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money supply (15) 15
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multiple equilibria (14) 14
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expectations (12) 12
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capital accumulation (11) 11
economic development (11) 11
economics (11) 11
game theory (11) 11
human capital (11) 11
humans (11) 11
imperfect competition (11) 11
mercantilism (11) 11
mill, j. s (11) 11
monopolistic competition (11) 11
monopoly (11) 11
moral hazard (11) 11
phillips curve (11) 11
hume, d (10) 10
identification (10) 10
malthus, t. r (10) 10
microfoundations (10) 10
probability (10) 10
statistical inference (10) 10
uncertainty (10) 10
vector autoregressions (10) 10
c10 (9) 9
commitment (9) 9
cowles commission (9) 9
economic growth (9) 9
economic history (9) 9
estimation (9) 9
matching (9) 9
monetarism (9) 9
monetary policy (9) 9
planning (9) 9
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technical change (9) 9
total factor productivity (9) 9
value (9) 9
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arbitrage (8) 8
arrow, k (8) 8
austrian economics (8) 8
collusion (8) 8
econometric society (8) 8
exploitation (8) 8
generalized method of moments (8) 8
german historical school (8) 8
great depression (8) 8
heteroskedasticity (8) 8
learning (8) 8
male (8) 8
overlapping generations models (8) 8
political economy (8) 8
purchasing power parity (8) 8
reputation (8) 8
social norms (8) 8
time series analysis (8) 8
veblen, t (8) 8
aggregate demand (7) 7
cantillon, r (7) 7
central planning (7) 7
classical economics (7) 7
development economics (7) 7
division of labour (7) 7
economic policy (7) 7
equilibrium (7) 7
fiat money (7) 7
forecasting (7) 7
gold standard (7) 7
increasing returns (7) 7
keynesianism (7) 7
labour supply (7) 7
market socialism (7) 7
markov processes (7) 7
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2007, Themes in European Governance, ISBN 0521694604, xvi, 242
With the European Parliament comprising politicians from many different countries, cultures, languages, national parties and institutional backgrounds, one... 
Legislators | European Parliament | European Union | Legislative power
2008, ISBN 9780231141604, xix, 231
The privatization of large state-owned enterprises is one of the most radical policy developments of the last quarter century. Right-wing governments have... 
Law | Privatization | Finance | Business
2000, 1, MIT Press Books, ISBN 0262182033, Volume 1, xxix, 400
The transition from socialism to capitalism in former socialist economies is one of the main economic events of the twentieth century. Not only does it affect... 
Economics | Economic aspects | Post-communism | Economic history | Political aspects | 1990 | socialism; capitalism; transition
2012, Studies in Development Economics and Policy, ISBN 9780230343481, xviii, 446
01 02 The twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall has stimulated much reflection on the political, economic and social transitions that have taken... 
Economic aspects | Post-communism | Former communist countries Economic conditions | Former communist countries Economic policy | Political Economy | Development Economics | Regional and Comparative Economics | Former communist countries | Europe, Eastern | Economic policy | Economic conditions | Economic history
2012, International Economic Association, ISBN 9781137034007, Volume 150-1, 358
This collection of essays from eminent scholars discusses different phases and measures of economic development, evaluating the success of national economic... 
Management science | Economic development
2008, ISBN 1847208916, xii, 178
... Park University of Incheon, South Korea T .J . Pempel University of California, Berkeley, USA Gérard R oland University of California, Berkeley, USA Edward Elgar... 
Economics | East Asia Economic policy | East Asia Politics and government
1985, Histoire, économie, société, ISBN 2800408693, 200
by Burmeister, Edwin and Tribe, K and Fong, Nathan M and Schefold, B and Fisher, Malcolm R and Fischer, Stanley and Haidar, Jamal Ibrahim and Whitaker, J. K and Hendry, David F and Phillips, Peter C. B and Sent, Esther-Mirjam and Adams, F. Gerard and Simon, Herbert A and Lee, Ronald D and Richard Savage, I and Karni, Edi and Bridel, P and Schmidt, K and Hébert, R. F and Hébert, R. F and Sowell, Thomas and Castelot, E and Sowell, Thomas and Cramp, A. B and Kærgård, Niels and Sandelin, Bo and Sæther, Arild and Montani, Guido and Classen, Wolfgang-Dieter and Recktenwald, H. C and Kuran, Timur and Schwödiauer, G and Schefold, B and Rosenberg, N and Bombach, Gottfried and Spiegel, Henry W and Langholm, Odd and Whited, Toni M and Hoxby, Caroline and Mosak, Jacob L and Walker, James R and Worswick, G. D. N and Heertje, Arnold and Aghion, Philippe and Lipsey, Robert and Reiter, Stanley and Diamond, Arthur M and Mäki, Uskali and Adelman, Irma and Skinner, Andrew and Michalopoulos, Stelios and Papaioannou, Elias and Gordon, Barry and Andolfatto, David and Diamond, P and Shi, Shouyong and Wright, Randall and Hylleberg, Svend and Balestra, Pietro and Bohm, Peter and Alexeev, Michael and Gide, C and Moon, Hyungsik Roger and Perron, Benoit and Thorp, Rosemary and Cain, Glen G and Black, S and Heckman, James J and Cho, In-Koo and Sargent, Thomas J and Monro, D. H and Coats, A. W and Scherer, F. M and van Damme, Eric and Powell, James L and Anand, Sudhir and De Marchi, N and Blackorby, Charles and Primont, Daniel and Russell, R. Robert and Starr, Ross M and Berger, James O and Hong, Yongmiao and Groenewegen, Peter and Petit, Pascal and Earl, Peter and Adrian, Tobias and Ashcraft, Adam B and Kanbur, Ravi and Hart, Sergiu and Baucells, Manel and Lejano, Raul and Qin, Cheng-Zhong and Starr, Ross M and Dubois, Pierre and Durlauf, Steven N and Newman, Peter and Erwin Diewert, W and Sugihara, Shiro and Sent, Esther-Mirjam and ...
2/2018, ISBN 9781349951888
Bruce David Smith was born on 21 September 1954 in St. Paul, Minnesota, and died in Rochester, Minnesota, on 9 July 2002... 
Quantity theory of money | B31 | Smith, B | E52 | Exchange rate policy | E44 | Endogenous growth | Monetary policy | Production externalities | Financial intermediation
Book Chapter
2000, Comparative institutional analysis, ISBN 0262182033, Volume 2
Web Resource
Philosophical transactions. Biological sciences, ISSN 1471-2970, 12/2008, Volume 364, Issue 1518, pp. 821 - 831
Journal Article
by Skinner, Andrew and Rashid, Salim and Chipman, John S and Milgate, Murray and Levy, Alastair and Fair, Ray C and Glick, Reuven and Watson, Mark W and Dimand, Robert W and Howitt, Peter and Lahiri, Kajal and Chakravarty, Sukhamoy and Kurer, O and Hennings, K. H and Lancaster, K. J and Rashid, S and Pullen, J. M and Weir, D. R and Clark, Gregory and Officer, Lawrence H and Hughes, Alan and Grampp, William D and Gruber, Jonathan and Hodgson, Geoffrey M and Rosenberg, N and Recktenwald, H. C and Georgescu-Roegen, Nicholas and Forster, R and Singh, Ajit and Nolan, Peter and Li, Wei and Dimand, Robert W and Forget, Evelyn L and Lecaillon, J and Lecaillon, J and Walker, Donald A and McKitrick, Ross and Vickrey, William and Eatwell, John and Dorfman, R and Backhouse, Roger E and Silberberg, Eugene and Campus, Antonietta and Drewianka, Scott and Blume, Lawrence and Easley, David and Ledyard, John O and McMillan, John and O’Hara, Maureen and Helm, D. R and Davis, Douglas D and Vaggi, G and Shepherd, William G and Brus, W and Sutton, John and Kamien, Morton I and Shaikh, Anwar and Barrett, Christopher B and Mutambatsere, Emelly and Rothenberg, Winifred B and Hodgson, Geoffrey M and Chib, Siddhartha and Krueger, Dirk and Kubler, Felix and Stroock, Daniel W and Hester, Donald D and Weiss, Yoram and Foster, Andrew and Radner, Roy and Alvarez-Cuadrado, Francisco and Whitaker, John K and Becattini, G and Kemp, Murray C and Horioka, Charles Yuji and Vickers, Douglas and Dimand, Robert W and Forget, Evelyn L and Karr, Alan F and Mandel, Ernest and Foley, Duncan and Duménil, Gérard and Foley, Duncan and Duménil, Gérard and Roemer, John E and Arato, Andrew and Glyn, Andrew and Papanek, Gustav F and Boiteux, Marcel P and Milgate, Murray and Moscarini, Giuseppe and Niederle, Muriel and Roth, Alvin E and Sönmez, Tayfun and Todd, Petra E and Fox, Jeremy T and Grossman, Gregory and Debreu, Gerard and Edgeworth, F. Y and Weintraub, E. R and Newman, M. E. J and ...
2/2018, ISBN 9781349951888
A merchant of English parentage, born in Antwerp at an unknown date, Malynes was a commissioner of trade in the Low Countries about 1586. He came to London and... 
B31 | Money supply | Terms of trade | Price level | Exchange controls | Specie-flow mechanism | Malynes, G. de | Usury
Book Chapter
1981, ISBN 9780802090430, v.
by Heijden, Petra and Durham, Ian T and Fazlıoğlu, İhsan and Achar, Narahari B and Hockey, Thomas and Hockey, Thomas and Hamel, Jürgen and Blaauw, Adriaan and Schmidl, Petra G and Durham, Ian T and Hentschel, Klaus and Jensen, Derek and Walsh, Glenn A and Scott, Mary Woods and Hockey, Thomas and Gurshtein, Alexander A and Marché, Jordan D and Apt, Adam Jared and Sullivan, Woodruff T and Knapp, Gillian and Ikeyama, Setsuro and Hockey, Thomas and Cooper, Glen M and Gurshtein, Alexander A and Kocaman, Meltem and King, David A and Gurshtein, Alexander A and Langermann, Y. Tzvi and Hashemipour, Behnaz and Calvo, Emilia and Abattouy, Mohammed and Van Brummelen, Glen and Brentjes, Sonja and Campion, Nicholas and Hockey, Thomas and Malville, JM and Bolt, Marvin and Fukushima, Naoshi and Cooper, Glen M and Wilds, Richard P and Hearnshaw, John and Jarrell, Richard A and Wielen, Roland and Wielen, Roland and Wielen, Roland and Wielen, Roland and MacDonnell, Joseph F and Charbonneau, Paul and Edmondson, Frank K and Hockey, Thomas and Dobbins, Thomas A and Trimble, Virginia and Plicht, Christof A and Jarrell, Richard A and Bracher, Katherine and Hockey, Thomas and Hockey, Thomas and Plicht, Christof A and Wilds, Richard P and Hockey, Thomas and MacPherson, Hector and Hockey, Thomas and Hockey, Thomas and Trimble, Virginia and Marché, Jordan D and Abalakin, Victor K and Szabados, László and Grygar, Jiří and Kant, Horst and Dobbins, Thomas A and Trimble, Virginia and Marché, Jordan D and Joeveer, Mihkel and Sheehan, William and Dobbins, Thomas A and Kolak, Daniel and Hockey, Thomas and Habashi, Fathi and Frommert, Hartmut and Dobbins, Thomas A and Dick, Steven J and Williams, Thomas R and Gurshtein, Alexander A and Berggren, J. L and Trimble, Virginia and Marvin, Ursula B and Gurshtein, Alexander A and Luzum, Brian and Tenjes, Peeter and Hockey, Thomas
12/2016, ISBN 1441999167
...BornHarenkarspel, the Netherlands, 7 December 1905DiedMexico City, Mexico, 24 December 1973Dutch-American astronomer and planetary scientist Gerard P. Kuiper... 
Book Chapter
Macromolecules, ISSN 0024-9297, 07/2015, Volume 48, Issue 15, pp. 5328 - 5338
Nascent powders of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) with different molecular weights in the range 0.6 < M-v < 10.5 million g/mol have been... 
Polymer Science | Physical Sciences | Science & Technology
Journal Article
British journal of political science, ISSN 0007-1234, 4/2005, Volume 35, Is