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Annals of internal medicine, ISSN 0003-4819, 2009, Volume 150, Issue 12, pp. 840 - U41
Journal Article
by Ederle, Jörg and Dobson, Joanna and Featherstone, Roland L and Bonati, Leo H and van der Worp, H. Bart and de Borst, Gert J and Lo, T. Hauw and Gaines, Peter and Dorman, Paul J and Macdonald, Sumaira and Lyrer, Philippe A and Heniks, Johanna M and McCollum, Charles and Nederkoorn, Paul J and Brown, Martin M and Algra, A and Bamford, J and Beard, J and Bland, M and Bradbury, A. W and Brown, M. M and Clifton, A and Gaines, P and Collins, R and Molyneux, A and Naylor, R and Warlow, C and Ferro, J. M and Thomas, D and Bonati, L. H and Coward, L and Dobson, J and Ederle, J and Featherstone, R. F and Tindall, H and McCabe, D. J. H and Wallis, A and Brooks, M and Chambers, B and Chan, A and Chu, P and Clark, D and Dewey, H and Donnan, G and Fell, G and Hoare, M and Molan, M and Roberts, A and Roberts, N and Beiles, B and Bladin, C and Clifford, C and Grigg, M and New, G and Bell, R and Bower, S and Chong, W and Holt, M and Saunder, A and Than, P. G and Gett, S and Leggett, D and McGahan, T and Quinn, J and Ray, M and Wong, A and Woouff, P and Foreman, R and Schultz, D and Scroop, R and Stanley, B and Allard, B and Atkinson, N and Cambell, W and Davies, S and Field, P and Milne, P and Mitchell, P and Tress, B and Yan, B and Beasley, A and Dunbabin, D and Stary, D and Walker, S and Cras, P and d'Archambeau, O and Heniks, J. M. H and van Schil, P and St Blasius, A. Z and Bosiers, M and Deloose, K and van Buggenhout, E and de Letter, J and Devos, V and Ghekiere, J and Vanhooren, G and Astarci, P and Hammer, F and Lacroix, V and Peeters, A and ... and Int Carotid Stenting Study and International Carotid Stenting Study investigators and Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper, Malmö and Lund University and Diagnostisk radiologi, Malmö and Radiology Diagnostics, Malmö and Lunds universitet and Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2010, Volume 375, Issue 9719, pp. 985 - 997
Journal Article
by Powell, J. T and Sweeting, M. J and Ulug, P and Blankensteijn, J. D and Lederle, F. A and Becquemin, J.‐P and Greenhalgh, R. M and Greenhalgh, R. M and Beard, J. D and Buxton, M. J and Brown, L. C and Harris, P. L and Powell, J. T and Rose, J. D. G and Russell, I. T and Sculpher, M. J and Thompson, S. G and Lilford, R.J and Bell, P. R. F and Greenhalgh, R. M and Whitaker, S.C and Poole‐Wilson, the late P.A and Ruckley, C. V and Campbell, W. B and Dean, M. R. E and Ruttley, M. S. T and Coles, E. C and Powell, J. T and Halliday, A and Gibbs, S. J and Brown, L. C and Epstein, D and Sculpher, M. J and Thompson, S. G and Hannon, R. J and Johnston, L and Bradbury, A. W and Henderson, M. J and Parvin, S. D and Shepherd, D. F. C and Greenhalgh, R. M and Mitchell, A. W and Edwards, P. R and Abbott, G. T and Higman, D. J and Vohra, A and Ashley, S and Robottom, C and Wyatt, M. G and Rose, J. D. G and Byrne, D and Edwards, R and Leiberman, D. P and McCarter, D. H and Taylor, P. R and Reidy, J. F and Wilkinson, A. R and Ettles, D. F and Clason, A. E and Leen, G. L. S and Wilson, N. V and Downes, M and Walker, S. R and Lavelle, J. M and Gough, M. J and McPherson, S and Scott, D. J. A and Kessell, D. O and Naylor, R and Sayers, R and Fishwick, N. G and Harris, P. L and Gould, D. A and Walker, M. G and Chalmers, N. C and Garnham, A and Collins, M. A and Beard, J. D and Gaines, P. A and Ashour, M. Y and Uberoi, R and Braithwaite, B and Whitaker, S. C and Davies, J. N and Travis, S and Hamilton, G and Platts, A and Shandall, A and Sullivan, B. A and Sobeh, M and Matson, M and Fox, A. D and Orme, R and Yusef, W and Doyle, T and Horrocks, M and Hardman, J and Blair, P. H. B and Ellis, P. K and Morris, G and ... and EVAR-1 and OVER and ACE Trialists and DREAM and EVAR-1, DREAM, OVER and ACE Trialists and the EVAR-1, DREAM, OVER and ACE Trialists
British Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 02/2017, Volume 104, Issue 3, pp. 166 - 178
Journal Article
Journal Article
Diabetes/metabolism research and reviews, ISSN 1520-7552, 2016, Volume 32, Issue 1, pp. 37 - 44
Recommendations Examine a patient with diabetes annually for the presence of peripheral artery disease (PAD); this should include, at a minimum, taking a... 
PHYSICAL-EXAMINATION | AMPUTATIONS | ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM | CONSENSUS | ISCHEMIA | CALCIFICATION | INFECTION | ASSOCIATION | SOCIETY | TRANSCUTANEOUS OXYGEN-TENSION | Recurrence | Prognosis | Combined Modality Therapy - trends | Humans | Vascular Grafting - adverse effects | Point-of-Care Testing - trends | Wound Healing | Limb Salvage - adverse effects | Diabetic Angiopathies - physiopathology | Diabetic Angiopathies - complications | Limb Salvage - trends | Diabetic Foot - therapy | Diabetic Neuropathies - physiopathology | Precision Medicine | Severity of Illness Index | Diabetic Foot - prevention & control | Global Health | Endovascular Procedures - trends | Endovascular Procedures - adverse effects | Diabetic Foot - etiology | Evidence-Based Medicine | Diabetic Angiopathies - therapy | Diabetic Neuropathies - therapy | Diabetic Foot - rehabilitation | Vascular Grafting - trends | Diabetic Angiopathies - diagnosis | Diabetic Neuropathies - diagnosis | Diabetic Neuropathies - complications | Practice Guidelines as Topic | Diabetics | Diagnosis | Diabetic foot | Diabetes therapy | Ankle | Medical imaging | Diabetes | Patients | Ulcers | Knee | Angiography | Disease management | Doppler effect | Medical diagnosis | Evidence-based medicine | Arteries | Guidelines | Vascular diseases | Computed tomography | Surgery | Amputation | Leg ulcers | Blood pressure | Ultrasound | Cardiovascular system | Aspirin | Wound healing | Diabetes mellitus | Toe | Management | Feet | Medical prognosis | Clopidogrel | Skin | Cardiovascular diseases | Foot diseases | Smoking | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by van Schaik, Theodorus G and Yeung, Kak K and Verhagen, Hence J and de Bruin, Jorg L and de Bruin, J.L and van Sambeek, M.R.H.M and van Sambeek, Marc R.H.M and Balm, R and Balm, Ron and Zeebregts, Clark J and van Herwaarden, Joost A and Blankensteijn, Jan D and Blankensteijn, J.D and Grobbee, D.E and Bak, A.A.A and Buth, J and Pattynama, P.M and Pattynama, P and Verhoeven, E.L.G and van Voorthuisen, A.E and Cuypers, P.W.M and Prinssen, M and Baas, A.F and Hunink, M.G and van Engelshoven, J.M and Jacobs, M.J.H.M and de Mol, B.A.J.M and van Bockel, J.H and Reekers, J and Reekers, J.A and Tielbeek, A.V and Tielbeek, X and Wisselink, W and Boekema, N and Heuveling, L.M and Sikking, I and Prins, T and van der Ham, A.C and van der Velden, J.J.I.M and van Sterkenburg, S.M.M and ten Haken, G.B and Bruijninckx, C.M.A and van Overhagen, H and Tutein Nolthenius, R.P and Hendriksz, T.R and Teijink, J.A.W and Odink, H.F and de Smet, A.A.E.A and Vroegindeweij, D and van Loenhout, R.M.M and Rutten, M.J and Hamming, J.F and Lampmann, L.E.H and Bender, M.H.M and Pasmans, H and Vahl, A.C and de Vries, C and Mackaay, A.J.C and van Dortmont, L.M.C and van der Vliet, A.J and Schultze Kool, L.J and Boomsma, J.H.B and van Dop, H.R and de Mol van Otterloo, J.C.A and de Rooij, T.P.W and Smits, T.M and Yilmaz, E.N and van den Berg, F.G and Visser, M.J.T and van der Linden, E and Schurink, G.W.H and de Haan, M and Smeets, H.J and Stabel, P and van Elst, F and Poniewierski, J and Vermassen, F.E.G and DREAM Trial Participants and DREAM trial participants
Journal of Vascular Surgery, ISSN 0741-5214, 11/2017, Volume 66, Issue 5, pp. 1379 - 1389
Journal Article