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psychology, multidisciplinary (29) 29
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fundamental and applied biological sciences. psychology (27) 27
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human genetics (24) 24
loci (24) 24
cognition (23) 23
genome-wide association study - methods (23) 23
young adult (23) 23
alleles (22) 22
bipolar disorder (22) 22
genetic predisposition to disease - genetics (22) 22
intelligence - genetics (22) 22
medical genetics (22) 22
cellular and molecular neuroscience (21) 21
cognitive ability (21) 21
genome, human (21) 21
molecular biology (21) 21
multifactorial inheritance (21) 21
single-nucleotide polymorphism (21) 21
yes (21) 21
children (20) 20
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medical and health sciences (20) 20
genetic variance (19) 19
gwas (19) 19
abridged index medicus (18) 18
biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology (18) 18
mental depression (18) 18
models, genetic (18) 18
tourette syndrome (18) 18
twins, dizygotic - genetics (18) 18
twins, monozygotic - genetics (18) 18
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (17) 17
autism (17) 17
computer simulation (17) 17
gene loci (17) 17
genome-wide association (17) 17
health aspects (17) 17
phenotypes (17) 17
quantitative trait loci (17) 17
single nucleotide polymorphisms (17) 17
depressive disorder, major - genetics (16) 16
methods (16) 16
multifactorial inheritance - genetics (16) 16
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Cell (Cambridge), ISSN 0092-8674, 06/2018, Volume 173, Issue 7, pp. 1705 - 1715.e16
Journal Article
Molecular psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 05/2018, Volume 23, Issue 5, pp. 1181 - 1188
Journal Article
European neuropsychopharmacology, ISSN 0924-977X, 2019, Volume 29, pp. S713 - S713
Journal Article
European neuropsychopharmacology, ISSN 0924-977X, 2019, Volume 29, pp. S713 - S713
Journal Article
by Savage, Jeanne E and Jansen, Philip R and Stringer, Sven and Watanabe, Kyoko and Bryois, Julien and de Leeuw, Christiaan A and Nagel, Mats and Awasthi, Swapnil and Barr, Peter B and Coleman, Jonathan R I and Grasby, Katrina L and Hammerschlag, Anke R and Kaminski, Jakob A and Karlsson, Robert and Krapohl, Eva and Lam, Max and Nygaard, Marianne and Reynolds, Chana A and Trampush, Joey W and Young, Hannah and Zabaneh, Delilah and Hägg, Sara and Hansell, Narelle K and Karlsson, Ida K and Linnarsson, Sten and Montgomery, Grant W and Muñoz-Manchado, Ana B and Quinlan, Erin B and Schumann, Gunter and Skene, Nathan G and Webb, Bradley T and White, Tonya and Arking, Dan E and Avramopoulos, Dimitrios and Bilder, Robert M and Bitsios, Panos and Burdick, Katherine E and Cannon, Tyrone D and Chiba-Falek, Ornit and Christoforou, Anea and Cirulli, Elizabeth T and Congdon, Eliza and Corvin, Aiden and Davies, Gail and Deary, Ian J and DeRosse, Pamela and Dickinson, Dwight and Djurovic, Srdjan and Donohoe, Gary and Conley, Emily bant and Eriksson, Johan G and Espeseth, Thomas and Freimer, Nelson A and Giakoumaki, Stella and Giegling, Ina and Gill, Michael and Glahn, David C and Hariri, Ahmad R and Hatzimanolis, Alex and Keller, Matthew C and Knowles, Emma and Koltai, Deborah and Konte, Bettina and Lahti, Jari and Le Hellard, Stephanie and Lencz, Todd and Liewald, David C and London, Edythe and Lundervold, Astri J and Malhotra, Anil K and Melle, Ingrid and Morris, Derek and Need, Anna C and Ollier, William and Palotie, Aarno and Payton, Antony and Pendleton, Neil and Polack, Russell A and Räikkönen, Katri and Reinvang, Ivar and Roussos, Panos and Rujescu, Dan and Sabb, Fred W and Scult, Matthew A and Smeland, Olav B and Smyrnis, Nikolaos and Starr, John M and Steen, Vidar M and Stefanis, Nikos C and Straub, Richard E and Sundet, Kjetil and Tiemeier, Henning and Voineskos, Aristotle N and Weinberger, Daniel R and Widen, Elisabeth and Yu, Jin and Abecasis, Goncalo and Aneassen, Ole A and Breen, Gerome and Christiansen, Lene and ...
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 07/2018, Volume 50, Issue 7, pp. 912 - 919
Journal Article
by Huang, Alden Y and Yu, Dongmei and Davis, Lea K and Sul, Jae Hoon and Tsetsos, Fotis and Ramensky, Vasily and Zelaya, Ivette and Ramos, Eliana Marisa and Osiecki, Lisa and Chen, Jason A and McGrath, Lauren M and Illmann, Cornelia and Sandor, Paul and Barr, Cathy L and Grados, Marco and Singer, Harvey S and Nöthen, Markus M and Hebebrand, Johannes and King, Robert A and Dion, Yves and Rouleau, Guy and Budman, Cathy L and Depienne, Christel and Worbe, Yulia and Hartmann, Andreas and Müller-Vahl, Kirsten R and Stuhrmann, Manfred and Aschauer, Harald and Stamenkovic, Mara and Schloegelhofer, Monika and Konstantinidis, Anastasios and Lyon, Gholson J and McMahon, William M and Barta, Csaba and Tarnok, Zsanett and Nagy, Peter and Batterson, James R and Rizzo, Renata and Cath, Danielle C and Wolanczyk, Tomasz and Berlin, Cheston and Malaty, Irene A and Okun, Michael S and Woods, Douglas W and Rees, Elliott and Pato, Carlos N and Pato, Michele T and Knowles, James A and Posthuma, Danielle and Pauls, David L and Cox, Nancy J and Neale, Benjamin M and Freimer, Nelson B and Paschou, Peristera and Mathews, Carol A and Scharf, Jeremiah M and Coppola, Giovanni and Bruun, Ruth D and Chouinard, Sylvain and Darrow, Sabrina and Greenberg, Erica and Hirschtritt, Matthew E and Kurlan, Roger and Leckman, James F and Robertson, Mary M and Smit, Jan and The Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome GWAS Replication Initiative (GGRI) and The Tourette Syndrome Association International Consortium for Genetics (TSAICG) and TSAICG and Gilles Tourette Syndrome GWAS and Tourette Syndrome Association International Consortium for Genetics (TSAICG) and Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome GWAS Replication Initiative (GGRI)
Neuron (Cambridge, Mass.), ISSN 0896-6273, 06/2017, Volume 94, Issue 6, pp. 1101 - 1111.e7
Journal Article
by Willsey, A. Jeremy and Fernandez, Thomas V and Yu, Dongmei and King, Robert A and Dietrich, Andrea and Xing, Jinchuan and Sanders, Stephan J and Mandell, Jeffrey D and Huang, Alden Y and Richer, Petra and Smith, Louw and Dong, Shan and Samocha, Kaitlin E and Abdulkadir, Mohamed and Bohnenpoll, Julia and Bromberg, Yana and Brown, Lawrence W and Cheon, Keun-Ah and Coffey, Barbara J and Deng, Li and Dietrich, Andrea and Dong, Shan and Elzerman, Lonneke and Fernandez, Thomas V and Fründt, Odette and Garcia-Delgar, Blanca and Gedvilaite, Erika and Gilbert, Donald L and Grice, Dorothy E and Hagstrøm, Julie and Hedderly, Tammy and Heiman, Gary A and Heyman, Isobel and Hoekstra, Pieter J and Hong, Hyun Ju and Huyser, Chaim and Ibanez-Gomez, Laura and Kim, Young Key and Kim, Young-Shin and King, Robert A and Koh, Yun-Joo and Kook, Sodahm and Kuperman, Samuel and Lamerz, Andreas and Leventhal, Bennett and Ludolph, Andrea G and Lühr da Silva, Claudia and Madruga-Garrido, Marcos and Mandell, Jeffrey D and Maras, Athanasios and Mir, Pablo and Morer, Astrid and Münchau, Alexander and Murphy, Tara L and Nasello, Cara and Openneer, Thaïra J.C and Plessen, Kerstin J and Richer, Petra and Roessner, Veit and Sanders, Stephan and Shin, Eun-Young and Sival, Deborah A and Smith, Louw and Song, Dong-Ho and Song, Jungeun and State, Matthew W and Stolte, Anne Marie and Sun, Nawei and Tischfield, Jay A and Tübing, Jennifer and Visscher, Frank and Walker, Michael F and Wanderer, Sina and Wang, Shuoguo and Willsey, A. Jeremy and Woods, Martin and Xing, Jinchuan and Zhang, Yeting and Zhou, Anbo and Zinner, Samuel H and Barr, Cathy L and Batterson, James R and Berlin, Cheston and Bruun, Ruth D and Budman, Cathy L and Cath, Danielle C and Chouinard, Sylvain and Coppola, Giovanni and Cox, Nancy J and Darrow, Sabrina and Davis, Lea K and Dion, Yves and Freimer, Nelson B and Grados, Marco A and Hirschtritt, Matthew E and Huang, Alden Y and Illmann, Cornelia and Kurlan, Roger and Leckman, James F and Lyon, Gholson J and ... and Tourette Syndrome Association International Consortium for Genetics (TSAICG) and Tourette International Collaborative Genetics (TIC Genetics) and Tourette Int Collaborative Genetic and Tourette Syndrome Assoc Int Consor
Neuron (Cambridge, Mass.), ISSN 0896-6273, 05/2017, Volume 94, Issue 3, pp. 486 - 499.e9
Journal Article