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Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 03/2018, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp. 23 - 235
Purpose: The holmium YAG (Ho:YAG) laser penetration depth (PD) of 0.4 mm has been widely described. Nonetheless, in physics, this concept refers to the tissue... 
Experimental Endourology | endoscopy | tissue ablation | laser | holmium | Kidney - surgery | Lasers, Solid-State - therapeutic use | Animals | Cattle | Holmium | Laser Therapy - methods | Models, Animal | BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA | TRACT | MANAGEMENT | THERAPY | UROLOGY & NEPHROLOGY | EX-VIVO
Journal Article
Soins; la revue de référence infirmière, ISSN 0038-0814, 03/2015, Issue 793, pp. 47 - 51
Journal Article
Soins; la revue de reference infirmiere, ISSN 0038-0814, 03/2015, Issue 793, p. 47
After a myocardial infarction, the patient receiving pre-hospital care is transferred directly and as quickly as possible to the coronary angiography room.... 
Coronary Angiography | Myocardial Infarction - therapy | Intensive Care Units | Nurse's Role | Humans | Critical Pathways | Angioplasty, Balloon, Coronary | Patient Education as Topic
Journal Article
by McNulty, Paul and Pilcher, Richard and Ramesh, Raviram and Necuiniate, Renata and Hughes, Alis and Farewell, Daniel and Holmans, Peter and Jones, Lesley and Bonelli, Raphael M and Hecht, Karen and Herranhof, Brigitte and Holl, Anna and Kapfhammer, Hans-Peter and Koppitz, Michael and Lilek, Sabine and Magnet, Markus and Müller, Nicole and Otti, Daniela and Painold, Annamaria and Reisinger, Karin and Scheibl, Monika and Schöggl, Helmut and Ullah, Jasmin and Braunwarth, Eva-Maria and Brugger, Florian and Buratti, Lisa and Hametner, Eva-Maria and Hepperger, Caroline and Holas, Christiane and Hotter, Anna and Hussl, Anna and Larcher, Barbara and Mahlknecht, Philipp and Müller, Christoph and Pinter, Bernadette and Poewe, Werner and Reiter, Eva-Magdalena and Seppi, Klaus and Sprenger, Fabienne and Wenning, Gregor and Ladurner, Gunther and Lilek, Stefan and Sinadinosa, Daniela and Staffen, Wolfgang and Walleczek, Anna Maria and Constant, Eric and Gillardin, Anne-Françoise and Léonard, Marie-Claude and Verellen-Dumoulin, Christine and Van De Wyngaerde, Françoise and Dupuis, Michel and Minet, Cécile and Ribaï, Pascale and Van Paemel, Dominique and Boogaerts, Andrea and Vandenberghe, Wim and Van Reijen, Dimphna and Kaiserova, Michaela and Šenkárová, Zuzana and Klempíř, Jiří and Majerová, Veronika and Roth, Jan and Madsen, Louise Hasselstrøm and Møller, Anette Torvin and Hjermind, Lena and Jacobsen, Oda and Lindquist, Suzanne and Nielsen, Jørgen and Regeur, Lisbeth and Stockholm, Jette and Larsen, Ida Unmack and Vangsted-Hansen, Christina and Vinther-Jensen, Tua and Lolk, Annette and Lundsgaard, Marianne and Wermuth, Lene and Andersson, Christian and Nyberg, Clara and Sundblom, Jimmy and Peippo, Maarit and Sipponen, Marjett and Hartikainen, Paivi and Ollokainen, Mari and Åman, Jaana and Ignatius, Jaakko and Kärppä, Mikko and Mustonen, Aki and Kajula, Outi and Jääskalainen, Outi and Moilanen, Jukka and Santala, Maire and Eklund, Pia and Hiivola, Heli and Hyppönen, Hannele and Martikainen, Kirsti and Tuuha, Katri and Allain, Philippe and Bonneau, Dominique and Bost, Marie and Gohier, Bénédicte and ...
Journal of Huntington's Disease, ISSN 1879-6397, 2018, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp. 209 - 222
Journal Article
by Raphael M Bonelli and Karen Hecht and Brigitte Herranhof and Anna Holl and Hans-Peter Kapfhammer and Michael Koppitz and Sabine Lilek and Markus Magnet and Nicole Müller and Daniela Otti and Annamaria Painold and Karin Reisinger and Monika Scheibl and Helmut Schöggl and Jasmin Ullah and Eva-Maria Braunwarth and Florian Brugger and Lisa Buratti and Eva-Maria Hametner and Caroline Hepperger and Christiane Holas and Anna Hotter and Anna Hussl and Barbara Larcher and Philipp Mahlknecht and Christoph Müller and Bernadette Pinter and Werner Poewe and Eva-Magdalena Reiter and Klaus Seppi and Fabienne Sprenger and Gregor Wenning and Gunther Ladurner and Stefan Lilek and Daniela Sinadinosa and Wolfgang Staffen and Anna Maria Walleczek and Eric Constant and Anne-Françoise Gillardin and Marie-Claude Léonard and Christine Verellen-Dumoulin and Françoise van de Wyngaerde and Michel Dupuis and Cécile Minet and Pascale Ribaï and Dominique Van Paemel and Andrea Boogaerts and Wim Vandenberghe and Dimphna van Reijen and Michaela Kaiserova and Zuzana Šenkárová and Jiří Klempíř and Veronika Majerová and Jan Roth and Louise Hasselstrøm Madsen and Anette Torvin Møller and Lena Hjermind and Oda Jacobsen and Suzanne Lindquist and Jørgen Nielsen and Lisbeth Regeur and Jette Stockholm and Ida Unmack Larsen and Christina Vangsted-Hansen and Tua Vinther-Jensen and Annette Lolk and Marianne Lundsgaard and Lene Wermuth and Christian Andersson and Clara Nyberg and Jimmy Sundblom and Maarit Peippo and Marjett Sipponen and Paivi Hartikainen and Mari Ollokainen and Jaana Åman and Jaakko Ignatius and Mikko Kärppä and Aki Mustonen and Outi Kajula and Outi Jääskalainen and Jukka Moilanen and Maire Santala and Pia Eklund and Heli Hiivola and Hannele Hyppönen and Kirsti Martikainen and Katri Tuuha and Philippe Allain and Dominique Bonneau and Marie Bost and Bénédicte Gohier and Marie-Anne Guérid and Audrey Olivier and Julie Prouzet and Adriana Prundean and Clarisse Scherer-Gagou and Christophe Verny and Blandine Babiloni and Sabrina Debruxelles and ...
Journal of Huntington's Disease, ISSN 1879-6397, 01/2018, Volume 7, Issue 3, p. 209
Background: People with Huntington’s disease (HD) have been observed to have lower rates of cancers. Objective: To investigate the relationship between age of... 
Polyglutamine | Trinucleotide repeats | Population | Population studies | Diagnosis | Medical diagnosis | Huntington's disease | Trinucleotide repeat diseases | Prostate | Age | Cancer
Journal Article
by Oosterloo, Mayke and Bijlsma, Emilia K and van Kuijk, Sander MJ and Minkels, Floor and de Die-Smulders, Christine EM and Bachoud-Lévi, Anne-Catherine and Bentivoglio, Anna-Rita and Bentivoglio, Anna Rita and Biunno, Ida and Bonelli, Raphael M and Bronzova, Juliana and Burgunder, Jean-Marc and Dunnett, Stephen and Dunnett, Stephen B and Ferreira, Joaquim J and Frich, Jan C and Frich, Jan and Giuliano, Joe and Handley, Olivia J and Heiberg, Arvid and Illarioshkin, Sergey and Illmann, Torsten and Klempir, Jiri and Landwehrmeyer, Bernhard and Landwehrmeyer, G. Bernhard and Levey, Jamie and McLean, Tim and Nielsen, Jørgen and Nielsen, Jørgen E and Koivisto, Susana Pro and Päivärinta, Markku and Pålhagen, Sven and Quarrell, Oliver and Ramos-Arroyo, Maria and Ramos-Arroyo, Maria Antonia and Roos, Raymund A.C and Roos, Raymund AC and Roos, Peter and Saft, Carsten and Sebastián, Ana Rojo and Tabrizi, Sarah and Tabrizi, Sarah J and Vandenberghe, Wim and Verellen-Dumoulin, Christine and Uhrova, Tereza and Wahlström+, Jan and Zaremba, Jacek and (formerly Rödig, Verena Baake and Barth, Katrin and Garde, Monica Bascuñana and Becanovic, Kristina and Bernard, Tomáš and Betz, Sabrina and Bos, Reineke and Come, Adrien and Guedes, Leonor Correia and Callaghan, Jenny and Capodarca, Selene and Charpentier, Sébastien and Vieira da Silva, Wildson and Di Renzo, Martina and Ecker, Daniel and Finisterra, Ana Maria and Fullam, Ruth and Genoves, Camille and Gilling, Mette and Horta, Andrea and Hvalstedt, Carina and Held, Christine and Hussain, Hasina and Koppers, Kerstin and Lamanna, Claudia and Laurà, Matilde and Descals, Asunción Martínez and Martinez-Horta, Saul and Mestre, Tiago and Minster, Sara and Monza, Daniela and Münkel, Kristina and Mütze, Lisanne and Oehmen, Martin and Padieu, Helene and Paterski, Laurent and Peppa, Nadia and Rindal, Beate and Rogers, Dawn and Røren (formerly Heinonen), Niini and Salgueiro, Ana and Šašinková, Pavla and Seliverstov, Yury and Taylor, Catherine and Taylor, Cat and Taylor, Rachel and Taylor, Anne-Marie and Timewell, Erika and Townhill, Jenny and Cubillo, Patricia Trigo and van Walsem, Marleen R and van Walsem, Marleen and Witjes-Ané, Marie-Noelle and ... and EHDN's associate site in Singapore and REGISTRY Investigators of the European Huntington's Disease Network and Registry Steering committee and Language coordinators
Parkinsonism and Related Disorders, ISSN 1353-8020, 04/2019, Volume 61, pp. 101 - 105
The frequency of late-onset Huntington's disease (>59 years) is assumed to be low and the clinical course milder. However, previous literature on late-onset... 
Age of onset | Huntington's disease | Late-onset Huntington's disease | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | AGE | FEATURES | Genetic research
Journal Article
Journal of Huntington's disease, 2018, Volume 7, Issue 3, p. 209
People with Huntington's disease (HD) have been observed to have lower rates of cancers. To investigate the relationship between age of onset of HD, CAG repeat... 
Journal Article