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by Fidler, Sarah and Stöhr, Wolfgang and Pace, Matt and Dorrell, Lucy and Lever, Andrew and Pett, Sarah and Kinloch-de Loes, Sabine and Fox, Julie and Clarke, Amanda and Nelson, Mark and Thornhill, John and Khan, Maryam and Fun, Axel and Bandara, Mikaila and Kelly, Damian and Kopycinski, Jakub and Hanke, Tomáš and Yang, Hongbing and Bennett, Rachel and Johnson, Margaret and Howell, Bonnie and Barnard, Richard and Wu, Guoxin and Kaye, Steve and Wills, Mark and Babiker, Abdel and Frater, John and Sandström, Eric and Darbyshire, Janet and Post, Frank and Conlon, Christopher and Anderson, Jane and Maini, Mala and Peto, Timothy and Sasieni, Peter and Miller, Veronica and Weller, Ian and Fidler, Sarah and Frater, John and Babiker, Abdel and Stöhr, Wolfgang and Pett, Sarah and Dorrell, Lucy and Pace, Matthew and Olejniczak, Natalia and Brown, Helen and Robinson, Nicola and Kopycinski, Jakub and Yang, Hongbing and Hanke, Tomáš and Crook, Alison and Kaye, Steven and McClure, Myra and Erlwein, Otto and Lovell, Andrew and Khan, Maryam and Gabrielle, Michelle and Bennett, Rachel and Sy, Aminata and Gregory, Adam and Hudson, Fleur and Russell, Charlotte and Wood, Gemma and Box, Hanna and Kingsley, Cherry and Topping, Katie and Lever, Andrew and Wills, Mark and Fun, Axel and Bandara, Mikaila and Kelly, Damian and Collins, Simon and Markham, Alex and Rauchenberger, Mary and Sowunmi, Yinka and Shidfar, Shaadi and Hague, Dominic and Nelson, Mark and Cerrone, Maddalena and Castrillo Martinez, Nadia and Barber, Tristan and Schoolmeesters, Alexandra and Weaver, Christine and Thunder, Orla and Rowlands, Jane and Higgs, Christopher and Fedele, Serge and Bracchi, Margherita and Thomas, Lervina and Bourke, Peter and Nwokolo, Nneka and Lawrenson, Gaynor and Fiorino, Marzia and Lukha, Hinal and Kinloch-de Loes, Sabine and Johnson, Margaret and Nightingale, Alice and Ngwu, Nnenna and Byrne, Patrick and Cuthbertson, Zoe and ... and RIVER trial study group and RIVER Trial Study Grp
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 03/2020, Volume 395, Issue 10227, pp. 888 - 898
Journal Article
by Mallewa, Jane and Szubert, Alexander J and Mugyenyi, Peter and Chidziva, Ennie and Thomason, Margaret J and Chepkorir, Priscilla and Abongomera, George and Baleeta, Keith and Etyang, Anthony and Warambwa, Colin and Melly, Betty and Mudzingwa, Shepherd and Kelly, Christine and Agutu, Clara and Wilkes, Helen and Nkomani, Sanele and Musiime, Victor and Lugemwa, Abbas and Pett, Sarah L and Bwakura-Dangarembizi, Mutsa and Prendergast, Andrew J and Gibb, Diana M and Walker, A Sarah and Berkley, James A and Mugyenyi, Peter and Kityo, Cissy and Musiime, Victor and Wavamunno, Priscilla and Nambi, Esther and Ocitti, Paul and Ndigendawani, Milly and Kabahenda, Sheila and Kemigisa, Mable and Acen, Juliet and Olebo, David Francis and Mpamize, Gordon and Amone, Alex and Okweny, David and Mbonye, Andrew and Nambaziira, Florence and Rweyora, Angela and Kangah, Mary and Kabaswahili, Beatrice and Abach, James and Abongomera, George and Omongin, Joseph and Aciro, Irene and Philliam, Aleti and Arach, Beatrice and Ocung, Emmanuel and Amone, Geoffrey and Miles, Peter and Adong, Claudia and Tumsuiime, Constance and Kidega, Patrick and Otto, Ben and Apio, Florence and Baleeta, Keith and Mukuye, Andrew and Abwola, Mary and Ssennono, Fred and Baliruno, David and Tuhirwe, Stephen and Namisi, Ronald and Kigongo, Fredrick and Kikyonkyo, Dickson and Mushahara, Furaha and Tusiime, Julian and Musiime, Alex and Nankya, Agnes and Atwongyeire, Dickens and Sirikye, Sowal and Myalo, Sula and Noowe, Nelson and Lugemwa, Abbas and Kasozi, Mariam and Mwebe, Sandra and Atwine, Lorna and Senkindu, Tapson and Natuhurira, Ian and Katemba, Chrispus and Ninsiima, Emily and Acaku, Moses and Kyomuhangi, Joy and Ankunda, Rogers and Tukwasibwe, Deogratious and Ayesiga, Lillian and Hakim, James and Nathoo, Kusum and Bwakura-Dangarembizi, Mutsa and Reid, Andrew and Chidziva, Ennie and Mhute, Tawand and Tinago, Gloria and Bhiri, Joyline and Mudzingwa, Shepherd and Phiri, Misheck and Steamer, John and Nhema, Ruth and Warambwa, Colin and ... and REALITY trial team and REALITY Trial Team
The lancet HIV, ISSN 2352-3018, 05/2018, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp. e231 - e240
Journal Article
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 11/2013, Volume 14, Issue S1, pp. P65 - P65
Journal Article
by Post, Frank A and Szubert, Alexander J and Prendergast, Andrew J and Johnston, Victoria and Lyall, Hermione and Fitzgerald, Felicity and Musiime, Victor and Musoro, Godfrey and Chepkorir, Priscilla and Agutu, Clara and Mallewa, Jane and Rajapakse, Chathurika and Wilkes, Helen and Hakim, James and Mugyenyi, Peter and Sarah Walker, A and Gibb, Diana M and Pett, Sarah L and Kityo, C and Wavamunno, P and Nambi, E and Ocitti, P and Ndigendawani, M and Portal, F and Kabahenda, S and Kemigisa, M and Acen, J and Olebo, D and Mpamize, G and Amone, A and Okweny, D and Mbonye, A and Nambaziira, F and Rweyora, A and Kangah, M and Kabaswahili, V and Abach, J and Abongomera, G and Omongin, J and Aciro, I and Philliam, A and Arach, B and Ocung, E and Amone, G and Miles, P and Adong, C and Tumsuiime, C and Kidega, P and Otto, B and Apio, F and Baleeta, K and Mukuye, A and Abwola, M and Ssennono, F and Baliruno, D and Tuhirwe, S and Namisi, R and Kigongo, F and Kikyonkyo, D and Mushahara, F and Tusiime, J and Musiime, A and Nankya, A and Atwongyeire, D and Sirikye, S and Mula, S and Noowe, N and Lugemwa, A and Kasozi, M and Mwebe, S and Atwine, L and Senkindu, T and Natuhurira, T and Katemba, C and Ninsiima, E and Acaku, M and Kyomuhangi, J and Ankunda, R and Tukwasibwe, D and Ayesiga, L and Nathoo, K and Bwakura-Dangarembizi, M and Reid, A and Chidziva, E and Mhute, T and Tinago, G.C and Bhiri, J and Mudzingwa, S and Phiri, M and Steamer, J and Nhema, R and Warambwa, C and Mutsai, S and Nemasango, B and Moyo, C and Chitongo, S and Rashirai, K and Vhembo, S and Mlambo, B and Nkomani, S and ... and Reduction EArly MortaLITY and Reduction of EArly mortaLITY in HIV-infected adults and children starting antiretroviral therapy (REALITY) Trial Team
Clinical infectious diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 03/2018, Volume 66, Issue suppl_2, pp. S132 - S139
Journal Article
Systematic biology, ISSN 1063-5157, 1988, Volume 37, Issue 4, pp. 356 - 365
Journal Article
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