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SAE technical paper series, Volume 942410.
A field test was conducted in order to evaluate the effect of detergent additives on vehicles representative of the Venezuelan automotive fleet using a... 
Exhaust emissions | Gasoline | Fuel additives | Emissions
The EMBO journal, ISSN 0261-4189, 05/2016, Volume 35, Issue 9, pp. 942 - 960
Journal Article
Journal of biogeography, ISSN 0305-0270, 05/2018, Volume 45, Issue 5, pp. 1168 - 1181
Journal Article
by De Oliveira Otto, Marcia C and Afshin, Ashkan and Micha, Renata and Khatibzadeh, Shahab and Fahimi, Saman and Singh, Gitanjali and Danaei, Goodarz and Sichieri, Rosely and Monteiro, Carlos A and Louzada, Maria L. C and Ezzati, Majid and Mozaffarian, Dariush and Powles, J and Shi, P and Elmadfa, I and Rao, M and Wirojratana, P and Lim, S.S and Andrews, K.G and Engell, R.E and Abbott, P.A and Abdollahi, M and Abeyá Gilardon, E and Ahsan, H and Al Nsour, M.A and Al-Hooti, S.N and Arambepola, C and Barennes, H and Barquera, S and Baylin, A and Becker, W and Bjerregaard, P and Bourne, L.T and Calleja, N and Capanzana, M.V and Castetbon, K and Chang, H.Y and Chen, Y and Cowan, M.J and De Henauw, S and Ding, E.L and Duante, C.A and Duran, P and Elmadfa, I and Enghardt Barbieri, H and Farzadfar, F and Fernando, D.N and Filipovic Hadziomeragic, A and Fisberg, R.M and Forsyth, S and Garriguet, D and Gaspoz, J.M and Gauci, D and Ginnela, B.N and Guessous, I and Gulliford, M.C and Hadden, W and Haerpfer, C and Hoffman, D.J and Houshiar-Rad, A and Huybrechts, I and Hwalla, N.C and Ibrahim, H.M and Inoue, M and Jackson, M.D and Johansson, L and Keinan-Boker, L and Kim, C.I and Koksal, E and Lee, H.J and Li, Y and Lipoeto, N.I and Ma, G and Mangialavori, G.L and Matsumura, Y and McGarvey, S.T and Chan, M.F and Mensink, G.B and Monge-Rojas, R.A and Musaiger, A.O and Balakrishna, N and Naska, A and Ocke, M.C and Oltarzewski, M and Orfanos, P and Ovaskainen, M.L and Pan, W.H and Panagiotakos, D.B and Pekcan, G.A and Petrova, S and Piaseu, N and Pitsavos, C and Posada, L.G and Riley, L.M and Sánchez-Romero, L.M and Selamat, R.B and Sharma, S and Sibai, A.M and Simmala, C and Steingrimsdottir, L and ... and Nutr Chronic Dis Expert Grp and Global Burden Dis Injuries Risk and Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Metabolic Risk Factors of Chronic Diseases Expert Group and Nutrition and Chronic Diseases Expert Group (NutriCoDE)
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 03/2016, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp. e0151503 - e0151503
Journal Article
by Roeters, Anne and Shi, Qiuling and Rustøen, Tone and Valeberg, Berit Taraldsen and Nordstokke, David and Stelnicki, Andrea M and Olson, Karin and Hill, Roderick and Martin, Mike W and Nordstokke, David and Mustillo, Sarah and Bradshaw, Kelsey M and Donohue, Brad and Fontainha, Elsa and Casas, Ferran and Lodge, Amy C and Leung, Cynthia and Tsang Kit Man, Sandra and Crespo, Carla and Silva, Neuza and Jenkinson, Crispin and Dubayova, Tatiana and Hallo, Jeffrey and Anderson, Laura and Valliere, William and Piedmont, Ralph L and Fattore, Marco and Abbott, Katherine and Christens, Brian D and Tran Inzeo, Paula and Iafrate, Raffaella and Donato, Silvia and Bertoni, Anna and Anderson, Kristin L and Pernod, Martine and Skolasky, Richard L and Garratt, Andrew and Delle Fave, Antonella and Misra, Girishwar and Bassi, Marta and Delle Fave, Antonella and Upton, Penney and Varni, James W and Mounts, Nina S and Walters, Tracy and Hinkle, Henry and Purnomo, Julianita and Claes, Claudia and Fulmer, Sara M and Peiró, Jose María and Martínez-Tur, Vicente and Moliner, Carolina and Verme, Paolo and Jeffres, Leo W and Liao, Pei-Shan and Patrick, Donald L and Roccato, Michele and Russo, Silvia and Vieno, Alessio and Jany-Catrice, Florence and Wills-Herrera, Eduardo and Juckel, Georg and Kleinplatz, Peggy J and Ménard, A. Dana and Wannamaker, Christopher and Launeanu, Mihaela and Michalos, Alex C and Vittersø, Joar and Suter, Christian and Hasberg, Ruth and van Loon, Jos and Little, Brian and Musek, Janek and Polic, Marko and Xing, Zhanjun and Ganglmair-Wooliscroft, Alexandra and Vaqué Crusellas, Cristina and Vaqué Crusellas, Cristina and Eklund, Mona and Piedmont, Ralph L and Wood, Alex M and Boyce, Christopher J and Pasca, Romana and Chi, Nai-Wen and Casas, Ferran and Allen, Karen and Fuentes-García, Alejandra and Dias, João Marcos and Barnett, Anthony and Ashing, Kimlin Tam and Rosales, Monica and Yeung, Sophia and Estes, Richard J and Capio, Catherine M and Sit, Cindy H. P and Abernethy, Bruce and Gaffey, Allison E and Wirth, Michelle M and Schleicher, Andreas and Thorn, William and ...
ISBN 9400707525
Book Chapter