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by Bhangu, Aneel and Ademuyiwa, Adesoji O and Aguilera, Maria Lorena and Alexander, Philip and Al-Saqqa, Sara W and Borda-Luque, Giuliano and Costas-Chavarri, Ainhoa and Drake, Thomas M and Ntirenganya, Faustin and Fitzgerald, J Edward and Fergusson, Stuart J and Glasbey, James and Ingabire, JC Allen and Ismaïl, Lawani and Salem, Hosni Khairy and Kojo, Anyomih Theophilus Teddy and Lapitan, Marie Carmela and Lilford, Richard and Mihaljevic, Andre L and Morton, Dion and Mutabazi, Alphonse Zeta and Nepogodiev, Dmitri and Adisa, Adewale O and Ots, Riinu and Pata, Francesco and Pinkney, Thomas and Poškus, Tomas and Qureshi, Ahmad Uzair and Ramos-De la Medina, Antonio and Rayne, Sarah and Shaw, Catherine A and Shu, Sebastian and Spence, Richard and Smart, Neil and Tabiri, Stephen and Harrison, Ewen M and Khatri, Chetan and Mohan, Midhun and Jaffry, Zahra and Altamini, Afnan and Kirby, Andrew and Søreide, Kjetil and Recinos, Gustavo and Cornick, Jen and Modolo, Maria Marta and Iyer, Dushyant and King, Sebastian and Arthur, Tom and Nahar, Sayeda Nazmum and Waterman, Ade and Walsh, Michael and Agarwal, Arnav and Zani, Augusto and Firdouse, Mohammed and Rouse, Tyler and Liu, Qinyang and Correa, Juan Camilo and Talving, Peep and Worku, Mengistu and Arnaud, Alexis and Kalles, Vassilis and Kumar, Basant and Kumar, Sunil and Amandito, Radhian and Quek, Roy and Ansaloni, Luca and Altibi, Ahmed and Venskutonis, Donatas and Zilinskas, Justas and Poskus, Tomas and Whitaker, John and Msosa, Vanessa and Tew, Yong Yong and Farrugia, Alexia and Borg, Elaine and Bentounsi, Zineb and Gala, Tanzeela and Al-Slaibi, Ibrahim and Tahboub, Haya and Alser, Osaid H and Romani, Diego and Shu, Sebestian and Major, Piotr and Mironescu, Aurel and Bratu, Matei and Kourdouli, Amar and Ndajiwo, Aliyu and Altwijri, Abdulaziz and Alsaggaf, Mohammed Ubaid and Gudal, Ahmad and Jubran, Al Faifi and Seisay, Sam and Lieske, Bettina and Ortega, Irene and Jeyakumar, Jenifa and Senanayake, Kithsiri J and Abdulbagi, Omar and Cengiz, Yucel and Raptis, Dmitri and Altinel, Yuksel and ... and GlobalSurg Collaborative
The Lancet Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1473-3099, 05/2018, Volume 18, Issue 5, pp. 516 - 525
Journal Article
01/2016, ISBN 9781339765471
In the mid-nineteenth century, American liberal theologians and religious thinkers turned toward nature as a religious text. This was especially true for the... 
Theology | Religion | American history
by Richard J. Mural and Mark D. Adams and Eugene W. Myers and Hamilton O. Smith and George L. Gabor Miklos and Ron Wides and Aaron Halpern and Peter W. Li and Granger G. Sutton and Joe Nadeau and Steven L. Salzberg and Robert A. Holt and Chinnappa D. Kodira and Fu Lu and Lin Chen and Zuoming Deng and Carlos C. Evangelista and Weiniu Gan and Thomas J. Heiman and Jiayin Li and Zhenya Li and Gennady V. Merkulov and Natalia V. Milshina and Ashwinikumar K. Naik and Rong Qi and Bixiong Chris Shue and Aihui Wang and Jian Wang and Xin Wang and Xianghe Yan and Jane Ye and Shibu Yooseph and Qi Zhao and Liansheng Zheng and Shiaoping C. Zhu and Kendra Biddick and Randall Bolanos and Arthur L. Delcher and Ian M. Dew and Daniel Fasulo and Michael J. Flanigan and Daniel H. Huson and Saul A. Kravitz and Jason R. Miller and Clark M. Mobarry and Knut Reinert and Karin A. Remington and Qing Zhang and Xiangqun H. Zheng and Deborah R. Nusskern and Zhongwu Lai and Yiding Lei and Wenyan Zhong and Alison Yao and Ping Guan and Rui-Ru Ji and Zhiping Gu and Zhen-Yuan Wang and Fei Zhong and Chunlin Xiao and Chia-Chien Chiang and Mark Yandell and Jennifer R. Wortman and Peter G. Amanatides and Suzanne L. Hladun and Eric C. Pratts and Jeffery E. Johnson and Kristina L. Dodson and Kerry J. Woodford and Cheryl A. Evans and Barry Gropman and Douglas B. Rusch and Eli Venter and Mei Wang and Thomas J. Smith and Jarrett T. Houck and Donald E. Tompkins and Charles Haynes and Debbie Jacob and Soo H. Chin and David R. Allen and Carl E. Dahlke and Robert Sanders and Kelvin Li and Xiangjun Liu and Alexander A. Levitsky and William H. Majoros and Quan Chen and Ashley C. Xia and John R. Lopez and Michael T. Donnelly and Matthew H. Newman and Anna Glodek and Cheryl L. Kraft and Marc Nodell and Feroze Ali and Hui-Jin An and Danita Baldwin-Pitts and Karen Y. Beeson and Shuang Cai and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 5/2002, Volume 296, Issue 5573, pp. 1661 - 1671
Journal Article
by Valovirta, Erkka and Petersen, Thomas H and Piotrowska, Teresa and Laursen, Mette K and Andersen, Jens S and Sørensen, Helle F and Klink, Rabih and Varga, Eva-Maria and Huttegger, Isidor and Agertoft, Lone and Halken, Susanne and Jørgensen, Merete and Hansen, Lars G and Cronjäger, Roswitha and Hansen, Kirsten Skamstrup and Petersen, Thomas Houmann and Rubak, Sune and Valovirta, Erkka and Csonka, Péter and Mickelsson, Ove and de Blic, Jacques and Thi, Nham Pham and Refabert, Luc and Pasquet, Christine and Broue-Chabbert, Anne and Juchet, Agnes and Lebeaupin, Bruno and Durand-Perdriel, François and Wessel, François and Payot, Francois and Girodet, Bruno and Houssel, Jean-Marc and Andre-Gomez, Sylvie-Anne and Riotte-Flandrois, Françoise and Basset, Dominique and Mounier, Dominique and Robberecht, Marie Noelle and Delbecque, Laure and Klink, Rabih and Fauquert, Jean-Luc and Prud'Homme, Anne and Auffret, Annick and Luet-Gautier, Béatrice and Perello, Montserrat Agell and Bouillot, Fabrice and Bufe, Albrecht and von Berg, Andrea and Gappa, Monika and Vogelberg, Christian and Hamelmann, Eckhard and Schauer, Uwe and Stephan, Volker and Eberle, Peter and Bedikian, Raffi and Bosch, Peter and Christmann, J. Peter and Franke, Egbert and Dahlheim, Marcus and Kaiser, Friedrich and Knecht, Roland and Sandner, Bernard and Gronke, Christine and Köllges, Ralph and Franke-Beckmann, Eivy and Klimek, Ludger and Hoffmann, Matthias and Bretschneider, Ingrid and Herland Berstad, Aud Katrine and Kvenshagen, Bente and Øymar, Knut A and Andersen, Bjarne Dag and Kolsrud, Espen and Søyland, Anne and Dyczek, Andrzej and Bokiej, Juliusz and Hofman, Teresa and Springer, Ewa and Lisiecka, Maria and Madaj, Anna and Piotrowska, Teresa and Trębas-Pietraś, Ewa and Wytrychowski, Krzysztof and Żurowska-Gębala, Malgorzata Zurowska and Moszyńska, Danuta and Kwaśniewski, Artur and Ojeda, Pedro and Ibáñez, Ma Dolores and Cimarra, Mercedes and Infante, Sonsoles and Quirce, Santiago and González, Eloina and Vega, Arancha and Panizo, Carmen and Tabar, Ana Isabel and Vidal, Carmen and Gómez, Alicia Alonso and Parra, Beatriz Fernández and Winnergård, Inger and Kiotseridis, Hampus and Söderman, Päivi and ... and GAP investigators and GAP Investigators
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, ISSN 0091-6749, 02/2018, Volume 141, Issue 2, pp. 529 - 538.e13
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 9/1998, Volume 95, Issue 18, pp. 10746 - 10750
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), the most common autoimmune disease, is associated in families with other autoimmune diseases, including insulin-dependent diabetes... 
HLA antigens | Medical genetics | Alleles | Rheumatology | Genetic loci | P values | Genomes | Autoimmune diseases | Chromosomes | Type 1 diabetes mellitus | ASSOCIATION | NATIONWIDE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | DISEASE | Rheumatoid arthritis | Research
Journal Article
International Journal of Climatology, ISSN 0899-8418, 05/2013, Volume 33, Issue 6, pp. 1367 - 1381
Quantifying the effects of future changes in the frequency of precipitation extremes is a key challenge in assessing the vulnerability of hydrological systems... 
regional climate model | downscaling | bias correction | cross‐validation | daily precipitation | Bias correction | Daily precipitation | Downscaling | Regional climate model | Cross-validation | SCENARIOS | ROBUSTNESS | OUTPUT | cross-validation | PROJECTIONS | IMPACTS | METEOROLOGY & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES | Hydrology | Climate | Models | Climate models | Climatic changes | Rain and rainfall | Methods
Journal Article
Nature Biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 01/2000, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp. 81 - 84
Journal Article