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by Kasner, Scott E and Kasner, SE and Swaminathan, Balakumar and Lavados, Pablo and Lavados, P and Sharma, M and Sharma, Mukul and Muir, Keith and Muir, KW and Veltkamp, Roland and Veltkamp, R and Ameriso, Sebastian F and Ameriso, SF and Endres, M and Endres, Matthias and Lutsep, H and Lutsep, Helmi and Messé, Steven R and Spence, J David and Spence, D and Nedeltechev, Krassen and Perera, Kanjana and Perera, K and Santo, G and Santo, Gustavo and Olavarria, Veronica and Olavarria, V and Lindgren, Arne and Lindgren, A and Bangdiwala, Shrikant and Shoamanesh, Ashkan and Shoamanesh, A and Berkowitz, Scott D and Berkowitz, SD and Mundl, Hardi and Mundl, H and Connolly, Stuart J and Connolly, SJ and Hart, Robert G and Hart, RG and Abdelhamid, N and Abdul Rahman, D and Abdul-Saheb, M and Abreu, P and Abroskina, M and Abu Ahmad, F and Accassat, S and Acciaresi, M and Adami, A and Ahmad, N and Ahmed, F and Alberto Hawkes, M and Alemseged, F and Ali, A and Altavilla, R and Alwis, L and Amarenco, P and Amaro, S and Amaya Sanchez, LE and Amelia Pinto, A and Amin, H and Amino, T and Amjad, AK and Anagnostou, E and Andersen, G and Anderson, C and Anderson, DC and Andrea Falco, M and Andres Mackinnon, F and Andreu, D and Androulakis, M and Angel Gamero, M and Angel Saredo, G and Angeles Diaz, R and Angels Font, M and Anticoli, S and Arauz, A and Arauz Gongora, AA and Araya, P and Arenillas Lara, JF and Arias Rivas, S and Arnold, M and Augustin, S and Avelar, W and Azevedo, E and Babikian, V and Bacellar, A and Badalyan, K and Bae, HJ and Baez Martinez, EM and Bagelmann, H and Bailey, P and Bak, Z and Baker, M and Balazs, A and Baldaranov, D and Balogun, I and Balueva, T and Bankuti, Z and Bar, M and ... and NAVIGATE ESUS Investigators and Klinisk strokeforskning and EpiHealth: Epidemiology for Health and Clinical Stroke Research Group and Lund University and Lunds universitet
The Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 12/2018, Volume 17, Issue 12, pp. 1053 - 1060
Journal Article
Journal of Social Policy, ISSN 0047-2794, 05/2014, Volume 43, Issue 4, pp. 745 - 772
The dynamics of income poverty in European countries have been extensively analysed using the ECHP dataset, run from 1994 to 2001 in the 'old' fifteen member... 
EUROPE | DYNAMICS | PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION | SOCIAL ISSUES | WELFARE REGIMES | SOCIAL WORK | Usage | Poverty | Regression analysis | Analysis | Europe | Economics | Studies | Economic models | Ranking | Households | Welfare | Income | Comparative studies | Mobility | Member states
Journal Article
International Review of Economics, ISSN 1865-1704, 12/2016, Volume 63, Issue 4, pp. 359 - 378
We study attitude toward redistribution by local policy-makers in the context of public childcare in Italy. Within a substantially homogeneous legislative... 
Economics | History of Economic Thought/Methodology | Economic Policy | Childcare | H71 | Economic Theory/Quantitative Economics/Mathematical Methods | H42 | Quality of Life Research | Progressivity | H23 | Law and Economics | Redistribution | Social Policy | Income distribution | Child care | Studies | Social policy | Municipalities
Journal Article
European Journal of Political Economy, ISSN 0176-2680, 06/2017, Volume 48, p. 104
The paper presents a large scale overlapping generation model with heterogeneous agents, where the household is the decision unit. We calibrate the model for... 
Fiscal policy | Reforms | Equity | Income redistribution | Taxation | Political economy | Property | Life cycles
Journal Article
The Journal of Economic Inequality, ISSN 1569-1721, 3/2015, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp. 27 - 51
Journal Article
Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali, ISSN 0035-676X, 1/2009, Volume 117, Issue 1, pp. 135 - 168
This paper focuses on microcredit, a financial tool adopted in many countries to fight financial exclusion and poverty. By employing microcredit strategies,... 
Journal Article
Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali, ISSN 0035-676X, 2009, Issue 1, pp. 135 - 168
Journal Article
European Journal of Political Economy, ISSN 0176-2680, 06/2017, Volume 48, pp. 104 - 127
The paper presents a large scale overlapping generation model with heterogeneous agents, where the household is the decision unit. We calibrate the model for... 
Journal Article
Rivista di diritto finanziario e scienza delle finanze, ISSN 0035-6131, 06/2007, Volume LXVI, Issue 2, pp. 149 - 201
Journal Article
Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali, ISSN 0035-676X, 1/2004, Volume 112, Issue 1, pp. 79 - 108
Economic literature suggests adopting the equivalence scale in order to calculate the private monetary cost of a child. This estimation is based upon... 
Journal Article
Rivista internazionale di scienze sociali, ISSN 0035-676X, 01/2004, Volume CXII, Issue 1, pp. 79 - 108
Journal Article
Politica Economica, ISSN 1120-9496, 08/2005, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp. 265 - 305
Journal Article
by Venturelli, PM and Li, X and Middleton, S and Watkins, C and Lavados, PM and Olavarria, VV and Brunser, A and Pontes-Neto, O and Santos, TEG and Arima, H and Billot, L and Hackett, ML and Song, L and Robinson, T and Anderson, CS and Mead, G and Hackett, M and Watkins, CL and Robinson, TG and De Silva, HA and Pandian, JD and Lin, RT and Lee, TH and Cui, L and Peng, B and Pontes-Neto, OM and Heritier, S and Lindley, R and Jan, S and Boaden, E and Herbert, R and Chen, CPLH and Forster, A and Woodward, M and Rogers, K and Scaria, A and Lim, JY and Espinosa, N and McEvoy, L and Blackburn, L and Richtering, SS and You, S and Ladwig, S and Merritt, GP and Thomsen, B and Jenson, K and Gordon, P and Nguyen, DR and Quan, WW and Lo, TPY and Lim, J and Goh, S and Ivanova, E and Liu, L and Ahmad, M and Singh, R and Donnelly, P and Armenis, M and Van Zyl, M and Monaghan, H and Smith, P and Glass, P and Zhou, F and Shen, Y and Lei, L and Li, D and Zhang, T and Zhang, X and Peng, Y and Feng, LL and Ye, Z and Gregory, P and Pandain, JD and Arora, D and Munoz-Venturelli, P and Gonzalez, F and Portales, B and Santos-Pontelli, T and Rimoli, B and Braga, M and Hoffmeister, L and Vidal, C and Benadof, D and Rivas, RJ and Carvallo, L and Carvallo, P and Miranda, R and Pileggi, B and de Silva, HA and Weerawardena, S and Jeevarajah, T and Dharmawardena, D and Ranasinghe, D and Dharshana, M and Shafras, MMM and Nandadeva, N and Nawarathna, S and Yin, JH and Yeh, SJ and Ma, RJ and ... and HEADPOST Head Positioning In Acute and HEADPOST (Head Positioning in Acute Stroke Trial) Investigators
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION, ISSN 2047-9980, 07/2019, Volume 8, Issue 13, p. e012640
Background-The uptake of proven stroke treatments varies widely. We aimed to determine the association of evidence-based processes of care for acute ischemic... 
Journal Article
Jerusalem Post, 01/2008
Sir, - Commenting on Israel's decision to suspend fuel supplies to Gaza, from where rockets and mortars are constantly fired on Israel, UNRWA spokesman... 
Newspaper Article
Los Angeles Times, ISSN 0458-3035, 12/1997
When Cara Blumfield has her shooting touch, it usually spells trouble for El Camino Real High's opponents. The 5-foot-5 junior guard was in prime form Tuesday... 
Newspaper Article
Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext), ISSN 0458-3035, 04/1992
The Broncos didn't draw an easy opponent in the first round of the eight-team tournament. They will meet California Collegiate Athletic Assn. rival Cal State... 
Newspaper Article
Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext), ISSN 0458-3035, 11/1990
With the loss of three starters from last season, among them all-time scoring leader Niki Bracken at center, Cal Poly Pomona might struggle a little more than... 
Newspaper Article
Los Angeles Times, ISSN 0458-3035, 12/2000
Notre Dame 71, Berkeley 59--Cody Pearson scored 10 points in the fourth quarter to help Notre Dame (7-1) pull away in a fifth-place semifinal of the Mission... 
Newspaper Article
Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext), ISSN 0458-3035, 06/1985
[Deborah Melker] remembers the 1984 season when the Lions won the Mission Valley League title only to lose to Workman in the first round of the playoffs.... 
Newspaper Article