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by Ambrogi, F and Eroe, J and Ghete, V. M and Pree, E and Rabady, D and Rad, N and Chekhovsky, V and Di Croce, D and Van Remortel, N and Blekman, F and De Clercq, J and Moortgat, S and Olbrechts, A and Tavernier, S and Clerbaux, B and Fasanella, G and Karapostoli, G and Marinov, A and Zhang, F and Cimmino, A and Bondu, O and Brochet, S and Delaere, C and Jafari, A and Musich, M and Quertenmont, L and Wertz, S and Beliy, N and Brito, L and Melo De Almeida, M and Ahuja, S and Novaes, S. F and Aleksandrov, A and Iaydjiev, P and Rodozov, M and Leggat, D and Liao, H and Li, Q and Mao, Y and Wang, D and Ruiz Alvarez, J. D and Lelas, D and Puljak, I and Cipriano, P. M. Ribeiro and Sculac, T and Susa, T and Mavromanolakis, G and Abdelalim, A. A and Dewanjee, R. K and Tiko, A and Harkonen, J and Jarvinen, T and Karimaki, V and Lassila-Perini, K and Ferri, F and Ganjour, S and Locci, E and Rander, J and Lobanov, A and Paganini, P and Zghiche, A and Buttignol, M and Collard, C and Boudoul, G and Contardo, D and Depasse, P and Fay, J and Gascon, S and Lethuillier, M and Donckt, M. Vander and Albert, A and Dietz-Laursonn, E and Fischer, R and Kargoll, B and Lingemann, J and Mueller, T and Arndt, T and Botta, V and Contreras-Campana, C and Gunnellini, P and Harb, A and Mankel, R and Ntomari, E and Walsh, R and Garutti, E and Kovalchuk, N and Lapsien, T and Scharf, C and Schwandt, J and Troendle, D and Kassel, F and Plagge, M and Shvetsov, I and Anagnostou, G and Foudas, C and Kokkas, P and Strologas, J and Horvath, D and Sikler, F and Zsigmond, A. J and ...
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 11/2017, Issue 11
Properties of the Higgs boson are measured in the H -> ZZ -> 4l (l = e, mu) decay channel. A data sample of proton-proton collisions at root s = 13 TeV,... 
Physical Sciences | Physics, Particles & Fields | Physics | Science & Technology
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Bergauer, T and Dragicevic, M and Hrubec, J and Rohringer, H and Treberer-Treberspurg, W and De Wolf, E. A and Janssen, X and Ochesanu, S and D'Hondt, J and Keaveney, J and Lowette, S and Caillol, C and Clerbaux, B and Gay, A. P. R and Leonard, A and Seva, T and Thomas, L and Wang, J and Sigamani, M and Thyssen, F and Tytgat, M and Basegmez, S and Beluffi, C and Bruno, G and Da Silveira, G. G and Delaere, C and Giammanco, A and Komm, M and Pin, A and Popov, A and Beliy, N and Brito, L and Da Costa, E. M and De Jesus Damiao, D and Malbouisson, H and Mundim, L and Nogima, H and Santaolalla, J and Bernardes, C. A and Dogra, S and Aleksandrov, A and Marinov, A and Piperov, S and Glushkov, I and Bian, J. G and Chen, M and Tao, J and Avila, C and Sanabria, J. C and Lelas, D and Mavromanolakis, G and Mousa, J and Ptochos, F and Raidal, M and Voutilainen, M and Harkonen, J and Kinnunen, R and Lehti, S and Tuominen, E and Denegri, D and Fabbro, B and Faure, J. L and Ferri, F and Ganjour, S and Givernaud, A and Gras, P and Jarry, P and Locci, E and Malcles, J and Rosowsky, A and Paganini, P and Aubin, A and Bloch, D and Brom, J. M and Chabert, E. C and Van Hove, P and Bernet, C and Bouvier, E and Montoya, C. A. Carrillo and Chasserat, J and Fay, J and Perries, S and Beranek, S and Bontenackels, M and Edelhoff, M and Raupach, F and Weber, H and Zhukov, V and Brodski, M and Erdmann, M and Knutzen, S and Kreuzer, P and Meyer, A and Millet, P and Padeken, K and Papacz, P and Schmitz, S. A and Teyssier, D and Erdogan, Y and Kargoll, B and ... and CMS Collaboration
Journal of instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 06/2015, Volume 10
The performance and strategies used in electron reconstruction and selection at CMS are presented based on data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of... 
Technology | Instruments & Instrumentation | Science & Technology
Journal Article
by Krätschmer, I and Liko, D and Rabady, D and Rohringer, H and Treberer-Treberspurg, W and De Wolf, E.A and Ochesanu, S and Van De Klundert, M and Van Haevermaet, H and Van Spilbeeck, A and Heracleous, N and Strom, D and Van Doninck, W and Caillol, C and Clerbaux, B and Favart, L and Léonard, A and Wang, J and Zenoni, F and Adler, V and Dildick, S and Fagot, A and Sigamani, M and Strobbe, N and Thyssen, F and Tytgat, M and Caudron, A and Da Silveira, G.G and Delaere, C and Giammanco, A and Popov, A and Hammad, G.H and Alves, G.A and Dos Reis Martins, T and Rebello Teles, P and Carvalho, W and Da Costa, E.M and De Oliveira Martins, C and Mundim, L and Prado Da Silva, W.L and Santaolalla, J and Sznajder, A and Hadjiiska, R and Sultanov, G and Dimitrov, A and Glushkov, I and Litov, L and Petkov, P and Bian, J.G and Cheng, T and Avila, C and Cabrera, A and Florez, C and Puljak, I and Brigljevic, V and Attikis, A and Radi, A and Karimäki, V and Luukka, P and Tuovinen, E and Wendland, L and Dejardin, M and Denegri, D and Ganjour, S and Locci, E and Rander, J and Rosowsky, A and Beaudette, F and Charlot, C and Dalchenko, M and Florent, A and Nguyen, M and Paganini, P and Zabi, A and Bloch, D and Brom, J.-M and Chabert, E.C and Gelé, D and Skovpen, K and Van Hove, P and El Mamouni, H and Fan, J and Fay, J and Kurca, T and Heister, A and Hindrichs, O and Hebbeker, T and Olschewski, M and Papacz, P and Geisler, M and Kargoll, B and Kress, T and Künsken, A and Stahl, A and Behr, J and Behrens, U and Bell, A.J and Bethani, A and Calligaris, L and Campbell, A and ... and CMS Collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Physical review. D, Particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, ISSN 1550-7998, 07/2015, Volume 92, Issue 1, p. 012004
The study of the spin-parity and tensor structure of the interactions of the recently discovered Higgs boson is performed using the H -> ZZ, Z gamma*,... 
Physical Sciences | Astronomy & Astrophysics | Physics, Particles & Fields | Physics | Science & Technology | Couplings | Confidence intervals | Tensors | Mathematical analysis | Higgs bosons | Cosmology | Solenoids | Bosons | Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment | High Energy Physics - Experiment | PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS
Journal Article
by Sirunyan, A.M and Bergauer, T and Brondolin, E and Escalante Del Valle, A and Grossmann, J and Schieck, J and Spanring, M and Taurok, A and Wulz, C.-E and Mossolov, V and Moreels, L and Python, Q and Skovpen, K and Bilin, B and Clerbaux, B and Lenzi, T and Luetic, J and Starling, E and Vander Velde, C and Tytgat, M and Verbeke, W and Bondu, O and Brochet, S and Bruno, G and Caputo, C and Caudron, A and Giammanco, A and Quertenmont, L and Correia Silva, G and Da Costa, E.M and De Jesus Damiao, D and Huertas Guativa, L.M and Sznajder, A and Thiel, M and Ahuja, S and Padula, Sandra S and Hadjiiska, R and Gao, X and Zhao, J and Ban, Y and Li, Q and Qian, S.J and Zhang, F and Avila, C and Cabrera, A and Carrillo Montoya, C.A and Chaparro Sierra, L.F and Florez, C and Segura Delgado, M.A and Kadija, K and Finger, M and Kadastik, M and Kirschenmann, H and Voutilainen, M and Heikkilä, J.K and Kinnunen, R and Lindén, T and Mäenpää, T and Dejardin, M and Faure, J.L and Gras, P and Amendola, C and Charlot, C and Ochando, C and Pigard, P and Yilmaz, Y and Andrea, J and Brom, J.-M and Chanon, N and Drouhin, F and Jansová, M and Juillot, P and Tonon, N and Gouzevitch, M and Grenier, G and Laktineh, I.B and Feld, L and Preuten, M and Schomakers, C and Schulz, J and Wittmer, B and Zhukov, V and Albert, A and Güth, A and Hebbeker, T and Heidemann, C and Knutzen, S and Millet, P and Radziej, M and Teyssier, D and Thüer, S and Nehrkorn, A and Asawatangtrakuldee, C and Beernaert, K and Connor, P and Gallo, E and Garay Garcia, J and Harb, A and Lenz, T and Leonard, J and ... and CMS Collaboration
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 05/2018, Volume 97, Issue 9
A search for new physics using events containing an imbalance in transverse momentum and one or more energetic jets arising from initial-state radiation or the... 
Standard model (particle physics) | Dark matter | Large Hadron Collider | Particle collisions | Decay | Transverse momentum | Luminosity | Higgs bosons | Quarks | Solenoids | Bosons
Journal Article