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2014, Chapman & Hall/CRC data mining and knowledge discovery series, ISBN 9781466558212, xxv1, 622 pages
"Clustering is a diverse topic, and the underlying algorithms depend greatly on the data domain and problem scenario. This book focuses on three primary... 
Cluster analysis | Document clustering | File organization (Computer science) | COMPUTERS / Machine Theory | Machine theory | BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Statistics | Data mining | COMPUTERS / Database Management / Data Mining
by Dayma, Kunal and Radha, Vegesna and van Roy, Frans and Thewes, Sascha and Lee, Sang-Min and Pioszak, Augen A and Huang, Wei and Racioppi, Luigi and Gorkhali, Rakshya and Tan, Xiaojuan and Yang, Jenny J and Kirberger, Michael and Gorkhali, Rakshya and Salarian, Mani and Yang, Jenny Y and Nimmrich, Volker and Bespalov, Anton and Möller, Achim and Dudek, Elzbieta and Michalak, Marek and Mahmud, Zabed and Hwang, Peter M and Hara, Hiromitsu and Turowec, Jacob P and St. Denis, Nicole A and Litchfield, David W and Mukherjee, Konark and Desroches, Alexandre and Boucher, Dave and Denault, Jean-Bernard and Cavallo-Medved, Dora and Sloane, Bonnie F and Moin, Kamiar and Routray, Samapika and Swain, Niharika and Hosalkar, Rashmi Maruti and Tsygankov, Alexander Y and Matsuda, Keiko and Yuzaki, Michisuke and Popeijus, Herman E and van der Krieken, Sophie E and Sharma, Sherven and John, Maie St and Lee, Jay M and Dubinett, Steven and Repeke, Carlos Eduardo and Garlet, Thiago Pompermaier and Francisconi, Carolina Favaro and Broll, Daiana and Trombone, Ana Paula Favaro and Garlet, Gustavo Pompermaier and Repeke, Carlos Eduardo and Garlet, Thiago Pompermaier and Fonseca, Angélica Cristina and Silveira, Elcia Maria and Garlet, Gustavo Pompermaier and Repeke, Carlos Eduardo and Garlet, Thiago Pompermaier and Vieira, Andreia Espíndola and Broll, Daiana and Cunha, Fernando Queiroz and Garlet, Gustavo Pompermaier and Kubota, Satoshi and Takigawa, Masaharu and Hütter, Gero and Nolasco, Sofia and Gonçalves, João and Soares, Helena and Malla, R.R and Kumari, Seema and Gayatri Devi, V and Badana, Anil and Murali Mohan, G and Bensussan, Armand and Marie-Cardine, Anne and Tuosto, Loretta and Morath, Anna and Deswal, Sumit and Schamel, Wolfgang W. A and Santos-Argumedo, Leopoldo and Morath, Anna and Deswal, Sumit and Schamel, Wolfgang W. A and Bishop, Gail A and Hostager, Bruce S and Torres-Huerta, Alvaro and Aleman-Navarro, Estefania and Bravo-Adame, Maria Elena and Sandoval-Hernandez, Monserrat Alba and Migueles-Lozano, Oscar Arturo and Rosenstein, Yvonne and Swain, Niharika and Routray, Samapika and Hosalkar, Rashmi Maruti and Johnson, Pauline and Samarakoon, Asanga and Saunders, Amy E and Harder, Kenneth W and Roberts, David D and Isenberg, Jeffrey S and ...
6/2018, ISBN 3319671987
... years of research on CK2 has resulted in a compilation of a very large number of putative CK2 substrates, while the functional analysis of these phosphorylation... 
Book Chapter
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