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by Davis, Lea K and Yu, Dongmei and Keenan, Clare L and Gamazon, Eric R and Konkashbaev, Anuar I and Derks, Eske M and Neale, Benjamin M and Yang, Jian and Lee, S. Hong and Evans, Patrick and Barr, Cathy L and Bellodi, Laura and Benarroch, Fortu and Berrio, Gabriel Bedoya and Bienvenu, Oscar J and Bloch, Michael H and Blom, Rianne M and Bruun, Ruth D and Budman, Cathy L and Camarena, Beatriz and Campbell, Desmond and Cappi, Carolina and Cardona Silgado, Julio C and Cath, Danielle C and Cavallini, Maria C and Chavira, Denise A and Chouinard, Sylvain and Conti, David V and Cook, Edwin H and Coric, Vladimir and Cullen, Bernadette A and Deforce, Dieter and Delorme, Richard and Dion, Yves and Edlund, Christopher K and Egberts, Karin and Falkai, Peter and Fernandez, Thomas V and Gallagher, Patience J and Garrido, Helena and Geller, Daniel and Girard, Simon L and Grabe, Hans J and Grados, Marco A and Greenberg, Benjamin D and Gross-Tsur, Varda and Haddad, Stephen and Heiman, Gary A and Hemmings, Sian M. J and Hounie, Ana G and Illmann, Cornelia and Jankovic, Joseph and Jenike, Michael A and Kennedy, James L and King, Robert A and Kremeyer, Barbara and Kurlan, Roger and Lanzagorta, Nuria and Leboyer, Marion and Leckman, James F and Lennertz, Leonhard and Liu, Chunyu and Lochner, Christine and Lowe, Thomas L and Macciardi, Fabio and McCracken, James T and McGrath, Lauren M and Mesa Restrepo, Sana C and Moessner, Rainald and Morgan, Jubel and Muller, Heike and Murphy, Dennis L and Naarden, Allan L and Ochoa, William Cornejo and Ophoff, Roel A and Osiecki, Lisa and Pakstis, Anew J and Pato, Michele T and Pato, Carlos N and Piacentini, John and Pittenger, Christopher and Pollak, Yehuda and Rauch, Scott L and Renner, Tobias J and Reus, Victor I and Richter, Margaret A and Riddle, Mark A and Robertson, Mary M and Romero, Roxana and Rosàrio, Maria C and Rosenberg, David and Rouleau, Guy A and Ruhrmann, Stephan and Ruiz-Linares, Anes and Sampaio, Aline S and Samuels, Jack and Sandor, Paul and Sheppard, Brooke and Singer, Harvey S and Smit, Jan H and ...
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Journal Article
by Martin, Miguel and Holmes, Frankie A and Ejlertsen, Bent and Delaloge, Suzette and Moy, Beverly and Iwata, Hiroji and Chia, Stephen K L and Šeparović, Robert and Gokmen, Erhan and Bashford, Anna and Kim, Sung-Bae and Jakobsen, Erik Hugger and Ciceniene, Audrone and Inoue, Kenichi and Overkamp, Friedrich and Heijns, Joan B and Armstrong, Anne C and Link, John S and Joy, Anil Abraham and Wong, Alvin and Moran, Susan and Yao, Bin and Xu, Feng and Auerbach, Alan and Buyse, Marc and Chan, Arlene and Harvey, Vernon and Tomek, Rudolf and Robert, Nicholas J and Gore, Ira and Smith, John W and Masuda, Norikazu and Di Sean Kendall, S and Harker, William Graydon and Petrakova, Katarina and Guerrero Zotano, Angel and Simon, Amparo Ruiz and Konstantinovic, Zora Neskovic and Iannotti, Nicholas O and Tassone, Pierfrancesco and Rodriguez, Gladys I and Jáñez Martinez, Noelia and Crespo Massieu, Carmen and Smickoska, Snezana and Somali, Isil and Yilmaz, Ugur and Alonso, Mirta Garcia and Rosales, Adolfo Murias and Cold, Soeren and Knoop, Ann Soegaard and Patt, Debra and Hellerstedt, Beth A and Mayer, Ingrid A and Means-Powell, Julie Ann and Senecal, Francis M and De Boer, Richard Hendry and Shen, Zhenzhou and Luczak, Adam Andrzej and Chui, Joanna W.Y and Tsang, Janice Wing-hang and Lang, Istvan and Rai, Yoshiaki and Hozumi, Yasuo and Ten Tije, Albert J and Ohtani, Shoichiro and Higaki, Kenji and Taguchi, Kazunori and Takahashi, Masato and Filipovic, Sladjana and Rao, Vijayarama Phooshkooru and Gupta, Manish and Petrov, Petar and Coudert, Bruno and Vojnovic, Zeljko and Polya, Zsofia and Miyaki, Toshiko and Yamamoto, Naohito and Brincat, Stephen and Lesniewski-Kmak, Krzysztof and Chmielowska, Ewa and Birhiray, Ruemu E and Citron, Marc L and Papish, Steven William and Berry, William R and Langkjer, Sven Tyge and Garcia Sáenz, José Angel and Arance, Ana Maria and Efrat, Noa and Sarosiek, Tomasz and Grzeda, Lukasz and Manalo, Yvonne and Smith, Julie C and Healey, Tabitha and Dingle, Brian and Franco, Sandra and Sorensen, Peter Grundtvig and Khan, Sarah and Fountzilas, George and Aogi, Kenjiro and Shimizu, Satoru and ... and ExteNET Study Group and ExteNET Study Grp
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article