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Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 2018, Volume 391, Issue 10116, pp. 133 - 143
BACKGROUND: Whether the route of early feeding affects outcomes of patients with severe critical illnesses is controversial. We hypothesised that outcomes were... 
Life Sciences
Journal Article
by Reignier, Jean and Boisramé-Helms, Julie and Brisard, Laurent and Lascarrou, Jean-Baptiste and Ait Hssain, Ali and Anguel, Nadia and Argaud, Laurent and Asehnoune, Karim and Asfar, Pierre and Bellec, Frédéric and Botoc, Vlad and Bretagnol, Anne and Bui, Hoang-Nam and Canet, Emmanuel and Da Silva, Daniel and Darmon, Michael and Das, Vincent and Devaquet, Jérôme and Djibre, Michel and Ganster, Frédérique and Garrouste-Orgeas, Maité and Gaudry, Stéphane and Gontier, Olivier and Guérin, Claude and Guidet, Bertrand and Guitton, Christophe and Herbrecht, Jean-Etienne and Lacherade, Jean-Claude and Letocart, Philippe and Martino, Frédéric and Maxime, Virginie and Mercier, Emmanuelle and Mercier, Romain and Mira, Jean-Paul and Nseir, Saad and Piton, Gael and Quenot, Jean-Pierre and Richecoeur, Jack and Rigaud, Jean-Philippe and Robert, René and Rolin, Nathalie and Schwebel, Carole and Sirodot, Michel and Tinturier, François and Thévenin, Didier and Giraudeau, Bruno and Le Gouge, Amélie and Dupont, Hervé and Pierrot, Marc and Beloncle, François and Combaux, Danièle and Winiszewski, Hadrien and Capellier, Gilles and Hilbert, Gilles and Gruson, Didier and Kalfon, Pierre and Souweine, Bertrand and Coupez, Elizabeth and Ricard, Jean-Damien and Messika, Jonathan and Bougerol, François and Declercq, Pierre-Louis and Dargent, Auguste and Large, Audrey and Annane, Djillali and Clair, Bernard and Bonadona, Agnès and Hamidfar, Rebecca and Richard, Christian and Henry-Lagarrigue, Mathieu and Yehia, Ahiem Yehia and Temime, Johanna and Barrailler, Stephanie and Favory, Raphaël and Parmentier-Decrucq, Erika and Jourdain, Mercé and Baboi, Loredana and Simon, Marie and Baudry, Thomas and Monchi, Mehran and Roustan, Jérôme and Bardou, Patrick and Cottereau, Alice and Guiot, Philippe and Brule, Noelle and Landais, Mickael and Roquilly, Antoine and Boulain, Thierry and Benzekri, Dalila and Champigneulle, Benoit and Tahiri, Jalel and Preda, Gabriel and Misset, Benoit and Lemiale, Virginie and Zafrani, Lara and Fartoukh, Muriel and Thiéry, Guillaume and Chatellier, Delphine and Coudroy, Rémi and Chouquer, Renaud and ... and NUTRIREA-2 Trial Investigators and Clinical Research in Intensive Care and Sepsis (CRICS) group
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 01/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10116, pp. 133 - 143
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 10/2018, Volume 379, Issue 15, pp. 1431 - 1442
Journal Article
by Serpa Neto, Ary and Schmidt, Matthieu and Azevedo, Luciano C. P and Bein, Thomas and Brochard, Laurent and Beutel, Gernot and Combes, Alain and Costa, Eduardo L. V and Hodgson, Carol and Lindskov, Christian and Lubnow, Matthias and Lueck, Catherina and Michaels, Anew J and Paiva, Jose-Artur and Park, Marcelo and Pesenti, Antonio and Pham, Tai and Quintel, Michael and Marco Ranieri, V and Ried, Michael and Roncon-Albuquerque, Roberto and Slutsky, Arthur S and Takeda, Shinhiro and Terragni, Pier Paolo and Vejen, Marie and Weber-Carstens, Steffen and Welte, Tobias and Gama de Abreu, Marcelo and Pelosi, Paolo and Schultz, Marcus J and Zogheib, E and Dupont, H and Mercat, A and Pierrot, M and Capellier, G and Verdiere, B and Bastien, O and Lehot, J. J and Tonnelier, J. M and Guelon, D and du Cheyron, D and Thille, A and Pham, T and Brun-Buisson, C and Quenot, J. P and Arasomoano, N. N and Minet, C and Timsit, J. F and Dessertaine, G and Robriquet, L and Jaillette, E and Castanier, M and Roch, A and Papazian, L and Eliet, J and Gaudard, P and Machado, S and Kuteifan, K and Kimmoun, A and Levy, B and Bizouarn, P and Villiers, D and Guitton, C and Dellamonica, J and Boulain, T and Mourvillier, B and Bailly Salin, J and Wolff, M and Charpentier, J and Chiche, J. D and Ricome, S and Megarbane, B and Combes, A and Schmidt, M and Brechot, N and Chastre, J and Roze, H and Ouattara, A and Robert, R and Carise, E and Reignier, J and Beduneau, G and Richard, J. C. M and Le Tulzo, Y and Zeni, F and Jospe, R and Kummerlen, C and Gouello, J. P and Cerf, C and Devaquet, J and Riu-Poulenc, B and Luzi, A and Georges, B and Mayeur, N and Mercier, E and Guillon, A and Eustache, M. L and ReVA Research Network and the PROVE Network Investigators and The ReVA Research Network and the PROVE Network Investigators
Intensive care medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 2016, Volume 42, Issue 11, pp. 1672 - 1684
Journal Article
Réanimation, ISSN 1624-0693, 5/2016, Volume 25, Issue S2, pp. 37 - 43
L’incidence des infections invasives liées aux levures du genre Candida est croissante en France, mais il s’agit toujours d’infections rares lorsque l’ensemble... 
Antifungals | Emergency Medicine | Medicine & Public Health | Candida | Intensive / Critical Care Medicine | Épidémiologie | Antifongique | Anesthesiology | Candidemia | Epidemiology | Candidémie
Journal Article
Circulation, ISSN 0009-7322, 07/2015, Volume 132, Issue 3, pp. 182 - 193
Journal Article
Reanimation, ISSN 1624-0693, 11/2017, Volume 26, Issue 6, pp. 464 - 471
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 03/2018, Volume 378, Issue 9, pp. 809 - 818
Journal Article
Psychologie francaise, ISSN 0033-2984, 06/2017, Volume 62, Issue 2, pp. 121 - 134
L’objectif de cette étude est d’explorer les liens qu’établissent les professionnels de la santé entre le fonctionnement de leur équipe de travail et le risque... 
Urgence | Health | Work team | Medical error | Risk | Santé | Collectif de travail | Emergency | Risque | Erreur médicale
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Vincent, JL and Francois, B and Zabolotskikh, I and Daga, MK and Lascarrou, JB and Kirov, MY and Pettila, V and Wittebole, X and Meziani, F and Mercier, E and Lobo, SM and Barie, PS and Crowther, M and Esmon, CT and Fareed, J and Gando, S and Gorelick, KJ and Levi, M and Mira, JP and Opal, SM and Parrillo, J and Russell, JA and Saito, H and Tsuruta, K and Sakai, T and Fineberg, D and Bertuzzi, R and Bellomo, R and Chapman, M and Ernest, D and Fletcher, J and French, C and Gowardman, J and Shehabi, Y and Venkatesh, B and Walsham, J and Vij, S and Chochrad, D and Creteur, J and Devriendt, J and Dive, AM and Dugernier, T and Foret, F and Hoste, E and Jorens, P and Simon, M and Spapen, H and Dias, F and Freire, A and Simeonov, G and Stefanov, C and Aslanian, P and Berthiaume, L and Martin, C and Chittock, D and Dhar, A and Doig, C and Jones, G and Hall, R and Boyd, J and Shin, P and Wood, G and Zarychanski, R and Quinteros, GA and Gasparovic, V and Husedzinovic, I and Balik, M and Burget, I and Dlouhy, P and Pachl, J and Karlsson, S and Laru-Sompa, R and Parviainen, I and Ruokone, E and Skrifvars, M and Bohe, J and Dellamonica, J and Duguet, A and Durand-Gasselin, J and Fiancette, M and Joannes-Boyau, O and Lefrant, JY and Mercat, A and Nseir, S and Quenot, JP and Reignier, J and Schwebel, C and Marx, G and Zacharowski, K and Armaganidis, A and Komnos, A and Fejer, C and Appajigol, J and Behera, SK and ChandraShekhar, S and Chowdhury, S and D'costa, PM and Gupta, HSS and Iyer, S and Khan, ZA and ... and SCARLET Trial Grp and SCARLET Trial Group and for the SCARLET Trial Group
JAMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, ISSN 0098-7484, 05/2019, Volume 321, Issue 20, pp. 1993 - 2002
Journal Article