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The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 10/2018, Volume 19, Issue 10, pp. 1351 - 1359
No approved systemic therapy exists for von Hippel-Lindau disease, an autosomal dominant disorder with pleiotropic organ manifestations that include clear cell... 
Journal Article
The Journal of pediatrics, ISSN 0022-3476, 09/2019
To evaluate neurodevelopmental outcomes of preterm infants with need for Child Protective Services (CPS) supervision at hospital discharge compared with those... 
Journal Article
by Pappas, Athina and Adams-Chapman, Ira and Shankaran, Seetha and McDonald, Scott A and Stoll, Barbara J and Laptook, Abbot R and Carlo, Waldemar A and Van Meurs, Krisa P and Hintz, Susan R and Carlson, Martha D and Brumbaugh, Jane E and Walsh, Michele C and Wyckoff, Myra H and Das, Abhik and Higgins, Rosemary D and Caplan, Michael S and Polin, Richard A and Keszler, Martin and Oh, William and Vohr, Betty R and Hensman, Angelita M and Basso, Kristin M and Alksninis, Barbara and Burke, Robert and Caskey, Melinda and Halbrook, Andrea and Johnson, Katharine and Keszler, Mary Lenore and Leach, Theresa M and Stephens, Bonnie E and Ventura, Suzy and Watson, Victoria E and Fanaroff, Avroy A and Hibbs, Anna Marie and Wilson-Costello, Deanne E and Newman, Nancy S and Payne, Allison F and Siner, Bonnie S and Bhola, Monika and Yalcinkaya, Gulgun and Friedman, Harriet G and Truog, William E and Pallotto, Eugenia K and Kilbride, Howard W and Gauldin, Cheri and Holmes, Anne and Johnson, Kathy and Schibler, Kurt and Donovan, Edward F and Grisby, Cathy and Alexander, Barbara and Bridges, Kate and Fischer, Estelle E and Gratton, Teresa L and Mincey, Holly L and Muthig, Greg and Hessling, Jody and Jackson, Lenora D and Kirker, Kristin and Yolton, Kimberly and Goldberg, Ronald N and Cotten, C. Michael and Goldstein, Ricki F and Gustafson, Kathryn E and Finkle, Joanne and Ashley, Patricia L and Malcolm, William F and Auten, Kathy J and Fisher, Kimberley A and Foy, Katherine A and Grimes, Sandra and Lohmeyer, Melody B and Laughon, Matthew M and Bose, Carl L and Bernhardt, Janice and Bose, Gennie and Wereszczak, Janice K and Carlton, David P and Hale, Ellen C and Loggins, Yvonne C and LaRossa, Maureen Mulligan and Carter, Sheena L and Archer, Stephanie Wilson and Sokol, Gregory M and Poindexter, Brenda B and Dusick, Anna M and Papile, Lu-Ann and Herron, Dianne E and Miller, Lucy C and Lytle, Carolyn and Cook, Ann B and Minnich, Heike M and Hines, Abbey C and Wilson, Leslie Dawn and Hamer, Faithe and Sánchez, Pablo J and Nelin, Leif D and Jadcherla, Sudarshan R and Yeates, Keith Owen and Luzader, Patricia and ... and Eunice Kennedy Shriver Nat and Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network and for the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network
JAMA Pediatrics, ISSN 2168-6203, 01/2018, Volume 172, Issue 1, pp. 32 - 42
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 02/2017, Volume 376, Issue 7, pp. 617 - 628
Journal Article
by Hoffman, Laurie and Bann, Carla and Higgins, Rosemary and Vohr, Betty and Caplan, M.S and Polin, R.A and Laptook, A.R and Hensman, A.M and Oh, W and Keszler, M and Burke, R and Caskey, M and Johnson, K and Alksninis, B and Leach, T.M and Stephens, B.E and Watson, V.E and Ventura, S and Basso, K.M and Vieira, E and Halbrook, A and Walsh, M.C and Fanaroff, A.A and Hibbs, A.M and Wilson-Costello, D.E and Newman, N.S and Siner, B.S and Bhola, M and Yalcinkaya, G and Friedman, H.G and Truog, W.E and Pallotto, E.K and Kilbride, H.W and Gauldin, C and Holmes, A and Johnson, K and Schibler, K and Donovan, E.F and Bridges, K and Alexander, B and Grisby, C and Hessling, J and Fischer, E.E and Jackson, L.D and Kirker, K and Mincey, H.L and Muthig, G and Gratton, T.L and Steichen, J.J and Yolton, K and Goldberg, R.N and Cotten, C.M and Goldstein, R.F and Fisher, K.A and Auten, K.J and Foy, K.A and Grimes, S and Finkle, J and Gustafson, K.E and Lohmeyer, M.B and Laughon, M.M and Bose, C.L and Bernhardt, J and Bose, G and Wereszczak, J.K and Stoll, B.J and Carlton, D.P and Hale, E.C and Adams-Chapman, I and LaRossa, M.M and Carter, S.L and Archer, S.W and Poindexter, B.B and Sokol, G.M and Dusick, A.M and Cook, A.B and Herron, D.E and Hamer, F and Lytle, C and Miller, L.C and Minnich, H.M and Wilson, L.D and Nelin, L.D and Jadcherla, S.R and Luzader, P and Fortney, C.A and Besner, G.E and Parikh, N.A and Das, A and Wallace, D and Newman, J.E and Auman, J.O and Crawford, M.M and Gantz, M.G and Huitema, C.M and Zaterka-Baxter, K.M and Van Meurs, K.P and Stevenson, D.K and Hintz, S.R and Adams, M.M and ... and Eunice Kennedy Shriver Natl Inst C and Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network and for the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network
Pediatrics, ISSN 0031-4005, 06/2015, Volume 135, Issue 6, pp. 1082 - 1092
Journal Article
Journal Article
Seminars in Pediatric Neurology, ISSN 1071-9091, 04/2018, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 136 - 151
Journal Article
2007, Colección Grupos de trabajo, ISBN 9871183747, 390
This dissertation presents the results of settlement pattern studies conducted within the peripheral zones of two ancient Maya communities, La Milpa and Dos... 
Archaeology | Latin American history
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