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celiac disease (32) 32
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infants (25) 25
spain (23) 23
gluten (21) 21
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adolescent (20) 20
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health aspects (16) 16
microbiology (16) 16
research (14) 14
diet (13) 13
risk factors (13) 13
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prevalence (12) 12
prospective studies (12) 12
risk (12) 12
animals (11) 11
biopsy (11) 11
celiac disease - genetics (11) 11
infectious diseases (11) 11
middle aged (11) 11
nutrition (11) 11
celiac disease - microbiology (10) 10
infant, newborn (10) 10
inflammatory-bowel-disease (10) 10
pharmacology & pharmacy (10) 10
population (10) 10
therapy (10) 10
abridged index medicus (9) 9
additive manufacturing technology (9) 9
additive manufacturing, i.e. manufacturing ofthree-dimensional [3-d] objects by additive deposition, additiveagglomeration or additive layering, e.g. by 3-d printing,stereolithography or selective laser sintering (9) 9
after-treatment of the shaped products, e.g. repairing (9) 9
analysis (9) 9
case-control studies (9) 9
coeliac disease (9) 9
genotype (9) 9
guidelines (9) 9
performing operations (9) 9
shaping of material in a plastic state, not otherwise providedfor (9) 9
shaping or joining of plastics (9) 9
transporting (9) 9
usage (9) 9
working of plastics (9) 9
working of substances in a plastic state, in general (9) 9
celiac disease - diagnosis (8) 8
cystic fibrosis (8) 8
europe (8) 8
klinikai orvostudományok (8) 8
medical research (8) 8
mutation (8) 8
orvostudományok (8) 8
transglutaminases - immunology (8) 8
age (7) 7
aged (7) 7
breast feeding (7) 7
care and treatment (7) 7
celiac disease - diet therapy (7) 7
celiac disease - pathology (7) 7
disease (7) 7
drug resistance (7) 7
genetics & heredity (7) 7
gliadin - immunology (7) 7
medicine (7) 7
medicine, experimental (7) 7
microbial sensitivity tests (7) 7
milk (7) 7
pathology (7) 7
reproducibility of results (7) 7
time factors (7) 7
treatment outcome (7) 7
antibiotics (6) 6
celiac disease - etiology (6) 6
diet, gluten-free (6) 6
disease models, animal (6) 6
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (6) 6
enzymes (6) 6
feces - microbiology (6) 6
genetics (6) 6
genotype & phenotype (6) 6
gluten-free diet (6) 6
glutens - administration & dosage (6) 6
hla-dq antigens - genetics (6) 6
immunology (6) 6
medicine, general & internal (6) 6
microbiota (6) 6
rabbits (6) 6
retrospective studies (6) 6
safety (6) 6
sensitivity and specificity (6) 6
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Intensive Care Medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 9/2018, Volume 44, Issue 9, pp. 1470 - 1482
Journal Article
by Mantzouki, Evanthia and Lürling, Miquel and Fastner, Jutta and de Senerpont Domis, Lisette and Wilk-Woźniak, Elżbieta and Koreivienė, Judita and Seelen, Laura and Teurlincx, Sven and Verstijnen, Yvon and Krztoń, Wojciech and Walusiak, Edward and Karosienė, Jūratė and Kasperoviienė, Jūratė and Savadova, Ksenija and Vitonytė, Irma and Cillero-Castro, Carmen and Budzynska, Agnieszka and Goldyn, Ryszard and Kozak, Anna and Rosińska, Joanna and Szeląg-Wasielewska, Elżbieta and Domek, Piotr and Jakubowska-Krepska, Natalia and Kwasizur, Kinga and Messyasz, Beata and Pełechata, Aleksandra and Pełechaty, Mariusz and Kokocinski, Mikolaj and García-Murcia, Ana and Real, Monserrat and Romans, Elvira and Noguero-Ribes, Jordi and Duque, David Parreño and Fernández-Morán, Elísabeth and Karakaya, Nusret and Häggqvist, Kerstin and Demir, Nilsun and Beklioğlu, Meryem and Filiz, Nur and Levi, Eti E and Iskin, Uğur and Bezirci, Gizem and Tavşanoğlu, Ülkü Nihan and Özhan, Koray and Gkelis, Spyros and Panou, Manthos and Fakioglu, Özden and Avagianos, Christos and Kaloudis, Triantafyllos and Çelik, Kemal and Yilmaz, Mete and Marcé, Rafael and Catalán, Nuria and Bravo, Andrea G and Buck, Moritz and Colom-Montero, William and Mustonen, Kristiina and Pierson, Don and Yang, Yang and Raposeiro, Pedro M and Gonçalves, Vítor and Antoniou, Maria G and Tsiarta, Nikoletta and McCarthy, Valerie and Perello, Victor C and Feldmann, Tõnu and Laas, Alo and Panksep, Kristel and Tuvikene, Lea and Gagala, Ilona and Mankiewicz-Boczek, Joana and Yağcı, Meral Apaydın and Çınar, Şakir and Çapkın, Kadir and Yağcı, Abdulkadir and Cesur, Mehmet and Bilgin, Fuat and Bulut, Cafer and Uysal, Rahmi and Obertegger, Ulrike and Boscaini, Adriano and Flaim, Giovanna and Salmaso, Nico and Cerasino, Leonardo and Richardson, Jessica and Visser, Petra M and Verspagen, Jolanda M. H and Karan, Tünay and Soylu, Elif Neyran and Maraşlıoğlu, Faruk and Napiórkowska-Krzebietke, Agnieszka and Ochocka, Agnieszka and Pasztaleniec, Agnieszka and Antão-Geraldes, Ana M and Vasconcelos, Vitor and Morais, João and Vale, Micaela and Köker, Latife and Akçaalan, Reyhan and Albay, Meriç and ... and Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet and Biologiska sektionen and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för ekologi och genetik and Limnologi
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Journal Article
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Journal Article