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by Abbo, L and Casiano-Colon, A and Tysiak, M and Hooton, T. M and Stiles, J and Fagan, R and Gualandi, N and Beldavs, Z. G and Dumyati, G and Kainer, M and Lynfield, R and Maloney, M and Min, J.-Y and Nadle, J and Ray, S. M and Richards, K and Fridkin, S and Magill, S. S and Uganski, K and Bucher, K and Deyoung, G. R and Egwuatu, N and Weise, A and Prusa, J and Dumkow, L and Andrzejewski, C and Shutt, K and Freedy, H and Galang, G and Yassin, M and Doron, S and Mcelroy, N and Salem-Schatz, S and Griswold, P and Pallin, D and Kandel, R and Mchale, E and Simmons, N and Demaria, A and Chironda, B and Powis, J and Hoffmann, C and Sydnor, E and Brundige, M. L and Patel, S and Evans, C and Rightmier, E and Staicu, M and Felsen, C and Ashley, E. D and Miller, L and Kahn, K and Eells, S. J and Choi, S and Riva, M and Go-Wheeler, M and Hossain, T and Grein, J and Geide, T and Ignacio, M and Thompson, J. C and Talledo, K and Ka-Ming, L and Amado, C and Blair, P and Siegel, M and Keiser, J and Haas, M and Knepper, B and Kaucher, K and Shihadeh, K and Sankoff, J and Jenkins, T and Waters, D and Bryan, B and Evans, D and Kasbekar, N and O'donnell, J and Dougherty, T and Maniglia, R and Boedec, C and Edwards, C and Binkley, A and Mcdonough, K and Shafi, S and Mammen-Prasad, E and Finkel, D and Shah, K and Cook, P and Lee, T and Ashraf, M. S and Christie, J and Fang, X and Rashid, M.-U and Weintraub, A and Nord, C. E and Rolek, K and Talati, N and Binkley, S and Timko, D and ... and The CDC Prenvention Epicenters Program and IDCRP TIDOS working group and for the CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The EMERGEncy ID NET Study Group and Latin American FIDEC Streptococcus Pneumoniae Working Group and Colombian Nosocomial Resistance Study Group and The Antibiotic Stewardship Corridor and Infection Prevention and Control Canada and Illinois Collaborative for Healthcare Antimicrobial Stewardship Enhancement (ICHASE) and rLP2086 B1971011 Study Team and The ResPECT Study Team and AHRQ DEcIDE Network and Healthcare-Associated Infections Program and CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The Belgian Study Group for Varicella and CMV and Hearing Multicenter Screening (CHIMES) Study and Study Team (NCT01337167) and Toronto Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network and Portuguese Group for the Study of Streptococcal Infections and Korean Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System
Open Forum Infectious Diseases, ISSN 2328-8957, 12/2014, Volume 1, Issue suppl_1, pp. S70 - S472
Journal Article
Internal and Emergency Medicine, ISSN 1828-0447, 8/2018, Volume 13, Issue 5, pp. 651 - 660
Journal Article
by Lum, R and Bae, J and Okoye, A and Hagen, S.I and Park, H and Legasse, A.W and Axthelm, M.K and Estes, J.D and Estes, J.D and Piatak, M and Lifson, J.D and Picker, L.J and Stampouloglou, E and Cesa, K and Alvino, D and Piechocka-Trocha, A and Pereyra, F and Walker, B and Kløverpris, H.N and Stryhn, A and Stryhn, A and Buus, S and Price, D and Goulder, P and Porichis, F and Hart, M and Barblu, L and Brennan, T.E and Kavanagh, D and Kaufmann, D and Hejblum, B and Skinner, J and Montes, M and Chêne, G and Palucka, K and Banchereau, J and Levy, Y and Dreyer, A.M and Hoot, S and Lippy, A and Stuart, A and Cohen, K.W and Jardine, J and Menis, S and Scheid, J.F and West, A.P and Schief, W.R and Stamatatos, L and Leonavicius, K and Schuster, H and Kong, L and Saliba, R and Wegmann, F and Huang, P and Stewart-Jones, G.B and Schief, W.R and Davis, B.G and Sattentau, Q.J and Grant, M and Killick, M.A and Cerutti, N and Capovilla, A and Epaulard, O and Adam, L and Poux, C and Zurawski, G and Rosenbaum, P and Dereuddre-Bosquet, N and Zurawski, S and Oh, S and Romain, G and Banchereau, J and Lévy, Y and Le Grand, R and Sundling, C and Feng, Y and O'Dell, S and O'Dell, S and Reimann, K and Mascola, J and Wyatt, R and Hedestam, G.B. Karlsson and Ahmed, T and Ahmed, T and Nicola, B and Hayton, E and Hayton, E and Hayton, E and Vasilyeva, E and Frahm, N and Frahm, N and Colloca, S and Nicosia, A and McMichael, A and Dorrell, L and Hanke, T and Hanke, T and Hanke, T and Natalia, R and Zoya, G and ...
AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, ISSN 0889-2229, 11/2013, Volume 29, Issue 11, pp. A-1 - A-208
Journal Article
by Paciullo, Francesco and Proietti, Marco and Bianconi, Vanessa and Nobili, Alessandro and Pirro, Matteo and Mannucci, Pier Mannuccio and Lip, Gregory Y. H and Lupattelli, Graziana and Tettamanti, Mauro and Pasina, Luca and Franchi, Carlotta and Perticone, Francesco and Salerno, Francesco and Corrao, Salvatore and Marengoni, Alessandra and Licata, Giuseppe and Violi, Francesco and Corazza, Gino Roberto and Marcucci, Maura and Eldin, Tarek Kamal and Di Blanca, Maria Pia Donatella and Lanzo, Giovanna and Astuto, Sarah and Ardoino, Ilaria and Cortesi, Laura and Prisco, Domenico and Silvestri, Elena and Cenci, Caterina and Emmi, Giacomo and Biolo, Gianni and Guarnieri, Gianfranco and Zanetti, Michela and Fernandes, Giovanni and Chiuch, Massimiliano and Vanoli, Massimo and Grignani, Giulia and Casella, Gianluca and Pulixi, Edoardo Alessandro and Bernardi, Mauro and Bassi, Silvia Li and Santi, Luca and Zaccherini, Giacomo and Mannarino, Elmo and Nuti, Ranuccio and Valenti, Roberto and Ruvio, Martina and Cappelli, Silvia and Palazzuoli, Alberto and Salvatore, Teresa and Sasso, Ferdinando Carlo and Girelli, Domenico and Olivieri, Oliviero and Matteazzi, Thomas and Barbagallo, Mario and Plances, Lidia and Alcamo, Roberta and Calvo, Luigi and Valenti, Miriam and Zoli, Marco and Arnò, Raffaella and Pasini, Franco Laghi and Capecchi, Pier Leopoldo and Bicchi, Maurizio and Palasciano, Giuseppe and Modeo, Maria Ester and Peragine, Maria and Pappagallo, Fabrizio and Pugliese, Stefania and Di Gennaro, Carla and Postiglione, Alfredo and Barbella, Maria Rosaria and De Stefano, Francesco and Cappellini, Maria Domenica and Fabio, Giovanna and Seghezzi, Sonia and De Amicis, Margherita Migone and Mancarella, Marta and Mari, Daniela and Rossi, Paolo Dionigi and Damanti, Sarah and Ottolini, Barbara Brignolo and Bonini, Giulia and Miceli, Emanuela and Lenti, Marco Vincenzo and Padula, Donatella and Murialdo, Giovanni and Marra, Alessio and Cattaneo, Federico and Secchi, Maria Beatrice and Ghelfi, Davide and Anastasio, Luigi and Sofia, Lucia and Carbone, Maria and Davì, Giovanni and Guagnano, Maria Teresa and Sestili, Simona and Mancuso, Gerardo and Calipari, Daniela and Bartone, Mosè and Meroni, Maria Rachele and ... and REPOSI Investigators
Drugs and Aging, ISSN 1170-229X, 04/2018, Volume 35, Issue 4, pp. 365 - 373
Background Among rate-control or rhythm-control strategies, there is conflicting evidence as to which is the best management approach for non-valvular atrial... 
Journal Article
Journals of Gerontology - Series A Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, ISSN 1079-5006, 2017, Volume 72, Issue 3, pp. 395 - 402
Background: Because frailty is a complex phenomenon associated with poor outcomes, the identification of patient profiles with different care needs might be of... 
Cluster analysis | Frailty | Aging phenotypes | Internal medicine and geriatric wards | Outcomes | MORTALITY | ADULTS | VALIDATION | GERONTOLOGY | RISK | ADVERSE OUTCOMES | GERIATRICS & GERONTOLOGY | Geriatric Assessment | Phenotype | Prospective Studies | Aging - genetics | Hospital Mortality | Humans | Aged, 80 and over | Female | Male | Aged | Frail Elderly | Hospitalization
Journal Article
by Basili, Stefania and Loffredo, Lorenzo and Pastori, Daniele and Proieti, Marco and Farcomeni, Alessio and Vesti, Anna Rta and Pignatelli, Pasquale and Davì, Giovanni and Hiatt, William R and Lip, Gregory Y.H and Corazza, Gino R and Perticone, Francesco and Violi, Francesco and Alessandri, C and Serviddio, G and Fascetti, S and Palange, P and Greco, E and Bruno, G and Averna, M and Giammanco, A and Sposito, P and De Cristofaro, R and De Gennaro, L and Carulli, L and Pellegrini, E and Cominacini, L and Mozzini, C and Pasini, A.F and Sprovieri, M and Spagnuolo, V and Cerqua, G and Cerasola, G and Mule, G and Barbagallo, M and Lo Sciuto, S and Monteverde, A and Saitta, A and Lo Gullo, A and Malatino, L and Ciia, C and Terranova, V and Pisano, M and Pinto, A and Di Raimondo, D and Tuttolomondo, A and Conigliaro, R and Signorelli, S and De Palma, D and Galderisi, M and Cudemo, G and Galletti, F and Fazio, V and De Luca, N and Meccariello, A and Caputo, D and De Donato, M.T and Iannuzi, A and Bresciani, A and Giunta, R and Utili, R and Iorio, V and Adinolfi, L.E and Sellitto, C and Iuliano, N and Bellis, P and Tirelli, P and Sacerdoti, D and Vanni, D and Iuliano, L and Ciacciarelli, M and Pacelli, A and Palazzuoli, A and Cacciafesta, M and Gueli, N and Lo Iacono, G and Brusco, S and Verrusio, W and Nobili, L and Tarquinio, N and Pellegrini, F and Vincentelli, G.M and Ravallese, F and Santini, C and Letizia, C and Petramala, L and Zinnamosca, L and Minisola, S and Cilli, M and Savoriti, C and Colangelo, L and Falaschi, P and Martocchia, A and Pastore, F and Bertazzoni, G and Attalla El Halabieh, E and Paradiso, M and Lizzi, E.M and Timmi, S and Battisti, P and ...
International Journal of Cardiology, ISSN 0167-5273, 03/2017, Volume 231, pp. 143 - 149
Background and aims: Vascular disease (VD), as assessed by history of myocardial infarction or peripheral artery disease or aortic plaque, increases stroke... 
Vascular disease | Carotid plaque | Stroke | Atrial fibrillation | Atherosclerosis | VASc score | CHA
Journal Article
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2018, Volume 20, Issue S1, pp. A-1 - A-152
Journal Article