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textiles (72) 72
natural or artificial threads or fibres (71) 71
spinning (71) 71
apparatus specially adapted for the manufacture of carbonfilaments (70) 70
chemical features in the manufacture of artificial filaments,threads, fibres, bristles or ribbons (70) 70
chemistry (65) 65
metallurgy (63) 63
animal and vegetable oils, fats, fatty substances and waxes (56) 56
candles (56) 56
detergent compositions (56) 56
detergents (56) 56
fatty acids therefrom (56) 56
recovery of glycerol (56) 56
resin soaps (56) 56
soap or soap-making (56) 56
use of single substances as detergents (56) 56
human necessities (43) 43
hygiene (43) 43
medical or veterinary science (43) 43
preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes (43) 43
index medicus (40) 40
braiding (39) 39
cotton-wool (39) 39
fabrics made by such processes or apparatus, e.g. felts,non-woven fabrics (39) 39
knitting (39) 39
lace-making (39) 39
making textile fabrics, e.g. from fibres or filamentarymaterial (39) 39
non-woven fabrics (39) 39
trimmings (39) 39
wadding (39) 39
humans (34) 34
specific use of cosmetics or similar toiletpreparations (33) 33
male (29) 29
female (24) 24
flexible materials not otherwise provided for (20) 20
laundering (20) 20
treatment of textiles or the like (20) 20
bleaching leather or furs (19) 19
dry-cleaning, washing or bleaching fibres, filaments, threads,yarns, fabrics, feathers or made-up fibrous goods (19) 19
aged (18) 18
performing operations (18) 18
transporting (18) 18
chemical aspects of bandages, dressings, absorbent pads, orsurgical articles (17) 17
cleaning (17) 17
cleaning in general (17) 17
disinfection, sterilisation, or deodorisation of air (17) 17
materials for bandages, dressings, absorbent pads, or surgicalarticles (17) 17
methods or apparatus for sterilising materials or objects ingeneral (17) 17
prevention of fouling in general (17) 17
history (16) 16
alzheimer's disease (15) 15
foods or foodstuffs (15) 15
foods, foodstuffs, or non-alcoholic beverages, not covered bysubclasses a23b - a23j (15) 15
middle aged (15) 15
preservation of foods or foodstuffs, in general (15) 15
their preparation or treatment, e.g. cooking, modification ofnutritive qualities, physical treatment (15) 15
their treatment, not covered by other classes (15) 15
multidisciplinary sciences (14) 14
neuroimaging (13) 13
abridged index medicus (11) 11
adult (11) 11
biomarkers (11) 11
cognitive ability (11) 11
dementia (11) 11
mild cognitive impairment (11) 11
neurosciences (10) 10
animals (9) 9
article (9) 9
brain (9) 9
neurodegenerative diseases (9) 9
aged, 80 and over (8) 8
association (8) 8
atrophy (8) 8
magnetic resonance imaging (8) 8
alzheimers disease (7) 7
analysis (7) 7
ecology (7) 7
medical imaging (7) 7
methods (7) 7
nuclear magnetic resonance--nmr (7) 7
studies (7) 7
case-control studies (6) 6
compositions based thereon (6) 6
compositions of macromolecular compounds (6) 6
diagnosis (6) 6
history and criticism (6) 6
infectious diseases (6) 6
medicine, general & internal (6) 6
mortality (6) 6
neuroscience (6) 6
organic macromolecular compounds (6) 6
pediatrics (6) 6
risk factors (6) 6
their preparation or chemical working-up (6) 6
treatment outcome (6) 6
alzheimer disease - diagnostic imaging (5) 5
books (5) 5
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by Jan Schipper and Janice S. Chanson and Federica Chiozza and Neil A. Cox and Michael Hoffmann and Vineet Katariya and John Lamoreux and Ana S. L. Rodrigues and Simon N. Stuart and Helen J. Temple and Jonathan Baillie and Luigi Boitani and Thomas E. Lacher and Russell A. Mittermeier and Andrew T. Smith and Daniel Absolon and John M. Aguiar and Giovanni Amori and Noura Bakkour and Ricardo Baldi and Richard J. Berridge and Jon Bielby and Patricia Ann Black and J. Julian Blanc and Thomas M. Brooks and James A. Burton and Thomas M. Butynski and Gianluca Catullo and Roselle Chapman and Zoe Cokeliss and Ben Collen and Jim Conroy and Justin G. Cooke and Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca and Andrew E. Derocher and Holly T. Dublin and J. W. Duckworth and Louise Emmons and Richard H. Emslie and Marco Festa-Bianchet and Matt Foster and Sabrina Foster and David L. Garshelis and Cormack Gates and Mariano Gimenez-Dixon and Susana Gonzalez and Jose Fernando Gonzalez-Maya and Tatjana C. Good and Geoffrey Hammerson and Philip S. Hammond and David Happold and Meredith Happold and John Hare and Richard B. Harris and Clare E. Hawkins and Mandy Haywood and Lawrence R. Heaney and Simon Hedges and Kristofer M. Helgen and Craig Hilton-Taylor and Syed Ainul Hussain and Nobuo Ishii and Thomas A. Jefferson and Richard K. B. Jenkins and Charlotte H. Johnston and Mark Keith and Jonathan Kingdon and David H. Knox and Kit M. Kovacs and Penny Langhammer and Kristin Leus and Rebecca Lewison and Gabriela Lichtenstein and Lloyd F. Lowry and Zoe Macavoy and Georgina M. Mace and David P. Mallon and Monica Masi and Meghan W. McKnight and Rodrigo A. Medellín and Patricia Medici and Gus Mills and Patricia D. Moehlman and Sanjay Molur and Arturo Mora and Kristin Nowell and John F. Oates and Wanda Olech and William R. L. Oliver and Monik Oprea and Bruce D. Patterson and William F. Perrin and Beth A. Polidoro and Caroline Pollock and Abigail Powel and Yelizaveta Protas and Paul Racey and Jim Ragle and Pavithra Ramani and Galen Rathbun and ...
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Journal Article
Ecology Letters, ISSN 1461-023X, 02/2019, Volume 22, Issue 2, pp. 245 - 255
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Iturria-Medina, Y and Sotero, R.C and Toussaint, P.J and Mateos-Pérez, J.M and Evans, A.C and Weiner, Michael W and Aisen, Paul and Petersen, Ronald and Jack, Clifford R and Jagust, William and Trojanowki, John Q and Toga, Arthur W and Beckett, Laurel and Green, Robert C and Saykin, Andrew J and Morris, John and Shaw, Leslie M and Khachaturian, Zaven and Sorensen, Greg and Kuller, Lew and Raichle, Marc and Paul, Steven and Davies, Peter and Fillit, Howard and Hefti, Franz and Holtzman, Davie and Mesulam, M. Marcel and Potter, William and Snyder, Peter and Schwartz, Adam and Montine, Tom and Thomas, Ronald G and Donohue, Michael and Walter, Sarah and Gessert, Devon and Sather, Tamie and Jiminez, Gus and Harvey, Danielle and Bernstein, Matthew and Fox, Nick and Thompson, Paul and Schuff, Norbert and Borowski, Bret and Gunter, Jeff and Senjem, Matt and Vemuri, Prashanthi and Jones, David and Kantarci, Kejal and Ward, Chad and Koeppe, Robert A and Foster, Norm and Reiman, Eric M and Chen, Kewei and Mathis, Chet and Landau, Susan and Cairns, Nigel J and Householder, Erin and Taylor-Reinwald, Lisa and Lee, Virginia and Korecka, Magdalena and Figurski, Michal and Crawford, Karen and Neu, Scott and Foroud, Tatiana M and Potkin, Steven and Shen, Li and Faber, Kelley and Kim, Sungeun and Nho, Kwangsik and Thal, Leon and Buckholtz, Neil and Albert, Marylyn and Frank, Richard and Hsiao, John and Kaye, Jeffrey and Quinn, Joseph and Lind, Betty and Carter, Raina and Dolen, Sara and Schneider, Lon S and Pawluczyk, Sonia and Beccera, Mauricio and Teodoro, Liberty and Spann, Bryan M and Brewer, James and Vanderswag, Helen and Fleisher, Adam and Heidebrink, Judith L and Lord, Joanne L and Mason, Sara S and Albers, Colleen S and Knopman, David and Johnson, Kris and Doody, Rachelle S and Villanueva-Meyer, Javier and Chowdhury, Munir and Rountree, Susan and Dang, Mimi and Stern, Yaakov and Honig, Lawrence S and ... and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging and Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
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Journal Article
by Böhm, Monika and Collen, Ben and Baillie, Jonathan E.M and Bowles, Philip and Chanson, Janice and Cox, Neil and Hammerson, Geoffrey and Hoffmann, Michael and Livingstone, Suzanne R and Ram, Mala and Rhodin, Anders G.J and Stuart, Simon N and van Dijk, Peter Paul and Young, Bruce E and Afuang, Leticia E and Aghasyan, Aram and García, Andrés and Aguilar, César and Ajtic, Rastko and Akarsu, Ferdi and Alencar, Laura R.V and Allison, Allen and Ananjeva, Natalia and Anderson, Steve and Andrén, Claes and Ariano-Sánchez, Daniel and Arredondo, Juan Camilo and Auliya, Mark and Austin, Christopher C and Avci, Aziz and Baker, Patrick J and Barreto-Lima, André F and Barrio-Amorós, César L and Basu, Dhruvayothi and Bates, Michael F and Batistella, Alexandre and Bauer, Aaron and Bennett, Daniel and Böhme, Wolfgang and Broadley, Don and Brown, Rafe and Burgess, Joseph and Captain, Ashok and Carreira, Santiago and Castañeda, Maria del Rosario and Castro, Fernando and Catenazzi, Alessandro and Cedeño-Vázquez, José R and Chapple, David G and Cheylan, Marc and Cisneros-Heredia, Diego F and Cogalniceanu, Dan and Cogger, Hal and Corti, Claudia and Costa, Gabriel C and Couper, Patrick J and Courtney, Tony and Crnobrnja-Isailovic, Jelka and Crochet, Pierre-André and Crother, Brian and Cruz, Felix and Daltry, Jennifer C and Daniels, R.J. Ranjit and Das, Indraneil and de Silva, Anslem and Diesmos, Arvin C and Dirksen, Lutz and Doan, Tiffany M and Dodd, C. Kenneth and Doody, J. Sean and Dorcas, Michael E and Duarte de Barros Filho, Jose and Egan, Vincent T and El Mouden, El Hassan and Embert, Dirk and Espinoza, Robert E and Fallabrino, Alejandro and Feng, Xie and Feng, Zhao-Jun and Fitzgerald, Lee and Flores-Villela, Oscar and França, Frederico G.R and Frost, Darrell and Gadsden, Hector and Gamble, Tony and Ganesh, S.R and Garcia, Miguel A and García-Pérez, Juan E and Gatus, Joey and Gaulke, Maren and Geniez, Philippe and Georges, Arthur and Gerlach, Justin and Goldberg, Stephen and Gonzalez, Juan-Carlos T and Gower, David J and Grant, Tandora and Greenbaum, Eli and Grieco, Cristina and Guo, Peng and ...
Biological Conservation, ISSN 0006-3207, 01/2013, Volume 157, pp. 372 - 385
Effective and targeted conservation action requires detailed information about species, their distribution, systematics and ecology as well as the distribution... 
Journal Article
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 11/2016, Volume 7, p. 13249
There is considerable debate whether Alzheimer's disease (AD) originates in basal forebrain or entorhinal cortex. Here we examined whether longitudinal... 
Journal Article