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age estimation (2) 2
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clinical neurology (2) 2
diagnosis (2) 2
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genetic aspects (2) 2
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3' untranslated regions; cell line, tumor; cells, cultured; elav-like protein 1; hela cells; hippocampus; humans; nucleus accumbens; parkinson disease; polymorphism, single nucleotide; protein binding; rna interference; rna, messenger; rna-binding proteins; alpha-synuclein; gene expression regulation; genetics (1) 1
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aerosols (1) 1
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air pollution, indoor - legislation & jurisprudence (1) 1
air quality (1) 1
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alpha-synuclein (1) 1
alpha-synuclein - cerebrospinal fluid (1) 1
alpha-synuclein oligomers (1) 1
alpha‐synuclein (1) 1
amino acid sequence (1) 1
amino acids (1) 1
amyloid beta-peptides - cerebrospinal fluid (1) 1
amyloid-beta (1) 1
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animal diseases (1) 1
animal health (1) 1
animal models (1) 1
aphasia tests (1) 1
arthritis, psoriatic - diagnosis (1) 1
arthritis, psoriatic - epidemiology (1) 1
assessment (1) 1
association (1) 1
atherosclerosis (1) 1
atmospheric and oceanic physics (1) 1
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2013, 1. ed., Colección Torremozas, ISBN 9788478395392, Volume 275, 69
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, ISSN 0167-6806, 06/2011, Volume 127, Issue 3, pp. 671 - 679
Journal Article
by Garcia-Arellano, Ana and Ramallal, Raul and Ruiz-Canela, Miguel and Salas-Salvadó, Jordi and Corella, Dolores and Shivappa, Nitin and Schröder, Helmut and Hébert, James R and Ros, Emilio and Gómez-Garcia, Enrique and Estruch, Ramon and Lapetra, José and Arós, Fernando and Fiol, Miquel and Serra-Majem, Lluis and Pintó, Xavier and Babio, Nancy and González, José I and Fitó, Montse and Alfredo Martínez, J and Martínez-González, Miguel A and Buil-Cosiales, P and Diez-Espino, J and Toledo, E and Sanjulian, B and Marti, A and Basterra-Gortari, F.J and Estremera-Urabayen, V and Sola-Larraza, A and Barcena-Amigo, F and Oreja-Arrayago, C and Serrano-Martínez, M and Lasanta-Saez, M.J and Quintana-Pedraza, L and Amezcueta-Goñi, C and Cia-Lecumberri, P and Artal-Moneva, F and Esparza-López, J.M and Figuerido-Garmendia, E and Ruiz-Millan, H and Oses-Primo, R and Tabar-Sarrias, J.A and Fernandez-Urzainqui, L and Ariz-Arnedo, M.J and Forcen-Alonso, T and Pascual-Pascual, P and Garces, M.L and Extremera, V and Garcia-Perez, L and Basora, J and Gonzalez, N and Molina, C and Marquez, F and Martínez, P and Ibarrola, N and Sorli, M and García Roselló, J and Castro, A and Martin, F and Tort, N and Isach, A and Guasch-Ferre, M and Baldrich, M and Cabre, J.J and Mestres, G and Paris, F and Llauradó, M and Pedret, R and Basells, J and Vizcaino, J and Fernandez-Ballart, J and Carrasco, P and Osma, R and Guillen, M and Guillem-Saiz, P and Portoles, O and Pascual, V and Riera, C and Valderrama, J and Serrano, A and Lazaro, E and Sanmartin, A and Girbes, A and Santamaria, V and Sanchez, C and Pla, Z and Covas, M.I and Tello, S and Vila, J and De La Torre, R and Munoz-Aguayo, D and Elosua, R and Marrugat, J and Ferrer, M and Arós, F and Salaverria, I and Del Hierro, T and Algorta, J and Francisco, S and Alonso-Gómez, A and ... and PREDIMED Investigators and Predimed Investigators
Nutrients, ISSN 2072-6643, 05/2015, Volume 7, Issue 6, pp. 4124 - 4138
Journal Article
Kidney International, ISSN 0085-2538, 02/2019, Volume 95, Issue 2, pp. 420 - 428
Journal Article
by Téllez, Teresa and Abitei, Cristina and Padilla-Ruiz, María del Carmen and Rivas-Ruiz, Francisco and Fúnez, Rafael and Pereda, Teresa and Rodrigo, Isabel and Alcaide, Julia and Baré, María Luisa and Morales Suárez-Varela, María Manuela and Zabalza, Iñaki and Sánchez del Charco, Matilde and Borrero Martín, Juan José and García del Moral, Raimundo and Escobar, Antonio and Quintana, José María and Aguirre, Urko and Redondo, Maximino and Quintana Lopez, José María and Mañas, Marisa Baré and Bautista, Maximino Redondo and Pérez de la Blanca, Eduardo Briones and Fernández de Larrea Baz, Nerea and Eizaguirre, Cristina Sarasqueta and Martínez, Antonio Escobar and Ruiz, Francisco Rivas and Morales-Suárez-Varela, María M and Blasco Amaro, Juan Antonio and Gonzalez, Isabel del Cura and Madariaga, Inmaculada Arostegui and González, Amaia Bilbao and Hernandez, Nerea González and García-Gutiérrez, Susana and Guerrero, Iratxe Lafuente and Larracoechea, Urko Aguirre and Calzada, Miren Orive and Corral, Josune Martin and Anton-Ladislao, Ane and Torà, Nuria and Pont, Marina and Martínez del Prado, María Purificación and Totorikaguena, Alberto Loizate and Estevez, Ignacio Zabalza and Alustiza, José Errasti and Gimeno García, Antonio Z and Aramburu, Santiago Lázaro and Serrano, Mercè Comas and Enríquez Navascues, José María and Galan, Carlos Placer and Perales, Amaia and Valmaña, Iñaki Urkidi and Erro Azkárate, José María and Lizarribar, Enrique Cormenzana and Muñoa, Adelaida Lacasta and Pibernat, Pep Piera and Cuevas, Elena Campano and Sotelo Gómez, Ana Isabel and Abril, Segundo Gómez and Medina-Cano, F and Alcaide, Julia and Del Rey-Moreno, Arturo and Alcántara, Manuel Jesús and Campo, Rafael and Casalots, Alex and Pericay, Carles and Gil, María José and Pera, Miquel and Collera, Pablo and Espinàs, Josep Alfons and Martínez, Mercedes and Espallargues, Mireia and Almazán, Caridad and Lindenbaum, Paula Dujovne and Fernández-Cebrián, José María and Fernández, Rocío Anula and Mayol Martínez, Julio Ángel and Cid, Ramón Cantero and Labajo, Héctor Guadalajara and Garceau, María Heras and Olmo, Damián García and Montalvo, Mariel Morey and Mar, Javier and REDISSEC-CARESS/CCR group and REDISSEC-CARESS CCR Grp
European Journal of Surgical Oncology, ISSN 0748-7983, 10/2019, Volume 45, Issue 10, pp. 1876 - 1881
Few studies have been conducted to establish the relationship between colorectal cancer screening programmes and survival adjusting by stage and, to determine... 
Screening | Biological markers | Survival | Colorectal carcinomas | COLONOSCOPY | SURGERY | ONCOLOGY | COLON | CANCER | Colorectal cancer
Journal Article
by Sala‐Vila, Aleix and Guasch‐Ferré, Marta and Hu, Frank B and Sánchez‐Tainta, Ana and Bulló, Mònica and Serra‐Mir, Mercè and López‐Sabater, Carmen and Sorlí, Jose V and Arós, Fernando and Fiol, Miquel and Muñoz, Miguel A and Serra‐Majem, Luis and Martínez, J. Alfredo and Corella, Dolores and Fitó, Montserrat and Salas‐Salvadó, Jordi and Martínez‐González, Miguel A and Estruch, Ramón and Ros, Emilio and Pérez‐Heras, A and Viñas, C and Casas, R and Santamaría, L and Romero, S and Sacanella, E and Chiva, G and Valderas, P and Arranz, S and Baena, J.M and García, M and Oller, M and Amat, J and Duaso, I and García, Y and Iglesias, C and Simón, C and Quinzavos, Ll and Parra, Ll and Liroz, M and Benavent, J and Clos, J and Pla, I and Amorós, M and Bonet, M.T and Martin, M.T and Sánchez, M.S and Altirriba, J and Manzano, E and Altés, A and Cofán, M and Valls‐Pedret, C and Doménech, M and Gilabert, R and Bargalló, N and González, R and Molina, C and Márquez, F and Babio, N and Sorli, M and García Roselló, J and Diaz‐López A, A and Martin, F and Tort, R and Isach, A and Costa, B and Cabré, J.J and Fernández‐Ballart, J and Ibarrola‐Jurado, N and Alegret, C and Martínez, P and Millán, S and Piñol, J.L and Basora, T and Hernández, J.M and Toledo, E and Buil‐Cosiales, P and Ruiz‐Canela, M and Sanjulián, B and Díez‐Espino, J and Extremera‐Urabayen, V and García‐Arellano, A and Zazpe, I and Basterra‐Gortari, F.J and Goñi, E and Razquin, C and Serrano‐Martínez, M and Bes‐Rastrollo, M and Gea, A and Martínez‐Lapiscina, E.H and Nuñez‐Córdoba, J.M and Arroyo‐Azpa, C and García‐Pérez, L and Villanueva‐Tellería, J and Cortés‐Ugalde, F and Sagredo‐Arce, T and García de la Noceda‐Montoy, Mª D and Vigata‐López, Mª D and Arceiz‐Campo, Mª T and Urtasun‐Samper, A and Gueto‐Rubio, Mª V and ... and PREDIMED Investigators and the PREDIMED Investigators
Journal of the American Heart Association, ISSN 2047-9980, 01/2016, Volume 5, Issue 1, p. n/a
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 01/2009, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. e4244 - e4244
Journal Article
by Cortés Bordoy, Javier and Xercavins, Jordi and Garrido, Rogelio and Miranda, Pilar and Ramón y Cajal, José Manuel and Velasco, Julio and Dexeus, Demián and Álvarezy, Elena and Centeno, Cristina and Blasco Zapater, María Pilar and Olives, Margarita Burgues and Sánchez, María Cáceres and Castro Lezcano, Alfonso de and Río Castrillo, M. Pilar Del and Gubert, Inmaculada Ibars and Mercè Roselló, Hanna Mohamad Darwich and Córdova, Melba Torres and Morán, Vicenta Turrado and Monera, Manuela Amorós and Arroyuelo, Stella Maris and Florián, Virginia Borobio and Amat, Esteve Cañas and Lucena, Francisco Capell and Molina, Cristina García and Giugni, Aldo and López, Cristina Mañas and Méndez Paredes, José Ramón and Urruela, Xavier Planas and Domingo, M. Jesús Rodríguez and Puges, Maite Rovira and González, Pilar Torre and Gelonch, José Aixala and Santacana, M. Teresa Antorn and Treguany, Javier Fabregat and Herrera, María Ximena and Mele, Laura and Peroy Pérez, José María and Teixidó, Jaume Tarazona and Segura, Valentí Badía and Mir, Albert Canals and Aparici, Montserrat Cardona and García, Carlos D. Caso and Raurell, Carme Castells and Rodríguez, Manuel del Campo and Badia, Ramon Espelti and Gómez, Isabel Fernández and Juanos, Jorge Leira and Domínguez, Fernando Losa and Juyol, Amadeu Morera and Simo, Jordi Portella and Blasco, Margarita Riera and Mata, Raúl Villanueva and Romina Castagno, Amèlia Acera Pérez and Colomer, Assumpta and Grau, Teresa Farguell and de la Calle, Isidora Hernández and Dalmases, Joan Matas and Mazano, Marta Ortega and Sanfeliu, Federico and Espinós, Montserrat Twose and Royo, Montserrat Alcalde and Borell Molins, Anna Cristina and Cadiñanos de Tejeiro, María del Mar and Girbau, Meritxell Gispert and Expósito, Verónica Márquez and Enric Bosch Felip, Joan Meléndez Rusiñol and de Clarke, Neomicia Cruz and Román, Blanca Domenecha and Garcés, Aurora Francesch and Font, Yolanda Guillemat and Miranda Lucas, M. José and Centelles, Fernanda Pla and Rodríguez Corral, Neus Luisa and del Caño, Milagros Rubio and Escofet, Teresa Sánchez and de la Paz, Elisabet Segura and Massllorens, Jordi Sentís and Sales, Eva Soto and Pla, Enrique Trullén and Guillén, Ramón Velasco and Flores, Jorge Bermúdez and Compte, Gregori Borras and Bernat, Eva Ciriquian and Fuste, Núria and Gasull, Miseriordia Guinot and Aréjula, Pere Lauroba and Rodríguez, Fernando Marín and Clos, Carme Novoa and Capdevila, Josep Palaui and Radial, Guadalupe Peñalva and Pérez, Alex Sanjuán and Hernándezy, Juan José and Ramírez, Mar and Frischkorn, Alfonso Duque and Alaguero, Alicia Gutiérrez and Cano Cuetos, Ana Esmeralda and Manrique, Ana Gómez and Sánchez, Ana Pérez and Guindo, Ana Román and Rabanal, Antonio Rabanal and ...
Progresos de Obstetricia y Ginecologia, ISSN 0304-5013, 2012, Volume 55, Issue 4, pp. 153 - 164
Objective: To assess the degree of knowledge of the new recommendations of the Spanish Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Sociedad Española de Ginecología y... 
Screening | Human papillomavirus | Cancer of the cervix | SEGO recommendations
Journal Article
by Vroom, Elizabeth and Aartsma-Rus, Annemieke and Hoeben, Rob C and Büning, Hildegard and Abken, Hinrich and Pegtel, Michiel and Jones, Adam R and Leebeek, Frank W.G and Bosma, Piter J and de Vette, Ivar and Lombardo, Angelo and Berkhout, Ben and Waskow, Claudia and Schambach, Axel and Bangma, Chris and Vervoordeldonk, Margriet and Noordhoek, Jacquelien J and Dekkers, Johanna F and Kruisselbrink, Evelien and Vonk, Annelotte M and de Jonge, Hugo R and de Winter, Karin M and de Groot, – and Janssens, Hettie M and Bronsveld, Inez and Nieuwenhuis, Edward E.S and Houwen, Roderick H.J and Vleggaar, Frank P and Escher, Hankje C and Clevers, Hans and van der Ent, Cornelis K and Beekman, Jeffrey M and Gancberg, David and Schenk, Ellen and Biffi, Alessandra and Gaspar, Hubert B and Buckland, Karen and Rivat, Christine and Himoudi, Nourredine and Gilmour, Kimberly and Booth, Claire and Cornetta, Kenneth and Kohn, Don B and Carbonaro, Denise and Paruzynski, Anna and Schmidt, Manfred and Thrasher, Adrian J and Cavazzana, Marina and Aiuti, Alessandro and Schaffer, David and Hwang, Tae-Ho and Kirn, David H and Fisher, K D and Schumacher, Ton N and Schaffer, David and Zinn, E and Khaychuk, V and Sarkar, D and Carvalho, L and Pacouret, S and Morris, H and Plovie, E and Vandenberghe, Luk H and van Gent, Michiel and Gram, Anna and Boer, Ingrid and Horst, Danielle and Zaldumbide, Arnaud and Hoeben, Rob and Wiertz, Emmanuel and Ressing, Maaike and Mingozzi, Federico and Huard, Johnny and Bello, Ana Buj and Goumans, MJ and Maring, J and Smits, AM and Puccio, H and Joung, J. Keith and Zhang, Feng and Fussenegger, Martin and Wilson, James M and Kochanek, Stefan and van Steensel, Bas and Trono, Didier and Ouyang, Hong and Lin, Ying and Wang, Yujuan and Cai, Humim and Li, Gen and Patel, Sherrina and Zhu, Jie and Lin, Danni and Wen, Cindy and Zhu, Jin and Zhang, Kang and Roska, B and Tsaalbi-Shtylik, Anastasia and Martín-Pardillos, Ana and Ferras, Cristina and ...
Human Gene Therapy, ISSN 1043-0342, 11/2014, Volume 25, Issue 11, pp. A1 - A121
Journal Article
Journal Article