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basic electric elements (9) 9
dressing or conditioning of abrading surfaces (9) 9
electric solid state devices not otherwise provided for (9) 9
electricity (9) 9
feeding of grinding, polishing, or lapping agents (9) 9
general tagging of cross-sectional technologies spanning over several sections of the ipc (9) 9
general tagging of new technological developments (9) 9
grinding (9) 9
machines, devices, or processes for grinding or polishing (9) 9
performing operations (9) 9
polishing (9) 9
semiconductor devices (9) 9
technical subjects covered by former us classification (9) 9
technical subjects covered by former uspc (9) 9
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference art collections [xracs] and digests (9) 9
transporting (9) 9
hand tools (3) 3
manipulators (3) 3
portable power-driven tools (3) 3
tools or bench devices not otherwise provided for, forfastening, connecting, disengaging or holding (3) 3
clinical trials (2) 2
soccer (2) 2
acquisitions & mergers (1) 1
advertising (1) 1
albuterol (1) 1
allergens (1) 1
analysis (1) 1
anopheles (1) 1
anti-inflammatory agents (1) 1
atopy (1) 1
baby boomers (1) 1
bank accounts (1) 1
behavioral neuroscience (1) 1
beliefs, opinions and attitudes (1) 1
biochemistry & molecular biology (1) 1
breast-cancer (1) 1
bronchial hyperresponsiveness (1) 1
bronchial provocation test (1) 1
bronchodilator agents (1) 1
budesonide (1) 1
c-raf (1) 1
cancer (1) 1
cancer dependency (1) 1
carcinoma (1) 1
ccle (1) 1
cell biology (1) 1
cell line, tumor (1) 1
cells (1) 1
charity (1) 1
childhood asthma (1) 1
children (1) 1
cognition & reasoning (1) 1
computer science (1) 1
consciousness (1) 1
consumers (1) 1
corticosteroids (1) 1
developmental disabilities (1) 1
double-blind (1) 1
drive (1) 1
energy management (1) 1
environmental exposure (1) 1
expansion (1) 1
experimentation (1) 1
free will (1) 1
free will and determinism (1) 1
functional genomics (1) 1
gene (1) 1
gene library (1) 1
gene regulatory networks (1) 1
genes (1) 1
glucocorticoids (1) 1
growth (1) 1
homeopathy (1) 1
humans (1) 1
index medicus (1) 1
inhaled beclomethasone dipropionate (1) 1
inhaled bronchodilator (1) 1
intentional action (1) 1
lung-cancer (1) 1
manufacturing (1) 1
materia medica and therapeutics (1) 1
mathematical sequences (1) 1
mediator release (1) 1
medical research (1) 1
medical technology (1) 1
medicine, experimental (1) 1
messenger rna (1) 1
monitoring systems (1) 1
moral responsibility (1) 1
morality (1) 1
multiprotein complexes - metabolism (1) 1
mutations (1) 1
nedocromil (1) 1
nedocromil sodium (1) 1
neoplasms - genetics (1) 1
neoplasms - metabolism (1) 1
neoplasms - pathology (1) 1
neuroscience (1) 1
neurosciences (1) 1
oncogenes (1) 1
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by McDonald, E. Robert and de Weck, Antoine and Schlabach, Michael R and Billy, Eric and Mavrakis, Konstantinos J and Hoffman, Gregory R and Belur, Dhiren and Castelletti, Deborah and Frias, Elizabeth and Gampa, Kalyani and Golji, Javad and Kao, Iris and Li, Li and Megel, Philippe and Perkins, Thomas A and Ramadan, Nadire and Ruddy, David A and Silver, Serena J and Sovath, Sosathya and Stump, Mark and Weber, Odile and Widmer, Roland and Yu, Jianjun and Yu, Kristine and Yue, Yingzi and Abramowski, Dorothee and Ackley, Elizabeth and Barrett, Rosemary and Berger, Joel and Bernard, Julie L and Billig, Rebecca and Brachmann, Saskia M and Buxton, Frank and Caothien, Roger and Caushi, Justina X and Chung, Franklin S and Cortés-Cros, Marta and deBeaumont, Rosalie S and Delaunay, Clara and Desplat, Aurore and Duong, William and Dwoske, Donald A and Eldridge, Richard S and Farsidjani, Ali and Feng, JiaJia and Feng, Fei and Flemming, Daisy and Forrester, William and Galli, Giorgio G and Gao, Zhenhai and Gauter, François and Gibaja, Veronica and Haas, Kristy and Hattenberger, Marc and Hood, Tami and Hurov, Kristen E and Jagani, Zainab and Jenal, Mathias and Johnson, Jennifer A and Jones, Michael D and Kapoor, Avnish and Korn, Joshua and Liu, Jilin and Liu, Shumei and Liu, Qiumei and Liu, Yue and Loo, Alice T and Macchi, Kaitlin J and Martin, Typhaine and McAllister, Gregory and Meyer, Amandine and Mollé, Sandra and Pagliarini, Raymond A and Phadke, Tanushree and Repko, Brian and Schouwey, Tanja and Shanahan, Frances and Shen, Qiong and Stamm, Christelle and Stephan, Christine and Stucke, Volker M and Tiedt, Ralph and Varadarajan, Malini and Venkatesan, Kavitha and Vitari, Alberto C and Wallroth, Marco and Weiler, Jan and Zhang, Jing and Mickanin, Craig and Myer, Vic E and Porter, Jeffery A and Lai, Albert and Bitter, Hans and Lees, Emma and Keen, Nicholas and Kauffmann, Audrey and Stegmeier, Frank and Hofmann, Francesco and Schmelzle, Tobias and Sellers, William R
Cell, ISSN 0092-8674, 07/2017, Volume 170, Issue 3, pp. 577 - 592.e10
Journal Article
by Shapiro, Gail G and DuHamel, Thomas R and Wighton, Timothy G and Chinn, Tamara and Bierman, C. Warren and Furukawa, Clifton T and Altman, Leonard C and Virant, Frank S and Williams, Paul V and Minotti, Dominick A and Kennedy, Michael S and Becker, Jonathan W and Reagan, Chris and Eliassen, Heather and Crawford, Dan and Hammond, Babi and Strodtbeck, Grace and Sharpe, Marian and Weiss, Scott and Greineder, Dirk and Torda, Walter and Tata, Martha and Barrant, Peter and DeFilippo, Anthony and Grace, Mary and Haynes, Stephanie and Higham, Margaret and Kelleher, Susan and Koslof, Jay and Madden, Nancy and Mandel, Dana and Martinez, Agnes and McAuliffe, Jean and Pacella, Paola and Parks, Paula and Plunkett, Anne and Seligsohn, Kay and Traylor, June and Van Horn, Melissa and Ware, Janice and Wells, Carolyn and Whitman, Ann and Reisman, Joe and MacLusky, Ian and Levison, Henry and Hall, Anita and Benedet, Yola and Chay, Jennifer and Collinson, Michelle and Finlayson-Kulchin, Jane and Gore, Kenneth and Miki, Melody and Sananes, Renée and Adkinson, N. Franklin and Eggleston, Peyton and Huss, Karen and Plotnick, Leslie and Pulsifer, Margaret and Rand, Cynthia and Wheeler, Barbara and Bollers, Nancy and Hyatt, Kimberly and Leritz, Betsy and Pessaro, Mildred and Philips, Stephanie and Szefler, Stanley and Nelson, Harold S and Sundström, D and Bender, Bruce and Brelsford, Kristin and Gleason, Melanie and Hassell, Joseph and Hendrickson, Caroline and Irvin, Charles G and Junk, Tara and Liu, Andrew and Spahn, Joseph and White, Michael P and Feeley, Jeryl and Bridges, Jessyca and Ciacco, Jody and Eltz, Michael and Flynn, Michael and Hefner, Marcia and Hettleman, Daniel and Jacobs, Jeffrey and Kamada, Alan and Nimmagadda, Sai and Sandoval, Kendra and Sheridan, Jessica and Washington, Trella and Willcutt, Eric and Zeiger, Robert and Horner, Anthony and Friedman, Noah and Jalowayski, Al and Lincoln, Alan and Mellon, Michael H and Schatz, Michael and Harden, Kathleen and ... and Childhood Asthma Management Program Res Grp
Controlled Clinical Trials, ISSN 0197-2456, 1999, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp. 91 - 120
Journal Article
The Monist, ISSN 0026-9662, 7/2012, Volume 95, Issue 3, pp. 441 - 462
  [...]section four then argues that neuroscience already has the resources to study the type of action relevant for free will and moral responsibility and... 
Moral responsibility | Bank accounts | Neuroscience | Mathematical sequences | Free will | Morality | Experimentation | Intentional action | Charity | Behavioral neuroscience | PHILOSOPHY | Psychological aspects | Neurosciences | Beliefs, opinions and attitudes | Science | Philosophy of mind | Free will and determinism | Research | Cognition & reasoning | Consciousness | Philosophy
Journal Article
Valley News, ISSN 1072-6179, 06/2018
Newspaper Article
2012, ISBN 1412982480
Interdisciplinary research is a burgeoning field, largely due to its ability to tackle complex problems facing humanity that extend beyond a single... 
Book Chapter
McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 06/2010
June 27--Surrounded by flags from around the world, more than 400 Dallas soccer fans waved their American flags and crossed their fingers Saturday at Pizza Hut... 
Newspaper Article
McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 06/2010
June 27--Surrounded by flags from around the world, more than 400 Dallas soccer fans waved their American flags and crossed their fingers today at Pizza Hut... 
Newspaper Article
McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 05/2008
Taking cues from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and aging baby boomers, ASG executives are seeking to expand through the invention and commercialization of... 
Computer science | Portable computers | Medical technology | Monitoring systems | Clinical trials | Baby boomers | Manufacturing | Expansion | Energy management | Developmental disabilities
Newspaper Article
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