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International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, ISSN 1698-580X, 4/2015, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp. 30 - 43
Journal Article
RUSC Universities and Knowledge Society Journal, 04/2015, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp. 30 - 43
Journal Article
Profesorado, Revista de Currículum y Formación del Profesorado, ISSN 1138-414X, 06/2018, Volume 22, Issue 2
Journal Article
Revista de Estudios y Experiencias en Educación, ISSN 0717-6945, 02/2018, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp. 53 - 73
Journal Article
International Journal of Engineering Education, ISSN 0949-149X, 2014, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp. 675 - 682
This article describes an experience of the use of Personal Learning Environment (PLE)-Portfolio to compile various digital artifacts in virtual spaces, which... 
E-learning evaluation | Ple-portfolio | Web 2.0 | Evaluation models with ICT | Competencies | ple-portfolio | e-learning evaluation | evaluation models with ICT | ENGINEERING, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | competencies | EDUCATION, SCIENTIFIC DISCIPLINES | STUDENTS
Journal Article
Journal of Universal Computer Science, ISSN 0948-695X, 2014, Volume 20, Issue 15, pp. 2024 - 2031
This article presents some results obtained partially during the first year of the TYMMI project. TYMMI's aim is to strengthen the professional performance of... 
Teaching practices | Sloodle | Virtual worlds | Open sim | COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING | 2ND LIFE | COMPUTER SCIENCE, THEORY & METHODS | Teaching Practices | Virtual Worlds | Open Sim
Journal Article
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, ISSN 1877-0428, 2012, Volume 46, pp. 1219 - 1223
This research study analyses the students’ competence of self- directed learning introducing in the mathematics curriculum an activity related with computer... 
Interactive Learning Environment | secondary education | programming
Journal Article
by Schmidt, Manfred and Verhoeyen, Els and Gobbo, Emilie and Divers, Dominique and Oudrhiri, Noufissa and Griscelli, Frank and Bennaceur-Griscelli, Annelise and Klatzmann, David and Anguela, Xavier M and Sharma, Rajiv and Sharma, Rajiv and Li, Hojun and Li, Hojun and Haurigot, Virginia and Haurigot, Virginia and Haurigot, Virginia and Bhagwat, Anand and Bhagwat, Anand and Davidson, Robert and Davidson, Robert and Zhou, Shangzhen and Zhou, Shangzhen and Zhou, Shangzhen and Doyon, Yannick and Gregory, Philip D and Gregory, Philip D and Gregory, Philip D and Holmes, Michael C and Holmes, Michael C and Holmes, Michael C and High, Katherine A and Carbonaro, Denise and Shaw, Kit and Jin, Xiangyang and Geiger, Sabine and Mishra, Suparna and Cooper, Aaron and DeOliveira, Satiro and Sokolic, Rob and Candotti, Fabio and Carmo, Marlene and Arumugam, Paritha and Alonso-Ferrero, Maria and Schambach, Axel and Schambach, Axel and Baum, Christopher and Baum, Christopher and Baum, Christopher and Risma, Kimberly and Malik, Punam and Jordan, Michael and Rivat, Christine and Booth, Claire and Thrasher, Adrian and Whilding, Lynsey and Archibald, Kyra and Oberg, Daniel and Golan, Talia and Hubert, Ayala and Shemi, Amotz and Khvalevsky, Elina Zorde and Gabai-Malka, Racheli and Focht, Gili and Brunschwig, Zivia and Raskin, Stephen and Goldberg, Nahum and Ben-David, Eli and Peretz, Tamar and Eliakim, Rami and Dankur, Alan and Galun and Rachmur, Itzik and Domb, Avi and Kopelman, Yael and Hantz, Yael and Lahav, Mor and Arbel-Alon, Sagit and Dickson, George and Barkats, Martine and Daboussi, Fayza and Silva, Georges and Cedrone, Frederic and Epinat, Jean Charles and Juillerat, Alexandre and Valton, Julien and Montini, Eugenio and Biffi, Alessandra and Biffi, Alessandra and Calabria, Andrea and Calabria, Andrea and Biasco, Luca and Biasco, Luca and Cesani, Martina and Cesani, Martina and Benedicenti, Fabrizio and Benedicenti, Fabrizio and Plati, Tiziana and Leo, Simone and Zanetti, Gianluigi and Aiuti, Alessandro and ...
Human Gene Therapy, ISSN 1043-0342, 10/2012, Volume 23, Issue 10, pp. A1 - A173
Journal Article
by Herrero-Calvo, José A and González-Parra, Emilio and Pérez-García, Rafael and Tornero-Molina, Fernando and Arcona, Víctor and Estrada, Patricia and Prats, Eliseo Junquera and de la Junquera, Coral Navarro González and Barril, Guillermina and Gota, Ángel Raquel and Moratilla, Cristina and Estévez, Elda Besada and Lillo, Ramón Delgado and Rubio, Pilar Martínez and Alcázar, José María and Nieto, Luis and Gago, Emilio and Terleira Borja, Miguel Á and Monfa, José María and Unzue, Juan Carlos Chacón and Bustamante, Jesús Bustamante and Virto Ruiz, Rafael C and Sobrin, Felipe Sarro and Fernández, Nuria García and del Río, José Molina and Aparicio, Carlos García and Pastor Mestre, José María and Amoedo, María Luisa and Crespo, Antonio and Gomar Andrés, Alejandro J and de la Prada Álvarez, Francisco José and Berlanga, José Ramón and Tejeiro, Rafael Díaz and Ahijado, Francisco J and Jofre, Rosa and Díaz, Francisco Benavente and Zamora, Rodrigo Delgado and del Toro Espinosa, Nuria and Lazo, Mercedes Salgueira and Moctezuma, Luis Enrique Lara and Fort, Joan and Agar, Irene and Martínez, Ramón López-Menchero and Nogués Monclús, Rosa M and Ramos, Rosa and de Gracia Guindo, María del Carmen and Reyes, A and Lorenzo, Ana Botella and Hernández, Jesús and Arenas Jiménez, María Dolores and Garrido, Ignacia Pérez and Selles, Amparo and Casas, Antonio Soriano and Herrero-Calvo, José A and Santos, Ana Blanco and Villaverde Ares, María Teresa and Gil González, María Teresa and Seguí, Rafael Giner and Matías, Carmen Gámez and Alcaraz, Alfonso Cubas and de Paz, Ma Consuelo Muñoz and Lozano Roig, José Luis and Santamaría, C and Loras, L and Gil, Antoni Bordils and Carrasco, A.M and Guillén, Rosa Moll and Martín, Marta Serra and Alba, Pérez and Moya, José Lacueva and Balaguer, Enrique Albert and García, Amparo Bernat and Marcos, Carmen Fraile and Bernán, Juan Carlos Herrero and Paralle, María and Gómez, Olvido and Castelao, Alberto Martínez and Rodríguez, Montserrat Belart and Rocafort, Joan Gabas and Sola Huerto, José Manuel and de Alegría y González-Moral, Pilar Ruiz and Ribes, Enric Andrés and Castilla Jiménez, Juan J and Roselló, C.P and Bonal, Jordi and Melgar, Ángel Alonso and Ara, Jorge Martínez and Guajando, Aurelio Sanz and Gruss, Enrique and Tato, Ana and Bombardo, Joan Llibre and Maduell, Francisco and González, Esther Rubio and Peña Porta, José María and Prats, Martí Valles and Nicolàs, Miquel Fulquet and Sobrino, Beatriz Sánchez and de Lara Sánchez, María Antonia Álvarez and Martín, Belén and Ruiz, Asunción
Nefrologia, ISSN 0211-6995, 2012, Volume 32, Issue 2, pp. 143 - 152
Journal Article
Revista de Estudios y Experiencias en Educación, ISSN 0717-6945, 01/2018, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp. 53 - 73
En este artículo se muestra como partiendo de los diferentes conceptos de liderazgo y comunicación aplicado a las organizaciones se definen los roles del... 
Journal Article
Educar, ISSN 0211-819X, 02/2008, Volume 41, pp. 29 - 40
El nostre article presenta una proposta de canvi dels models tradicionals de suport, formació i actualització dels docents en exercici per a la innovació a... 
innovación educativa | socioconstructivismo | formación | actualización docente | alfabetización | TIC
Journal Article
1997, Col·lecció d'investigació Francesc Ferrer Pastor, ISBN 9788488578426, Volume 3, 134
1982, 1a ed. --, Col·lecció Estudis i documents, ISBN 8429719040, Volume 33-34, v.
1993, 1. ed., Llibres de l'Escorpi. Poesia/Sèrie gran, ISBN 8429736379, Volume 6, 264
1978, 1. ed. --, Serie Historia, ISBN 8470310690, 343
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