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delirium (7) 7
female (6) 6
humans (6) 6
male (6) 6
aged (5) 5
aged, 80 and over (5) 5
delirium - epidemiology (4) 4
geriatric assessment (4) 4
geriatrics & gerontology (4) 4
mortality (4) 4
aged patients (3) 3
dementia (3) 3
elderly-patients (3) 3
gerontology (3) 3
italy - epidemiology (3) 3
risk factors (3) 3
4at (2) 2
4at test (2) 2
acute dyspnea (2) 2
cardiac & cardiovascular systems (2) 2
care (2) 2
chest radiography (2) 2
cognition (2) 2
comorbidity (2) 2
delirium - diagnosis (2) 2
diagnosis (2) 2
emergency service (2) 2
emergency service, hospital (2) 2
heart failure (2) 2
hospitals (2) 2
mental disorders (2) 2
mental status schedule (2) 2
outcomes (2) 2
postoperative delirium (2) 2
prevalence (2) 2
prospective studies (2) 2
psychiatry (2) 2
risk (2) 2
risk-factors (2) 2
validation (2) 2
4at; delirium; hospital; multicenter; prevalence (1) 1
4at; delirium; hospital; multicenter; prevalence; aged; aged, 80 and over; cross-sectional studies; delirium; female; humans; inpatients; italy; logistic models; male; odds ratio; prevalence; prospective studies; surveys and questionnaires; medicine (1) 1
abridged index medicus (1) 1
accuracy (1) 1
activities of daily living (1) 1
acute dyspnoea (1) 1
acute respiratory-failure (1) 1
aged, 80 and over; female; geriatric assessment; hospitalization; humans; informed consent; male; decision making; mental competency; geriatrics and gerontology (1) 1
aged; aged, 80 and over; clinical protocols; cohort studies; dyspnea; female; heart failure; humans; italy; lung diseases; male; middle aged; predictive value of tests; emergency service, hospital; pulmonary and respiratory medicine; critical care and intensive care medicine; cardiology and cardiovascular medicine; medicine (1) 1
alveolar-interstitial syndrome (1) 1
analysis (1) 1
apache (1) 1
aphasia (1) 1
associations (1) 1
atrial fibrillation (1) 1
atrial fibrillation; glomerular filtration rate; mortality; cardiology and cardiovascular medicine (1) 1
b-lines (1) 1
behavioral disciplines and activities (1) 1
cardiac arrhythmia (1) 1
cardiogenic pulmonary-edema (1) 1
care and treatment (1) 1
chronic kidney-disease (1) 1
clinical investigations (1) 1
clinical protocols (1) 1
cohort studies (1) 1
comets (1) 1
community (1) 1
critical care medicine (1) 1
cross-sectional studies (1) 1
death (1) 1
decision making (1) 1
decision-making (1) 1
delirium - classification (1) 1
delirium - complications (1) 1
delirium - prevention & control (1) 1
dementia - epidemiology (1) 1
disease (1) 1
dmss (1) 1
dyspnea - diagnostic imaging (1) 1
dyspnea - etiology (1) 1
elderly medical inpatients (1) 1
emergency department (1) 1
emergency service, hospital - statistics & numerical data (1) 1
emergency-department (1) 1
etiology (1) 1
events (1) 1
facility (1) 1
geriatric assessment - methods (1) 1
geriatrics and gerontology (1) 1
geriatrics/gerontology (1) 1
glomerular filtration rate (1) 1
guidelines (1) 1
health (1) 1
health aspects (1) 1
heart failure - complications (1) 1
heart failure - diagnosis (1) 1
hip fracture (1) 1
hip fracture patients (1) 1
hospital (1) 1
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by Bellelli, Giuseppe and Morandi, Alessandro and Di Santo, Simona G and Mazzone, Andrea and Cherubini, Antonio and Mossello, Enrico and Bo, Mario and Bianchetti, Angelo and Rozzini, Renzo and Zanetti, Ermellina and Musicco, Massimo and Ferrari, Alberto and Ferrara, Nicola and Trabucchi, Marco and Boffelli, Stefano and Stefano, Fabio Di and Filippi, Francesco De and Guerini, Fabio and Bertoletti, Erik and March, Albert and Margiotta, Alessandro and Mecocci, Patrizia and Addesi, Desireè and Fantò, Fausto and Dijik, Babette and Porrino, Paola and Cotroneo, Antonino Maria and Galli, Giovanni and Bruni, Amalia Cecilia and Bernardini, Bruno and Corsini, Carla and Cagnin, Annachiara and Zurlo, Amedeo and Barbagallo, Giuseppe and Lunardelli, Maria Lia and Martini, Emilio and Battaglia, Giuseppe and Latella, Raffaele and Petritola, Donatella and Sinforiani, Elena and Cester, Alberto and Formilan, Marino and Carbone, Pasqualina and Appollonio, Ildebrando and Cereda, Diletta and Tremolizzo, Lucio and Bottacchi, Edo and Lucchetti, Lucio and Mariani, Claudio and Rapazzini, Piero and Romanelli, Giuseppe and Marengoni, Alessandra and Zuliani, Giovanni and Bianchi, Lara and Suardi, Teresa and Muti, Ettore and Bottura, Renato and Sgrò, Giovanni and Mandas, Antonella and Serchisu, Luca and Crippa, Patrizia and Ivaldi, Claudio and Ungar, Andrea and Villani, Daniele and Raimondi, Clara and Mussi, Chiara and Isaia, Giancarlo and Provenzano, Giuseppe and Mari, Daniela and Odetti, Patrizio and Monacelli, Fiammetta and Incalzi, Raffaele Antonelli and Pluderi, Alice and Bellamoli, Claudio and Terranova, Luciano and Scarpini, Elio and D'Amico, Ferdinando and Cavallini, Maria Chiara and Guerrini, Gianbattista and Scotuzzi, Anna Maria and Chiarello, Antonino and Pilotto, Alberto and Tognini, Sara and Dell'Aquila, Giuseppina and Toigo, Gabriele and Ceschia, Giuliano and Piccinini, Maristella and Fabbo, Andrea and Zoli, Marco and Forti, Paola and Wenter, Christian and Basile, Giorgio and Lasagni, Anna and Padovani, Alessandro and Rozzini, Luca and Cottino, Maria and Vitali, Silvia and Tripi, Gabriele and Avanzi, Stefano and Annoni, Giorgio and ... and Italian Study Grp Delirium ISGoD and Italian Study Group on Delirium (ISGoD)
BMC Medicine, ISSN 1741-7015, 07/2016, Volume 14, Issue 1, p. 106
Journal Article
by Pivetta, Emanuele and Goffi, Alberto and Nazerian, Peiman and Castagno, Davide and Tozzetti, Camilla and Tizzani, Pietro and Tizzani, Maria and Porrino, Giulio and Ferreri, Enrico and Busso, Valeria and Morello, Fulvio and Paglieri, Cristina and Masoero, Monica and Cassine, Elisa and Bovaro, Federica and Grifoni, Stefano and Maule, Milena M and Lupia, Enrico and Paolo, Baron and Alessia, Bono and Giuseppina, Buonafede and Andrea, Collini and Andrea, Conterno and Ottavio, Davini and Paola, Del Rizzo and Andrea, Evangelista and Paolo, Fascio Pecetto and Patrizia, Ferrera and Daniela, Forno and Francesca, Giachino and Grazia, Gregoretti Maria and Sara, Grillo and Alda, Lerda and Davide, Lison and Franca, Merico and Franco, Merletti and Corrado, Moiraghi and Giulia, Novelli and Luca, Pigozzi and Sonia, Pivetti and Paolo, Quaglia and Claudia, Sacchi and Elisa, Saglio and Elisabetta, Segre and Flavia, Soardo and Fabio, Steri and Michela, Sozzi and Francesca, Suman and Cristina, Tamone and Grazia, Veglio Maria and Marco, Allinovi and Laura, Betti and Sofia, Bigiarini and Ernesta, Bondi and Barbara, Casanova and Matteo, Castelli and Melisenda, Chiarlone and Beatrice, Dilaghi and Grazia, Fallani and Roberto, Federico and Giuseppe, Giannazzo and Chiara, Gigli and Simona, Gualtieri and Eriola, Haxhiraj and Juri, Mariannini and Federico, Moroni and Andrea, Nencioni and Maddalena, Ottaviani and Andrea, Pavellini and Giuseppe, Pepe and Stefano, Ponchietti and Michele, Risso and Francesca, Salti and Francesco, Ticali Piero and Federica, Trause and Vanni, Simone and Gabriele, Viviani and Study Grp Lung Ultrasound and Molinette Hosp and Careggi Hosp and Study Group on Lung Ultrasound from the Molinette and Careggi Hospitals and on behalf of the Study Group on Lung Ultrasound from the Molinette and Careggi Hospitals
European Journal of Heart Failure, ISSN 1388-9842, 06/2019, Volume 21, Issue 6, pp. 754 - 766
Aims Although acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) is a common cause of dyspnoea, its diagnosis still represents a challenge. Lung ultrasound (LUS) is an... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, ISSN 1594-0667, 3/2019, Volume 31, Issue 3, pp. 411 - 420
Use of indwelling urinary catheter (IUC) in older adults has negative consequences, including delirium.This analysis, from the “Delirium Day 2015”, a... 
Delirium | 4AT test | Geriatric assessment | Cognition | Medicine & Public Health | Geriatrics/Gerontology
Journal Article
by Pivetta, Emanuele, MD and Goffi, Alberto, MD and Lupia, Enrico, MD, PhD and Tizzani, Maria, MD and Porrino, Giulio, MD and Ferreri, Enrico, MD and Volpicelli, Giovanni, MD, FCCP and Balzaretti, Paolo, MD and Banderali, Alessandra, MD and Iacobucci, Antonello, MD and Locatelli, Stefania, MD and Casoli, Giovanna, MD and Stone, Michael B., MD and Maule, Milena M., PhD and Baldi, Ileana, PhD and Merletti, Franco, MD and Cibinel, Gian Alfonso, MD and Baron, Paolo, MD and Battista, Stefania, MD and Buonafede, Giuseppina, MD and Busso, Valeria, MD and Conterno, Andrea, MD and Del Rizzo, Paola, MD and Ferrera, Patrizia, MD and Pecetto, Paolo Fascio, MD and Moiraghi, Corrado, MD and Morello, Fulvio, MD and Steri, Fabio, MD and Ciccone, Giovannino, MD and Calasso, Cosimo, MD and Caserta, Mimma A, MD and Civita, Marina, MD and Condo', Carmen, MD and D'Alessandro, Vittorio, MD and Del Colle, Sara, MD and Ferrero, Stefania, MD and Griot, Giulietta, MD and Laurita, Emanuela, MD and Lazzero, Alberto, MD and Lo Curto, Francesca, MD and Michelazzo, Marianna, MD and Nicosia, Vincenza, MD and Palmari, Nicola, MD and Ricchiardi, Alberto, MD and Rolfo, Andrea, MD and Rostagno, Roberto, MD and Bar, Fabrizio, MD and Boero, Enrico, MD and Frascisco, Mauro, MD and Micossi, Ilaria, MD and Mussa, Alessandro, MD and Stefanone, Valerio, MD and Agricola, Renzo, MD and Cordero, Gabriele, MD and Corradi, Federica, MD and Runzo, Cristina, MD and Soragna, Aldo, MD and Sciullo, Daniela, MD and Vercillo, Domenico, MD and Allione, Attilio, MD and Artana, Nicoletta, MD and Corsini, Fabrizio, MD and Dutto, Luca, MD and Lauria, Giuseppe, MD and Morgillo, Teresa, MD and Tartaglino, Bruno, MD and Bergandi, Daniela, MD and Cassetta, Ilaria, MD and Masera, Clotilde, MD and Garrone, Mario, MD and Ghiselli, Gianluca, MD and Ausiello, Livia, MD and Barutta, Letizia, MD and Bernardi, Emanuele, MD and Bono, Alessia, MD and Forno, Daniela, MD and Lamorte, Alessandro, MD and Lison, Davide, MD and Lorenzati, Bartolomeo, MD and Maggio, Elena, MD and Masi, Ilaria, MD and Maggiorotto, Matteo, MD and Novelli, Giulia, MD and Panero, Francesco, MD and Perotto, Massimo, MD and Ravazzoli, Marco, MD and Saglio, Elisa, MD and Soardo, Flavia, MD and Tizzani, Alessandra, MD and Tizzani, Pietro, MD and Tullio, Mattia, MD and Ulla, Marco, MD and Romagnoli, Elisa, MD
Chest, ISSN 0012-3692, 2015, Volume 148, Issue 1, pp. 202 - 210
BACKGROUND Lung ultrasonography (LUS) has emerged as a noninvasive tool for the differential diagnosis of pulmonary diseases. However, its use for the... 
Journal Article
by Bo, M and Porrino, P and Di Santo, SG and Mazzone, A and Cherubini, A and Mossello, E and Bianchetti, A and Musicco, M and Ferrari, A and Ferrara, N and Filippini, C and Trabucchi, M and Morandi, A and Bellelli, G and Di Stefano, F and De Filippi, F and Guerini, F and Bertoletti, E and March, A and Margiotta, A and Mecocci, P and Ruggiero, C and Addesi, D and Fanto, F and Isaia, G and Dijik, B and Cotroneo, AM and Galli, G and Bruni, AC and Bernardini, B and Corsini, C and Cagnin, A and Zurlo, A and Barbagallo, G and Lunardelli, ML and Martini, E and Battaglia, G and Latella, R and Petritola, D and Sinforiani, E and Cester, A and Formilan, M and Carbone, P and Appollonio, I and Cereda, D and Tremolizzo, L and Bottacchi, E and Lucchetti, L and Mariani, C and Rapazzini, P and Romanelli, G and Marengoni, A and Zuliani, G and Bianchi, L and Suardi, T and Muti, E and Bottura, R and Sgro, G and Mandas, A and Serchisu, L and Crippa, P and Ivaldi, C and Ungar, A and Villani, D and Raimondi, C and Mussi, C and Provenzano, G and Mari, D and Odetti, P and Monacelli, F and Incalzi, RA and Pluderi, A and Bellamoli, C and Terranova, L and Scarpini, E and D'Amico, F and Cavallini, MC and Guerrini, G and Scotuzzi, AM and Chiarello, A and Pilotto, A and Tognini, S and Dell'Aquila, G and Toigo, G and Ceschia, G and Piccinini, M and Fabbo, A and Zoli, M and Forti, P and Wenter, C and Basile, G and Lasagni, A and Padovani, A and Rozzini, L and Cottino, M and Vitali, S and Tripi, G and Avanzi, S and Umidi, S and Moretti, D and ... and ISGoD and Italian Study Group on Delirium (ISGoD)
AGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH, ISSN 1594-0667, 03/2019, Volume 31, Issue 3, pp. 411 - 420
BackroundUse of indwelling urinary catheter (IUC) in older adults has negative consequences, including delirium.AimThis analysis, from the Delirium Day 2015, a... 
Journal Article
by Proietti, Riccardo and Gonzini, Lucio and Pizzimenti, Giovanni and Ledda, Antonietta and Sanna, Pietro and AlTurki, Ahmed and Russo, Vincenzo and Lencioni, Mauro and Siciliano, R and Boffa, M and Bazzanini, F and Di Nucci, G and Fonti, S and De Franceschi, T and Davio, P and Alagna, G and Cipollini, F and Arma, P and Gunnellini, MG and Dottori, M and Paulillo, D and Giudice, M and Sicuro, M and Lenti, S and Iannelli, G and Notarstefano, P and Galiotto, M and Apolloni, E and Molini, G and Massarelli, L and Di Iorio, P and Scandurra, F and Candelmo, F and Iodice, P and Laureano, R and Perlangeli, S and Praticò, A and Lucchesi, Q and Conese, V and Scalera, G and Palma, F and De Antoni, ME and Beltramello, G and Carbonella, M and Capone, A and Bianchi, V and Zerella, F and Masina, M and Boggian, G and Pancaldi, LG and Brucato, AL and Scialfa, S and Ferrari, P and Gavazzi, A and Santoro, E and Bertinieri, G and Caragnano, V and Zaccaroni, S and Marchetti, G and Urbinati, S and Belmonte, G and Giannoni, C and Panuccio, D and Pedone, V and Colletta, M and Di Pasquale, G and Cemin, R and Paffoni, PRC and Pezzotti, C and Capretti, M and Lamari, AL and Maugeri, S and Moretti, R and Ganga, R and Mascia, P and Caddori, A and Cusumano, S and Alletto, M and De Vincenzo, C and Musacchio, E and Stendardo, A and Cantarella, SA and Ferrari, V and Bassano, F and Perrone, C and Piccinni, GC and Catanzaro, M and Vinciguerra, A and Lusiani, L and De Caro, G and Scarcia, M and Scarcia, A and Losi, E and Gaddi, O and Lo Sciuto, A and Cascio Ingurgio, N and Vignai, E and Romano, M and Borzì, V and Bellanuova, IA and ... and ATA-AF Investigators and on behalf of ATA-AF Investigators
Clinical Cardiology, ISSN 0160-9289, 12/2018, Volume 41, Issue 12, pp. 1570 - 1577
Objective An increased cardiovascular mortality and morbidity has been widely reported in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF). In this study, a subanalysis... 
Journal Article
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