berlit, Peter and Jaspert-Grehl, Andrea and Liebetanz, David and Kutschenko, Anna and Stangel, Martin and Trebst, Corinna and Baum, Petra and Then Bergh, Florian and Klehmet, Juliane and Meisel, Andreas and Klostermann, Fabian and Oechtering, Johanna and Lehmann, Helmar and Schroeter, Michael and Hagenacker, Tim and Mueller, Daniel and Sperfeld, Anne-Dorte and Bethke, Florian and Hartung, Hans-Peter and Drory, Vivian and Algom, Avi and Yarnitsky, David and Murinson, Beth Brianna and Di Muzio, Antonio and Ciccocioppo, Fausta and Sorbi, Sandro and Mata, Sabrina and Schenone, Angelo and Grandis, Marina and Lauria, Giuseppe and Cazzato, Daniele and Antonini, Giovanni and Morino, Stefania and Cocito, Dario and Zibetti, Maurizio and Yokota, Takanori and Ohkubo, Takuya and Kanda, Takashi and Kawai, Motoharu and Kaida, Kenichi and Onoue, Hiroyuki and Kuwabara, Satoshi and Mori, Masahiro and Iijima, Masahiro and Ohyama, Ken and Sobue, Gen and Baba, Masayuki and Tomiyama, Masahiko and Nishiyama, Kazutoshi and Akutsu, Tsugio and Yokoyama, Kazumasa and Kanai, Kazuaki and Eftimov, Filip and Notermans, Nicolette. C and Visser, Nora. A and Faber, Catharina and ... and PATH study group
The Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 05/2018, Volume 17, Issue 5, pp. 393 - 394
In the ICE trial (intravenous immune globulin [10% caprylate-chromatography purified] for the treatment of CIPD),2 the absolute risk reduction for relapse with... 
Administration, Intravenous | Immunoglobulins, Intravenous | Immunoglobulins | Intravenous administration
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