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The Press Democrat, ISSN 0747-220X, 03/2012
  With a strong performance from upstart pitcher Wyatt James, Healdsburg defeated reigning Sonoma County League champion Casa Grande 3-2 on Tuesday afternoon... 
Professional baseball | Athletes
Newspaper Article
Daily Mail, ISSN 0307-7578, 10/2016
  [...]there is something of a space race going on with several firms, including the Martin Aircraft company of New Zealand, developing their own versions. 
Railroad transportation | Aviation | Magnetic levitation systems
Newspaper Article
The Observer (London, England), ISSN 0029-7712, 08/2012, p. 34
  The defeated fury of Virgin's Sir Richard Branson took the headlines: he branded the decision "insanity" and a recipe for bankruptcy. While few expect a... 
Railroads | Franchising | Auctions
Newspaper Article
Daily Mail, ISSN 0307-7578, 03/1998
  James Ferman, director of the British Board of Film Classification, is to step down after a series of rows over the amount of sex, violence and bad language... 
Newspaper Article
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 03/2013, Volume 92, Issue 3, pp. 345 - 353
Journal Article
by Armitage, Jane and Baigent, Colin and Barnes, Elizabeth and Betteridge, D John and Blackwell, Lisa and Blazing, Michael and Bowman, Louise and Braunwald, Eugene and Byington, Robert and Cannon, Christopher and Clearfield, Michael and Colhoun, Helen and Collins, Rory and Dahlöf, Björn and Davies, Kelly and Davis, Barry and de Lemos, James and Downs, John R and Durrington, Paul and Emberson, Jonathan and Fellström, Bengt and Flather, Marcus and Ford, Ian and Franzosi, Maria Grazia and Fulcher, Jordan and Fuller, John and Furberg, Curt and Gordon, David and Goto, Shinya and Gotto, Antonio and Halls, Heather and Harper, Charlie and Hawkins, C Morton and Herrington, Will and Hitman, Graham and Holdaas, Hallvard and Holland, Lisa and Jardine, Alan and Jukema, J Wouter and Kastelein, John and Kean, Sharon and Keech, Anthony and Kirby, Adrienne and Kjekshus, John and Knatterud (deceased), Genell and Knopp (deceased), Robert and Koenig, Wolfgang and Koren, Michael and Krane, Vera and Landray, Martin J and LaRosa, John and Lonn, Eva and MacFarlane, Peter and MacMahon, Stephen and Maggioni, Aldo and Marchioli, Roberto and Marschner, Ian and Mihaylova, Borislava and Moyé, Lemuel and Murphy, Sabina and Nakamura, Haruo and Neil, Andrew and Newman, Connie and O'Connell, Rachel and Packard, Chris and Parish, Sarah and Pedersen, Terje and Peto, Richard and Pfeffer, Marc and Poulter, Neil and Preiss, David and Reith, Christina and Ridker, Paul and Robertson, Michele and Sacks, Frank and Sattar, Naveed and Schmieder, Roland and Serruys, Patrick and Sever, Peter and Shaw, John and Shear, Charles and Simes, John and Sleight, Peter and Spata, Enti and Tavazzi, Luigi and Tobert, Jonathan and Tognoni, Gianni and Tonkin, Andrew and Trompet, Stella and Varigos, John and Wanner, Christoph and Wedel, Hans and White, Harvey and Wikstrand, John and Wilhelmsen, Lars and Wilson, Kate and Young, Robin and Yusuf, Salim and Zannad, Faiez and Cholesterol Treatment Trialists Co and Cholesterol Treatment Trialists' Collaboration
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 02/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10170, pp. 407 - 415
Journal Article
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 03/2016, Volume 98, Issue 3, pp. 592 - 592
To link to full-text access for this article, visit this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ajhg.2016.02.017 Byline: James A. Poulter, Manir Ali, David F.... 
GENETICS & HEREDITY | Genetic aspects | Gene mutations | Health aspects | Retinal diseases
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Warren, Helen R and Evangelou, Evangelos and Cabrera, Claudia P and Gao, He and Ren, Meixia and Mifsud, Borbala and Ntalla, Ioanna and Surendran, Praveen and Liu, Chunyu and Cook, James P and Kraja, Aldi T and Drenos, Fotios and Loh, Marie and Verweij, Niek and Marten, Jonathan and Karaman, Ibrahim and Segura Lepe, Marcelo P and O'Reilly, Paul F and Knight, Joanne and Snieder, Harold and Kato, Norihiro and He, Jiang and Tai, E Shyong and Said, M Abdullah and Porteous, David and Alver, Maris and Poulter, Neil and Farrall, Martin and Gansevoort, Ron T and Padmanabhan, Sandosh and Mägi, Reedik and Stanton, Alice and Connell, John and Bakker, Stephan J L and Metspalu, Andres and Shields, Denis C and Thom, Simon and Brown, Morris and Sever, Peter and Esko, Tõnu and Hayward, Caroline and van der Harst, Pim and Saleheen, Danish and Chowdhury, Rajiv and Chambers, John C and Chasman, Daniel I and Chakravarti, Aravinda and Newton-Cheh, Christopher and Lindgren, Cecilia M and Levy, Daniel and Kooner, Jaspal S and Keavney, Bernard and Tomaszewski, Maciej and Samani, Nilesh J and Howson, Joanna M M and Tobin, Martin D and Munroe, Patricia B and Ehret, Georg B and Wain, Louise V and Barnes, Michael R and Tzoulaki, Ioanna and Caulfield, Mark J and Elliott, Paul and International Consortium of Blood Pressure (ICBP) 1000G Analyses, The CHD Exome+ Consortium, The ExomeBP Consortium, The T2D-GENES Consortium, The GoT2DGenes Consortium, The Cohorts for Heart and Ageing Research in Genome Epidemiology (CHARGE) BP Exome Consortium, The International Genomics of Blood Pressure (iGEN-BP) Consortium and UK Biobank CardioMetabolic Consortium BP working group
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 09/2017, Volume 49, Issue 10, p. 1558
Corrigendum: Genome-wide association analysis identifies novel blood pressure loci and offers biological insights into cardiovascular risk Helen R Warren,... 
Consortia | Association analysis | Genomes | Blood pressure | Cardiovascular diseases | Health risks
Journal Article
by Arno, Gavin and Carss, Keren and Carss, Keren J and Hull, Sarah and Zihni, Ceniz and Robson, Anthony G and Fiorentino, Alessia and Black, Graeme and Hall, Georgina and Ingram, Stuart and Gillespie, Rachel and Manson, Ania and Manson, Forbes and Sergouniotis, Panagiotis and Inglehearn, Chris and Toomes, Carmel and Ali, Sonia and Ali, Manir and McKibbin, Martin and Poulter, James and Khan, Kamron and Lord, Emma and Nemeth, Andrea and Downes, Susan and Halford, Stephanie and Yu, Ping and Yu, Jing and Lise, Stefano and Ponitkos, Nikos and Plagnol, Vincent and Michaelides, Michel and Hardcastle, Alison J and Cheetham, Michael E and Webster, Andrew and Webster, Andrew R and van Heyningen, Veronica and Holder, Graham E and Holder, Susan and Holder, Muriel and Aitman, Timothy and Alachkar, Hana and Allen, Louise and Allen, Hana Lango and Allsup, David and Ambegaonkar, Gautum and Anderson, Julie and Antrobus, Richard and Armstrong, Ruth and Arumugakani, Gururaj and Ashford, Sofie and Astle, William and Attwood, Antony and Austin, Steve and Bacchelli, Chiara and Bakchoul, Tamam and Bariana, Tadbir K and Baxendale, Helen and Bennett, David and Bethune, Claire and Bibi, Shahnaz and Bitner-Glindzicz, Maria and Bleda, Marta and Boggard, Harm and Bolton-Maggs, Paula and Booth, Claire and Bradley, John R and Brady, Angie and Brown, Matthew and Browning, Michael and Bryson, Christine and Burns, Siobhan and Calleja, Paul and Canham, Natalie and Carmichael, Jenny and Caulfield, Mark and Chalmers, Elizabeth and Chandra, Anita and Chinnery, Patrick and Chitre, Manali and Church, Colin and Clement, Emma and Clements-Brod, Naomi and Clowes, Virginia and Coghlan, Gerry and Collins, Peter and Cooper, Nichola and Creaser-Myers, Amanda and DaCosta, Rosa and Daugherty, Louise and Davies, Sophie and Davis, John and De Vries, Minka and Deegan, Patrick and Deevi, Sri V.V and Deshpande, Charu and Devlin, Lisa and Dewhurst, Eleanor and Doffinger, Rainer and Dormand, Natalie and Drewe, Elizabeth and ... and NIHR Bioresource - Rare Dis and UK Inherited Retinal Dis and UK Inherited Retinal Disease Consortium and NIHR Bioresource - Rare Diseases Consortium
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 02/2017, Volume 100, Issue 2, pp. 334 - 342
Journal Article