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by Mestrón, Antonio and Webb, Susan M and Astorga, Ricardo and Benito, Pedro and Catalá, Miguel and Gaztambide, Sonia and Gómez, José-Manuel and Halperín, Irene and Lucas-Morante, Tomás and Moreno, Basilio and Obiols, Gabriel and de Pablos, Pedro and Páramo, Concha and Picó, Antonio and Torres, Elena and Varela, César and Vázquez, José-Antonio and Zamora, Juana and Albareda, Mercè and Gilabert, Montserrat and Sánchez-Covisa, Miguel Aguirre and Alcaraz Tafalla, Marisol and Alonso Troncoso, Isabel and Álvarez Escolà, Cristina and Andía Melero, Victor Manuel and Arranz Martín, Alfonso and Arribas Palomar, Luis and Ballesteros Pomar, María and Beitia Martín, Juan José and López, Pedro Benito and Bernabeu Morón, Ignacio and Blanco Carrera, Concepción and Blanco Samper, Benito and Boronat Cortés, Mauro and Carrera Santaliestra, Maria José and Castillo López, Luis and Cordero Diez, Ma. del Mar and Costilla Martín, Enrique and Cózar León, Ma. Victoria and Cuatrecasas Cambra, Guillem and De Luís Román, Daniel Antonio and de Miguel Novoa, Ma. Paz and De Pablos Velasco, Pedro and Del Pozo Picó, Carlos and Diez Gómez, Juan José and Díez Hernández, Alberto and Duran Rodríguez-Hervada, Alejandra and de Antonio, Isabel Esteva and Fajardo Montañana, Carmen and Forga Llenas, Lluís and Fraile Saez, Ángel Luis and Galvez Moreno, Ma. Angeles and García Centera, José Andrés and Gargallo Fernández, Manuel and Gavilán Villarejo, Inmaculada and Gil del Álamo, Paloma and Gilsanz Peral, Alberto and Gippini Pérez, Antonio and Gómez Balaguer, Marcelino and Gómez, Luis Alberto and Gorgojo Martínez, Juan José and Guerrero Martínez, Eduardo and Hernández Bayo, Juan Angel and Hernández López, Antonio and Iglesias, Pedro and Illán Gómez, Fátima and Jaunsolo Barranechea, Miguel Ángel and Lecube Torelló, Albert and Liante Peñambía, Gaspar and López dela Torre Casares, Martin and López Hernández, Elena and López López, José and López-Guzmán, Antonio and Lucas Martín, Ana and Marazuela Azpiroz, Mónica and Marco Martínez, Amparo and Marco Mur, Ángel Luis and Martin Castillo, Fidel and Martín González, Tomás and Martínez Brocca, Maria Asunció and Megia Colet, Ana and Merino Torres, Juan Francisco and Morales Gorría, Ma. José and Morales Perez, Francisco and Murillo Sanchis, Jesús and Muros de Fuentes, Ma. Teresa and Páramo Fernández, Concepción and Pavón de Paz, Isabel and Pazos Toral, Fernando and Pérez Corral, Ma. Begoña and Pérez Pérez, Antonio and Pi Barrio, J. Javier and Piedrola Morato, Gonzalo and Pou Torelló, José Ma and Puigdevall Gallego, Victor and Rodríguez Guerrero, Paloma and Rodríguez Roble, Azuzena and Romero Bobillo, Enrique and Ruano Vieitez, Belén and REA participants
European Journal of Endocrinology, ISSN 0804-4643, 10/2004, Volume 151, Issue 4, pp. 439 - 446
Objective: To undertake a multicentre epidemiological study reflecting acromegaly in Spain. Design: Voluntary reporting of data on patients with acromegaly to... 
SURVIVAL | EXPERIENCE | GROWTH-HORMONE | PITUITARY SURGEON | CANCER | ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM | Prevalence | Growth Hormone - metabolism | Humans | Middle Aged | Acromegaly - physiopathology | Male | Incidence | Acromegaly - mortality | Spain - epidemiology | Acromegaly - surgery | Adult | Female | Registries
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Veitenhansl, M and Stegner, K and Hierl, FX and Dieterle, C and Feldmeier, H and Gutt, B and Landgraf, R and Garrow, AP and Vileikyte, L and Findlow, A and Waterman, C and Boulton, AJ and Shankhdhar, K and Shankhdhar, L and Shankhdhar, U and Petrova, NL and Foster, AV and Edmonds, ME and Ferraresi, R and Caravaggi, C and De Giglio, R and Cavaiani, P and Pogliaghi, I and Sommariva, E and Katz, IA and Harlan, A and Miranda-Palma, B and Prieto-Sanchez, L and Armstrong, DG and Bowker, JH and Mizel, MS and Cernea, S and Wohlgelernter, J and Kidron, M and Modi, P and Raz, I and Arbit, E and Nosek, L and Kapitza, C and Beckett, P and Gelfand, R and Goldberg, M and Heise, T and Testa, MA and Turner, RR and Hayes, JF and Scranton, RE and Simonson, DC and Yang, YW and Hsu, YJ and Naujok, O and Francini, F and Jörns, A and Tiedge, M and Lenzen, S and Abdel-Wahab, YH and Marenah, L and Orr, DF and Shaw, C and Flatt, PR and Chokkalingam, K and Mansell, PI and Clausen, P and Ekbom, P and Damm, P and Feldt-Rasmussen, U and Nielsen, B and Mathiesen, ER and Feldt-Rasmussen, B and Dewan, S and Da Silva, N and Ternan, PM and Leong, KS and Wilding, JP and Asatiani, N and Kurashvili, R and Dundua, M and Shelestova, E and Pagava, K and Ramazashvili, M and Hod, M and Smirnov, S and Petersen, JL and Justesen, TI and Ringholm Nielsen, L and Müller, C and Højlund, K and Wensaas, A and Kase, ET and Aas, V and Rustan, AC and Thoresen, GH and Levin, K and Beck-Nielsen, H and Gaster, M and Im, SS and Kang, SY and Kim, SY and Ahn, YH and Lihn, AS and ...
Diabetologia, ISSN 1432-0428, 2004, Volume 47, Issue Suppl 1, p. A1
Journal Article
Cuadernos de Turismo, ISSN 1139-7861, 01/2019, Issue 43, pp. 585 - 590
El índice escogido para medirla es el ICRG publicado por Political Risk Services Group. Como indicador de la especialización turística (TS) elegimos el... 
Tourism | Political factors
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, ISSN 0278-0046, 08/2010, Volume 57, Issue 8, pp. 2553 - 2580
Journal Article
Thorax, ISSN 0040-6376, 11/2015, Volume 70, Issue 11, pp. 1054 - 1061
Journal Article
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, ISSN 1471-2261, 12/2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, p. 167
Journal Article
Cuadernos de Turismo, ISSN 1139-7861, 05/2019, Issue 43, pp. 215 - 247
This paper introduces a new perspective on the impacts of tourism on host communities by analyzing the links between tourism specialization and quality of... 
Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, ISSN 0278-0046, 03/2019, Volume 66, Issue 3, pp. 2204 - 2206
The papers in this special section focus on the latest achievements on MMCs regarding the development of new circuit topologies, modeling, operation, and fault... 
Analytical models | Circuit topology | Special issues and sections | Modular multilevel converters | Control systems | Voltage control | Predictive control | INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION | AUTOMATION & CONTROL SYSTEMS | ENGINEERING, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC
Journal Article
by Melander, A and Olsson, J and Lindberg, G and Salzman, A and Howard, T and Stang, P and Lydick, E and Emslie-Smith, A and Boyle, D I. R and Evans, J M. M and Macdonald, T M and Bain, J and Sullivan, F and Juhl, C and Pørksen, N and Sturis, J and Hollingdal, M and Pincus, S and Veldhuis, J and Dejgaard, A and Schmitz, O and Kristensen, J S and Frandsen, K B and Bayer, Th and Müller, P and Dunning, B E and Paladini, S and Gutierrez, C and Deacon, R and Valentin, M and Grunberger, G and Weston, W M and Patwardhan, R and Rappaport, E B and Sargeant, L A and Wareham, N J and Khaw, K T and Zethelius, Björn and Lithell, Hans and Hales, C Nicholas and Berne, Christian and Lakka, H.-M and Oksanen, L and Tuomainen, T.-P and Kontula, K and Salonen, J T and Dekker, J M and de Boks, P and de Vegt, F and Stehouwer, C D. A and Nijpels, G and Bouter, L M and Heine, R J and Bruno, G and Cavallo-Perin, P and Bargero, G and D’Errico, N and Borra, M and Macchia, G and Pagano, G and Newton, R W and Ruta, D A and New, J P and Wallace, C and Roxburgh, M A and Young, R J and Vaughan, N J. A and Elliott, P and Brennan, G and Devers, M and MacAlpine, R and Steinke, D and Lawson, D H and Decallonne, B and Casteels, K and Gysemans, C and Bouillon, R and Mathieu, C and Linn, Thomas and Strate, Christine and Schneider, Kerstin and Funda, D P and Jirsa Jr, M and Kozáková, H and Kaas, A and Kofronová, O and Tlaskalová-Hogenová, H and Buschard, K and Wanka, H and Hartmann, A and Kuttler, B and Rasmussen, S B and Sørensen, T S and Markholst, H and Petersen, J S and Karounos, D and Dyrberg, T and Mabley, J G and Haskó, G and Szabó, C and ... and IMDIAB Study Group and Osaka IDDM Study Group and European Group for the Study of Insulin Resistance (EGIR) and Screen-Pol Study Group and Northern Diabetic Pregnancy Survey and Brazilian Gestational Diabetes Study Group and UK Prospective Diabetes Study Group and Hungarian HbA1c Screening Study Group and Croatian Study Group for Diabetic Amyotrophy and EURODIAB IDDM Study Group and Neuropathy Study Group of the Italian Society of the Study of Diabetes and Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications (EDC) Study and HOE 901/3003 study group and German Working Group on Quality Control and Turkish Diabetes Epidemiology Group and Mauritian NCD group and D.I.O.R. study group and Lithuanian Collaborative Group for the Epidemiology of Diabetes and DARTS/MEMO Collaboration and Cerivastatin/Bezafibrate Latin America Study Group and Pramlintide Type 1 Study Group and Non-Invasive Task Force and Childhood Diabetes in Finland Study Group and German Pediat. Working Group and EURODIAB Complications Study Group and Hvidøre Study group on Childhood Diabetes and EURODIAB Prospective Complications Study (PCS) Group and WHO/IDF Patient Empowerment Workshop and AD Morris for the DARTS/MEMO Collaboration and Pramlintide Type 2 Study Group and Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study Group and Service of internal medecine - diabetologia - vascular diseases and UKPDS Group and IGT Research Group and DAIS Project Group and KANWU study group and Cerivastatin Combination Therapy Study Group and GENEDIAB Study Group and TARDIS Steering Committee and UK centres and Rosiglitazone Study Group and GEDEC study group and HIDM investigators and US Study Group of Insulin Glargine in Type 2 DM and European Insulin Aspart Study Group and The TARDIS Steering Committee and UK centres and The Turkish Diabetes Epidemiology Group and The EURODIAB Prospective Complications Study (PCS) Group and The Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications (EDC) Study and The Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study Group
Diabetologia, ISSN 0012-186X, 8/1999, Volume 42, Issue S1, pp. A1 - A330
Journal Article