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by Fernandez, Hervé and Azoulay, Catherine and Rostoker, Guy and Ardaens, Katty and Chevallier, Patrick and Cravello, Ludovic and Christin-Maitre, Sophie and Dallay, Dominique and Denis, Catherine and Foulon, Françoise and Mangin, Hervé and Milosevic-Kapetanovic, Ljiljana and Nahmanovici, Charles and Panel, Pierre and Porokhov, Béatrice and Rongières, Catherine and Valersteinas, Gabrielle and Acquaviva, Jean-Louis and Audebert, Alain and Azuar, Pierre and Baldauf, J.J and Béguin, Didier and Benbassa, André and Boubli, Léon and Boutet, Gérard and Clave, Henri and Demeaux, Jean-Louis and Dumel, François and Fadli, Mourad and Garbin, Olivier and Compel, Anne and Klotz, Pierre and Landeau, Marie-Chantal and Lemasson, Jean-Louis and Letombe, Brigitte and Magnin, Guillaume and Martin, Michel and Mayenga, Jean-Marc and Meyrand, Bruno and Menu, Gilles and Olaya, Emile and Partouche, Henri and Pirola, Thierry and Pitras, Jérôme and Simon, Pascale and Thibon, René and Vrigneaux, Jean and Caulin, Charles and Bergmann, Jean-François and Ambrosi, Pierre and Atlan, Pierre and Bannwarth, Bernard and Bouvenot, Gilles and Camelli, Bruno and Caron, Jacques and Castot, Anne and Cucherat, Michel and Diquet, Bertrand and Dumarcet, Nathalie and Gueyffier, François and Hanslik, Thomas and Jolliet, Pascale and Le Roux, Gérard and Lièvre, Michel and Meyer, François and Petit, Michel and Reveillaud, Olivier and Riche, Christian and Tremolières, François and Trouvin, Jean-Hugues and Vittecoq, Daniel and Wong, Olivier
Medecine Therapeutique, ISSN 1264-6520, 03/2005, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp. 138 - 143
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Plouin, Pierre-François and Bobrie, Guillaume and Girerd, Xavier and Belorgey, Chantal and Nouyrigat, Emmanuel and Amarenco, Pierre and Beaufils, Michel and Belmin, Jöel and Baron, Jean-François and Coriat, Pierre and Dany, François and Gavid, Bernard and Leys, Didier and Liard, François and Reveillaud, Olivier and Samin, Emmanuel and Slama, Michel and Denis, Catherine and Dumarcet, Nathalie and Raveau-Landon, Catherine and Abramovici, Francis and Ades, François and Alquier, Gilles and Arsan, Amine and Asmar, Roland and Blanc, Francis and Bonet, Philippe and Bruckert, Eric and Brugere, Nicolas and Charpentier, Jean-Marc and Colson, Pascal and De Gagny, Bertrand and Denolle, Thierry and Detilleux, Michel and Domergue, Richard and Drahi, Eric and Druais, Pierre-Louis and Gallois, Pierre and Godin, Michel and Grisoni, Antoine and Guerin-Demay, Dany and Hannedouche, Thierry and Henry, Jean-François and Jaillon, Patrice and Julia, Pierre and Lagarde, Jacques and Laville, Maurice and Lehot, Jean-Jacques and Mallion, Jean-Michel and Marre, Michel and Masseron, Pierre and Minsky-Kravetz, Boris and Montastruc, Jean-Louis and Mounier-Vehier, François and Mourad, Georges and Passa, Philippe and Philip, Yvan and Poggi, Louis and Poncelet, Pascal and Pouchain, Denis and Pruvost, Abel and Rambaud, Jacques and Renou, Pierre and Safar, Michel and Salvador, Michel and Touchard, Guy and Tual, Jean-Luc and Vetel, Jean-Marie and Wiederkehr, Jean-Louis and Woimant, France and Zuber, Mathieu and Bouvenot, Gilles and Bergmann, Jean-François and Caulin, Charles and Dupuis, Bernard and Aubier, Michel and Bannwarth, Bernard and Camelli, Bruno and Funck-Brentano, Christian and Le Jeunne, Claire and Petit, Michel and Riché, Christian and Thery, Claude and Tremolieres, François and Wong, Olivier and Fleurette, Frédéric and Rostocker, Guy and Trouvin, Jean-Hugues
Therapie, ISSN 0040-5957, 2002, Volume 57, Issue 5, pp. 484 - 488
Journal Article
ISME Journal, ISSN 1751-7362, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 6, pp. 1198 - 1209
Journal Article
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