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by Sánchez, Alvaro and Silvestre, Carmen and Campo, Natalia and Grandes, Gonzalo and Plaza, Carmen Maturana and de Miguel Sanz, Carmen Mendinueta Maider and Viciana, Amaia Páez and Linacisoro, María Lierni and Sáenz, María Pilar and Rengel, José Miguel and Salazar, María José and Asenjo, Ángeles and Semperena, Coro and Garde, Esperanza and Aguirre, María Asunción and Míguez, María and Coloma, Mercedes and Bergera, Nora and Alonso, Isabel González and Isasmendi, Concepción and Torrecilla, Mercedes and Soto, Adela and Areta, Marisol and Felipe, Enma and Cuervo, Mariví and González, Ainhoa and Arbosa, Flor and García, Javier and Gutiérrez, Nerea and Aguirre, María Jesús Arratibel and Sánchez, Naiara Aramburu and Arnaiz, Irati Iza and Azcune, Arantxa and Lizaso, Elena and Iparraguirre, Janire and Goenaga, Lourdes and Errasti, Ana and García, María Luisa and Loyola, Miren Elixabet and Arruti, Amaia and Benítez, Ascensión and Domínguez, Imanol and Badiola, José Luis and Bernaras, María Jesús and Vidaror, Pedro and Fernández, Julia Huertas and Montiaga, Idoia Herrero and Pérez, Felix Menéndez and Ruiz, Judit Oribe and Alkiza, Iñigo and Careaga, María Ángeles López and González, Alberto López and Diez, Esperanza and Arce, Nagore and Rodríguez, Benedicta and Urrejola, Juana María Álava and Erviti, Elena and Cabrerizo, Ana and Quintana, Eva and Juan, Lourdes De and Ochoteco, María and Inda, Arantza and Becerra, Judit and López, Carmen and Idoiaga, Itxaso and Roca, Isabel and Monge, Maite and Cabrerizo, Ana Isabel and Gómez, Marta Pérez and Ansó, Mario Dolores Delgado and Martínez, Mario del Camino Alegre and Idirin, Marta Hierro and Villegas, Pilar Etxebarria and Sáenz, Juan Ignacio Salgado and Echevarría, Mónica Prieto and Aedo, Pilar Calvo and Paskual, Agurtzane and Beltrán, Milagros Aramburu and Chasco, Rocío Arina and Martínez, Esteban Sampedro and Alzugarai, Oihana Saiz and Lizargarte, Rosa Oronoz and Goya, Maisabel Maya and Liñero, Beatriz Larrinaga and Gaínza, Maria Angeles Sola and Ganzarain, Marian and Asenjo, Soledad and Oyarzun, Remedios and Espina, Rosa and Aranzadi, Onintza and Etxabe, Maddi and de Gracia, Araceli and Díaz, Gemma and Balague, Laura and Gañan, Nuria and Alberdi, Eider and Gil, Mercedes and Salaverría, Rosa and Alvarez, Mercedes and Guinea, Ana and ... and PreDE Res Grp and PreDE research group and on behalf of the PreDE research group
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 05/2016, Volume 17, Issue 1, p. 254
Journal Article
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