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2008, Widescreen ed., Frank Sinatra collection, ISBN 9781419852367
In this Hollywood landmark, Frank Sinatra gives a searing, Oscar-nominated performance as an aspiring drummer struggling to break free of his drug habit. 
Drug addicts
Video Recording
by Ötünçtemur, Alper and Çakır, Süleyman Sami and Dursun, Murat and Polat, Emre Can and Somay, Adnan and Somay, Adnan and Özbay, Nurver and Özbay, Nurver and Çekmen, Mustafa and Lee, Ming Chak and Brooks, Andrew and Drummond, Malcolm and Lau, Howard and Patel, Manish and Wang, Audrey and Woo, Henry and Kim, Hyun Jin and Averch, Timothy D and Averch, Timothy D and Kim, Hyung and Yildirim, Ibrahim and Tapan, Serkan and Aydur, Emin and Tahmaz, Lutfu and Dayanc, Murat and Olweny, Ephrem O and Faddegon, Stephen and Faddegon, Stephen and Best, Sara L and Jackson, Neil and Wehner, Eleanor F and Tan, Yung K and Tan, Yung K and Zuzak, Karel J and Cadeddu, Jeffrey A and Cadeddu, Jeffrey A and Cadeddu, Jeffrey A and Tan, Yung Khan and Olweny, Ephrem O and Liu, Zhou Wei and Kapur, Payal and Faddegon, Steve and Yin, Gang and Cadeddu, Jeffrey and Park, Jane Hyeon and Castillo, Josefino Cortez and Morales Jr, Marcelino Lopeztan and Colli, Janet and Wang, Zijun and Keel, Christopher and Lee, Benjamin R and Dilli, Alper and Zengin, Kürşad and Yalçınkaya, Fatih and Yiğitbaşı, Orhan and Sertçelik, Memduh Nurettin and Arıdoğan, Ibrahim Atilla and Izol, Volkan and Acıkalın, Arbil and Abat, Deniz and Tuli, Abdullah and Bayazıt, Yıldırım and Resorlu, Berkan and Unsal, Ali and Saitz, Theodore and Grossman, Leah and Dorsey, Philip and Pedersen, Ditte and Lund, Martin and Marcussen, Niels and Lund, Lars and Graversen, Joseph A and Wikenheiser, Jamie and Kerkoutian, Susan and Abdelshehid, Corollos and Abdelshehid, Corollos and Alipanah, Reza and Quach, Stephen and Zarraga, Jerome P and Gerbatsch, Isabelle and Huang, Jiaoti and Landman, Jaime and Landman, Jaime and Kyriazis, Iason and Kagadis, George and Loudos, George and Kallidonis, Panagiotis and Kallidonis, Panagiotis and Georgiopoulos, Ioannis and Liourdi, Despoina and Apostolopoulos, Dimitris and Nikiforidis, George and Liatsikos, Evangelos and Liatsikos, Evangelos and Fishman, Andrew and Dorai, Thambi and Dorai, Thambi and Ding, Cheng and Haberle, Ines Batinic and Grasso, Michael and ...
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 09/2012, Volume 26, Issue S1, pp. P1 - A572
Journal Article
by Chris J, Allender and Jenna L, Bowen and Widatella, Awadalla and Iason, Kyriazis and Nikolaos, Tsopanoglou and Panagiotis, Kallidonis and Odysseas, Andrikopoulos and Despoina, Liourdi and Helen, Papadaki and Konstantina, Geronatsiou and Nicolas, Haseke and Sebastian, Walther and Christan, Gratzke and Christain G, Stief and Ronald, Sroka and Ephrem O, Olweny and Stephen, Faddegon and Stacey, McLeroy and Raul, Fernandez and Bruce E, Gnade and Heather E, Beardsley and Margaret S, Pearle and Jeffrey A, Cadeddu and Jeffrey A, Cadeddu and Tatsuo, Igarashi and Takuro, Ishii and Satoki, Zenbutsu and Yukio, Naya and Nuzhath, Khan and Deirdre, Anderson and Jonathan, Watkiss and Ben, Challacombe and Mohammed Shamim, Khan and Prokar, Dasgupta and Declan, Cahill and Nuzhath, Khan and Deirdre, Anderson and Faria, Khan and Jonathan, Watkiss and Ben, Challacombe and Mohammed Shamim, Khan and Prokar, Dasgupta and Declan, Cahill and Nieroshan, Rajarubendra and Ping Han, Chia and Aasheen, Munshey and Shomik, Sengupta and Damien, Bolton and Oneel, Patel and Lin, Xiao and Joseph, Ischia and Graham, Baldwin and Arthur, Schulkes and Payal, Kapur and Yung K, Tan and Samuel K, Park and Mehrad, Adibi and Sara L, Best and Jeffrey A, Cadeddu and Daniel M, de Bruin and Dirk J, Faber and Ton G, van Leeuwen and Jean J, de la Rosette and Pilar, Laguna and Shubha, De and Leah, Grossman and Niels, Johnsen and Greg, Mitchell and Ted, Klein and Benjamin, Lee and Panagiotis, Kitrou and Dimitrios, Karnabatidis and Christina, Kalogeropoulou and Athanasios, Tsamandas and Theofanis, Vrettos and Ioannis, Georgiopoulos and Aarond D, Benson and Bradley F, Schwartz and Kristina L, Penniston and Lauren, Iwicki and Ibrahim, Saeed and Thomas D, Crenshaw and Stephen Y, Nakada and Vivek, Joshi and Sushil, Karia and Sudhir, Sheth and Jitendra, Amlani and Sunil, Moteria and Mohammad Reza, Darabi mahboub and Eugene, Fuchs and Michael, Conlin and Hassan, Razvi and John D, Denstedt and Linda, Nott and Ad, Hendrikx and Michael, Luke and S.K, Pal and Jean, de la Rosette and Sunil, M and Maria Chiara, Sighinolfi and ...
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 11/2011, Volume 25, Issue S1, pp. P1 - A373
Journal Article
07/1999, Issue 461-62, 3
Magazine Article
2006, Cinema classics collection
After his wife dies, Matt Calder and his young son begin a new life in the breathtaking, rugged Northwest wilderness, where Calder is robbed and beaten by... 
Man-woman relationships | Fathers and sons | Frontier and pioneer life
Video Recording
Video Recording
2005, Fox film noir, Volume 12
Cop Mark Dixon is in hot water with his bosses because of his rough style and tactics. He accidentally kills a murder suspect and tries to frame a known... 
Manslaughter | Police
Video Recording
2004, Fox film noir, Volume 1
A detective is hired to find out who killed their daughter. Soon, he falls in love with her picture. 
Investigation | Murder | Man-woman relationships
Video Recording
2005, Full frame [version]., Fox film noir, Volume 14
"June Mills and her sister Clara live a quiet life in a small coastal town until Eric Stanton, a smooth-talking con man, comes into their lives. He seems to... 
Investigation | Man-woman relationships | Swindlers and swindling | Murder
Video Recording
2001, Widescreen ed.
Joe, a military policeman about to make officer, is infatuated with the flirtatious and sexy Carmen Jones. Their ill-fated romance comes to a grisly end by the... 
African Americans | Man-woman relationships | Military police
Video Recording
2003, Widescreen format (2.35:1)., ISBN 9780767889124
A 17-year-old girl attempts to break up the romantic relationship between her father and his new fiancée, who disapproves of her hedonistic lifestyle. 
Man-woman relationships | Riviera (France)
Video Recording
In this legendary Gershwin opera set among the black residents of a fishing village in 1912 South Carolina, Bess - a woman with a disreputable history - tries... 
Man-woman relationships
Video Recording
2001, Standard version., ISBN 9780790762593
A long time ago, in Middle Earth, humans shared their days with elves, wizards, goblins, dragons, heroes ... and hobbits. Just minding his own business, Bilbo... 
Middle Earth (Imaginary place) | Tolkien, J. R. R. 1892-1973 | Dragons
Video Recording
2000, ISBN 9780767827959
A courtoom drama of premeditated murder as a jealous army lieutenant pleads innocent to murdering the rapist of his beautiful wife. 
Feature films | Rape | Investigation | Detective and mystery films
Library Holding
1994, Studio classics, ISBN 9780793910489
Video Recording
Book Chapter
07/1999, Issue 461/462
Reinhardt n'en a pas modifié le superbe style baroque ; il se contentait d'y apporter des éléments nouveaux, tel un magnifique lustre en cristal avec 800... 
Investment income | Parents & parenting | Art
Magazine Article
Variety (Archive: 1905-2000), ISSN 0042-2738, 01/1960, Volume 217, Issue 6, p. 53
Journal Article
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