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double-blind method (17) 17
heart attacks (17) 17
myocardial infarction (17) 17
biological and medical sciences (16) 16
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cardiovascular disease (15) 15
acute coronary syndromes (14) 14
adult (14) 14
heart (13) 13
medical sciences (13) 13
peripheral vascular disease (13) 13
care and treatment (12) 12
coronary heart disease (12) 12
time factors (12) 12
analysis (11) 11
cardiology. vascular system (11) 11
heart failure (11) 11
mortality (11) 11
cardiology (10) 10
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heart attack (10) 10
heart diseases (10) 10
hematology (10) 10
research (10) 10
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angina (9) 9
biomarkers (9) 9
cardiac patients (9) 9
cardiovascular diseases (9) 9
endothelium (9) 9
follow-up studies (9) 9
heart failure - therapy (9) 9
ischemia (9) 9
prospective studies (9) 9
acute coronary syndrome (8) 8
angina pectoris (8) 8
animals (8) 8
cardiac and cardiovascular systems (8) 8
general & internal medicine (8) 8
internal medicine (8) 8
kardiologi (8) 8
medical research (8) 8
medicine, experimental (8) 8
medicine, general & internal (8) 8
stem cells - metabolism (8) 8
anticoagulants (7) 7
bone marrow (7) 7
regeneration (7) 7
regenerative medicine (7) 7
stem cell (7) 7
thrombosis (7) 7
ac133 antigen (6) 6
acute coronary syndrome - drug therapy (6) 6
aldehyde dehydrogenase - metabolism (6) 6
antigens, cd34 - metabolism (6) 6
aptamers, nucleotide - therapeutic use (6) 6
atherosclerosis (6) 6
biomarkers - metabolism (6) 6
cardiology and cardiovascular medicine (6) 6
clinical medicine (6) 6
endothelial cells - metabolism (6) 6
endothelial progenitor cells (6) 6
fundamental and applied biological sciences. psychology (6) 6
health aspects (6) 6
incidence (6) 6
medical and health sciences (6) 6
medical colleges (6) 6
medicin och hälsovetenskap (6) 6
medicine, research & experimental (6) 6
myocardial infarction - drug therapy (6) 6
myocarditis. cardiomyopathies (6) 6
physiological aspects (6) 6
refractory angina (6) 6
research & experimental medicine (6) 6
studies (6) 6
transplantation, autologous (6) 6
united states (6) 6
angiogenesis (5) 5
bleeding (5) 5
cells, cultured (5) 5
death (5) 5
diabetes (5) 5
drug therapy (5) 5
drug therapy, combination (5) 5
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by Brilakis, Emmanouil S and Edson, Robert and Bhatt, Deepak L and Goldman, Steven and Holmes, David R and Rao, Sunil V and Shunk, Kendrick and Rangan, Bavana V and Mavromatis, Kreton and Ramanathan, Kodangudi and Bavry, Anthony A and Garcia, Santiago and Latif, Faisal and Armstrong, Ehrin and Jneid, Hani and Conner, Todd A and Wagner, Todd and Karacsonyi, Judit and Uyeda, Lauren and Ventura, Beverly and Alsleben, Aaron and Lu, Ying and Shih, Mei-Chiung and Banerjee, Subhash and Ahmed, Bina and Ratliff, D Michelle and Ricciardi, Mark and Sheldon, Mark and Icenogle, Milton and Snider, Richard and Ardati, Amer and Nallamothu, Brahmajee and Duvernoy, Claire and Menees, Daniel S and Gurm, Hitinder and Thomas, Michael P and Grossman, Paul and Owen, Kristine and Topaz, On and Kumar, Gautam and Mavromatis, Kreton and Block, Peter and Zidar, David A and Bezerra, Hiram and Goldberg, Jonathan and Ortiz, Jose and Jozic, Joseph and Osman, Mohammed and Rosenthal, Noah and Parikh, Sahil A and Lassar, Tom A and Chan, Albert and Kumar, Arun and Aggarwal, Kul and Cyrus, Tillmann and Brilakis, Emmanouil S and Grodin, Jerrold and Banerjee, Subhash and Hattler, Brack and Armstrong, Ehrin and Casserly, Ivan and Messenger, John and Kim, Michael and Rogers, R Kevin and Waldo, Stephen and Tsai, Thomas and Morris, Kenneth and Krucoff, Mitchell and Rao, Sunil and Povsic, Thomas J and Jones, William S and Bavry, Anthony and Choi, Calvin and Park, Ki and Liu, MD, Jayson and Kar, Biswajit and Paniagua, David and Jneid, Hani and Breall, Jeffrey and Bolad, Islam and Mukerji, Rita and Subbarao, Roopa and Abdel-Latif, Ahmed and Booth, David C and Ziada, Khaled M and Rajan, Lawrence and Hakeem, Abdul and Uretsky, Barry F and Agrawal, Mayank and Sachdeva, Rajesh and Ahmed, Zubair and McGee, Jesse and Ramanathan, Kodangudi and Shah, Rahman and Sharma, Alok and McFalls, Edward and Siddiqui, Rizwan and Garcia, Santiago and Adabag, Selcuk and Bertog, Stefan and ... and DIVA Trial Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 05/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10134, pp. 1997 - 2007
Journal Article
by Fernández-Avilés, Francisco and Sanz-Ruiz, R and Climent, A.M and Badimon, L and Bolli, R and Charron, D and Fuster, Valentin and Janssens, Stefan and Kastrup, J and Kim, H.-S and Lüscher, T.F and Martin, J.F and Menasche, P and Simari, Patricio and Stone, Gregg and Terzic, A and Willerson, James and Wu, J.C and Joseph, C.W and Broughton, K and DiFede, D.L and Dimmeler, S and Madonna, R and Penn, M.S and Sussman, M.A and Sluijter, J.P.G and Woller, K.C and Balkan, W and Chamuleau, Steven and Charron, Dominique and Fernández-Santos, M.E and Goliasch, G and Gyöngyösi, M and Hare, J.M and Tompkins, B.A and Winkler, J and Bayés-Genis, A and Henry, Timothy and Taylor, Doris and Lerman, Amir and Pelacho, B and Prosper, F and Perin, Emerson and Pompilio, G and Gersh, Bernard and Bartúnek, Jozef and Duckers, Eric and Ferdinandy, P and Losordo, D.W and Čanchez, P.L and Sherman, W and Wojakowski, W and Zeiher, Aneas and Roncalli, Jérôme and Mathur, Anthony and Crea, F and D'Amario, D and Povsic, T.J and Traverse, Jay and Ylä-Herttuala, Seppo and TACTICS Transnational Alliance and Delivery Navigation Tracking and Regulatory & Funding Strategie and Translational Res Subcomm and Basic Res Subcomm and Tissue Engn Subcomm and Clinical Trials Subcomm and Challenges Cardiovasc Regenerative and Delivery, Navigation, Tracking and Assessment Subcommittee and Clinical Trials Subcommittee and Challenges of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Subcommittee and Translational Research Subcommittee and Regulatory and funding strategies subcommittee and Tissue Engineering Subcommittee and Basic Research Subcommittee and TACTICS (Transnational Alliance for Regenerative Therapies in Cardiovascular Syndromes) Writing Group and Authors/Task Force Members. Chairpersons and the TACTICS (Transnational Alliance for Regenerative Therapies in Cardiovascular Syndromes) Writing Group
European heart journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 09/2017, Volume 38, Issue 33, pp. 2532 - 2546
Journal Article
by Green, Jennifer B and Janmohamed, Salim and D'Agostino, Ralph B and Jones, Nigel P and Sigmon, Kristina N and McMurray, John J V and Del Prato, Stefano and Granger, Christopher B and Hernandez, Adrian F and Janmohamed, Salim and Holman, Rury and DeMets, David and Riddle, Matthew and Goodman, Shaun and McGuire, Darren and Alexander, Karen and Devore, Adam and Melloni, Chiara and Patel, Chetan and Kong, David and Bloomfield, Gerald and Roe, Matthew and Harrison, Rob and Mathews, Robin and Schuyler Jones, William and Vemulapalli, Sreekanth and Povsic, Thomas and Eapen, Zubin and Dombrowski, Keith and Mandawat, Aditya and Shavadia, Jay and Friedman, Daniel and Wilson, Matt and Gentry, Tracy and Collier, Jeannie and Perez, Kathleen and James, Kourtnei and Pope, Connie and Howell, Christina and Johnson, Megan and Vandyne, Beth and Thomas, Betsy and Rich, Jenny and Beaulieu, Gail and Chau, Tuan and Christian, Tamra and Coker, Rebecca and Greene, Deb and Haddock, Trevorlyn and Haque, Ghazala and Marquess, Marsha and Pesarchick, Jean and Rethaford, Renee and Al Kawas, Firas and Enns, Robert and Sinay, Isaac and Mathieu, Chantal and Yordanov, Victor and Hramiak, Irene and Haluzik, Martin and Galatius, Søren and Guerci, Bruno and Kocsis, Gyozo and Giaccari, Andrea and Lee, Moon Kyu and Muñoz, Ernesto German Cardona and Pinto, Miguel and Tirador, Louie and Olesinska-Mader, Martyna and Shestakova, Marina and Lopez-Sendon, Jose and Eliasson, Bjorn and Chiang, Chern-En and Srimahachota, Suphot and Mankovsky, Boris and Dungan, Kathleen and Alvarisqueta, Andres and Baldovino, Jorge and Besada, Diego and Calella, Pedro and Castaño, Patricia and Chertkoff, Alejandro and Cuadrado, Jesus and De Loredo, Luis and Dominguez, Andrea and Finkelstein, Hernan and Frechtel, Gustavo and Fretes, Jose and Garrido Santos, Natalia and Gonzalez, Joaquin and Litvak, Marcos and Maffei, Laura and Maldonado, Natacha and Orio, Silvia and Perez Manghi, Federico and Schygiel, Pablo and Sposetti, Georgina and Ulla, Maria and Verra, Fernando and Zaidman, Cesar and ... and Harmony Outcomes committees and investigators and Harmony Outcomes Comm Investigator
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 10/2018, Volume 392, Issue 10157, pp. 1519 - 1529
Journal Article