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Crossings, ISSN 2040-4344, 10/2017, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp. 163 - 174
This article aims to discuss the representation of the airport as a waiting zone in the film Viagem a Portugal (Journey to Portugal) (2011) by Sérgio Tréfaut... 
Banopticon | Waiting territories | Global migrations | Viagem a portugal | Airport | Portuguese cinema | Narrative techniques | Airports | Motion pictures
Journal Article
Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture, ISSN 2040-4352, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 2, p. 163
Journal Article
ISSN 2011-3188, 07/2017, Issue 21, p. 8
Journal Article
Portuguese Studies, ISSN 0267-5315, 1/2017, Volume 33, Issue 2, pp. 202 - 218
This article presents a comparative reading of Maria Velho da Costa's novel (2008) and Teresa Villaverde's film (2006), two works that examine the position of... 
Fear | Narratives | Violence | Narrative poetry | Transgression | Protagonists | Novels | Suicide | Territories | Destiny
Journal Article
Portuguese Studies, ISSN 0267-5315, 2017, Volume 33, Issue 2, pp. 202 - 218
This article presents a comparative reading of Maria Velho da Costa's novel Myra (2008) and Teresa Villaverde's film Transe (2006), two works that examine the... 
Maria Velho da Costa | Violence | Transe | Migrations | Teresa Villaverde | Transdifference | Myra | migrations | HUMANITIES, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | violence | abjection | transgression | Costa, Maria Velho da | Portuguese literature | film | 1900-1999 | human trafficking | "Trance" | dramatic arts | Villaverde, Teresa | novel | Emigration and immigration | Novelists | Filmmakers | Criticism and interpretation | Analysis | Portrayals
Journal Article
Dos Algarves: A Multidisciplinary e-Journal, 11/2014, Issue 24, pp. 28 - 39
This paper discusses the representation of mass tourism in Michel Houellebecq’s Plateform (2001) in relation to the concept of “non-place” defining the... 
Michel Houellebecq | Plateforme | non-places | literature and tourism
Journal Article
by Slogrove, A.L and Schomaker, M and Davies, M.-A and Williams, P and Balkan, S and Ben-Farhat, J and Calles, N and Chokephaibulkit, K and Duff, C and Eboua, T.F and Kekitiinwa-Rukyalekere, A and Maxwell, N and Pinto, J and Seage, G and Teasdale, C.A and Wanless, S and Warszawski, J and Wools-Kaloustian, K and Yotebieng, M and Timmerman, V and Collins, I.J and Goodall, R and Smith, C and Patel, K and Paul, M and Gibb, D.M and Vreeman, R and Abrams, E.J and Hazra, R and Van Dyke, R and Bekker, L.-G and Mofenson, L and Vicari, M and Essajee, S and Penazzato, M and Anabwani, Gabriel and Q. Mohapi, E and N. Kazembe, P and Hlatshwayo, M and Lumumba, M and Goetghebuer, T and Thorne, C and Galli, L and van Rossum, A and Giaquinto, Carlo and Marczynska, M and Marques, Laura and Prata, F and Ene, L and Okhonskaia, L and Rojo, P and Fortuny, C and Nave´r, L and Rudin, C and Le Coeur, S and Volokha, Alla and Rouzier, V and Succi, R and Sohn, A and Kariminia, A and Edmonds, A and Lelo, P and Ayaya, S and Ongwen, P and Jefferys, L.F and Phiri, S and Mubiana-Mbewe, M and Sawry, S and Renner, L and Sylla, Mariam and Abzug, M.J and Levin, M and Oleske, J and Chernoff, M and Traite, S and Purswani, M and Chadwick, E.G and Judd, A and Leroy, V and Collaborative Initiative Paediat H and Collaborative Initiative for Paediatric HIV Education and Research (CIPHER) Global Cohort Collaboration and The Collaborative Initiative for Paediatric HIV Education and Research (CIPHER) Global Cohort Collaboration
PLoS Medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 03/2018, Volume 15, Issue 3, p. e1002514
textabstractBackground: Globally, the population of adolescents living with perinatally acquired HIV (APHs) continues to expand. In this study, we pooled data... 
MORTALITY | SOUTH-AFRICA | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | THERAPY | FOLLOW-UP | TREATMENT PROGRAMS | INFECTED CHILDREN | OUTCOMES | PATIENTS LOST | ANTIRETROVIRAL TREATMENT | ADULT CARE | Anti-Retroviral Agents - therapeutic use | Follow-Up Studies | HIV Infections - epidemiology | Humans | Male | International Cooperation | Disease Transmission, Infectious - prevention & control | Disease Transmission, Infectious - statistics & numerical data | Epidemiological Monitoring | Internationality | Adolescent | Global Health - statistics & numerical data | HIV Infections - therapy | Female | HIV Infections - mortality | HIV Infections - transmission | Child | Longitudinal Studies | Infant, Newborn | Medical research | Care and treatment | Patient outcomes | Medicine, Experimental | HIV infection in children | Adolescent medicine | Research | Epidemiology | Statistics | Antiviral agents | HIV (Viruses) | Health aspects | Analysis | Adolescence | Antiretroviral drugs | Mortality | Income | Risk analysis | Antiretroviral therapy | Confidence intervals | Teaching methods | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome--AIDS | Antiretroviral agents | Collaboration | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Secondary analysis | Children | Adolescents | Age | Life Sciences | Santé publique et épidémiologie | Demography | Humanities and Social Sciences | AIDS | HIV | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome | Human immunodeficiency virus
Journal Article
PLoS medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 2018, Volume 15, Issue 1, p. e1002491
Background Published estimates of mortality and progression to AIDS as children with HIV approach adulthood are limited. We describe rates and risk factors for... 
YOUNG-ADULTS | TRANSITION | SURVIVAL | RATES | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY | PEOPLE | CARE | ACQUIRED HIV | HIV Infections - virology | Humans | Risk Factors | Thailand - epidemiology | Child, Preschool | Europe - epidemiology | Infant | Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - drug therapy | Disease Progression | Drug Therapy, Combination - mortality | Anti-Retroviral Agents - administration & dosage | Adolescent | Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - mortality | Drug Therapy, Combination - statistics & numerical data | HIV Infections - drug therapy | HIV Infections - mortality | Child | Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - virology | Infant, Newborn | Cohort Studies | Highly active antiretroviral therapy | Antiviral agents | Analysis | Mortality | AIDS (Disease) | Development and progression | Children | HIV (Viruses) | Risk factors | Usage | Eastern Europe | Ukraine | United Kingdom | Youth | Thailand | Russia | Dosage and administration | Teenagers | Health aspects | HIV infection | Adolescence | Health sciences | Therapy | Pediatrics | RNA-directed DNA polymerase | Funding | Income | Clinical trials | Infants | Infections | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome--AIDS | Antiretroviral agents | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Underweight | Trends | Adolescents | Drug therapy | Age | University colleges | Antiretroviral drugs | Risk analysis | Disease control | Antiretroviral therapy | CD4 antigen | Hospitals | Infectious diseases | Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors | Body mass | Collaboration | Medical prognosis | Death | Fatalities | Software | Life Sciences | Santé publique et épidémiologie | Demography | Humanities and Social Sciences | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome | AIDS | HIV | Human immunodeficiency virus
Journal Article
Journal of the International AIDS Society, ISSN 1758-2652, 10/2016, Volume 19, Issue 8(Suppl 7), pp. 21487 - n/a
Journal Article
The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, ISSN 0891-3668, 06/2018, Volume 37, Issue 6, pp. e168 - e169
Infection after implantation of ventriculo-peritoneal shunts is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. We describe a 9-year-old girl with... 
Case studies | Development and progression | Care and treatment | Gram-positive bacterial infections | Bacteremia
Journal Article
by Silva-Costa, Catarina and Brito, Maria J and Aguiar, Sandra I and Lopes, Joana P and Ramirez, Mário and Melo-Cristino, José and Vaz, Teresa and Gião, Marília and Ferreira, Rui and Bruschy Fonseca, Ana and Oliveira, Henrique and Silva, Ana Cristina and Costa, Hermínia and Silva, Maria Fátima and Afonso, Maria Amélia and Pinto, Margarida and Chantre, Odete and Marques, João and Peres, Isabel and Daniel, Isabel and Canas, Ema and Ferreira, Teresa and Marcelo, Cristina and Monteiro, Lurdes and Marques Lito, Luís and Martins, Filomena and Pessanha, Maria Ana and Gonçalves, Elsa and Morais, Teresa and Marques, Teresa and Toscano, Cristina and Lopes, Paulo and Felício, Luísa and Lameirão, Angelina and Mota Vieira, Ana Paula and Tomaz, Margarida and Bento, Rosa and Ramos, Maria Helena and Castro, Ana Paula and Fonseca, Fernando and Castro, Ana Paula and Ribeiro, Graça and Ribeiro, Rui Tomé and Pontes, Celeste and Boaventura, Luísa and Chaves, Catarina and Reis, Teresa and Canhoto, Nuno and Afonso, Teresa and Pina, Teresa and Peres, Helena and Fontes, Ilse and Martinho, Paulo and Domingos, Ana and Marrão, Gina and Grossinho, José and Ribeiro, Manuela and Gonçalves, Helena and Faustino, Alberta and Alves, Adelaide and Iglesias, Maria Cármen and Pinheiro, Maria Paula and Semedo, R and Coutinho, Adriana and Cabral, Luísa and Neto, Olga and Sancho, Luísa and Diogo, José and Rodrigues, Ana and Nascimento, Isabel and Ramalheira, Elmano and Bessa, Fernanda and Diaz, Raquel and Vale, Isabel and Carvalho, Ana and Ribeiro, José Miguel and Read, Maria Antónia and Alves, Valquíria and Monteiro, Margarida and Raposo, Engrácia and Magalhães, Maria Lurdes and Rochas, Helena and Silva, Anabela and Rodrigues, Margarida and Freitas, José Mota and Vieira, Sandra and Meneses, Maria Favila and Germano de Sousa, José and Bettencourt Viana, Mariana and Terra, Isaura and Rodrigues, Vitória and Pereira, Patrícia and Duarte, Jesuína and Pinto, Paula and Moreira, Ezequiel and Ataíde Ferreira, João and Vicente, Adília and Paixão, Paulo and Novais, Natália and Aires, Sónia and ... and Portuguese Study Grp Invasive Pneu and Portuguese Grp Study Streptococcal and Portuguese Study Group of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society and Portuguese Group for the Study of Streptococcal Infections
Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 12/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 6 - 9
Journal Article
JAMA Pediatrics, ISSN 2168-6203, 01/2014, Volume 168, Issue 1, pp. 91 - 92
Journal Article
Revista Portuguesa de Estomatologia, Medicina Dentária e Cirurgia Maxilofacial, ISSN 1646-2890, 12/2017, Volume 58, Issue supl 1
Journal Article
by Tomás, Catarina Cardoso and Oliveira, Emanuel and Sousa, D and Uba-Chupel, M and Furtado, G and Rocha, C and Teixeira, A and Ferreira, P and Alves, Celeste and Gisin, Stefan and Catarino, Elisabete and Carvalho, Nelma and Coucelo, Tiago and Bonfim, Luís and Silva, Carina and Franco, Débora and González, Jesús Alcoba and Jardim, Helena G and Silva, Rita and Baixinho, Cristina L and Presado, Mª Helena and Marques, Mª Fátima and Cardoso, Mário E and Cunha, Marina and Mendes, Joana and Xavier, Ana and Galhardo, Ana and Couto, Margarida and Frade, João G and Nunes, Carla and Mesquita, João R and Nascimento, Maria S and Gonçalves, Guilherme and Castro, Conceição and Mártires, Alice and Monteiro, Mª João and Rainho, Conceição and Caballero, Francisco P and Monago, Fatima M and Guerrero, Jose T and Monago, Rocio M and Trigo, Africa P and Gutierrez, Milagros L and Milanés, Gemma M and Reina, Mercedes G and Villanueva, Ana G and Piñero, Ana S and Aliseda, Isabel R and Ramirez, Francisco B and Ribeiro, Andrea and Quelhas, Ana and Manso, Conceição and Santos, Rafael B and Jimenez, Nuria R and Nuñez, Cristina G and Gomez, Inmaculada R and Fernandez, Mª Jose L and Marquez, Laura A and Moreno, Ana L and Huertas, Mª Jesus Tena and Seabra, Daniel and Salvador, Mª Céu and Braga, Luciene and Parreira, Pedro and Salgueiro-Oliveira, Anabela and Arreguy-Sena, Cristina and Oliveira, Bibiana F and Henriques, Mª Adriana and Santos, Joana and Lebre, Sara and Marques, Alda and Festas, Clarinda and Rodrigues, Sandra and Lumini, José and Figueiredo, Ana G and Hernandez-Martinez, Francisco J and Campi, Liliana and Quintana-Montesdeoca, Mª Pino and Jimenez-Diaz, Juan F and Rodriguez-De-Vera, Bienvenida C and Parente, Alexandra and Mata, Mª Augusta and Pereira, Ana Mª and Fernandes, Adília and Brás, Manuel and Pinto, Mª Rosário and Basto, Marta L and Rei, Ana C and Mónico, Lisete M and Sousa, Gilberta and Morna, Clementina and Freitas, Otília and Freitas, Gregório and Jardim, Ana and Vasconcelos, Rita and Horta, Lina G and Rosa, Roger S and Kranz, Luís F and Nugem, Rita C and Siqueira, Mariana S and ...
BMC Health Services Research, ISSN 1472-6963, 07/2016, Volume 16, Issue S3
Journal Article
by Chappell, Elizabeth and Riordan, Andrew and Jourdain, Gonzague and Soriano-Arandes, Antoni and Ene, Luminita and Scherpbier, Henriette J and Warszawski, Josiane and Collins, Intira J and Smit, Colette and Marques, Laura and Klein, Nigel and Guillén, Sara and Judd, Ali and Thorne, Claire and Goodall, Ruth and Königs, Christoph and Spoulou, Vana and Prata, Filipa and Goetghebuer, Tessa and Chiappini, Elena and Galli, Luisa and Naver, Lars and Giaquinto, Carlo and M Gibb, Diana and Gibb, Diana M and Marczynska, Magdalena and Okhonskaia, Liubov and Klimkait, Thomas and Lallemant, Marc and Ngo-Giang-Huong, Nicole and Kiseleva, Galyna and Malyuta, Ruslan and Volokha, Alla and Hainaut, Marc and Delforge, Marc and Le Chenadec, Jerome and Ramos, Elisa and Dialla, Olivia and Wack, Thierry and Laurent, Corine and Ait si Selmi, Lamya and Leymarie, Isabelle and Ait Benali, Fazia and Brossard, Maud and Boufassa, Leila and Floch-Tudal, Corinne and Firtion, Ghislaine and Hau, Isabelle and Chace, Anne and Bolot, Pascal and Blanche, Stéphane and Levine, Martine and Bicëtre, Le Kremlin and Fourcade, Corinne and Heller-Roussin, Brigitte and Runel-Belliard, Camille and Tricoire, Joëlle and Chirouze, Catherine and Reliquet, Véronique and Brouard, Jacques and Kebaili, Kamila and Fialaire, Pascale and Lalande, Muriel and Schultze-Strasser, Stephan and Baumann, U and Niehues, T and Neubert, J and Kobbe, R and Berlin, Charite and Feiterna-Sperling, C and Königs, C and Buchholz, B and Notheis, G and de Martino, Maurizio and Angelo Tovo, Pier and Patrizia, Osimani and Larovere, Domenico and Ruggeri, Maurizio and Faldella, Giacomo and Baldi, Francesco and Badolato, Raffaele and Montagnani, Carlotta and Venturini, Elisabetta and Lisi, Catiuscia and Di Biagio, Antonio and Taramasso, Lucia and Giacomet, Vania and Erba, Paola and Esposito, Susanna and Lipreri, Rita and Salvini, Filippo and Tagliabue, Claudia and Cellini, Monica and Bruzzese, Eugenia and Lo Vecchio, Andrea and Rampon, Osvalda and Donà, Daniele and Romano, Amelia and Dodi, Icilio and Maccabruni, Anna and ... and The European Pregnancy and Paediatric HIV Cohort Collaboration (EPPICC) Study Group in EuroCoord
Clinical Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 03/2019
Abstract Background In human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)–positive adults, low CD4 cell counts despite fully suppressed HIV-1 RNA on antiretroviral therapy... 
Journal Article
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