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matrix metalloproteinases (5) 5
metalloendopeptidases - genetics (5) 5
metalloproteinase (5) 5
metastasis (5) 5
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neoplasms - genetics (5) 5
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proteolysis (5) 5
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Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 06/2011, Volume 475, Issue 7354, pp. 101 - 105
Journal Article
by Worley, Kim C and Warren, Wesley C and Rogers, Jeffrey and Locke, Devin and Muzny, Donna M and Mardis, Elaine R and Weinstock, George M and Tardif, Suzette D and Aagaard, Kjersti M and Archidiacono, Nicoletta and Arul Rayan, Nirmala and Batzer, Mark A and Beal, Kathryn and Brejova, Brona and Capozzi, Oronzo and Capuano, Saverio B and Casola, Claudio and Chandrabose, Mimi M and Cree, Andrew and Diep Dao, Marvin and De Jong, Pieter J and Cruz-Herrera del Rosario, Ricardo and Delehaunty, Kim D and Dinh, Huyen H and Eichler, Evan E and Fitzgerald, Stephen and Flicek, Paul and Fontenot, Catherine C and Fowler, R. Gerald and Fronick, Catrina and Fulton, Lucinda A and Fulton, Robert S and Gabisi, Ramatu Ayiesha and Gerlach, Daniel and Graves, Tina A and Gunaratne, Preethi H and Hahn, Matthew W and Haig, David and Han, Yi and Harris, R. Alan and Herrero, Javier and Hillier, LaDeana W and Hubley, Robert and Hughes, Jennifer F and Hume, Jennifer and Jhangiani, Shalini N and Jorde, Lynn B and Joshi, Vandita and Karakor, Emre and Konkel, Miriam K and Kosiol, Carolin and LKovar, Christie and Kriventseva, Evgenia V and Lee, Sandra L and Lewis, Lora R and Liu, Yih-Shin and Lopez, John and Lopez-Otin, Carlos and Lorente-Galdos, Belen and Mansfield, Keith G and Marques-Bonet, Tomas and Minx, Patrick and Misceo, Doriana and Moncrieff, J. Scott and Morgan, Margaret B and Nazareth, Lynne V and Newsham, Irene and Nguyen, Ngoc Bich and Okwuonu, Geoffrey O and Prabhakar, Shyam and Perales, Lora and Pu, Ling-Ling and Puente, Xose S and Quesada, Victor and Ranck, Megan C and Raney, Brian J and Raveendran, Muthuswamy and Deiros, David Rio and Rocchi, Mariano and Rodriguez, David and Ross, Corinna and Ruffier, Magali and Ruiz, San Juana and Sajjadian, Saba and Santibanez, Jireh and Schrider, Daniel R and Searle, Steve and Skaletsky, Helen and Soibam, Benjamin and Smit, Arian F.A and Tennakoon, Jayantha B and Tomaska, Lubomir and Ullmer, Brygg and Vejnar, Charles E and Ventura, Mario and Vilella, Albert J and Vinar, Tomas and Vogel, Jan-Hinnerk and Walker, Jerilyn A and Wang, Qing and ... and The Marmoset Genome Sequencing and Analysis Consortium and Marmoset Genome Sequencing Anal Co and Marmoset Genome Sequencing and Analysis Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 07/2014, Volume 46, Issue 8, pp. 850 - 857
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 1091-6490, 10/2013, Volume 110, Issue 45, pp. 18250 - 18255
Journal Article
by Alexandrov, Ludmil B and Nik-Zainal, Serena and Wedge, David C and Aparicio, Samuel A. J. R and Behjati, Sam and Biankin, Andrew V and Bignell, Graham R and Bolli, Niccolò and Borg, Ake and Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise and Boyault, Sandrine and Burkhardt, Birgit and Butler, Adam P and Caldas, Carlos and Davies, Helen R and Desmedt, Christine and Eils, Roland and Eyfjörd, Jórunn Erla and Foekens, John A and Greaves, Mel and Hosoda, Fumie and Hutter, Barbara and Ilicic, Tomislav and Imbeaud, Sandrine and Imielinski, Marcin and Jäger, Natalie and Jones, David T. W and Jones, David and Knappskog, Stian and Kool, Marcel and Lakhani, Sunil R and López-Otín, Carlos and Martin, Sancha and Munshi, Nikhil C and Nakamura, Hiromi and Northcott, Paul A and Pajic, Marina and Papaemmanuil, Elli and Paradiso, Angelo and Pearson, John V and Puente, Xose S and Raine, Keiran and Ramakrishna, Manasa and Richardson, Andrea L and Richter, Julia and Rosenstiel, Philip and Schlesner, Matthias and Schumacher, Ton N and Span, Paul N and Teague, Jon W and Totoki, Yasushi and Tutt, Andrew N. J and Valdés-Mas, Rafael and van Buuren, Marit M and van ’t Veer, Laura and Vincent-Salomon, Anne and Waddell, Nicola and Yates, Lucy R and Zucman-Rossi, Jessica and Andrew Futreal, P and McDermott, Ultan and Lichter, Peter and Meyerson, Matthew and Grimmond, Sean M and Siebert, Reiner and Campo, Elías and Shibata, Tatsuhiro and Pfister, Stefan M and Campbell, Peter J and Stratton, Michael R and ICGC MMML-Seq Consortium and ICGC PedBrain and ICGC Breast Cancer Consortium and Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative and ICGC Breast Canc Consortium and Australian Pancreatic Canc Genome
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 08/2013, Volume 500, Issue 7463, pp. 415 - 421
Journal Article
by Alioto, Tyler S and Buchhalter, Ivo and Derdak, Sophia and Hutter, Barbara and Eldridge, Matthew D and Hovig, Eivind and Heisler, Lawrence E and Beck, Timothy A and Simpson, Jared T and Tonon, Laurie and Sertier, Anne-Sophie and Patch, Ann-Marie and Jäger, Natalie and Ginsbach, Philip and Drews, Ruben and Paramasivam, Nagarajan and Kabbe, Rolf and Chotewutmontri, Sasithorn and Diessl, Nicolle and Previti, Christopher and Schmidt, Sabine and Brors, Benedikt and Feuerbach, Lars and Heinold, Michael and Gröbner, Susanne and Korshunov, Andrey and Tarpey, Patrick S and Butler, Adam P and Hinton, Jonathan and Jones, David and Menzies, Andrew and Raine, Keiran and Shepherd, Rebecca and Stebbings, Lucy and Teague, Jon W and Ribeca, Paolo and Giner, Francesc Castro and Beltran, Sergi and Raineri, Emanuele and Dabad, Marc and Heath, Simon C and Gut, Marta and Denroche, Robert E and Harding, Nicholas J and Yamaguchi, Takafumi N and Fujimoto, Akihiro and Nakagawa, Hidewaki and Quesada, Víctor and Valdés-Mas, Rafael and Nakken, Sigve and Vodák, Daniel and Bower, Lawrence and Lynch, Andrew G and Anderson, Charlotte L and Waddell, Nicola and Pearson, John V and Grimmond, Sean M and Peto, Myron and Spellman, Paul and He, Minghui and Kandoth, Cyriac and Lee, Semin and Zhang, John and Létourneau, Louis and Ma, Singer and Seth, Sahil and Torrents, David and Xi, Liu and Wheeler, David A and López-Otín, Carlos and Campo, Elías and Campbell, Peter J and Boutros, Paul C and Puente, Xose S and Gerhard, Daniela S and Pfister, Stefan M and McPherson, John D and Hudson, Thomas J and Schlesner, Matthias and Lichter, Peter and Eils, Roland and Jones, David T. W and Gut, Ivo G
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2015, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 10001 - 10001
Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 07/2015, Volume 526, Issue 7574, pp. 519 - 524
Journal Article