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2016, ISBN 0271072075, xvii, 234 pages
"Through the photography of William T. Clarke, explores the impact of the logging industry on late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century north-central... 
Logging | Clarke, W. T | Landscape photography | Loggers | History | Logging railroads
1994, ISBN 0814726194, x, 405
Though all women are women, no woman is only a woman, wrote Elizabeth Spelman in The Inessential Woman. Gone are the days when feminism translated simply into... 
Moral and ethical aspects | Feminism
by Hurtado, Cristina and Hurtado, Cristina and Bradley, John and Bradley, John and Bradley, John and Burns, Andrew R and Burns, Andrew R and Karkouti, Keyvan and Karkouti, Keyvan and Anderson, Rob and Abrahamson, Simon D and Mazer, C David and Mazer, C David and Mazer, C David and Mazer, C David and Hung, O R and Comeau, L and Fisher, Joseph A and Tessler, Janet and Rucker, Joshua and Rucker, Joshua and Mathicu, Alix and Murray-Foster, Sara and Tz-Chong, Chou and Chi-Yuan, Li and Tsuda, Takako and Tabuchi, Akihiko and Sasano, Hiroshi and Kiriyama, Masanobu and Okada, Akinori and Hayano, Junichiro and Takeuchi, Akinori and Takeuchi, Akinori and Katsuya, Hirotada and Tousignant, Claude P and Ling, Elizabeth and Arellano, Ramiro and Dowd, N and Karski, J and Cheng, D and Carroll-Munro, J and Rose, D K and Rose, D K and Rose, D K and Mazer, C O and Cohen, M M and Cohen, M M and Wigglesworth, D and Wigglesworth, D and McKay, William P. S and Teskey, Robert J and Militzer, Julio and Kember, Guy and Blanchet, Travis and Blanchet, Travis and Gregson, Peter H and Gregson, Peter H and Howells, Steven R and Robblee, James A and Breen, Terrance W and Breen, Terrance W and Dierenfield, Laura and McNeil, Tacie and Nicholson, Donna J and Kowalski, Stephen E and Hamilton, G Andrew and Meyers, Michael P and Serrette, Carl and Duke, Peter C and Custeau, Ingrid and Martin, Rend and Larabée, Sonia and Pirlet, Martine and Pilote, Madeleine and Tetrault, Jean-Pierre and Tsui, Ban C. H and Gupta, Sunil and Finucane, Brendan and Weisbrod, Mitchell J and Chan, Vincent W. S and Kaszas, Z and Dragomir, C and Cohen, M R and Gandhi, M and Clanachan, A S and Clanachan, A S and Finegan, B A and Isaac, Lisa and Splinter, William M and Hall, L A and Gould, H M and Rhine, E J and Bergeron, Lyne and Girard, Michel and Drolet, Pierre and Truong, Hong Hanh Le and Boucher, Carl and Vézina, Daniel and Lessard, Martin R and Gourdeau, Marie and ...
Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia, ISSN 0832-610X, 5/1998, Volume 45, Issue S5, pp. A3 - A64
... of Anaesthesia, The Toronto Hospital, General Division, 200 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2C4 INTRODUCTION The structuring of the health system has compelled... 
Pediatrics | Pain Medicine | Pneumology/Respiratory System | Medicine & Public Health | Intensive / Critical Care Medicine | Anesthesiology | Cardiology
Journal Article
Health law journal, ISSN 1192-8336, 2003, Volume 11, pp. 217 - 239
Journal Article
The RUSI Journal, ISSN 0307-1847, 10/2011, Volume 156, Issue 5, pp. 102 - 114
Journal Article
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