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by Aaron-Morrison, Arlene P and Ackerman, Steven A and Adams, Nicolaus G and Adler, Robert F and Albanil, Adelina and Alfaro, E. J and Allan, Rob and Alves, Lincoln M and Amador, Jorge A and Aneassen, L. M and Arendt, A and Arévalo, Juan and Arndt, Derek S and Arzhanova, N. M and Aschan, M. M and Azorin-Molina, César and Banzon, Viva and Bardin, M. U and Barichivich, Jonathan and Baringer, Molly O and Barreira, Sana and Baxter, Stephen and Bazo, Juan and Becker, Aneas and Bedka, Kristopher M and Behrenfeld, Michael J and Bell, Gerald D and Belmont, M and Benedetti, Angela and Bernhard, G and Berrisford, Paul and Berry, David I and Bettolli, María L and Bhatt, U. S and Bidegain, Mario and Bill, Brian D and Billheimer, Sam and Bissolli, Peter and Blake, Eric S and Blunden, Jessica and Bosilovich, Michael G and Boucher, Olivier and Boudet, Dagne and Box, J. E and Boyer, Tim and Braathen, Geir O and Bromwich, David H and Brown, R and Bulygina, Olga N and Burgess, D and Calderón, Blanca and Camargo, Suzana J and Campbell, Jayaka D and Cappelen, J and Carrasco, Gualberto and Carter, Brendan R and Chambers, Don P and Chandler, Elise and Christiansen, Hanne H and Christy, John R and Chung, Daniel and Chung, E. S and Cinque, Kathy and Clem, Kyle R and Coelho, Caio A and Cogley, J. G and Coldewey-Egbers, Melanie and Colwell, Steve and Cooper, Owen R and Copland, L and Cosca, Catherine E and Cross, Jessica N and Crotwell, Molly J and Crouch, Jake and Davis, Sean M and De Eyto, Elvira and De Jeu, Richard A.M and De Laat, Jos and Degasperi, Curtis L and Degenstein, Doug and Demircan, M and Derksen, C and Destin, Dale and Di Girolamo, Larry and Di Giuseppe, F and Diamond, Howard J and Dlugokencky, Ed J and Dohan, Kathleen and Dokulil, Martin T and Dolgov, A. V and Dolman, A. Johannes and Domingues, Catia M and Donat, Markus G and Dong, Shenfu and Dorigo, Wouter A and Dortch, Quay and Doucette, Greg and zdov, D. S and Ducklow, Hugh and Dunn, Robert J.H and ... and Stockholms universitet and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Meteorologiska institutionen (MISU)
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, ISSN 0003-0007, 07/2015, Volume 96, Issue 7, pp. S1 - S267
Journal Article
American Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0895-7061, 8/2015, Volume 28, Issue 8, pp. 995 - 1009
Journal Article
by Beard, David J and Davies, Loretta J and Cook, Jonathan A and MacLennan, Graeme and Price, Andrew and Kent, Seamus and Hudson, Jemma and Carr, Andrew and Leal, Jose and Campbell, Helen and Fitzpatrick, Ray and Arden, Nigel and Murray, David and Campbell, Marion K and Barker, Karen and Murray, Gordon and Simpson, Hamish and Dodwell, Donna and Donell, Simon and Waite, Jonathan and Arden, Nigel and Beard, David and Campbell, Helen and Carr, Andrew and Cooper, Cushla and Davies, Loretta and Doll, Helen and Kent, Seamus and Leal, Jose and Fitzpatrick, Ray and Murray, David and Price, Andrew and Cook, Jonathan and Campbell, Marion and Fernie, Gordon and McDonald, Alison and Duncan, Anne and Castillo, Mayret and Fusco, Francesco and Greshon, Akiko and Holland, Kay and Li, Jiyang and Rabaiotti, Elena and Regan, Sandra and Stalker, Victoria and Forrest, Mark and MacLennan, Graeme and McPherson, Gladys and Boachie, Charles and Collins, Diana and Cruden, Janice and Halpin, Sophie and Smith, Beverley and Torgerson, David and Maher, Chris and Brownson, Peter and Mullins, Mark Mullins and Blazeby, Jane and Jenkins, Ruth and Lewis, Mark and Mintowt-Czyz, Witek and Beverland, Beverland and Bryce, Leeann and Catney, Julie and Dobie, Ian and Doran, Emer and O'Brien, Seamus and Ali, Fazal and Cripps, Heather and Whileman, Amanda and Williams, Phil and Toms, Julie and Brown, Ellen and Horner, Gillian and Jennings, Andrew and Rose, Glynis and Bamford, Frances and Goddard, Wendy and Marynissen, Hans and Peel, Haleh and Richards, Lyndsey and Bell, Amanda and Deo, Sunny and Grayland, Sarah and Hollinghurst, David and Pegler, Suzannah and Satish, Venkat and Woodruffe, Claire and London, Nick and Duffy, David and Bennett, Caroline and Featherstone, James and Cook, Joss and Dearnley, Kim and Muthukumar, Nagarajan and Onuoha, Laura and Wilson, Sarah and Banher, Sandhu and Emeakaroha, Eunice and Horohan, Jamie and ... and TOPKAT Study Group and TOPKAT Study Grp
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 08/2019, Volume 394, Issue 10200, pp. 746 - 756
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 05/2012, Volume 366, Issue 21, pp. 1987 - 1997
Journal Article
by Espeland, Mark A and Luchsinger, José A and Baker, Laura D and Neiberg, Rebecca and Kahn, Steven E and Arnold, Steven E and Wing, Rena R and Blackburn, George L and Bray, George and Evans, Mary and Hazuda, Helen P and Jeffery, Robert W and Wilson, Valerie M and Clark, Jeanne M and Coday, Mace and Demos-McDermott, Kathryn and Foreyt, John P and Greenway, Frank and Hill, James O and Horton, Edward S and Jakicic, John M and Johnson, Karen C and Knowler, William C and Lewis, Cora E and Nathan, David M and Peters, Anne and Pi-Sunyer, Xavier and Pownall, Henry and Wadden, Thomas A and Rapp, Stephen R and Brancati, Frederick L and Swartz, Lee and Charleston, Jeanne and Cheskin, Lawrence and Rubin, Richard and Bray, George A and Strate, Allison and Ryan, Donna H and Williamson, Donald and Church, Timothy and Thomas, Sheikilya and Safford, Monika and Glasser, Stephen and DiLillo, Vicki and Dutton, Gareth and Cagliero, Enrico and Turgeon, Heather and Steiner, Barbara and Goldman, Valerie and Delahanty, Linda and Anderson, Ellen and Jackson, Sharon D and Hamdy, Osama and Caballero, A Enrique and Mantzoros, Christos and McNamara, Ann and Miller, Marsha and Wyatt, Holly and Van Dorsten, Brent and Regensteiner, Judith and Reeves, Rebecca S and Gee, Molly and Balasubramanyam, Ashok and Chen, Chu-Huang and Jones, Peter and Wilson, Karen L and Steinburg, Helmut and Gresham, Carolyn and Kitabchi, Abbas E and Skarphol, Tricia and Bantle, John P and Redmon, J Bruce and Crow, Richard S and Crow, Scott J and Patricio, Jennifer and Pal, Carmen and Allen, Lynn and Maschak-Carey, Barbara J and Berkowitz, Robert I and Foster, Gary and Glick, Henry and Kumanyika, Shiriki and Carvajal, Raymond and Faulconbridge, Lucy and Kelley, David E and Wesche-Thobaben, Jacqueline and Edmundowicz, Daniel and Ewing, Lin and Hergenroeder, Andrea and Klem, Mary L and Korytkowski, Mary and Kriska, Andrea and Kuller, Lewis H and Rickman, Amy D and Salata, Rose and Yamamoto, Monica E and Bright, Renee and Pera, Vincent and Tate, Deborah and Gorin, Amy and ... and Look AHEAD Study Grp and Look AHEAD Study Group and For the Look AHEAD Study Group
Neurology, ISSN 0028-3878, 04/2017, Volume 88, Issue 21, pp. 2026 - 2035
Journal Article
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, ISSN 0306-624X, 2/2012, Volume 56, Issue 1, pp. 113 - 133
The Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI) and the Youth version (YLS/CMI) generate an assessment of risk/need across eight domains that are... 
risk assessment | level of service | risk-needs-responsivity (RNR) | gender neutral | METAANALYSIS | CRIMINOLOGY & PENOLOGY | PSYCHOLOGY, APPLIED | GENERAL RISK | RECIDIVISM | NEED | OFFENDERS | RISK-ASSESSMENT | VALIDITY | Recurrence | Substance-Related Disorders - rehabilitation | Juvenile Delinquency - rehabilitation<