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analysis (5) 5
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genetic structures (5) 5
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automation (3) 3
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endothelial keratoplasty (3) 3
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epithelium, corneal - pathology (2) 2
epithelium, corneal - transplantation (2) 2
eye banking (2) 2
eyes (2) 2
glaucoma (2) 2
intraocular pressure - drug effects (2) 2
intraocular-pressure (2) 2
limbus corneae - pathology (2) 2
location (2) 2
medicine (2) 2
mortality (2) 2
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ocular surface disorders (2) 2
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p53 homolog (2) 2
palisades (2) 2
patients (2) 2
penetrating keratoplasty (2) 2
phenotype (2) 2
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regenerative medicine (2) 2
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research (2) 2
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stem cells - pathology (2) 2
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thiophenes - therapeutic use (2) 2
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adherence (1) 1
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adult corneal stem cells (1) 1
adult corneal stem cells; artificial organs; atmp commercialization; cell therapy; culture/differentiation of stem cells; ophthalmology; regenerative medicine; tissue engineering; translational studies; transplantation (1) 1
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agreement (1) 1
amnion - physiology (1) 1
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by Miglior, Stefano and Zeyen, Thierry and Zeyen, Thierry and Pfeiffer, Norbert and Cunha-Vaz, Jose and Cunha-Vaz, Jose and Linsen, Marie-Claire and Pellicci, Liliana and Janssens, Andre' and Van der Veken, Anja and Nerinckx, Fanny and Boeyden, Vicky and Detry-Morel, Michele and Kestelijn, Philippe and Kestelijn, Philippe and Van den Abeele, Kathleen and Jacobs, Kristin and Decock, Christian and Goethals, Marc and Pourjavan, Sayeh and Maris, Karolien and Kersten, Inga and Pfeiffer, Norbert and Kersten, Inga and Vogel, Annette and Vogel, Annette and Herkel, Ulrike and Herkel, Ulrike and Schwenn, Oliver and Schwenn, Oliver and Maser-Wahle, Marlene and Funk, Jens and Maser-Wahle, Marlene and Schmidt, Beate and Funk, Jens and Schmidt, Beate and Akbariyeh, Nuschin and Akbariyeh, Nuschin and Burk, Reinhard and Thomsen, Andrea and Burk, Reinhard and Grehn, Franz and Thomsen, Andrea and Marquardt, Dirk and Grehn, Franz and Marquardt, Dirk and Orzalesi, Nicola and Rossetti, Luca and Orzalesi, Nicola and Ferrante, Maurizio and Miglior, Stefano and Rossetti, Luca and Mandelli, Luciana and Marini, Sara and Ferrante, Maurizio and Mandelli, Luciana and Bagno, Sara and Bertoni, Giancarlo and Marini, Sara and Bagno, Sara and Blini, Mirella and Bertoni, Giancarlo and De Molfetta, Massimo and Bonomi, Luciano and Blini, Mirella and Morbio, Roberta and De Molfetta, Massimo and Marraffa, Michele and Bonomi, Luciano and Morbio, Roberta and Maraini, Giovanni and Marraffa, Michele and Gandolfi, Stefano and Williams, Sally and Maraini, Giovanni and Cimino, Luca and Gandolfi, Stefano and Williams, Sally and Dondi, Patrizia and Cimino, Luca and Lumbroso, Bruno and Manni, Gianluca and Dondi, Patrizia and Lumbroso, Bruno and Cocco, Francesco and Glorialanza, Giacomo and Manni, Gianluca and Maria Villani, Carlo and Cocco, Francesco and Pocobelli, Augusto and Glorialanza, Giacomo and Cesareo, Massimo and Maria Villani, Carlo and Pocobelli, Augusto and Cupo, Gaetano and Neuschuler, Riccardo and Cesareo, Massimo and Pernini, Claudio and Cupo, Gaetano and Catalani, Roberta and ... and EGPS Grp and European Glaucoma Prevention Study Group
Ophthalmology, ISSN 0161-6420, 2002, Volume 109, Issue 9, pp. 1612 - 1621
Journal Article
by Pfeiffer, N and Torri, V and Miglior, S and Zeyen, T and Adamsons, I and Cunha-Vaz, J and Linsen, MC and Pellicci, L and Janssens, A and van der Veken, A and Nerinckx, F and Boeyden, V and Kestelijn, P and Van den Abeele, K and Jacobs, K and Decock, C and Goethals, M and Pourjavan, S and Maris, K and Kersten, I and Vogel, A and Herkel, U and Schwenn, O and Maser-Wahle, M and Funk, J and Schmidt, B and Akbariyeh, N and Burk, R and Thomsen, A and Grehn, F and Marquardt, D and Orzalesi, N and Rossetti, L and Ferrante, M and Mandelli, L and Bertoni, G and Blini, M and De Molfetta, M and Bonomi, L and Morbio, R and Marraffa, M and Maraini, G and Gandolfi, S and Williams, S and Cimino, L and Dondi, P and Lumbroso, B and Marini, G and Centofanti, M and Cocco, F and Glorialanza, G and Villani, CM and Pocobelli, A and Cesareo, M and Cupo, G and Neuschuler, R and Pernini, C and Catalani, R and Ribeiro, L and Faria, I and Pereira, JM and Chingui, S and Duarte, L and Carvalheira, F and Baltar, A and Simao, A and Arede, J and Magalhaes, A and Abrantes, P and Reina, M and Silva, JP and Romano, G and Silva, S and Floriani, I and Poli, D and Tinazzi, A and Caprioli, J and Wormald, R and Hejil, A and Airaksinen, J and Michaelis, J and Mandelli, LA and Bagno, S and Shedden, A and Gottfried, E and Hutzelmann, J and Rusk, C and Reines, S and Spector, R and Hombrey, J and Snyder, H and Gacos, J and Snapinn, S and Getson, A and Amos, J and Serruys, K and Malbecq, W and John, E and Chapman, J and Beck, J and ... and European Glaucoma Prevention Study and European Glaucoma Prevention Study Group
Ophthalmology, ISSN 0161-6420, 2007, Volume 114, Issue 3, pp. 454 - 459
Journal Article
by Scurati, Silvia and Frati, Franco and Passalacqua, Gianni and Puccinelli, Paola and Hilaire, Cecile and Incorvaia, Cristoforo and D'Avino, Gennaro and Comi, Rosa and Lo Schiavo, Mario and Pezzuto, Francesco and Montera, Carmen and Pio, Antonio and Teresa Ielpo, Maria and Cellini, Francesco and Vicentini, Licia and Pecorari, Roberto and Aresu, Tiziana and Capra, Lucetta and De Benedictis, Elena and Bombi, Claudio and Zauli, Daniela and Vanzi, Annarita and Alberto Paltrinieri, Carlo and Bondioli, Alfeo and Paletta, Isabella and Ventura, Domenica and Mei, Francesco and Paolini, Franco and Colangelo, Caterina and Cavallucci, Enrico and Cucinelli, Francesco and Tinari, Rosanna and Ermini, Giuseppe and Beltrami, Valerio and Novembre, Elio and Begliomini, Cinzia and Marchese, Erminia and Solito, Enrico and Ammannati, Valentino and Molino, Gaetanino and Galli, Elena and Baldassini, Mauro and Di Michele, Loreta and Calvani, Mauro and Gidaro, Mirella and Venuti, Alberto and Li Bianchi, Enrico and Benassi, Fulvio and Pocobelli, Donatella and Zangari, Paola and De Rocco, Maria Grazia and Lo Vecchio, Antonella and Pingitore, Giuseppe and Grimaldi, Orazio and Schiavino, Domenico and Perrone, Nicola and Antonietta Frieri, Maria and Di Rienzo, Valerio and Tripodi, Salvatore and Scarpa, Alessandro and Tomsic, Mirala and Bonaguro, Roberta and Enrico Senna, Gian and Sirena, Alberto and Turatello, Franca and Crescioli, Stefano and Favero, Elisabetta and Billeri, Lucia and Chieco Bianchi, Fulvia and Gemignani, Carla and Zanforlin, Mario and Angiola Crivellaro, Maria and Hendrick, Birgir and Maltauro, Adriana and Masieri, Simonetta and Elisabetta Conte, Maria and Fama, Mario and Pozzan, Marcella and Bonadonna, Patrizia and Casanova, Stefania and Vallerani, Elisabetta and Schiappoli, Michele and Borghesan, Franco and Giro, Giuseppina and Casotto, Stefano and Berardino, Loredana and Zanoni, Giovanna and Ariano, Renato and Aquilina, Riccardo and Pellegrino, Renato and Marsico, Pietro and Del Giudice, Angelica and Narzisi, Giuseppe and Tomaselli, Valerio and Fornaca, Gianfranco and Favro, Mauro and Loperfido, Bruna and Gallo, Cesare and Buffoni, Sebastiano and Gani, Federica and ... and Italian Study Grp SLIT Compliance
Patient Preference and Adherence, ISSN 1177-889X, 2010, Volume 4, pp. 141 - 145
Objectives: Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is a viable alternative to subcutaneous immunotherapy to treat allergic rhinitis and asthma, and is widely used in... 
Adherence | Efficacy | Side effects | Cost | Sublingual immunotherapy | cost | adherence | SLIT FORMULATION | HOUSE-DUST MITE | efficacy | CHILDREN | RHINITIS | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | IMPACT | EASY PROJECT | QUANTITATIVE ASSESSMENT | side effects | ASTHMA | sublingual immunotherapy | GALEN | LIFE | Perceptions | Patient compliance | Immunotherapy
Journal Article
British Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0007-1161, 02/2011, Volume 95, Issue 2, pp. 293 - 293
  The use of a vital stain (Trypan Blue) is a simple procedure to highlight endothelial cell mortality. 2 However, this dye only partially assesses endothelial... 
OPHTHALMOLOGY | ENDOTHELIAL KERATOPLASTY | Cornea | Transplantation | Eye banks | Patient outcomes | Methods | Quality management | Automation | Surgery | Mortality | Clinical outcomes
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 2012, Volume 153, Issue 2, pp. 379 - 380
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 2012, Volume 153, Issue 2, pp. 379 - 380
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 02/2012, Volume 153, Issue 2, pp. 379 - 380
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 02/2012, Volume 153, Issue 2, pp. 379 - 380
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 02/2012, Volume 153, Issue 2, p. 379
  [...]the preliminary observation, mentioned by the authors in this letter, that cryopreserved amniotic membrane can be infected with herpes simplex virus 1... 
Herpes viruses | Ulcers
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 2013, Volume 156, Issue 1, pp. 206 - 206
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 07/2013, Volume 156, Issue 1, pp. 206 - 206
Journal Article
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 07/2013, Volume 156, Issue 1, p. 206
Journal Article
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