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social sciences (95) 95
physics (89) 89
environmental sciences & ecology (86) 86
middle aged (86) 86
research (86) 86
exact sciences and technology (84) 84
prospective studies (83) 83
anesthetics, local - administration & dosage (80) 80
ecology (79) 79
analysis (78) 78
engineering (76) 76
biochemistry & molecular biology (75) 75
anesthesia, dental - methods (72) 72
endocrinology & metabolism (72) 72
mice (70) 70
lidocaine - administration & dosage (68) 68
human necessities (67) 67
time factors (67) 67
rats (66) 66
hygiene (65) 65
medical or veterinary science (64) 64
metallurgy (64) 64
double-blind method (57) 57
young adult (57) 57
organic chemistry (56) 56
preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes (55) 55
psychology (55) 55
aged (54) 54
heterocyclic compounds (54) 54
adolescent (53) 53
zoology (51) 51
nerve block - methods (50) 50
specific therapeutic activity of chemical compounds ormedicinal preparations (50) 50
lidocaine (49) 49
pharmacology & pharmacy (49) 49
radiology, nuclear medicine & medical imaging (48) 48
pain measurement (47) 47
animal, plant and microbial ecology (46) 46
cross-over studies (46) 46
pharmacology. drug treatments (46) 46
behavioral sciences (45) 45
epinephrine - administration & dosage (45) 45
epinephrine (43) 43
agriculture (42) 42
treatment outcome (42) 42
image reconstruction (41) 41
positron emission tomography (41) 41
vertebrates: nervous system and sense organs (40) 40
anesthesia (39) 39
genetics & heredity (39) 39
science & technology - other topics (39) 39
biology (38) 38
psychology. psychoanalysis. psychiatry (38) 38
dental pulp test (37) 37
plant sciences (37) 37
vasoconstrictor agents - administration & dosage (37) 37
arts & humanities (36) 36
optics (35) 35
central nervous system (34) 34
multidisciplinary sciences (34) 34
research article (33) 33
inferior alveolar nerve block (32) 32
veterinary sciences (32) 32
animal and plant ecology (31) 31
environmental sciences (31) 31
mandibular nerve (31) 31
positron-emission tomography - methods (31) 31
surgery (31) 31
agronomy. soil science and plant productions (30) 30
algorithms (30) 30
applied sciences (30) 30
dental pulp - drug effects (30) 30
studies (30) 30
abridged index medicus (29) 29
brain - metabolism (29) 29
evolutionary biology (29) 29
plants (29) 29
pregnancy (29) 29
rats, sprague-dawley (29) 29
single-blind method (29) 29
animal behavior (28) 28
health aspects (28) 28
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Library Location Library Location
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Robarts - Stacks (22) 22
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Online Resources - Online (4) 4
UTL at Downsview - May be requested (4) 4
UofT at Scarborough - Stacks (4) 4
Law (Bora Laskin) - Stacks (2) 2
OISE - Stacks (2) 2
St. Michael's College (John M. Kelly) - 2nd Floor (2) 2
Trinity College (John W Graham) - Stacks (2) 2
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Earth Sciences (Noranda) - Stacks (1) 1
New College (Ivey) - Stacks (1) 1
OISE - May be requested in 6-10 wks (1) 1
Robarts - Reference (1) 1
Royal Ontario Museum - Periodical Stacks (1) 1
St. Michael's College (John M. Kelly) - Reference (1) 1
Victoria University E.J. Pratt - Reference (1) 1
Victoria University Emmanuel College - Birge Storage (1) 1
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by Drake, Thomas M and Lee, Matthew J and Sayers, Adele E and Abercrombie, John and Acheson, Austin and Alderson, Derek and Anderson, Iain and Bradburn, Mike and Hamady, Zaed and Hind, Daniel and Hollyman, Marianne and Lee, Ellen and Northover, John and Lewis, Christopher and Marriott, Paul J and Maynard, Nick and McFall, Malcolm and Muragananthan, Aravinth and Murray, David and Singh, Pritam and Tierney, Gillian and Verjee, Azmina and Walsh, Ciaran and Wild, Jonathan RL and Wilson, Timothy and Abbott, S and Abdulaal, Y and Afshar, S and Akhtar, M and Anderson, D and Appleton, S and Bandyopadhyay, D and Bashir, G and Behar, N and Bhandari, S and Branagan, G and Boulton, R and Borg, C and Bouras, G and Boyle, J and Brewer, H and Brown, L and Briggs, C and Cartmell, M and Chan, S and Chandratreya, N and Conaghan, P and Cornish, J and Cotton, D and Coyne, P and Crozier, J and Cook, T and Cunha, P and Curtis, N and Day, A and Dayal, S and Dennis, R and Dent, P and Dowson, H and Fallaize, R and El Farran, M and Faulkner, G and Giordano, P and Grey, T and Halahakoon, V and Hannay, J and Holtham, S and Hawkin, P and Hall, C and Hancock, L and Hartley, J and Howse, F and Kallam, R and Kakaniaris, G and Lockwood, S and Leinhardt, D and Levy, B and Lal, R and Lund, J and Lunevicius, R and Mathur, P and McArthur, D and McIlroy, B and Miles, A and Moug, S and Mondragon-Pritchard, M and Messenger, D and Mullan, M and Myers, A and Muhammad, K and Mason, C and Sarveswaran, J and Shatkar, V and Singh, B and Skelly, B and Subramonia, S and Swinscoe, M and Thava, B and Thorn, C and Panagiotopoulos, S and ... and National Audit of Small Bowel Obstruction Steering Group & National Audit of Small Bowel Obstruction Collaborators and Nat Audit Small Bowel Obstruction and Natl Audit Small Bowel Obstruction
European journal of surgical oncology, ISSN 0748-7983, 12/2019, Volume 45, Issue 12, pp. 2319 - 2324
Journal Article
by Lee, M. J and Sayers, A. E and Hind, D and Fearnhead, N. S and Acheson, Austin and Davies, Michael and Hamady, Zaed and Hare, Sarah and Murugananthan, Aravinth and Murray, David and Tierney, Gillian and Walsh, Ciaran and Afshar, S and Ahmed, T and Akhtar, M and Aldred, E and Ali, A and Aly, M and Amajuoyi, A and Amin, V and Anderson, D and Anderson, O and Andreou, A and Ashour, O and Athem, A and Athersmith, M and Ayoub, F and Azeem, H and Azhar, B and Bandyopadhyay, D and Bashir, G and Battersby, N and Bazoua, G and Berger, C and Bhandari, S and Bisset, C and Boam, T and Bohra, P and Boland, M and Bouras, G and Boyle, J and Broadhurst, J and Burns, K and Cartmell, M and Chapman, J and Charalabopoulos, A and Choong, W and Chow, M and Chowdhury, J and Conaghan, P and Cook, N and Cook, T and Cooper, S and Cox, C and Crook, R and Crozier, J and Cuffolo, G and Cunha, P and Curtis, N and Da Costa, K and Silva, L and Davenport, M and Davies, J and Davies, T and Day, A and Dayal, S and Dean, S and Demetriou, G and Dennis, R and Dent, H and Dent, P and Deputy, M and Dindyal, S and Donnelly, E and Downham, C and Edent, H and Edgerton, K and Ekpete, N and Elamin, O and Evans, J and Evans, M and Ewe, R and Faulkner, G and Ferguson, H and Fisher, O and Forouzanfar, A and Foster, A and Geraghty, A and Gilbert, A and Gill, C and Gill, M and Gillespie, M and Goh, M and Golder, A and Gregoir, T and Growcott, S and Gunasekaran, S and Habib, H and Haddow, J and Halahakoon, V and ... and NASBO Collaborators and NASBO Steering Grp and NASBO steering group and NASBO collaborators and on behalf of NASBO steering group and NASBO collaborators
BJS open, ISSN 2474-9842, 06/2019, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp. 354 - 366
Journal Article
by Bath, Philip M and Woodhouse, Lisa J and Appleton, Jason P and Beridze, Maia and Christensen, Hanne and Dineen, Robert A and Duley, Lelia and England, Timothy J and Flaherty, Katie and Havard, Diane and Heptinstall, Stan and James, Marilyn and Krishnan, Kailash and Markus, Hugh S and Montgomery, Alan A and Pocock, Stuart J and Randall, Marc and Ranta, Annemarei and Robinson, Thompson G and Scutt, Polly and Venables, Graham S and Sprigg, Nikola and Christensen, L M and Bentsen, L and Krarup Hansen, C and Thomsen, T T and Kruuse, C and Jensen, H H and Hansen, S S and Petrovic, V and Beridze, N and Kakabadze, N and Kherkheulidze, T and Kakabadze, D and Toidze, I and Lobjanidze, N and Akiashvili, N and Tevdoradze, A and Khizanishvili, N and Tsanava, T and Taylor, R and Iniesta, I and Kok, J and Duignan, J and Funnell, M and Cariga, P and Rodriguez, M and Watson, I J and Tennant, S and Macleod, M and Furnace, J and Gow, H and Irvine, J and Joyson, A and Nelson, S and Taylor, V and Smith, M and Bellfield, R and Hairsine, B and Davies, R and Dodd, A and Corrigan, J and Doherty, M and Ahmed, A and Denniss, C and Johnson-Holland, S and Kay, K A and Palau, R Icart and Auld, G and Daboo, P and Erande, R and Grimwood, G and Hove, D and Howaniec, L and Redjep, O and Rangasamay, R and Butt, G and Sandler, D and Reddan, J and Stafford, S and McIlmoyle, J and Maguire, S and Murphy, P and Chambers, J and Guthrie, L and Osborn, M and Steele, A and Burn, M and Benford, A and Misra, A and Hilton, D and O'Brien, E and Amis, E and Finlay, S and Mitchell, J and Geraghty, O and Harvey, K and Hazel, B and Mashate, S and Wilding, P and ... and TARDIS Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 03/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10123, pp. 850 - 859
Journal Article
by Charette, Matthew A and Kipp, Lauren E and Jensen, Laramie T and Dabrowski, Jessica S and Whitmore, Laura M and Fitzsimmons, Jessica N and Williford, Tatiana and Ulfsbo, Adam and Jones, Elizabeth and Bundy, Randelle M and Vivancos, Sebastian M and Pahnke, Katharina and John, Seth G and Xiang, Yang and Hatta, Mariko and Petrova, Mariia V and Heimbürger‐Boavida, Lars‐Eric and Bauch, Dorothea and Newton, Robert and Pasqualini, Angelica and Agather, Alison M and Amon, Rainer M. W and Anderson, Robert F and Andersson, Per S and Benner, Ronald and Bowman, Katlin L and Edwards, R. Lawrence and Gdaniec, Sandra and Gerringa, Loes J. A and González, Aridane G and Granskog, Mats and Haley, Brian and Hammerschmidt, Chad R and Hansell, Dennis A and Henderson, Paul B and Kadko, David C and Kaiser, Karl and Laan, Patrick and Lam, Phoebe J and Lamborg, Carl H and Levier, Martin and Li, Xianglei and Margolin, Andrew R and Measures, Chris and Middag, Rob and Millero, Frank J and Moore, Willard S and Paffrath, Ronja and Planquette, Hélène and Rabe, Benjamin and Reader, Heather and Rember, Robert and Rijkenberg, Micha J. A and Roy‐Barman, Matthieu and Rutgers van der Loeff, Michiel and Saito, Mak and Schauer, Ursula and Schlosser, Peter and Sherrell, Robert M and Shiller, Alan M and Slagter, Hans and Sonke, Jeroen E and Stedmon, Colin and Woosley, Ryan J and Valk, Ole and Ooijen, Jan and Zhang, Ruifeng and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Faculty of Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institutionen för marina vetenskaper and Department of marine sciences
Journal of geophysical research. Oceans, ISSN 2169-9275, 05/2020, Volume 125, Issue 5, pp. e2019JC015920 - n/a
Journal Article