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Journal Article
by Pelizzaro, Filippo and Penzo, Barbara and Peserico, Giulia and Imondi, Angela and Sartori, Anna and Vitale, Alessandro and Cillo, Umberto and Giannini, Edoardo G and Forgione, Antonella and Ludovico Rapaccini, Gian and Di Marco, Maria and Caturelli, Eugenio and Zoli, Marco and Sacco, Rodolfo and Cabibbo, Giuseppe and Marra, Fabio and Mega, Andrea and Morisco, Filomena and Gasbarrini, Antonio and Svegliati‐Baroni, Gianluca and Giuseppe Foschi, Francesco and Olivani, Andrea and Masotto, Alberto and Nardone, Gerardo and Raimondo, Giovanni and Azzaroli, Francesco and Vidili, Gianpaolo and Oliveri, Filippo and Trevisani, Franco and Farinati, Fabio and Biselli, Maurizio and Caraceni, Paolo and Garuti, Francesca and Gramenzi, Annagiulia and Neri, Andrea and Santi, Valentina and Granito, Alessandro and Muratori, Luca and Piscaglia, Fabio and Sansone, Vito and Tovoli, Francesco and Dajti, Elton and Marasco, Giovanni and Ravaioli, Federico and Cappelli, Alberta and Golfieri, Rita and Mosconi, Cristina and Renzulli, Matteo and Sammarco, Ambra and Cela, Ester Marina and Facciorusso, Antonio and Cacciato, Valentina and Casagrande, Edoardo and Moscatelli, Alessandro and Pellegatta, Gaia and de Matthaeis, Nicoletta and Allegrini, Gloria and Lauria, Valentina and Ghittoni, Giorgia and Pelecca, Giorgio and Chegai, Fabrizio and Coratella, Fabio and Ortenzi, Mariano and Missale, Gabriele and Inno, Alessandro and Marchetti, Fabiana and Busacca, Anita and Cabibbo, Giuseppe and Cammà, Calogero and Martino, Vincenzo Di and Emanuele Maria Rizzo, Giacomo and Franzè, Maria Stella and Saitta, Carlo and Sauchella, Assunta and Bevilacqua, Vittoria and Borghi, Alberto and Casadei Gardini, Andrea and Conti, Fabio and Dall'Aglio, Anna Chiara and Ercolani, Giorgio and Mirici, Federica and Campani, Claudia and Bonaventura, Chiara Di and Gitto, Stefano and Coccoli, Pietro and Malerba, Antonio and Guarino, Maria and Brunetto, Maurizia and Romagnoli, Veronica and Italian Liver Cancer ITALICA Grp and Italian Liver Cancer (ITA.LI.CA) group
Liver international, ISSN 1478-3223, 02/2021, Volume 41, Issue 2, pp. 396 - 407
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Emile, Jean-François and Julié, Catherine and Le Malicot, Karine and Lepage, Come and Tabernero, Josep and Mini, Enrico and Folprecht, Gunnar and Van Laethem, Jean-Luc and Dimet, Stéphanie and Boulagnon-Rombi, Camille and Allard, Marc-Antoine and Penault-Llorca, Frédérique and Bennouna, Jaafar and Laurent-Puig, Pierre and Taieb, Julien and Thaler, Josef and Greil, Richard and Gaenzer, Johannes and Eisterer, Wolfgang and Tschmelitsch, Joerg and Keil, Felix and Samonigg, Hellmut and Zabernigg, August and Schmid, Franz and Steger, Günther and Steinacher, Robert and Andel, Johannes and Jagdt, Björn and Lang, Alois and Fridrik, Michael and Függer, Reinhold and Hofbauer, Friedrich and Woell, Ewald and Geissler, Dietmar and Lenauer, Alfred and Prager, Manfred and D'Haens, Geert and Demolin, Gauthier and Kerger, Joseph and Deboever, Guido and Ghillebert, Gilbert and Polus, Marc and Van Cutsem, Eric and Kalantari, Hassan Rezaie and Delaunoit, Thierry and Goeminne, Jean Charles and Peeters, Marc and Vergauwe, Philippe and Houbiers, Ghislain and Humblet, Yves and Janssens, Jos and Schrijvers, Dirk and Vanderstraeten, Erik and Van Laethem, Jean-Luc and Vermorken, Jan and Van Daele, Daniel and Ferrante, Michel and Forget, Frederic and Hendlisz, Alain and Yilmaz, Mette and Nielsen, Svend Erik and Vestermark, Lene and Larsen, Jim and Zawadi, Mohamed-Ayman and Bouche, Olivier and Mineur, Laurent and Bennouna-Louridi, Jaafar and Dourthe, Louis Marie and Ychou, Marc and Boucher, Eveline and Taieb, Julien and Pezet, Denis and Desseigne, Francoise and Ducreux, Michel and Texereau, Patrick and Miglianico, Laurent and Rougier, Philippe and Fratte, Serge and Levache, Charles-Briac and Merrouche, Yacine and Ellis, Stephen and Locher, Christophe and Ramee, Jean-Francois and Garnier, Claire and Viret, Frederic and Chauffert, Bruno and Cojean-Zelek, Isabelle and Michel, Pierre and Lecaille, Cedric and Borel, Christian and Seitz, Jean-Francois and Smith, Denis and Lombard-Bohas, Catherine and Andre, Thierry and Gornet, Jean-Marc and Fein, Francine and Coulon-Sfairi, Marie-Aude and Kaminsky, Marie-Christine and Lagasse, Jean-Paul and Luet, Dominique and ... and Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo (IOR) and Fédération Nationale des Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer Association Européenne de Recherche en Oncologie (AERO) and Gruppo Cooperativo do Cancro Digestivo da Associação Portuguesa de Investigação Oncológica (GCCD, APIO) and Lone Nørgård Petersen and Gruppo Italiano per lo Studio dei Carcinomi dell'Apparato Digerente (GISCAD) and the PETACC8 Study Investigators and Austrian Breast and Colorectal cancer Study Group (ABCSG) and Belgian Group of Digestive Oncology (BGDO) and Gruppo Cooperativo Chirurgico Italiano (GOCCI) and John Allen Bridgewater and Gruppo Oncologico dell'Italia Meridionale (GOIM) and Fédération Francophone de Cancérologie Digestive (FFCD) and Gruppo Oncologico Nord Ovest (GONO) and Fédération Nationale des Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer (UNICANCER) and Grupo Español para el Tratamiento de los Tumores Digestivos (TTD) and Arbeitsgemeinschaft Internistische Onkologie (AIO) and Gruppo Oncologico Italiano di Ricerca Clinica (GOIRC) and PETACC8 Study Investigators
European journal of cancer (1990), ISSN 0959-8049, 09/2017, Volume 82, pp. 16 - 24
Journal Article
Journal Article
European radiology, ISSN 0938-7994, 10/2019, Volume 29, Issue 10, pp. 5517 - 5527
Journal Article