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by Gandhi, G and Allahbadia, G and Kagalwala, S and Allahbadia, A and Ramesh, S and Patel, K and Hinduja, R and Chipkar, V and Madne, M and Ramani, R and Joo, J. K and Jeung, J. E and Go, K. R and Lee, K. S and Goto, H and Hashimoto, S and Amo, A and Yamochi, T and Iwata, H and Morimoto, Y and Koifman, M and Lahav-Baratz, S and Blais, E and Megnazi-Wiener, Z and Ishai, D and Auslender, R and Dirnfeld, M and Zaletova, V and Zakharova, E and Krivokharchenko, I and Zaletov, S and Zhu, L and Li, Y and Zhang, H and Ai, J and Jin, L and Zhang, X and Rajan, N and Kovacs, A and Foley, C and Flanagan, J and O'Callaghan, J and Waterstone, J and Dineen, T and Dahdouh, E. M and St-Michel, P and Granger, L and Carranza-Mamane, B and Faruqi, F and Kattygnarath, T. V and Gomes, F. L. A. F and Christoforidis, N and Ioakimidou, C and Papas, C and Moisidou, M and Chatziparasidou, A and Klaver, M and Tilleman, K and De Sutter, P and Lammers, J and Freour, T and Splingart, C and Barriere, P and Ikeno, T and Nakajyo, Y and Sato, Y and Hirata, K and Kyoya, T and Kyono, K and Campos, F. B and Meseguer, M and Nogales, M and Martinez, E and Ariza, M and Agudo, D and Rodrigo, L and Garcia-Velasco, J. A and Lopes, A. S and Frederickx, V and Vankerkhoven, G and Serneels, A and Roziers, P and Puttermans, P and Campo, R and Gordts, S and Fragouli, E and Alfarawati, S and Spath, K and Wells, D and Liss, J and Lukaszuk, K and Glowacka, J and Bruszczynska, A and Gallego, S. C and Lopez, L. O and Vila, E. O and Garcia, M. G and Canas, C. L and Segovia, A. G and Ponce, A. G and ...
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Journal Article
Journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 11/1995, Volume 274, Issue 20, pp. 1591 - 1598
Objectives.-To improve end-of-life decision making and reduce the frequency of a mechanically supported, painful, and prolonged process of dying. Design.-A... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Neuroinflammation, ISSN 1742-2094, 07/2015, Volume 12, Issue 1, p. 132
Journal Article